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Who Are the Global Elite?
- The following report will give you the information you need to make an educated decision about this vitally important subject... -
- by Wayne Morin Jr., Oct 24, 2005 -

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January 2007

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Free Tell A Friend from Bravenet.com Free Tell A Friend from Bravenet.com

January 01 - January 31

Interview With An Ex-Vampire

"This is a true story. Bill Schnoebelen has been high up in the hierarchy of almost EVERY prominent secret society, and been deeply involved in the darkest of the darkest of the occult. He once was a true Satanist and a REAL vampire, totally addicted to blood, until he managed to break out about 20 years ago .

This is a 9 HOUR interview, and I guarantee you I could not stop watching! I intended to watch one DVD per night, but couldn't stop until I had watched 6 of them in a row. The night after that I watched the last 3. Amazing guy with astonishing information! Click on the DVD cover above and find out how you can order the 9 set DVD interview with Bill Schnoebelen. I highly recommend them!" Wes Penre, Illuminati News


You can now download the FIRST HOUR OF "INTERVIEW WITH AN EX-VAMPIRE" for ONLY 99¢!!!

Please click here and follow the link under "Order/Contact Info" to find out more!

If you want to listen to/watch more of Bill Schnoebelen, there are THREE free google videos for you, which I am sure you will find very interesting! Still, the VAMPIRE SERIES above is the gem! The information in them is very unique.

Here are the free videos:

Exposing the Illuminati From Within - Video with Bill Schnoebelen
Part 1
| Part 2

The Light Behind Masonry

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The Illuminati's Conquest of Space

New Exclusive DVD out now!!!
This DVD is a new masterpiece from the producer of the "Illuminati" DVD advertised below.

"I thought the premise for this film was ridiculous. Two hours later, I found myself staring blankly at the end credits. My phone rang unanswered. I lit my first cigarette for 20 years and realised that some kind of Alien Invasion is happening. Colonel Philip Corso was right. They're Here.", David Steinberger, THE AMERICAN JOURNAL

Click on the picture to learn more and how to order. IMPORTANT! If you decide to order this DVD, please put "ILLUMINATI-NEWS” in the ‘message to seller’ box on PayPal and CC-Now orders! This way the seller knows from where the order originated, and you also help me keeping this website up by referring back to me. Thank you, Wes Penre.

The Illuminati - "The American Dream Never Happened. The American Nightmare Is Here"

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This piece of work shows that the Illuminati and the New World Order are not "Conspiracy Theories", but facts that can be proven and ARE proven in this DVD, showing only HISTORICAL FACTS. Click on the picture or banner to learn more and how to order!

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[Thought for Today Archive]
- Thought-Provoking Quotes By Famous and Sometimes Ordinary People, On A Daily Basis -
- collected by Wes Penre -

Please read these quotes. They are very important insights to understand the whole picture.

News & Updates Archives
(From November 2004 - Present)

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The New World Order

Rockefeller Admitted Elite Goal Of Microchipped Population
- Hollywood director and documentary film maker Aaron Russo has gone in-depth on the astounding admissions of Nick Rockefeller, who personally told him that the elite's ultimate goal was to create a microchipped population and that the war on terror was a hoax, Rockefeller having predicted an "event" that would trigger the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan eleven months before 9/11. -
- by Paul Joseph Watsoni, Jan 29, 2007 -
(Posted here: Tuesday, January 30, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: Introduction to the New World Order]





OTO, Nazism and the Occult Messiah
- The OTO was founded between 1895 and 1900 by a pair of powerful Freemasons, Karl Kellner and Theodor Reuss.
   Politically, the order was right-wing in the extreme, proposing the creation of a pan-German world based on pagan spiritual beliefs. Kellner died in 1905, and Reuss, a former spy for the Prussian Secret Service, assumed the office of high caliph. While living in London, Reuss spied on German socialist expatriates. -
- by Leo Zagami, Jan 29, 2007 -
(Posted here: Monday, January 29, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: Occultism: Symbolism]

Scientology: OT (Operating Thetan)




Satellite Surveillance and Human Experimentation
- The satellites are not available to law enforcement agencies. Instead they protect illegal operators (like drug traders and corporate criminals) who in fact spy on law enforcers, lobbyists etc. They also facilitate remote, non-consensual human experimentation by the US military, the CIA and so on. In fact when asked who was centrally responsible - the military, defence contractors, the agencies, the media, or the mafia - one senior AFP executive replied: "Well, they all have access don't they". -
- by Paul Baird -
(Posted here: Saturday, January 27, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: Overall Surveillance]





Bush Speech Terror Claim Debunked A Year Ago
- A claim made by President Bush in his State of the Union speech last night, that an attack on an L.A. skyscraper had been averted, was universally debunked as a hoax by Mayors, CIA, FBI and NSA personnel and counter-terror experts nearly a year ago when it first surfaced. By regurgitating this fraud, Bush has committed an impeachable offense by knowingly lying to the American people. -
- by Paul Joseph Watson, Jan 24, 2007 -
(Posted here: Saturday, January 27, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: The George W. Bush Administration Under Scrutiny]

Bush Opens His Mouth



The Bavarian Illuminati

Quotes and Writings by Adam Weishaupt and Other Illuminati
- "I declare and I challenge all mankind to contradict my declaration, that no man can give any account of the order of Freemasonry, of it's origin, of it's history, of it's object, nor any explanation of it's mysteries and symbols, which does not leave the mind in total uncertainty on all these points..." -
- by Leo Zagami, Jan 24, 2007 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, January 24, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: The Bavarian Illuminati]

Adam Weishaupt



Hillary Clinton Joins 2008 Race
- Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton has taken the first step towards running for the US presidency in 2008.
Sen Clinton, 59, wife of former President Bill Clinton, announced on her website: "I'm in to win." -
- BBC News, Jan 21, 2007 -
(Posted here: Sunday, January 21, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: The 2008 Election]

Ms Clinton would become the US' first female president


Secret Societies

Ritual for the 32° of Freemasonry, Scottish Rite - Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret
- Commander-in-Chief, knocks once: If there be any present, with the exception of candidates, who are not Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret, let them depart in peace, that our Consistory may be secure. -
- presented by Leo Zagami, Jan 20, 2007 -
(Posted here: Saturday, January 20, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: Freemasonry]

32nd Degree of Freemasonry


Secret Societies

Ritual for the 33° of Freemasonry, Scottish Rite - Sovereign Grand Inspector General
- The lodge is hung with purple curtains, on which are painted skeletons, death heads, cross, bones etc. There are nine officers in this degree. The Master of the lodge is called the "Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander." -
- presented by Leo Zagami, Jan 20, 2007 -
(Posted here: Saturday, January 20, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: Freemasonry]

33° - Sovereign Grand Inspector General




The Rules of Political Correctness
- Rule # 1: In the Middle East, it is always the Arabs that attack first, and it's always Israel who defends itself. This is called "Retaliation".
  Rule # 2: The Arabs, whether Palestinians or Lebanese, are not allowed to kill Israelis. This is called "Terrorism".
  Rule # 3: Israel has the right to kill Arab civilians, this is called "Self-Defense", or these days "Collateral Damage"... -
- from Islamic-Education.blogspot.com -
(Posted here: Thursday, January 18, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: Introduction to Politics]

	Israeli Flag



The Satanic Rock Industry

Mind Control in the Field of Art [Updated]
- The rock industry programming started with Elvis Presley, who very likely was a programmed slave and whose programmers were his manager, Col. Tom Parker and Dr. Nick[3]. The below excerpt is from the above book by Springmeier/Wheeler, chapter 12...More interesting information regarding Elvis being a mind controlled multiple, please see the article, "Elvis and the Rosicrucian Brethren" -
- by Wes Penre, June 15, 2000 -
(Re-Posted here: Thursday, January 18, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: The Occult Rock Music]

Elvis and Dr. Nick



The Illuminati

The Diamond Empire: Oppenheimer Family's Cartel, Artificial Scarcity
[Video: 1hr 21min]
- Now hold on a minute: Why is our government in a “difficult” position if Iraq is a “swing producer” of oil?
   The answer was that Saddam was jerking the oil market up and down. One week, without notice, the man in the moustache suddenly announces he’s going to “support the Palestinian intifada” and cuts off all oil shipments. The result: Worldwide oil prices jump up. The next week, Saddam forgets about the Palestinians and pumps to the maximum allowed under the Oil-for-Food Program. The result: Oil prices suddenly dive-bomb. Up, down, up, down. Saddam was out of control. -
- Video.Google, Jan 14, 2007 -
(Posted here: Thursday, January 18, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: The Oppenheimers | Multimedia/Videos: The Illuminati]

Ernest Oppenheimer



LUCIFER - Where Did the Word Come From and What is its True Meaning?
- The first problem is that Lucifer is a Latin name. So how did it find its way into a Hebrew manuscript, written before there was a Roman language? To find the answer, I consulted a scholar at the library of the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati. What Hebrew name, I asked, was Satan given in this chapter of Isaiah, which describes the angel who fell to become the ruler of hell?
  The answer was a surprise... -
- by Henrik Palmgren, RedIceCreations.com, Sep 29, 2005 -
(Posted here: Tuesday, January 16, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: Christianity]

Lucifer, by Gustave Dore


The Illuminati

Wallenberg, the Aristocrats of Swedish Business and the Order of the Seraphim
- The Swedish Wallenberg's are like the equivalent to the United States Rockefeller’s or Europe’s Rothschild’s.
  Swedish National Broadcasting (SVT) has just run a three-part documentary about the Wallenberg's, and it includes some interviews with the otherwise reserved family members. The series seems to have sparked some interest, so it might be convenient to briefly relay some info about them here.  -
- by Henrik Palmgren, RedIceCreations.com -
(Posted here: Tuesday, January 16, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: The House of Wallenberg]

The Wallenbergs



The Illuminati

The History of the House of Rothschild
[Part I | Part 2]
- The Rothschilds have, with their founding of Zionism, betrayed the principles of the Torah and as you will see in this timeline, the people who have suffered the most at the hands of these Zionists are the Jews.
   I name individual Rothschilds where I can, but due to the secrecy which they shroud themselves in, naming the exact Rothschild is not always possible.  -
- by Anonymous Andy and Daryl Bradford Smith, updated Feb 2006 -
(Posted here: Saturday, January 13, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: The House of Rothschild]

Mayer Amschel Rothschild


Illuminati Mind Control

Woman Sues Ottawa Over CIA Brainwashing at Montreal Hospital
- Five decades after unwittingly participating in brainwashing experiments that were funded by the CIA and the federal government, 78-year-old Janine Huard went to Federal Court yesterday to try and persuade a judge she is entitled to compensation. -
- by Katherine Wilton, CanWest News Service, Jan 11, 2007 -
(Posted here: Saturday, January 13, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: Mind Control: Lawsuits & Legal]

Janine Huard


The Vatican

Latest from the Vatican
- A volume recently published collects all documents emanated from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith since Council Vatican II until 2005. The work is composed of 662 pages, the greater part of which is written in Latin. -
- by Leo Zagami, Jan 11, 2007 -
(Posted here: Friday, January 12, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: The Vatican and the Jesuit Order]

Leo Zagami



Freemasonry, Jesus, and Constantine the Pagan Worshipper
- Many of the Christian preachers and leaders of today have been initiated into the so called secrets of Freemasonry. And they know that the story of Jesus Christ, as it is understood by the masses of the people, has it's origin in mythology and paganism; yet they will not educate their following to this truth. -
- by Leo Zagami, Jan 10, 2007 -
(Posted here: Thursday, January 11, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: Christianity | Freemasonry]

Hiram Abiff


Mental Health

Lords Consider Mental Health Laws
- Great Britain: The House of Lords is carrying out a detailed consideration of proposals to introduce new mental health laws.
The new government bill would allow the enforced detention of people who are mentally ill, even if they have not committed any crime. -
- BBC News, Jan 08, 2007 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, January 10, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: Great Britain; Psychiatry, Eugenics, Ethnic Cleansing and Mental Health]

The changes have been criticised by doctors and campaigners


Microchipping Babies

Doctor Alleges Plans Underway to "Microchip" Newborns in U.S. and Europe
- Regarding plans to microchip newborns, Dr. Kilde said the U.S. has been moving in this direction "in secrecy."
She added that in Sweden, Prime Minister Olof Palme gave permission in 1973 to implant prisoners, and Data Inspection's ex-Director General Jan Freese revealed that nursing-home patients were implanted in the mid-1980s. -
- by Lucien Desjardins, The Canadian, Jan 09, 2007 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, January 10, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: Microchipping]



An Illuminati Insider Reveals:

Understanding Islam
- by Leo Zagami, Jan 07, 2007 -
(Posted here: Sunday, January 07, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: Islam]


Leo Zagami


Drugging Down Our Kids

Do Legalized Drug Pushers Influence TeenScreen? 
- Drug companies hammer us with the propaganda on how much money is spent on research, and that out of the millions spent on research, few drugs make money. One could easily be led down this path of deception but careful research shows that the real drug company spending is not research, but marketing. -
- by John Carey, Jan 07, 2007 -
(Posted here: Sunday, January 07, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: Drugging Down Our Children]



Interview with Ex-Illuminatus

Exclusive Interview With Leo Zagami, Ex-Illuminatus, on Greg Szymanski's Radio Show
[Audio: First Hour | Second Hour]
- Listen to this courageous man, who is risking it all to expose the Illuminati for what they really are. He was, until just recently, a high initiate in many, many secret societies, including the infamous P2 Lodge in Italy, run by the Vatican. ENJOY AND LEARN! -
- by Greg Szymanski, Arctic Beacon -
(Posted here: Sunday, January 07, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: Multimedia/Audio: The Illuminati]

Leo Zagami


The Execution of Saddam Hussein

Leading Academic: Neo-Nazis Have Signed Us Onto WWIII
- "The Death Penalty for him came down just before the November elections, the execution itself, the hanging, lynching, I don't know what else you'd call it, was designed for political reasons. His execution under these circumstances violated the third Geneva convention of 1949. We had originally designated him as a prisoner of war, which the convention prohibited, setting up this kangaroo court proceeding that was run out of the White House." -
- by Steve Watson & Alex Jones, Jan 05, 2007   -
(Posted here: Saturday, January 06, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: Saddam Hussein On Trial]




Foxman and the ADL Must be Stopped!
- Foxman derives his power not from law, but by selecting those individuals he wishes to defame and smear. And of course those smeared have the right to sue; but Foxman can offer that he only acted in the self-interests of "American Jewry and Israel." And Foxman and his ADL command much wealth and legions of lawyers to bury litigants in legal fees and the courts for years. -
- by Ted Lang, Jan 04, 2007   -
(Posted here: Saturday, January 06, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: Zionism]

Abraham Foxman, ADL


2006 in Retrospect

2006: The Year America Died
- 2006 was the year that the United States died. Over the course of a year, just a few seconds in the span of a country, it's civilization and their way of life, we have witnessed the premature death of America. The underpinnings, the basic canons and the tenets of the United States, as well as it's physical borders, are gone. -
- by Alex Jones and Steve Watson, Jan 02 ,2007   -
(Posted here: Wednesday, January 03, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: In Retrospect]




Chemtrail Documentaries - Clouds of Death vs. Aerosol Crimes
[Video Evidence]
- The "Clouds of Death" documentary is an excellent piece of information, which is a mandatory watch for everyone who wants to know the truth about chemtrails. Please don't just skim through this article without either downloading or watching this 23+ minutes video (scroll down to the end of this article to do so). People NEED to know what is going on, because it is negatively affecting us all and slowly killing us. THIS IS DONE BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT IN A SILENT WARFARE AGAINST ITS OWN POPULATION! Wes Penre -
- WorldWithoutParasites.com   -
(Posted here: Wednesday, January 03, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: Chemtrails | Multimedia/ Videos: Miscellaneous]

Chemtrails over Arizona


The Saddam Hussein Execution

Puppet Kills Puppet
- As long as Saddam obediently protected and facilitated the economic and territorial interests of the American (and European) colonialists who backed him, his ruthlessness was their profit, and clearly tolerable. When Saddam said he needed assistance to quell internal resistance, he got all the help he needed in the form of cash and training for his security forces. If that meant 143 Shiites received "red cards," that was no problem for his backers. -
- by Marc Ash, Truthout.com, Jan 01, 2007   -
(Posted here: Tuesday, January 02, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: Saddam Hussein On Trial]



Human Origins

Sitchin is Wrong!
- This is really the heart of the site. I catalogue, discuss, and illustrate the always agonizing, sometimes amazing, flaws in Sitchin's handling of the ancient languages, Old Testament, and Sumero-Mesopotamian tablets. To cut to the chase, as I've said on Coast to Coast AM several times, I'm convinced that Sitchin knows NONE of the languages he says he does. He makes mistakes a first semester student would (and a "C" student at that).
- by Michael S. Heiner, PhD   -
(Posted here: Monday, January 01, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: The Sumerian Scriptures, the Hollow Earth, and Human Origins]

Zachariah Sitchin



The Truth About the Jesus Myth
- These videos will beyond any doubt show that Jesus is just a myth and just a symbol for the sun - sun worship. Don't take my words for it, just watch this set of movies; each of them about 10 minutes long. It's time to wake up! -
[Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 |
- lecture by Jordan Maxwell -
(Posted here: Monday, January 01, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: Multimedia/Videos: Religions & Religious Wars | Christianity]




Astro-Theology: Retelling an Ancient Story
- Modern-day Christianity has often belittled our ancient ancestors who are not here to defend themselves.
They falsely accuse that they were nothing more than ignorant worshippers of the sun. Therefore we can, with assurance, summarily dismiss thousands of years of human spirituality as ignominious myth, believed by well-meaning, but gullible primitives. Too much of this kind of spiritual arrogance and religious pride has continued without challenge. The time has come to set matters straight.  -

-  by Jordan Maxwell   -
(Posted here: Monday, January 01, 2007)
[Permanently archived here: Introduction to Religion and Religious Wars | Christianity]

Jordan Maxwell

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I don't subscribe to everything in each and every article posted on this website. Some articles are submitted because of research value for me and others, and although I may only agree on parts of the article, I posted it anyway for this purpose. Wes Penre, Illuminati News.




The Illuminati News
Mission Statement

Articles That Are Updated Occasionally:

* *

The Bird Flu

The Avian Flu Database
[Updated Apr 23, 2006]
- My very good friend, Wayne Morin Jr., and I decided to create a database with articles on the Avian Flu, in chronological order as the events happen. We hope this will be helpful for you in your own research. -
- by Wes Penre and Wayne Morin Jr, Oct 16, 2005 -

* *

The Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) Method
- A Reference Database -
[Updated Aug 04, 2006]
- by Wes Penre and Wayne Morin Jr., Aug 20, 2005 -

* *

NAPA State Hospital - An American Nightmare
(A Media Information Database)
[Updated Nov 29, 2006]
- There is no longer anyone who can say that the terrible conditions at the hospital do not exist - the proof is here! The only question is: how long will it take before the hospital is closed down and all the insane criminals running the facility are behind bars? And even more important is: how long will it take before the invisible people in top positions of the society, those who are behind all this, can be put on trial? -
- by Wes Penre and Wayne Morin Jr, Sep 02, 2005 -

* *

Fence around Napa State Hospital

Sexual Abuse and Mind Control at Napa State Hospital
[Updated Sep 23, 2006]
- I researched psychiatry long before I started researching the New World Order; before I even knew what the New World Order was. What came out of that research was mind-boggling. I thought that psychiatry, this so-called "science", must be the most vicious practice on Earth... -
- by Wes Penre, Apr 27, 2005 -

* *

The Wayne Morin Jr Tapes
- The Exposure of the Horrors at Napa State Hospital

[Updated: Aug 12, 2006]
- I now have the great pleasure of releasing the archived copies of the radio interviews with Wayne Morin Jr! These audio files we now present here will take you on a journey to the darkest nightmare possible, and my hat off to Wayne Morin Jr, whom incredibly enough, after 18 years of incomprehensible trauma and terror, is still remaining sane and has the strength and courage to expose those criminals. He is a true American Hero, and if there is any justice, he will have his own chapter in the future history books, when the world becomes a better and saner place to live, and the TRUE history is taught in school. -
- by Wes Penre & Wayne Morin Jr, Jan 22, 2006 -

* *

Rock Music

The Rock Industry Exposed
[Updated: May 02, 2006]
- Wayne's mother, who was a hippie in California in the sixties and seventies, hung out with quite a few of the famous rock stars at that time; many of them still popular, some of them dead. Because of this, Wayne got to know about many of them as well, and he also learned what is behind the rock industry; how the rock musicians are manipulated, where many of them are practicing Satanists and important cogs in the machinery that is building the occult New World Order. -
- by Wayne Morin Jr and Wes Penre, Feb 21, 2006 -

* * *

Wayne Morin Jr as an inmate

BREAKING NEWS: Wayne Morin Jr Setting Himself Up To Do  Lie Detector Tests!
[Updated: Aug 12, 2006]
- [and not only that] I have some very good news! Napa State Hospital, where Wayne Morin Jr was locked up, will most likely be closed down! Also, the Justice Department has come to a conclusion that the conditions in four of California's mental facilities have to be changed, so the inmates will have a decent living! Click here for the U.S. Newswire article. This is to a great extent a product of Wayne's relentless drive to get the truth out. So far, Wayne has done two lie detector tests. See below for results -
Test 1 | Test 2
- by Wes Penre & Wayne Morin Jr -

* * *

Project For The Exposure Of Hidden Institutions
[Updated: Nov 17, 2006]
- Excellent website on secret societies and their members. Very informative and revealing!
Most recent update: LE CERCLE

* * *

The President of the United States!

Ladies and Gentlemen - The President of the United States!
[Updated Dec 31, 2006]
- Quotes from the man who is supposedly running the United States -
by Wes Penre, Jan 20, 2006 -

Biography of Wes Penre

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