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  Posted: Monday, April 11, 2005

Last Updated: Friday, May 25, 2012 07:53:03 PM



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Biography of Wes Penre
by Wes Penre, Apr 11, 2005


Wes Penre in 2004


ver since I was a little kid I was wondering why people couldn't get along, and why there were so many wars going on. Couldn't people just get angry with each other for a while and then sit down and negotiate? And even if they didn't come to an agreement, was it really necessary to kill innocent people because of that?

I remember watching all those war movies on TV, and of course, I have to admit that like any other kid I liked the excitement and the thrill that the movies produced, but I still couldn't understand why all those people had to die just because a few persons in the government were "mad" at a leader from another country. I thought there must be other solutions to all those disagreements. And why were the citizens so willing to go out and kill, and being killed, just because someone else was mad or had a disagreement. After all, before the government decided that a certain country was the enemy, or for some other reason was worth fighting against, the people had no intentions to kill the supposed enemy. Now, like robots, they suddenly hate everybody in this foreign country and are willing to kill everybody the see. Some of those people who went to war against a certain country might even have had friends from that particular place. It didn't make sense to me. I asked my parents, but they didn't really know. Then I recall I brought this up in school when I was in 5th grade, but the teacher just laughed, amused, and said that it was all about politics and defending our country. I never really got an explanation.

In the early 70s I joined the hippie movement, mostly because it was anti-war. I let my hair grow and expressed my feelings about the Vietnam war. In the evenings I sat with my friends and discussed politics. I was never interested in joining a specific political party, although some of my friends were active. However, I noticed that nowhere did anyone have a satisfying explanation to the phenomenon of war.

To me, the 80s was a dark era in the history of mankind. The hippie movement had died out, except for some lingering hippies whom were stuck on drugs and since long had abandoned their ideas of a  solution. People seemed to wander around aimlessly, without goals, seeming to care more about taking Jamaica vacations or staying in nice Cancun hotels. The music industry promoted hard rock and heavy metal, which eventually developed into the pure satanic death metal. I was playing in a band in the early 80s, and we were playing a mix of traditional rock and hard rock. At least at first. I left the group when the rest of the band members wanted to play more heavy rock music, which I didn't like. I started writing my own songs instead, which were almost purely political, or rather anti-political. In the beginning my songs were much about asking question, but delivered no answers, because I didn't have any at that time. Not until later I started including solutions in the lyrics.

Wes Penre in 1992In 1985 I was pretty confused about life. I was single, drank quite a lot of alcohol, and thought that life had lost its meaning, more or less. Then, by accident, I stumbled upon a secret society. At this time, for personal reasons, I prefer not to say which one. All I can say is that this society is promoting a New World Order and a One World Government, and it is occult and satanic. However, I didn't know that then. It seemed to me that what they had to offer were solutions, and they answered a few of my questions that I'd had for so many years. I was very excited and joined blind-folded, without knowing anything at all about secret societies.

By 1988 I got married to a female member of the group, and I had by the end of that year advanced all the way to the highest grade in this secret society. I read a lot of confidential material and practiced a lot of magic on my way up. I was able to remote view, leave my body at will and had some extraordinary occult powers due to the "rituals" that were practiced within the society.

Not until I was all the way to the top (or the OFFICIAL "top") I started realizing that something was wrong. Something didn't feel right, although I felt so much more "powerful" and "enlightened", and had gotten quite a few questions answered about life on a spiritual level, and the physical as well. The society told us NOT to study any other religions or philosophies besides this one. If you did, you would be sincerely and strictly corrected. The reason that was given for this was that if you mix different philosophies, you lose your path and get confused. Just like with any religion, THAT specific secret society was the one with the only relevant answers needed to go free from the trap of the Physical Universe.

Ironically, the Internet saved me from getting even more involved in this occult group. When I got my first computer I started researching, although I had been told not to, and found out from former members of the secret society what it really was all about. They made all the sense, and they opened up my eyes totally. This is also the time when I started researching other secret societies, how they are connected, and what their common goals are. I was stunned when I found the truth. Now, at last, I understood how this world was set up and why there are wars. I finally understood the pyramid structure, the secrecy and the propaganda that had kept us in darkness for so long. I remember telling my wife about it, but she did not want to listen. This made me very sad, because I loved her dearly, and wanted her to see the truth about the secret society she was involved in. At that time I couldn't understand why she couldn't see what I had seen.

Now I do. It is very complicated. She is a very intelligent person and a skilled painter, so there was no intellectual reason why she couldn't see it. The reason is the fear of losing something she had dedicated half of a lifetime to. She joined the society in 1974, eleven years before me! If she would leave the group, she would leave all of her friends behind, and her whole concept of reality would change. That is a BIG step to take, and not many people who have been involved for so long are able to get out. It was with great sadness that I broke up from her in 1999. We had too many conflicts about what is true or not, and after had shared a common reality for so long, when my reality of a sudden  changed 180, the relationship could not continue. In addition, she would get in trouble with the group if she stayed married to someone who no longer was dedicated, and even opposed the group.

Wes Penre in 1992It was late in 1998 that I published the first version of my website. I named it "Illuminati News", because my intention was to keep it updated on a regular basis, so people could see how the New World Order develops, and hopefully find a way to stop it from happening. I dug into this with great enthusiasm, thinking I could make a big change due to that so many people are surfing the Internet and will be able to read the information. After a while I realized that it is not going to be as easy as I thought. The overall mind controlled population has a hard time breaking loose from the lies they have been told; many choose to stay where they are, because it's convenient and feels safe. To fight something this big is frightening to most people, and they prefer not to know. This is understandable, but we have no other choice than to educate ourselves. Not until then the programming we have been the victims to for so many decades can be reversed. Not until then can we choose an individual spiritual path that will save us from the New World Order. I discuss this more in depth in my article "How to Fight the New World Order".

Since I first published my website in 1998, I have changed the layout a few times, but the purpose has stayed the same, and it has now grown pretty big. Hopefully it will give you, the reader, a good overview of the whole concept, and from there you can continue your own research.

I wish you all the luck on your spiritual journey, away from this trap we call the 'third dimension',

Wes Penre,

Wes Penre in 2004
Wes, 2004

Wes Penre

Wes Penre is the owner of the domain Illuminati News and the publisher of the same. Please also check out his MySpace website: http://www.myspace.com/wespenre.


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