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Last Updated:
Saturday, January 06, 2007 12:04:08 PM

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Foxman and the ADL Must be Stopped!
by Ted Lang, Jan 04, 2007

Last Updated: Saturday, January 06, 2007 12:04:08 PM

Ted Lang


n 1906, a congressional inquiry into the criminal activities involving United States citizens in white slavery was stopped in its tracks. The news magazine that had investigated the white slave traffic of hapless young females was prepared to release a series of articles informing both the Congress and the American public of those criminal activities. The inquiry was attacked and silenced. Only the first article of the series made it out ­ the rest of the articles in the series, vital in terms of both informing the public and in ending these horrific crimes, were silenced. The behind-the-scenes power brokers who silenced the press and sabotaged the congressional inquiry were all Jewish.

The reason powerful Jews blocked the inquiry and sabotaged the conduct of due process of law was because powerful and wealthy Jews were directly involved and would have been exposed. As a direct result of this near domestic "holocaust," the powerful Jews involved formed a new organization: the American Jewish Committee.

It may be recalled that the American Jewish Committee was just recently in the news. This time, crucial information vital to the public interest alerting American citizens of the domination of their government by the Zionist American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, was silenced. Jewish professor Anthony Judt, of New York University, had two speaking engagements cancelled by two so-called "Jewish" organizations: the American Jewish Committee and Abraham Foxman's Anti-Defamation League. The AJC blocked the exposé of white slavery in 1906; and now, 100 years later, prevented a speaking engagement by a Jewish professor last October, to be given by a Jew who merely sought to amplify the findings of Professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer. He had intended to offer commentary on the Harvard School of Government paper, "The Israel Lobby." Over 100 academics from colleges and universities across the country wrote a letter of protest and signed it.

Consider the unbelievable damage that could result had Judt been allowed his right to speak and think freely. It would seriously bring into focus the continuing attacks upon these rights which would preclude exchanging ideas with other thinking human beings. And Foxman and his ADL just couldn't tolerate that, especially when the attacks are coming from "another" Jew. But Foxman is not just "another" Jew ­ he's a criminal and a traitor!

Intimidating Americans and stifling their constitutional rights is a crime, and not permitting an American to speak against the agents of a foreign government is a crime. Those agents of a foreign nation-state, a state which has committed acts of war against US, has committed numerous acts of espionage against US, and may even have been involved with the 9/11 terrorist act against US, should be exposed and investigated as well. Please recall the high-fiving five, surreptitiously detained and then released to return to Israel.

Abraham Foxman, ADL
Abraham Foxman, ADL


Foxman derives his power not from law, but by selecting those individuals he wishes to defame and smear. And of course those smeared have the right to sue; but Foxman can offer that he only acted in the self-interests of "American Jewry and Israel." And Foxman and his ADL command much wealth and legions of lawyers to bury litigants in legal fees and the courts for years. In fact, that was indeed the method deployed to silence Professor Judt. Who was smeared? Who was defamed? Yet the mere fact that Judt was silenced and targeted by these two "Jewish" groups can be shown to be, and sufficiently represented as, smears and defamation. Who really was the "aggressor"; was it the "anti-Semite" or the Semite? Clearly, the mission of Foxman and the ADL is to smear and defame in order to silence critics of Israel and its tax-exempt foreign agent lobby. Their power, "status" and wealth shield them legally.

But smearing, defaming, and silencing aren't Foxman and the ADL's only tactics. One may recall the last-minute pardoning frenzy of former President Bill Clinton. In a sermon given by Rabbi Barry H. Block on April 27, 2001, and posted on the Internet here, http://www.beth-elsa.org/be_s0427.htm Rabbi Block writes: "The leaders of this New Square community are unfortunately not as honest as their neighbors. Four of them had been 'convicted of robbing the government of $11,000,000, by setting up a fictitious yeshiva to receive federal student aid money.' The school did not even exist. The convicts and their attorneys justified their actions 'on the grounds that . . . the funds were channeled back into the community [, and not] for personal gain.' [Yoffie]"

Rabbi Block


Rabbi Yoffie


Rabbi Block's sermon, entitled "Clinton Pardons ­Jewish Disgrace," then goes on to quote another rabbi, Rabbi Eric Yoffie. "Rabbi Eric Yoffie, President of our Union of American Hebrew Congregations, has written that, 'for Jews, this is not simply another case of fraud and embezzlement. This is a case of religious people inventing an imaginary Torah institution to steal from the government, using the funds for other activities of their religious community, and then defending their actions on the ground that the money did not go into their own pockets. There is an implication that in some way, [their actions were] religiously acceptable. But of course [they were] not. Their actions are nothing short of a hillul Hashem, a desecration of God's name. Jews who break the law in God's name and turn [the] Torah into an instrument of thievery are bringing Judaism into disrepute.'"

Rabbi Block continues: "Were these commutations explicitly bought with votes? Probably not. Did these thieves receive special treatment because of their town's overwhelming numbers of ballots for Senator Clinton? Perhaps. Did President Clinton think he was being a friend to the Jewish people when he commuted these sentences? Probably.

We can be certain, though, that the Torah does not permit thievery, even for the sake of a community. Our Rabbis teach us that committing a crime in the name of God shames the Jewish people, dishonors the Torah, and desecrates the Name of God. Though President Clinton surely intended no harm to the Jewish people, he did us no favors when he publicized the crime by granting pardon to the unrepentant sinners of New Square, New York."

Then Rabbi Block expounds on the pardon of Mark Rich. "The case of Marc Rich is much better known. In some ways, it may seem to be less of a Jewish problem, per se. Rich's alleged crimes, tax evasion and breaking an embargo against Iran, are shocking. Unlike the crimes of New Square, though, Rich's actions were not committed in the name of Judaism, God, or the Jewish people. Bill Clinton is the one most often charged with wrongdoing in the matter of the Rich pardon, not the Jewish people.

And yet, the pardon of Marc Rich had a very great deal to do with the Children of Israel.

Ehud Barak, then-Prime Minister of Israel, intervened on Rich's behalf by calling Clinton twice. Rabbi Irving Greenberg, Chairman of the Holocaust Memorial Council, pled for the Presidential pardon in a letter written on the stationery of the sacred organization he heads. Calls went out to Clinton from Mayor Ehud Olmert of Jerusalem; from Abraham Foxman, head of the Anti Defamation League; and from dozens of other Jewish and Israeli leaders and philanthropists.

Why did all these Jewish leaders ask the President of the United States to pardon Marc Rich? In the words of Rabbi Yoffie, 'the answer is plain and simple: they were bought. Mr. Rich contributed generously to Jewish causes and charities around the world, and then, in a carefully orchestrated campaign, called in favors to put pressure on the President. . . . Beneficiaries of his largesse responded with calls and letters.'"

True to the combined character of Foxman and his ADL, and considering as well the diverse nature of the morality and religious honor of Judaism cited, religion itself is neither the issue nor the focus. It is morality and the lack thereof that are contrasted by Rabbi Block's sermon. Foxman is purely a political manipulator, whether it's to get a Jewish criminal off the hook with bought-and-paid-for political fixes and favors, or to silence a Jewish professor who merely wishes to speak the truth. When rabbis distance themselves from criminals, which include the likes of Abraham Foxman, the latter showing little or no devotion to Judaism as we can likewise conclude is the case with Clinton, it should be clear we are dealing with an evil individual and a dangerous political faction that threatens all our freedoms. Foxman and his evil ADL must be stopped.

The dangerous and un-American faction represented by Foxman and his ADL would surely cause President James Madison to rethink his Federalist Paper No. 10. Our large and diverse nation does not have the capability of cleansing itself by a myriad of conflicting interests. Lobbies and influence peddling, especially considering the astonishing and towering level of power of AIPAC and the ADL, are threatening and destroying the very foundations of freedom this nation was built upon.

Write to your representatives in Congress. Let them know that neither the ADL nor AIPAC are elected representatives for America or of the American people. Write right now! Don't put it off. These dangerous factions work quickly, secretly and behind closed doors, and are attempting to eliminate our society because it threatens their agenda of a New World Order. Considering the power they already wield, why is it that we should be the ones saddled with "hate crimes" legislation they're trying to ram through Congress?

© THEODORE E. LANG 1/4/07 All rights reserved
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.


Source: http://www.rense.com/general74/stopped.htm

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