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- by Wayne Morin Jr., Oct 24, 2005 -

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By Dr. Charles Kyte, III

Electronic Surveillance System Follows Millions of People
- Welcome to the World of Biotelemetry -

- by Dr. Charles L. Kyte, III -
(March 2, 2004)

Cloak & Dagger Operation: Kidnapping, Torture & Electronic Surveillance
- by Dr. Charles Kyte, III -
(Posted here: March 16, 2004)

Brain/Neural Implants
(Kidnapping, Covert/Illegal Operations, Mental Torture)

- To Wes Penre, Illuminati News, From Charles L. Kyte, III -
(Posted here: April 1, 2004)

Prisoners Getting Neural Implants?
- by Dr. Charles L. Kyte, III -
(Posted here: April 6, 2004)

Overall Surveillance

Us Heading for High Tech Spy Tools
- by Michael J. Sniffen, The Associated Press, February 22, 2004 -
(Posted here: February 23, 2004)


A Spy Machine of DARPA's Dreams
- The Pentagon is about to embark on a stunningly ambitious research project designed to gather every conceivable bit of information about a person's life, index all the information and make it searchable... The embryonic LifeLog program would dump everything an individual does into a giant database: every e-mail sent or received, every picture taken, every Web page surfed, every phone call made, every TV show watched, every magazine read. -
- by Noah Shachtman, Wired,com, May 20, 2003  -
(Posted here: Thursday, December 13, 2007)

- Perhaps the Most Powerful Intelligence Gathering Organization in the World -

- from EchelonWatch.org -
(Posted here: March 30, 2004)

Project Echelon
- This global network of wiretaps, data-sniffing and general eavesdropping systems enables the U.S. government (and probably the U.K.) to intercept digital communications. In effect this means that , amongst other activities, ECHELON is capable of recording all email messages and all telephone conversations - regardless of who is making them. -
- by Geoff Richardson, www.thewhyfiles.net -
(Posted here: June 4, 2005)

ECHELON - Someone Is Listening
Attacking the 4th Amendment!

- Every phone call you make, every email or fax you send may be monitored - and probably is. Surprise! It's our own government. -
- Gurusinc.com -
(Posted here: Sep 25, 2005)

John W. Dean

Why, Even If You Have Nothing To Hide, Government Surveillance Threatens Your Freedom:
The Case Against Expanding Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Powers

- "I've got nothing to hide, so electronic surveillance doesn't bother me. To the contrary, I'm delighted that the Bush Administration is monitoring calls and electronic traffic on a massive scale, because catching terrorists is far more important that worrying about the government's listening to my phone calls, or reading my emails." So the argument goes. It is a powerful one that has seduced too many people.
   Millions of Americans buy this logic, and in accepting it, believe they are doing the right thing for themselves, their family, and their friends, neighbors, community and country. They are sadly wrong. If you accept this argument, you have been badly fooled. -
- by John W. Dean, FindLaw, Legal News & Commentary, Oct. 19, 2007 -
(Posted here: Saturday, October 20, 2007)

Exposing the Global Surveillance System
- It is, of course, not a new idea that intelligence organizations tap into e-mail and other public telecommunications networks. What was new in the material leaked by the New Zealand intelligence staff was precise information on where the spying is done, how the system works, its capabilities and shortcomings, and many details such as the codenames. -
- Mediafilter.org -
(Posted here: October 6, 2004)

Somebody's listening (and they don't give a damn about your personal privacy)
- by New Statesman -
(January 2, 2004)

Exposing the Global Surveillance System
-  by Nicky Hager -
(January 2, 2004)

Smile, You're on Security Camera
- Boston's Main Streets are Filled with Hidden Eyes -
- by John McElhenny for Bostom.com News, March 28, 2004 -
(Posted here: March 29, 2004)

"Big Brother" Brings Peace of Mind
- by Malcolm Brown, January 27, 2004 -
Problem - Reaction - Solution.
The Illuminati create a problem, get a reaction from the public to do something about it. Then they present the solution to the problem they themselves created, a solution that suits them, and voila! One step closer to a Totalitarian Superstate!
(Posted here: January 31, 2004)

Court to FBI: No Spying on In-Car Computers
- from C|Net News.com -
(January 2, 2004)

More Spy Cameras Are on Their Way
- from The Washington Times, March 29, 2004 -
(Posted here: March 31, 2004)

FBI Now Has Power to Read Bank Accounts Without Court Order
- from Free Internet Press, January 7, 2004 -
(Posted here: January 12, 2004)

U.S. Wants to Tap Internet Phone Conversations
- from C|Net News.com (January 8, 2004) -
(Posted here: January 13, 2004)

All In The Name of "War on Terrorism":
Universities Spy for MI5 (British Intelligence) on Foreign Students
- from news.telegraph.co.uk., March 22, 2004 -
(Posted here: March 23, 2004)

Futuristic Security for Today's Driver's Licenses
- Toronto Star, January 15, 2004 -
(Posted here: January 18, 2004)

Total Surveillance Becoming Reality
- from Prison Planet
(February 1, 2004)

Us Heading for High Tech Spy Tools
- by Michael J. Sniffen, The Associated Press -
(Posted here: February 23, 2004)

Cameras Put Sneaky Peaks Onto Internet
- from Orlando Sentinel, February 15, 2004 -
(Posted here: February 18, 2004)

Kids Fingerprinted for Florida School Bus Rides
- Fox News Channel, March 13, 2004 -
(Posted here: March 14, 2004)

Blair Eyes Identity Cards After UK Arrests
- Isn't their agenda obvious by now? -
- Reuters, April 1, 2004 -
(Posted here: April 2, 2004)

HHS Announces Program to Implant RFID Tags in Homeless
- Washington (UPI) -
(Posted here: April 2, 2004)

The Ultimate Implant Promotion
- You NEED to watch this! (Requires Microsoft Powerpoint) -

(Posted here: April 2, 2004)

Carlyle Group Subsidiary Named "MATRICS" is Brimming with NSA and CIA Operatives and pushing a Swastika-Shaped Tracker Chip
InfoWars.com, April 7, 2004 -
(Posted here: April 8, 2004)

Spy Agency Launches Recruiting Campaign
- The highly secretive National Security Agency is looking to hire 7,500 workers over the next five years in the spy agency's largest recruiting campaign since the 1980s -
- CNN.com., April 10, 2004 -
(Posted here: April 11, 2004)

DARPA Fingerprints:
FDA Approves Human Brain Implant Devices

- InfoWars.com -
(Posted here: April 17, 2004)

Paying For Drinks With Wave of the Hand
Club-goers in Spain get implanted chips for ID, payment purposes
- by Sherrie Gosssett, World Net Daily, April 14, 2004 -
(Posted here: April 17, 2004)

Humps Out, Cameras In!
UK Government Wants Cameras In Every Residential Neighborhood
- This Is London, April 15, 2004 -
(Posted here: April 17, 2004)

Stop ID Cards Now!
- stop.id.cards.org -
(Posted here: April 29, 2004)

Did You Know?
- Some Facts About Your Privacy (or lack thereof) -
- Dan Brown's Official Website -
(Posted here: May 5, 2004)

National ID Card: Has the Time Come?
- MSN.com.au, May 26, 2004 -
(Posted here: May 27, 2004)

Government Computer Surveillance Rings Alarm Bells
- Nine months after Congress shut down a controversial Pentagon computer-surveillance program, the U.S. government continues to comb private records to sniff out suspicious activity, according to a congressional report obtained by Reuters. -
- ComputerWorld.com, May 27, 2004 -
(Posted here: May 28, 2004)

iSECUREtrac Lands 10 New GPS Tracking Contracts; GPS Tracking Systems Now Implemented With Agencies in 33 States
- Marion County Oregon Sheriff's Office Parole & Probation Deputies recently launched a new Electronic Monitoring (EM) program which utilizes iSECUREtrac's Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology. -
- Business Wire, June 17, 2004 -
(Posted here: June 19, 2004)

Homeland Security 'Highway Watch' Stasi Program Trains Americans to Spy on Each Other
- Comment: And you thought TIPS was dead! As was the case with Total Information Awareness, they just changed the name and doubled the funding. -
(Posted here: July 3, 2004)

Biometrics Tracks Street Kids
A Western Cape biometrics project aims to register and track street children as part of a social services project. -
- T Web, July 1, 2004 -
(Posted here: July 3, 2004)

Kerry and Edwards Will Use Campaign to Push Domestic Spy Agency
- The selection of Sen. John Edwards [Bilderberger]  as John Kerry’s  [Skull & Bones] running mate has raised concerns inside the FBI and among civil-liberties groups that the North Carolina senator will use the campaign to promote his controversial proposal to create a new domestic spy agency. -
- MSNBC, July 7, 2004 -
(Posted here: July 8, 2004)

Plan Floated for North American ID Card
- Such a card would require the creation of the largest database of biometric data in the world potentially to include digital images of a person's face or eye, or electronic fingerprints. -
- CanWest Services, July 8, 2004 -
(Posted here: July 22, 2004)

They've Got Your Number
- Cutting-edge technologies work as tattle-tales for a surveillance-minded state, Canadian privacy advocates warn. -
- www.canada.com  -
(Posted here: July 24, 2004)

New High-Tech Passports Not Always Picture-Perfect
- Smart card chip is going into passports by spring time. -
- The Seattle Times, August 6, 2004 -
(Posted here: August 10, 2004)

Unprecedented Electronic Net for Olympics
- If you're planning on attending this month's Olympic Games, you'd best be careful what you say and do in public. Software will be watching and listening. -
- Associated Press -
(Posted here: August 11, 2004)

Problems with AOL
- AOL is not a real internet provider. They are a giant network that happens to allow internet access. You are actually a user on their private network. They do all kinds of weird things to the data that passes through them. Also, because their browser is proprietary, they have access to everything on your hard disk. -
- Relfe.com -
(Posted here: September 7, 2004)

M$ Windows XP Professional Bugging Device?
- Each and every time a search is conducted using the search option under the start button on Windows XP, the system automatically checks if your online and transmits information directly to Microsoft. This is done, without informing the end-user in any fashion, nor providing a clear method to disable. It has been hidden by design. In technical terms, a form of Trojan. -
- IndyMedia.UK, July 10, 2004 -
(Posted here: January 2, 2004)

Brzezinski's Nephew Pens Books On Police State
- "The technological and legal foundations for blanket surveillance had already been laid in 2003," Brzezinski writes. "All that was lacking was the political and social will to bring all this technological wizardry to bear in the war on terror. -
- USA Today, Sept. 28, 2004 -
(Posted here: September 29, 2004)

CASPIAN Has Uncovered Evidence of Industry Plans to Deploy RFID Tracking Devices in Consumer Clothing Items
- A $600 million company called Checkpoint has developed prototype labels containing RFID spychips for Abercrombie & Fitch, Calvin Klein, and Champion sportswear. These tags contain tiny computer chips with unique ID numbers that can be read remotely by anyone with the right equipment. -
- from Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering (CASPIAN) -
(Posted here: October 3, 2004)

U.S. Spies on Chat Rooms
- Amid the torrent of jabber in internet chat rooms -- flirting by QTpie and BoogieBoy, arguments about politics and horror flicks -- are terrorists plotting their next move? The government certainly isn't discounting the possibility. It's taking the idea seriously enough to fund a yearlong study on chat room surveillance under an anti-terrorism program. -
- Associated Press, Oct. 11, 2004 -
(Posted here: October 13, 2004)

Spy in the Classroom
- A REVOLUTIONARY class-room is giving teachers and their pupils nowhere to hide. -
- The Cumberland News, Oct. 16, 2004 -
(Posted here: October 16, 2004)

Airport X-ray Sees Through Clothes
[When is the majority of the population going to connect the dots?]
- Another passenger, Maria Love, said: "It's all about being safe, and I really have no problem with it." A spokeswoman for BAA Heathrow said 98 percent [my emphasis] of participants gave positive feedback. -
- CNN, Nov. 9, 2004 -
(Posted here: November 14, 2004)

G8 Crackdown for Eight-Year-Olds
[Something wrong with this picture???]
- Police will issue ID cards to eight-year-olds as part of security measures at next year's Gleneagles G8 summit. -
- BBC News, Dec 28, 2004 -
(Posted here: December 29, 2004)

Caught on Tape: You're Being Watched
- Cameras are certainly in a lot of places these days. They're on the beat with cops. They're in supermarkets, office buildings and on some city streets. Some parents are installing cameras to keep an eye on their kids. -
- ABC News, Feb 4, 2005 -
(Posted here: February 6, 2005)

Human Tracking: Big Brother Goes Mainstream
- SCHOOL OFFICIALS in Sutter, Calif., and Osaka, Japan, track students with radio frequency identification tags worn around their necks or tucked in their belongings. The government of Mexico tracks court officials with RFID tags implanted in their shoulders. Finland changes national laws to allow cellphone tracking of children. A woman in Kenosha, Wisconsin, discovers her estranged husband has hidden a global positioning system tracker in her car. All are current news items. -
- Bergen.com, Feb 21, 2005 -
(Posted here: February 25, 2005)

Surveillance Cameras Sprouting Up Everywhere
- Watch yourself in public places in Central Texas. New electronic eyes are popping up in spots you haven't even considered. -
- Kxan36, May 5, 2005 -
(Posted here; May 7, 2005)

Time to Buy a New Shirt, Dave
- The companies are trying to appease consumer and privacy advocates, who worry that the data gathered from radio-frequency identification tags -- item descriptions and unique ID codes -- will be married with shoppers' personal data, making the tags into tracking devices for marketers, thieves and, possibly, the government. -
- Wired.com, Apr 18, 2005 -
(Posted here: May 10, 2005)

Spotlight on Surveillance
- President Bush's proposed $2.57 trillion federal budget for Fiscal Year 2006 greatly increases the amount of money spent on surveillance technology and programs while cutting about 150 programs—most of them from the Department of Education [my emphasis]. EPIC's "Spotlight on Surveillance" project scrutinizes these surveillance programs. -
- Electronic Privacy Information Center -
(Posted here: May 12, 2005)

Big Brother Tracks Staff
- A JAPANESE security company has begun offering corporate customers the ultimate Big Brother service: a system that tracks employees both inside and outside the office, knows every door you have passed through, every drawer you have opened and can tell every piece of paper you have touched. -
- Times Online, May 23, 2005 -
(Posted here: May 26, 2005)

- RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification, a technology that uses tiny computer chips smaller than a grain of sand to track items at a distance. RFID "spy chips" have been hidden in the packaging of Gillette razor products and in other products you might buy at a local Wal-Mart, Target, or Tesco - and they are already being used to spy on people. -
- spychips.com -
(Posted here: May 31, 2005)

Is Big Brother in Your Grocery Cart?
- RFID chips, tiny tracking devices the size of a grain of dust, can be used to secretly identify you and the things you're carrying - right through your clothes, wallet, backpack, or purse. Have you already taken one home with you?
- nocards.org -
(Posted here: May 31, 2005)

Forget-Me-Not Panties
- This amazing device will answer all of your questions! These panties can give you her location, and even her temperature and heart rate, and she will never even know it's there! Unlike the cumbersome and uncomfortable chastity belts of the past, these panties are 100% cotton, and use cutting-edge technology to help you protect what matters most. -
- forgetmenotpanties.contagiousmedia.org -
(Posted here: May 31, 2005)

Forget-Me-Not Panties Use the Latest Technologies! -
- forgetmenotpanties.contagiousmedia.org -
(Posted here: May 31, 2005)

Boycott Gillette
- Hidden cameras in GILLETTE spy shelves take mug shots of people who pick up their products! Consumers have asked Gillette to stop putting RFID "spy chips" in their products, but Gillette has ignored our concerns. -
- boycottgillette.com -
(Posted here: May 31, 2005)

The List Of Carnivore And Eschelon Keywords
- The list below contains many of the keywords the Government Spooks search YOUR email and chat for. -
- from Rense.com, June 28, 2005 -
(Posted here: June 30, 2005)

Bush Sets Up Domestic Spy Service
- US President George W Bush has ordered the creation of a domestic intelligence service within the FBI, as part of a package of 70 new security measures. -
- BBC News, June 30, 2005 -
(Posted here: July 1, 2005)

RFID Tags Along to Track Your Vehicle
- Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, so far confined to warehouse tracking and other small-area applications, is now put in conjunction with VSATs to track vehicles. This new system, developed by Core Projects and Technologies Ltd, is the latest to hit the Indian vehicle tracking market, where card- swiping and GSM-based equipment are the norm. -
- Financial Express, July 25, 2005 -
(Posted here: July 27, 2005)


Cellphone Calls Blew Their Cover
-  It wasn't their lavish spending in luxury hotels, their use of credit cards or even frequent-flier miles that drew attention. Instead it was a trail of casual cellphone use that tripped up the 19 purported CIA operatives wanted by Italian authorities in the alleged kidnapping of a radical Muslim cleric. -
- CNN, July 28, 2005 -
(Posted here: July 29, 2005)

Locate Your Child the Same Way They Locate Terrorists
- The same technology that enabled Italian police track down the whereabouts of one of the suspects in the recent London bombings is being used by increasing numbers of parents as a way to check the location of their children. -
- Net4Now, Aug 10, 2005 -
(Posted here: Aug 15, 2005)

The State Of Surveillance
- Artificial noses that sniff explosives, cameras that I.D. you by your ears, chips that analyze the halo of heat you emit. More scrutiny lies ahead
- Businessweek.com, Aug 8, 2005 Edition -
(Posted here: Aug 4, 2005)

Security Cameras Back in Demand
- After London bomb attacks, several US cities draw up plans to increase surveillance, despite potential downsides. -
Christian Science Monitor, Aug 3, 2005 -
(Posted here: Aug 5, 2005)

Security Cameras Multiply in Manhattan
- Six surveillance cameras could be seen peering out from a chain drug store on Broadway. One protruded awkwardly from the awning of a fast-food restaurant. A supersized, domed version hovered like a flying saucer outside Columbia University. To the dismay of civil libertarians and with the approval of law enforcement, they've been multiplying at a dizzying rate all over Manhattan. -
- by Tom Hays, Associated Press, Aug 13, 2005 -
(Posted here: Aug 16, 2005)

Audio Snooping

Council Listens in to Soho Crowds
- Westminster Council is piloting a scheme to install microphones on lampposts to augment CCTV coverage with audio snooping. -
- Vnunet.com, May 4, 2005 -
(Posted here: Aug 20, 2005)

ID Cards Could Be Used For Mass Surveillance System
- The Government is creating a system of "mass public surveillance" capable of tracking every adult in Britain without their consent, MPs say. They warn that people who have never committed a crime can be "electronically monitored" without their knowledge. -
- Marie Woolf, Independent Online, Aug 18, 2005 -
(Posted here: Aug 20, 2005)


FAA OKs Digital Angel Satellite Device
- The Federal Aviation Administration has approved Digital Angel Corp.'s new satellite radio transceiver, the company said Thursday. -
- BizJournals.com, Aug 11, 2005 -
(Posted here: Aug 20, 2005)

Security Cameras Capturing Students Every Move
- North Side students weren’t alone as they hit the hallways for their first day of school, security cameras watched the students every move. John Jay High School is the first school in Bexar County to have anything that hi-tech. Security cameras will soon be in every North Side high School. -
- Brandy Ralston, KENS 5 Eyewitness News, Aug 22, 2005 -
(Posted here: Aug 25, 2005)

George Orwell
George Orwell

Unblinking Eyes May Watch School
- He [Bradley Myerson, a Manchester attorney] said it sends the wrong message to students that school leaders don't trust them. Furthermore, he said, it conditions students to not object when they're being watched all the time. "It basically tells students Big Brother's watching you and you'd better watch out," he said, referring to a character in George Orwell's "1984." -
- by Chris Parker, Bennington Banner, Aug 27, 2005 -
(Posted here: Aug 28, 2005)

Surveillance camera

Do Surveillance Cameras Make the City Safer? CON: They Push Crime Elsewhere and Spy on the Rest of Us
- Rather than being lulled into accepting this new intrusion, now is the time to speak up. This is not the future we want for San Francisco. -
- Nicole A. Ozer, San Francisco Chronicle, Aug 28, 2005 -
(Posted here: Sep 1, 2005)

School surveillance

Students Kept Under Surveillance at School - Some Parents Angry Over Radio Device
- Angry parents, saying their children's privacy rights are being violated, have asked the board of the tiny Brittan School District to rescind a requirement that all students wear badges that monitor their whereabouts on campus using radio signals. -
- Greg Lucas for San Francisco Chronicle, Feb 10, 2005 -
(Posted here: Sep 9, 2005)

More Parents Going High-Tech to Track Kids
[This is the whole idea. Ignorant citizens do the job for the Government by spying on each other to relieve the Government, so they can instead concentrate on creating global disasters and committing genocide]
- In this case, it isn't Big Brother who's watching - it's Big Mother (or Father). Increasingly, parents are using high-tech methods to track everything from where their children are and how far they are driving to what they buy, what they eat and whether they've shown up for class. -
- NewsMax, Sep 5, 2005 -
(Posted here: Sep 10, 2005)


EU Moves to Log Internet, Phone Communication
- The European Commission has adopted proposals to log details of all telephone, Internet, and e-mail traffic, to combat terrorism and serious crime. -
- ABC News, Sep 21, 2005 -
(Posted here: Sep 22, 2005)

ID Cards 'Threaten Civil Liberty'
- The government's plan to introduce identity cards poses a "fundamental" threat to civil liberties, Liberal Democrats have heard. -
- BBC News, Sep 22, 2005 -
(Posted here: Sep 23, 2005)


Vegans File Lawsuit over Surveillance at Ham Store
- That day, two vegans — vegetarians who eat only plants and plant products — were wrapping up an animal cruelty protest with a handful of other vegans when they noticed a man in a CVS pharmacy parking lot taking pictures of them... -
- by Jill Young-Miller, AJC.com, Sep 23, 2005 -
(Posted here: Sep 25, 2005)

Fingerprint Reader
Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint ID Scheme in School
- Pupils' fingerprints will be used to register and measure attendance at a primary school in Wiltshire. -
- BBC News, Sep 26, 2005 -
(Posted here: Sep 26, 2005)

Laptop computer

Government and Computer Manufacturers Caught Installing Hard-wired Keystroke Loggers Into All New Laptop Computers!
- Devices capture everything you ever type, then can send it via your ethernet card to the Dept. of Homeland Security without your knowledge, consent or a search warrant each time you log onto the internet! Freedom Of Information Act Requests For Explanation From DHS, refused. -
- The Hal Turner Show, Oct 2, 2005 -
(Posted here: Oct 06, 2005)

Domestic Defense
- Could proposed new intelligence-gathering powers for the Pentagon lead to spying on U.S. citizens? The question is being asked as the White House considers new roles for the military inside America's borders. -
- By Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball, Newsweek, Oct 05, 2005 -
(Posted here: Oct 07, 2005)

Lotus logo

Only NSA Can listen, So That's OK
- Giant US software manufacturer Lotus has been lowering the profile of information about how they have installed an NSA-only trapdoor into e-mail and conference systems used by many European governments, including the German Ministry of Defence, the French Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Education in Latvia. -
- by Duncan Campbell, Heise.de, Jan 6, 1999 -
(Posted here: Oct 12, 2005)

Corporations, Government to Track Your Every Move
- "Can a microscopic tag be implanted in a person's body to track his every movement? There's actual discussion about that. You will rule on that – mark my words – before your tenure is over." -
- WorldNetDaily, Oct 06, 2005 -
(Posted here: Oct 14, 2005)

Tagged From Day One
- Called the "Hugs and Kisses" infant protection system, manufactured by VeriChip, this tracking technology involves a tiny RFID (radio-frequency identification) radio transmitter that is placed on the baby's ankle. With a wireless system in place throughout the area, "Hugs" polls the baby's monitor every seven seconds to determine the exact location of the infant in relation to an electronic floor plan that is observed by hospital staff. -
- Wireless Healthcare Website -
(Posted here: Oct 14, 2005)

Inkjet Printer

List of Printers Which Do or Don't Print Tracking Dots
- Remember that a "no" simply means that we couldn't see yellow dots; it does not prove that there is no forensic watermarking present. (For example, the HP Color LaserJET 8500 series does not include any yellow tracking dots that we can see, but it may still include some kind of forensic marking, since the majority of earlier CLJ models did.) -
- Electronic Frontier Foundation, Oct 13, 2005 -
(Posted here: Nov 03, 2005)

The FBI's Secret Scrutiny
- The FBI now issues more than 30,000 national security letters a year, according to government sources, a hundredfold increase over historic norms. The letters -- one of which can be used to sweep up the records of many people -- are extending the bureau's reach as never before into the telephone calls, correspondence and financial lives of ordinary Americans. -
- by Barton Gellman, The Washington Post, Nov 06, 2005 -
(Posted here: Nov 05, 2005)

Freemasons' CHIP Program

The Freemasonic CHIP Program
[CHIP - What an interesting choice of name. They have us getting used to the word CHIP, like in "micro-chipping". In this case it is the same principle; the kids are registered by their fingerprints and their DNA.]
- The Child Identification Program (CHIP) addresses the alarming fact that over 1,000,000 children are reported missing in the United States each year. While most are found, many are not, and the abduction of children is both under-reported and rapidly increasing in our society. -
- The Pennsylvania Masonic Foundation for Children -
(Posted here: Nov 08, 2005)

The Internet

Feds' Net-Wiretap Order Set to Kick In
- According to a final order issued by the Federal Communications Commission in late September, all broadband Internet service providers and many Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, companies will have 18 months--until spring 2007--to ensure their systems have backdoors that allow police to eavesdrop on their customers' communications for investigative purposes. -
- C|Net News, Nov 11, 2005 -
(Posted here: Nov 14, 2005)

Total Surveillance
- Imagine a future in which your every belonging is marked with a unique number identifiable with the swipe of a scanner; where your refrigerator keeps track of its contents; where the location of your car is always pinpoint-able; and where signal-emitting microchips storing personal information are implanted beneath your skin or embedded in your inner organs. -
- MotherJones.com, Dec 06, 2005 -
(Posted here: Dec 11, 2005)

Big Brother

The Agency That Could Be Big Brother
- DEEP in a remote, fog-layered hollow near Sugar Grove, W.Va., hidden by fortress-like mountains, sits the country's largest eavesdropping bug. Located in a "radio quiet" zone, the station's large parabolic dishes secretly and silently sweep in millions of private telephone calls and e-mail messages an hour. -
- New York Times, Dec 25, 2005 -
(Posted here: Jan 01, 2006)

John Prescott

Prescott Satellite To Spy On Your Home
- John Prescott has told tax inspectors to use satellites to snoop on householders' attempts to improve their homes. -
- The Independent, Jan 01, 2006 -
(Posted here: Dec 03, 2006)

Watchful Eye

Cameras at Major British Airport Snap Your Picture
- All this beta testing that we see unfolding in our airports and now our subway stations is simply the pretext for it hitting the streets. Your national security level color code on your ID card will denote which services you will be entitled to, and if you're not a well behaved boot-licker you won't be entitled to any. -
- by Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones, Jan 04, 2006 -
(Posted here: Jan 05, 2006)

Spying on your neighbor

New Stasi Style UK Anti-Terror Campaign Encourages Reporting Your Neighbours
- The latest anti-terror advertising campaign by the London Metropolitan Police encourages the residents of London to actively spy on and report anybody, including their own neighbours, should they suspect them to be behaving in a suspicious way. -
- by Steve Watson, Jan 04, 2006 -
(Posted here: Jan 06, 2006)


The Panopticon: A Mass Surveillance Prison For Humanity
- The Panopticon is defined as a prison so constructed that the inspector can see each of the prisoners at all times, without being seen. This is an accurate description of the accelerating movement by western governments to erect giant, powerful, all-pervading mass surveillance, tracking and control grids that will keep all populations firmly under the baleful and watchful gaze of Big Brother. -
- by Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson, Jan 11, 2006 -
(Posted here: Jan 12, 2006)


Control Grid: The Prison Without Bars
- All over the United States, Canada and Britain, surveillance camera systems are being installed on street corners, in public bathrooms, in residential neighborhoods, and even in parks and forests. We are asked to trust the government underlings who control them that they are working for our best interests as said underlings are caught using the cameras to spy on naked women in their homes. -
- by Paul Joseph Watson, Jan 18, 2006 -
(Posted here: Jan 20, 2006)

A Watched America Is Not A Free America
- With the tank filled, I retrieved the receipt and climbed back into the Jeep but before I could start the engine a bank of high speed computers operated by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) at 3801 Fairfax Drive in Arlington, Virginia, 300 miles away, already knew I had purchased 17.3 gallons of unleaded regular at $2.29.9 a gallon in a small community in the Blue Ridge Mountain... -
- by Doug Thompson, Capitol Hill Blue, Jan 26, 2006 -
(Posted here: Jan 28, 2006)

Making the Minions Marionettes
- Elements of this technology have already been used to a similar end in our nation, albeit by a private entity. It was found that the Acme Auto rental car company was using GPS technology to monitor its customers and then charged them a $150 penalty every time they drove at least eighty miles-per-hour for more than two minutes. -
- by Selwyn Duke, NewsWithViews.com, Feb 10, 2006 -
(Posted here: Feb 11, 2006)

Houston Police Chief Wants Surveillance Cameras In Private Homes
[But it's just because they want us all to feel safer, right?]
- The Associated Press reports,// "HOUSTON Houston's police chief is suggesting putting surveillance cameras in apartment complexes, downtown streets and even private homes." // "Chief Harold Hurtt today said it's another way of combatting crime amid a shortage of officers. -
- by Paul Joseph Watson, Feb 16, 2006 -
(Posted here: Feb 17, 2006)

Playing tag … eight-year-old Michael Kelly can be monitored 24 hours a day.

Every Move They Make, Mum's Watching
- People tracking is no longer just the stuff of covert military operations or spy movies. Putting mobile phones and GPS together is an ideal technological marriage, says an expert in the technology, Associate Professor Andrew Dempster of the University of NSW. // Globally, we're on the verge of a boom in over-the-counter locator devices, he says of the first child-tracker to hit the Australian market. -
- The Sydney Morning Herald, Feb 11, 2006 -
(Posted here: Feb 17, 2006)

Surveillance Cameras

Traffic Surveillance Cameras To Monitor Personal Behavior
- Not satisfied with over 4 million CCTV cameras already spying on British citizens, the government is now floating proposals to turn the country's 14,000 speed cameras on drivers to monitor their personal habits. -
- by Paul Joseph Watson, March 07, 2006 -
(Posted here: March 08, 2006)

Map of the Echelon System

GOP Using Echelon Software to Spy on Americans; NSA Bribing Media
- U.S. intelligence sources within the Special Operations Group (SOG) are reporting that National Security Agency (NSA) computers have been downloading financial and personal files of all American citizens as a result of upgrades to the Echelon satellite network and software program which is part of the Prosecutor’s Management Information System (PROMIS). -
- by Tom Flocco, March 09, 2006 -
(Posted here: March 12, 2006)

Universal Snooper

Majority Of Americans Oppose Surveillance State
- A new survey conducted by Computer World shows a clear majority of American citizens are opposed to government surveillance of their activities. These figures contradict claims that roughly half of Americans support domestic government wiretaps. -
- by Paul Joseph Watson, Apr 26, 2006 -
(Posted here: Thursday, Apr 28, 2006)

Big Brother Was Listening In A Long Time Ago
- We really do hate to keep having to repeat ourselves and with the NSA story it's a total bore. This time I am going to put it in large capital letters to try and get the point across. THE NSA HAS BEEN RECORDING PHONE CONVERSATIONS FOR OVER A DECADE. THE PROGRAM IS CALLED ECHELON. THE USA TODAY STORY ABOUT THE NSA STORING PHONE NUMBERS IS NOT NEWS. -
- by Paul Joseph Watson, PrisonPlanet.com, May 12, 2006 -
(Posted here: Saturday, May 13, 2006)

Russell Tice

NSA Whistleblower To Expose More Unlawful Activity ‘People…Are Going To Be Shocked’
- CongressDaily reports that former NSA staffer Russell Tice will testify to the Senate Armed Services Committee next week that not only do employees at the agency believe the activities they are being asked to perform are unlawful, but that what has been disclosed so far is only the tip of the iceberg. Tice will tell Congress that former NSA head Gen. Michael Hayden, Bush’s nominee to be the next CIA director, oversaw more illegal activity that has yet to be disclosed: -
- ThinkProgress.org, May 12, 2006 -
(Posted here: Saturday, May 13, 2006)

Michael V. Hayden

Hayden Nomination Revives Eavesdropping Controversy
- Air Force Gen. Michael V. Hayden's nomination to lead the CIA is just the spark Democrats and some Republicans desire to reignite the debate over the warrantless domestic surveillance program. -
- by Steve Goldstein, The Mercury News, May 08, 2006 -
(Posted here: Monday, June 05, 2006)

ACLU logo

Pentagon Sued for Surveillance Info
- WASHINGTON -- The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit in federal court Wednesday demanding more information about a Defense Department database that collected information on antiwar groups and U.S. citizens. -
- by Lolita C, Baldor, AP, June 15, 2006 -
(Posted here: Friday, June 16, 2006)

Spy satellite

Government Orders Spy Blimp
- The government has hired defense subcontractor Lockheed Martin to design and develop an enormous blimp that will be used to spy on Americans, according to the Athens News. Government agencies such as the NSA are anticipating that as early as 2009 the blimp will be operational and begin supporting new ways of monitoring everything that happens in the country. -
- from Free Market News Network, June 16, 2006 -
(Posted here: Monday, June 19, 2006)

Big Brother

The Surveillance State Unveiled
- President Bush has inaugurated the largest surveillance state in human history, ordering the NSA to wiretap millions of Americans’ telephone calls and e-mails abroad (according to the New York Times) and collecting the telephone records of as many as 200 million Americans (according to USA Today). Moreover, the FBI acknowledged searching the personal effects of more than 3,500 Americans without a court search warrant (according to the Associated Press) using a procedure called a “National Security Letter” under the Patriot Act. -
- by Thomas R. Eddlem, New American, June 26, 2006 Issue -
(Posted here: Wednesday, June 21, 2006)

RFID tags on kids

RFID Tag, for the Kiddies
- One thing is for sure: The amusement parks and the beaches, etc., will be a paradise for pedophiles and other creeps. With the kids running free, all they have to do is to cut off the wristband and kidnap the child. The parents think the kid is sitting still somewhere safe. -
- by Travis Hudson, Gizmodo.com, July 06, 2006 -
(Posted here: Sunday, July 09, 2006)

Big Brother is Shouting at You
- Big Brother is not only watching you - now he's barking orders too. Britain's first 'talking' CCTV cameras have arrived, publicly berating bad behaviour and shaming offenders into acting more responsibly. -
- Daily Mail, Sep 16, 2006 -
(Posted here: Tuesday, Sep 19, 2006)

The Emergence of a Global Infrastructure for Mass Registration and Surveillance
- Myth #1: We are merely being asked to sacrifice some of our privacy and convenience for greater security -
- Calltodecision.com -
(Posted here: Tuesday, November 21, 2006)


Satellite Surveillance and Human Experimentation
- The satellites are not available to law enforcement agencies. Instead they protect illegal operators (like drug traders and corporate criminals) who in fact spy on law enforcers, lobbyists etc. They also facilitate remote, non-consensual human experimentation by the US military, the CIA and so on. In fact when asked who was centrally responsible - the military, defence contractors, the agencies, the media, or the mafia - one senior AFP executive replied: "Well, they all have access don't they". -
- by Paul Baird -
(Posted here: Saturday, January 27, 2007)

Masons Behind Britain's Network Of Spy Cameras
-  Britains high level masonic controllers are behind virtually every spy camera system in the UK. From the suppliers of this sinister "1984" regime of control and monitoring we are seeing the build up of a society that is having to tolerate huge numbers of spy cameras making vast profits for the suppliers (masons), operators (masons) and controllers (masons). -
- Stop Injustice Now, July 04, 2007 -
(Posted here: Thursday, July 05, 2007)

Room 641A at AT&T's internet switching facility in San Francisco. Former AT&T technician Mark Klein says the room is a secret internet spying outpost for the government.

Analysis: New Law Gives Government Six Months to Turn Internet and Phone Systems into Permanent Spying Architecture - UPDATED
- A new law expanding the government's spying powers gives the Bush Administration a six-month window to install possibly permanent back doors in the nation's communication networks.  The legislation was passed hurriedly by Congress over the weekend and signed into law Sunday by President Bush.  -
- by Ryan Singel, Wired Blog Network, Aug 06, 2007 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, August 08, 2007)

Bush: "F... off!"

Bush Wants Microchipped Society
- The Bush administration tells us the main reason for warrantless wiretapping and searches is, warrantless searches and spying are necessary in order to keep us safe from the terrorist. They imply if we don’t have anything to hide it should not matter if they conduct warrantless searches and that no mater what political party happens to be in power, now or in the future, that this newly granted authority will not be misused. -
- RINF.com -
(Posted here: Tuesday, August 14, 2007)

The Bill of Rights

Government Says Secrecy May Protect Wiretapping Program from Constitutional Scrutiny
- The Bush administration's warrantless wiretapping program has a built-in feature the Justice Department believes may shield it from ever being challenged as unconstitutional: secrecy.
   The administration has acknowledged it intercepted some U.S. telephone conversations without warrants as it hunted for terrorists. Whose calls? The government isn't saying. And since only those who were spied on have grounds to sue, it's almost impossible to mount a successful legal challenge.  -
- by Matt Apuzzo, Associated Press, Aug 13, 2007 -
(Posted here: Tuesday, August 14, 2007)

Mark Andrejevic

Your Privacy Is Someone Else's Profit
- On the 24th of October, presidential candidate Barack Obama, D-Ill., added his name to the list of senators, led by Chris Dodd, D-Conn., who oppose immunity for telecoms who have participated in domestic spying. As this debate heats up in the Senate and in the papers, Americans are confronted with an unsettling reality: Private companies have more control over our personal information than we do.
- by Onnesha Roychoudhuri, AlterNet, Oct. 29, 2007 -
(Posted here: Monday, October 29, 2007)

Mark Klein

Wiretapping, Whistleblowing and IT Ethics
- Why does this matter? Most of us can say, "I have nothing to hide so why should I care?" and we'd be, in principle, correct. But the problem is the government easily could get it wrong. What's more, they are collecting data on everyone and, once they have the data, whose to say what future purposes might crop up to justify putting it to use? That is one slippery slope my friend. -
- by Mark Gibbs, Network World, Sep 11, 2007 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, Apr 23, 2008)

New Swedish E-Mail Spying Law

New E-mail Snooping Outrages Swedes
- Swedes may cherish openness and transparency, but not enough to accept a new law giving the government the right to snoop on all e-mails and phone calls crossing the country’s borders.
  Outrage over the statute has led to 2 million protests — filed by e-mail.
  The online petition drive comes as other European Union countries consider granting authorities unprecedented spying powers over their own citizens amid fears of a mounting terror threat. -
(Posted here: Thursday, July 03, 2008)

Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance

Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance (Part I)
- Unknown to most of the world, satellites can perform astonishing and often menacing feats. This should come as no surprise when one reflects on the massive effort poured into satellite technology since the Soviet satellite Sputnik, launched in 1957, caused panic in the U.S. A spy satellite can monitor a person’s every movement, even when the “target” is indoors or deep in the interior of a building or traveling rapidly down the highway in a car, in any kind of weather (cloudy, rainy, stormy). There is no place to hide on the face of the earth. It takes just three satellites to blanket the world with detection capacity...Remote reading of someone’s mind through satellite technology is quite bizarre, yet it is being done; it is a reality at present, not a chimera from a futuristic dystopia! -
- BY JOHN FLEMING, Pravda.ru, Sept 08, 2008 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, September 10, 2008)


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