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Last Updated:
Saturday, August 12, 2006 11:28:16 PM

Wednesday, July 09, 2006

Wayne Morin Jr's Second Polygraph Test
by Wes Penre and Wayne Morin Jr, July 12, 2006

Last Updated: Saturday, August 12, 2006 11:28:16 PM

Wes Penre
Wes Penre


Wayne Morin Jr
Wayne Morin Jr


hose who have followed the life story of Wayne Morin Jr and his way back to life after have spent 18 horrifying years in a mental facility, Napa State Hospital in California, know that he just recently passed a lie detector test, confirming that what he has been telling the world about the horrors behind locked doors were absolutely true.

Now Wayne is setting himself up for a second polygraph test to further reassure the world that he is speaking the truth. In preparation for this test, he created a homemade video, where he in more detail talks about the upcoming event. In the video he is also reading the questions that are going to be asked on the polygraph out loud. You can listen to the video by clicking on this icon: .

Here are the 30 questions in writing:

Questions to ask Wayne Morin Jr for Lie Detector Test. Polygraph tester: John Grogan.

1. Wayne, before 1973 American Psychiatric Association classified homosexuality
as a deviant behavior and a mental disorder.
True or False = True

2. Do you believe in the scripture of the Bible Job 12 ;17 is speaking about the
1973 by the American Psychiatric Association and homosexuality and the courts?
True or False = True.

3. In 1973, did you go to court before a Judge, a DA, and a Public Defender while a minor 13 years old from San Francisco County Jail City Prison?
True or False = True

4. Have you ever heard of The Gay Liberation Front?
True or False = True

5. Do you know of a verbal militant homosexual group that works closely with the City of San Francisco Judicial System?
True or False = True

6. Has a verbal militant homosexual group ever told you they were going to rape mothers and little girls?
True or False = True

7. Has a verbal homosexual militant group ever promoted murders and rape from jails and state hospitals that you were at?
True or False = True

8. Would you say that every time you were in jail or in a state hospital, this verbal homosexual militant group would openly promote the murders and rape of all persons in the communities for the end-time race riots?
True or False=True.

9 At the 'Christian Brothers Boarding School for Boys', did the fathers and brothers openly promote the verbal militant homosexual group?
True or False = True

10. Did a Christian brother who by the name of Brother Ralph show you his room that had pornography and a lot of empty bottles of Christian Brothers Brandy?
True or False = True

11. Did the Christian Brothers and the verbal militant homosexual group work together in paving the way for the homosexual movement?
True or False = True

12 Was it common knowledge that some boys would sneak into either fathers or brothers rooms at night?
True or False = True

13. With your first experiences at the age of 13, while in County Jail, were you placed into the homosexuals protection and care?
True or False = True

14. Did the DEA ever visit you while the few times in juvenile hall?
True or False = True

15. Did the two DEA agents ask you to help them?
True or False = True

16. Did the DEA agents tell you they need your help because you looked exactly like a person who could fool someone in a Lear jet when it landed, by waving to them from the ground like an “all clear” sign?
True or False = True

17. Did the DEA say that they would move you and your family to another state and change your name and identity?
True or False = True

18. Have you ever been followed by the FBI?
True or False = True

19. When you told the DEA you would not cooperate, did they say to you "you will pay for this "?
True or False = True

20. Have the San Diego Police Officers planted heroin under a car tire of a car in which you and a first time friend slept?
True or False = True

21. Did these same police officers who planted the many bags of heroin take you and your first time friend in the patrol car?
True or False = True

22. Did these police officers leave you in the police car while they took your first time friend into a motel and then let him go?
True or False = True

23. Did the DEA set you up with the verbal militant homosexual group in San Diego Jail to promote the end-time race riots?
True or False = True

24. While in San Deigo County Jail, did the verbal homosexual militant group place you on a "criss-cross test"?
True or False = True

25. Did this verbal militant homosexual group try to kill you?
True or False = True

26. Did the verbal militant homosexual group try to be in good relations with the Mexican mafia?
True or False = True

27.Did a man by the name of Mario Gonzales and the verbal homosexual group work closely to plan to rape and murder for the end-time race war?
True or False = True

28. Most of the times while you were in jails or state mental hospitals, were the prisoners and mental patients planning together with this verbal militant homosexual group to rape and pillage?
True or False = True

29. Did the convicts and mental patients rape, murder, rob, or steal to pave the way for the verbal militant homosexual group and the end-time race riots?
True or False = True

30. Do you believe that The Bible scripture in Daniel 11:37 pertains to this verbal homosexual militant group who openly advocate homosexuality the disdain "the desire to marry and have children"?
True or False = True

Click on this Word icon MS Word Icon to read all about the polygraph test (we have permission to publish it, despite what the document says). The Word document includes all the 30 questions asked by the professional analyst, John Grogan, and Wayne's answers. Also included in this Word file are the Certificates which confirm that Wayne passed. This way no one can accuse him of lying.

As a reference to what Wayne is talking about in the 30 questions above regarding homosexuality, please listen to the following audio recordings by Texe Marrs at www.powerofprophecy.com. These two recordings explain in detail why Wayne wants the above specific questions to be asked:[1]
Homosexual BarBarians, by Texe Marrs:
The Catholic Empire of Queers, by Texe Marrs:


(1) I want to stress that just because someone is a homosexual doesn't mean he/she falls into the evil category described in the Texe Marrs tapes. The homosexual perverts Texe is talking about are often generational Satanists and occultists, where homosexuality and pedophilia are common every day practices. This footnote is my own personal opinion and from my personal experience from knowing homosexual people. Wes Penre.

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Source: Email correspondence with Wayne Morin Jr.
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