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Last Updated:
Saturday, January 20, 2007 02:48:37 PM

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ritual for the 33 of Freemasonry, Scottish Rite - Sovereign Grand Inspector General
presented by Leo Zagami, Jan 20, 2007 

Last Updated: Saturday, January 20, 2007 02:48:37 PM

33 - Sovereign Grand Inspector General
33 - Sovereign Grand Inspector General


hirty Third Degree: The last and final degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Freemasonry is called "Sovereign Grand Inspector General." This degree is generally defined as the administrative degree of the order. The meetings are called Supreme Council . The jewel is a black double headed eagle with golden beaks and claws, holding in the latter a gold sword, and crowned with the golden crown of Prussia. A red Teutonic cross is affixed to the left side of the breast. The lodge is hung with purple curtains, on which are painted skeletons, death heads, cross, bones etc. There are nine officers in this degree. The Master of the lodge is called the "Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander."

During the opening ceremonies the Master of the Lodge ask the puissant Lieutenant Grand Commander : " From when came you?" Answer : "From the cradle, passing trough life towards our common lot-the grave".

After the lodge is declared opened the Master of the lodge orders the Grand Marshal to prepare the candidate (if there is one) for initiation by divesting him of his shoes and hat, clothe him in a black robe, give him a lighted candle in his right hand, tie a black robe around his neck, and lead him (like a helpless animal) to the door of the council chamber.

Then the show begins and it is said to the candidate ,once he enters the council chamber and he is received by the image of a skeleton, "Your head is uncovered, your feet bare to remind you that you must ever be prepared to assist brethren in need, and free them from the yoke of oppression, which is symbolized by the black cable tow around your neck".

We also learn in this degree that the object of all the degrees in Masonry is light, wisdom, tolerance, freedom and courage. It is also revealed in this degree that all the ceremonies of Masonry are but "faithful" representations of the realistic life. Those who are initiated into the 33rd degree are reminded that Masonry "recognizes and adopts none of the religions of the world ".

(So how can religious leaders be part of it ??? )

It is important to note here that this degree created by the illuminati of the R+C together with their Jesuit supervisors , attempts to pull together the teachings of the former degrees. It gives a more profound explanation of Masonic ceremonies. The illustrius Grand Minister of State explains in a lecture to the candidate and the general body 33rd degree members, that the object is to rebuild the material temple of Solomon or at least to rebuild a moral temple ,wherein truth and love shall dwell for his members.

Concerning the Hiramic Legend, he says, "We have not to avenge the murder of Hiram Abiff, for he represents that eternal wisdom ,which ignorance and lust of power and falsehood had concealed from us,but we must go on , in search of those laws by which the moral world is regulated. We have not persecuted the unfortunate nation of Judah, for having sentenced to death our beloved Sovereign Jesus of Nazareth, the Apostle of the duties and rights of man, but we must crush forever superstition, fanaticism and intolerance. They ,and not the children of Israel were guilty".

"To no man has God given authority to replace and represent Him on earth, and all those who pretend to be His ministers and representative must not be believed.

Our ignorance and selfishness alone give these usurpers the power, which the wield for the gratification of their emperors' schemes. Our Order is instituted to stop such encroachment and to prevent the renewal of the tragedy which ended in the murder of those Knights Templar's, whose virtues and moral powers caused such terror to the political and religious usurpers of that age". He further points out that Freemasonry abhors the doctrine which teaches the murder of kings and priest " but as long as the weakness of mankind reders their usurpation unavoidable, we must prevent their exercising their power to oppress mankind and endeavor by degrees to enlighten our brother men."

After the lecture the candidate is taught the passwords, signs and motto of this degree:

PASSWORD: De Molay, Hiram Abiff, "Frederick " of Prussia.

SIGN OF ORDER: Place the left hand over the heart.

SIGN OF ENTRANCE: Cross the arms on the breast and bow the head.

MOTTO OF THE ORDER: Deus meumque Jus, God and my right. Dieu et mon Droit

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The 32 of Freemasonry


Source: Correspondence with Leo Zagami

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