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The Occult Rock Music
by Wes Penre, 2004

Last Updated: Saturday, November 08, 2008 09:15:20 PM

Posted: Monday, Aug 12, 2004


Rock Music

Aleister Crowley – The “Greatest” Magician of the 20th Century

Beatles, Rock'n'Roll & Mind Control

Mind Control in the Field of Art

They Sold Their Souls to Rock-n-Roll

The Rock Industry Exposed

Occultism in Music

Investigating the 'Death Metal' Murders

Black Widow doing a realistic black magic human sacrifice on stage

Black Widow - Black Magic in Rock Music
[Make sure to read all the newspaper clips beside the interview text]
[Make sure to read all the newspaper clips beside the interview text]
- This group initially laughs their on-stage realistic black magic rituals off as a "gimmick", but later admit to that they are actually practicing this themselves. They even got warnings from a high ranking witch to stop what they're doing, or something very bad can happen. If this group was the only rock group practicing the black arts, but no ...]

Metalheart logo

[Does 'Smack" in 'Smack Management' in this case stand for heroin?!]
- Determined that Adam is doomed to be a one hit wonder, his obsessive and ruthless female manager resurrects her investment through the crazed surgical magic of the strange Dr Pesky. To the disbelief of his all-girl backing singers (The Assets) Adam is brought back to life but under the total control of Dr Pesky and the manipulative Manager. But the lure of Metal Heart is so great that zombiefied Fozzie reawakens. The remainder of the show charts the haunting, decline and possession of Adam by Adam and the decline of the Manager and Dr Pesky's control. It builds to a bloody reclaiming of Metal Heart and Fozzie's ascension - the beginning of the cult of Metal Heart. -

Varg Vikernes

The Gothic Milieu: Black Metal, Satanism, and Vampirism
- The origins of Gothic come from many different sources. Gothic themes emerged around 1970 in England and the United States with artists and groups like Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath. Although these musicians were not purely Gothic, fans of Alice Cooper were largely responsible for introducing the Gothic outlook, with its black-leather clothing and silver earrings for males, in many European countries. In 1976 David Letts founded The Damned in England, a band that was originally a punk group, but later focused mostly on Gothic. Letts changed his name to David Vanian (from "Transylvanian") and focused on the vampire theme (although Nazi symbols were also occasionally introduced). -

Led Zeppelin

Backward Masking - Finding the Hidden Messages
[Particularly listen to Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" backwards as presented here. It is pretty interesting. The words are definitely there, no matter what critics say]
- "All yours, here's to my sweet satan, The one who's little path would make me sad, who's power is fake. He will give you, give you 666. There was a little toolshed where he made us suffer, sad satan." -

What Is Reverse Speech?
- It is called Reverse Speech, the phenomenon of hidden backward messages in speech. It initially gained worldwide fame in the early 80s as those strange backward messages in rock and roll. Since that time, research has progressed significantly and it is now known to exist in all forms of human speech. -

David Bowie

Who Wrote the Songs That Make the Whole World Sing?
- I am going to suggest that the creation of certain music lyrics can also be created through a spiritual 'possession' of the body and mind of an individual music/lyric writer by other dimensional entities. -

David Marr

Life as a Musician - The Story of a Mind Control Survivor
- The main innate gift that was cultivated from my natural abilities by the Illuminati was my musical intellect. They gave me all the training, unbelievable breaks, and drugs I needed to develop my talent into world-class form. My main duty during rituals ended up as the organist. I had extensive training on both the piano and the organ, but the piano was more my specialty. -
- by David Marr -

On Stage

How Mind Control Works in Rock Music
- The human brain "thinks" as cycles of brainwaves, at approximately 8 "thoughts" per second - look it up on any "medical science" web page. The eyes "see" 20 to 30 separate actions per second, but the brain only uses the "best" eight to send to the conscious mind. The subconscious gets the rest, subliminally and wholesale. -
- by A. Nonymous, Mar 27, 2007 -

Madonna, wearing the Pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye on the back of her jacket.

You Say She's A Virgin?
- It has become obvious to me since my awakening in 1999 that the collection of spiritual energy in certain symbolic locations around the world is on the increase. The location used for the Live Earth concert in London is no exception. I point out that the new Wembley Stadium is rife with illuminati eye and arch symbolism. People also seem to forget that Wembley was on a par with events of 9/11 and was also a place where twin towers were ‘pulled’... -
- by Matthew Delooze, July 27, 2007 -
(Posted here: Sunday, July 29, 2007)

Occult Secrets of Jay Z, Kanye & Nas
[Video: 00:08:15]
- Occult Secrets of Jay Z, Kanye & Nas
"What it's about is the fact that Jigga is a Lucifer-worshiping Mason. And he's pulled in Kanye and Nas. All the symbols are masonic/pagain/satanic especially the pink goat's head shirt Kanye is wearing. And just listen to the's about secret societies and the satanic Illuminati which employs JIgga. Do some your mind." -
- YouTube, 2006 -
(Posted here: Thursday, September 13, 2007)

John Todd

John Todd, Former Illuminati, on the Witchcraft of Rock & Roll
- His name was John Todd, a former member of the illuminati. He warned us against the plan for world control before he was framed, effectively discredit and attempts on taking his life was made more than once. The words that he left on his audio tapes are still coming to pass which puts lots of credibility on his claim that he was an insider. This [video] audio tape speaks about the dangers of rock and roll music including "Christian rock".
   This explains how the rock music is cursed (by putting a spell on the master recording) and how this puts a spell on those who listen to this music and especially if you bring the actual CD/Audio Cassette home with you. This is just another piece of the puzzle that explains evil in this world." -
- by Wes Penre, Sep 19, 2007 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, September 19, 2007)

Led Zeppelin

New Video Proof: Satanic Backwards Messages in Music Recordings!
[Video: 00:11:53]
- This is an excellent video, put together by a young Australian friend of mine, Lumen Mori, showing without any doubt that the occult and Satanic backwards messages me and a few other researchers have talked about for a long time are actually there, no matter how many times the artists themselves have denied this.
   What about 2PAC? Why was he killed? What happens to those within the music industry whom discover the truth about what the business is really about and have the nerve to go public? This video will shed some light on this as well. -
- by Lumen Mori, Sep 22, 2007 -
(Posted here: Monday, September 24, 2007)

Eric Clapton in the 70s, photo taken by Pattie Boyd Carlos Santana 1969

EXCLUSIVE: The Debra Hunter Pitts Testimony [Part 1]:
Wes Penre Interviews Debra Hunter Pitts, Who Started 'Militia One' with Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana

- Debra contacted me, not so much because of what I have told you so far, but because of the fact that she got involved in the Satanic Music Industry in the late 60s and started a Resistance Group together with musicians Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana, with whom she has kids. Debra had read the 'Rock and Roll and Mind Control' section of my website, and felt that this would be the forum to tell her story. -
- Interview by Wes Penre, Jan 26, 2007 -
(Posted here: Saturday, Jan 26, 2008)

Cover to the album "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs" by Derek and the Dominos

EXCLUSIVE: The Debra Hunter Pitts Testimony [Part 2]:
The Untold Story About Eric Clapton, the song 'Layla' and its Real Message!

- In Part 2 we will concentrate on the true story about the 1970 hit song "Layla", played by "Derek and the Dominos", where Eric Clapton was the front figure. The official story goes that it was written by Clapton as a love song, but as we shall see, the song was not written by Eric Clapton at all, but Debra wrote it for Clapton on his request. Moreover, it is not only a love song, but the lyrics also hides a murder story. -
- Interview by Wes Penre, Mar 01, 2008 -
(Posted here: Friday, February 29, 2008)

Debra Hunter-Pitts

EXCLUSIVE: The Debra Hunter Pitts Testimony [Part 3]:
How the Nazi Network Operated in Butler County, Missouri from World War II to the 1980s, and their Ties to the New World Order

- In Part 3 here below we will discuss how the Nazi Network around her operated and ties in with globalization. We will hear how the St. Louis, Missouri branch of Masons put out a death warrant on her at the same time the Nazi captured, tied up and were going to hang Bob Jones... -
- Interview by Wes Penre, Apr 01, 2008 -
(Posted here: Tuesday, April 01, 2008)

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