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How Mind Control Works in Rock Music
by A. Nonymous, March 27, 2007

Last Updated: Friday, March 30, 2007 04:51:59 AM

Posted: Friday, March 30, 2007



One secret to what live rock music (and other musical styles as well) are doing, is very dangerous to innocent minds.

The human brain "thinks" as cycles of brainwaves, at approximately 8 "thoughts" per second - look it up on any "medical science" web page. The eyes "see" 20 to 30 separate actions per second, but the brain only uses the "best" eight to send to the conscious mind. The subconscious gets the rest, subliminally and wholesale.

Notice most live music shows incorporate video screens with their music, at 30 frames per second (standard American television resolution, look it up on any "TV repair" web site). They color 8 of the 30 "movie" frames differently, so THEY choose which ones you think about, and which are just "absorbed" as PROGRAMMING. (Hollywood has used this trick ever since Disney "invented: it ; it's now illegal in television commercials).

When bass tones or bass drums or lights (or all, in a concert) use this 8-per-second speed (which they do all three in most live shows) it does the same thing to the brain that hypnosis does - break up analytical thoughts so that certain mispronounced ("hard to understand") lyrics go right to the subconscious. Add some illegal drugs and some sacrificial blood in the "mosh" pit, make a circle with a pentagram onstage using the stage lights and positions of the musicians within it, place your big speakers for 13 separate points of origin of musical sound, and you have a full-on BLACK MASS, complete with sacred geometry (the ancient "magic" secret that unlocks the chains (bonds) of the fallen angels (demons) that Jesus was casting out of sick people, also known as "disease" and "demonic possession").

Also, the musical tones (chords) used along with those lyrics are dissonant in modern music, making certain automatic emotions happen in the mind that attaches to the lyric message. This can cause emotional stress in a person, which is "resolved" in a song's ending, with a "happy" message as the resolution of the song ... this IS how PROGRAMMING WORKS in most mind control victims.

Backwards masking is old news, it's not very effective compared to newer recording techniques, such as modulating the background sounds and drums (as above) at 7.83 Hz, to create a state of hypnosis in the listener. This is why most recording artists are the victims of their own "music"!

By the way, a color television screen is a great big lens, scattering potentially dangerous x-rays into your living room. Picture tubes contain radioactive elements in their electron guns (sub-atomic particle accelerators, to make "colored light" on the phosphor-based picture-screen inner coating). Look it up on any TV repair web site, or any encyclopedia under "Cathode Ray Tube". The danger becomes less, as you move away from the center-forward screen angle (the viewing angle).

It's spelled c-a-n-c-e-r, and pronounced "prime time". You won't find that fact in the reference books, but you can follow the obvious trail of evidence left by the sciences used in your television screen "tubes". Ask Marie Curie, she discovered all that .... oh wait, she died of cancer from high energy particle-ray exposure, as have many Americans since about 1948. Funny thing, that.

You may quote me ANONYMOUSLY on any or all of this (no name or email please), as long as the intended meanings remain the same. This is also a warning to help others evaluate "Christian rock" bands, when they perform onstage.

Source: E-mail correspondence with author


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