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  Posted: Friday,  February 01, 2008, 3:18AM

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The Debra Hunter Pitts Testimony
[Part 1]:
Wes Penre Interviews Debra Hunter Pitts, Who Started 'Militia One' with Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana
Interview by Wes Penre, Feb 01, 2008


Introduction by Wes Penre

Debra Hunter Pitts
Debra Hunter Pitts


his is the amazing and shocking testimony of Debra Hunter Pitts, who grew up in Butler County, Missouri in the 50s and 60s - a major Satanic part of the United States at that time, where human sacrifice was happening every day. Debra grew up with her Satanic step-father, Jack and her step-mother, Helen, and she was beaten bloody on a daily basis by her step-mother for years and years for no other reason than looking at her. All this trauma had her develop manic depression, which she is fighting against up to this day.

The only person decent enough to try and help her was her grandfather, who did everything in his power to make police and authorities pay attention and have this insanity stop, but there was nowhere to turn, because police and Government on high levels were involved in this Satanic cult as well, and therefore no one wanted the truth to come out.

It was getting worse. Debra was a witness to how Terry Johnson, in charge of the county and a top CIA/Nazi, literally cut a pregnant woman open on the alter she lay on and cut out a baby boy. There were many women and children killed and Debra learned that they had been abducted from other states.

The culmination of this horror happened when one day she became a witness to mass graves on Jack Chittenden's, her step-father, property, where she and her 'family' lived! Jack owned some acres of land on which the house where they lived in was standing, and behind the house there was a wood, also his property, where mass graves were located. The corpses belonged to young people, who had been sacrificed in Satanic rituals over time. According to Debra, around 300 bodies were buried there, mostly women, and they all looked like they had been starved in a concentration camp, which the Nazis claimed were actually being used in the timeframe we are discussing

Needless to say, this was extremely traumatic for Debra, and still there was no help to get anywhere, it seemed.

Already as a young girl, Debra became aware of this huge conspiracy taking place in Butler County; a conspiracy so vast that it could be traced all the way up to the highest levels of the US Government - and above! Debra generally call these people "The Nazis", which is what they are (among many other things), but they are better known as the Illuminati these days. This young girl learnt from being brought up amongst those Insiders that a coup had overthrown our democratic way of life in the United States, but that the takeover was not complete.

The Satanic rituals she witnessed were just a part of the whole conspiracy - these people ARE Satanists and occultists and human sacrifice is common practice in those circles. For those who still refuse to believe that, please dedicate some research to it, and a very scary picture will evolve. A great deal of this occult conspiracy is revealed on this website, and Debra's story corresponds well with this research.

Debra felt she had to do something about this whole conspiracy, and already as a teenager she founded "Militia One", a resistance group with intention to stop the coup with a revolution. Famous people were involved in this Militia Group, such celebrities as Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana, with whom she has kids, and they had support from people in Hollywood as well.

In 1984-85, the FBI and the Treasury Department paid a visit to the mass graves and removed the bodies. Debra then thought that maybe now there would be some justice, but that didn't happen. No bodies seem to ever have been returned to their families and nothing was mentioned about it in the media, which makes sense when you know that mainstream media is owned by the same people that were planning the coup. The cover-up is total.

But as we shall see, Militia One was the driving force at stopping (or at least seriously halting and interrupting) the biggest threat towards United States Sovereignty in history - a total takeover of this country by the Illuminati, which has been infiltrating and infecting a big part of our Government for a long time! We know that the Illuminati are still on their way of getting there, but since Militia One's interference, they have had to try other tactics, which they are still planning and working on as we speak.

How did Debra survive something like this? She says she has her deep faith in God and that has helped her through her trauma a great deal and has been her 'rock' to hold on to all these years.

So this is the true story of a few American and British heroes, who sacrificed everything for us and the country they lived in, knowing that all the work they did with risk for their own lives may even go unrecognized by the world. However, I hope that this article will reveal the truth to at least some people, who then can repeat the story to others.

Debra contacted me because she had read the 'Rock and Roll and Mind Control' section of my website, and felt that this would be the forum to tell her story.

Also, for more information and background on Debra Hunter Pitts, please listen to her being interviewed by the researcher and radio host Greg Szymanski in 2006. The interview can be listened to and downloaded online.

Now I am proud to let you take part of this exclusive interview I did with Debra in January, 2008:


Illuminati News Presents:
The Wes Penre Interview with Debra Hunter Pitts,
January 2008 [Part 1]

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12.

Wes: Can you tell me a little bit about your childhood and how you first got connected with the music industry?

Debra: I was born in 1955 in Butler County, Missouri and about 1958 Sheriff Massingham, who was a Nazi Satanist, got wind of me and my twin sister being smart. We were born on the 13th and had psychic powers and photographic memories.

The courthouse in many counties was headquarters and it was in my county too. The sheriff and Terry Johnson, a brutal psychopath CIA agent, a pedophile and child murderer [see the Introduction Section above, editor's note], who was the top person in the county, schemed to have us put with two different Nazi families. We stayed in the county for our childhood years but I had to pretend not to know I had a sister, and she, Barbara had to pretend not to like me.

Our early years were traumatic as we were forced to live in the same house with Nazi serial killers. Over the years pleas for help were ignored because the places we turned for help were infiltrated and they knew which one of us kids not to help. Locally every department in the county was taken over, and so was the governor's mansion and the Missouri congressmen.  If you check the website Political Graveyard and Google there socialist, fascist, freemason, etc you will see thousands of hits. Many of those involved with running my state when I was a young girl are still involved in Missouri politics one way or another.

I grew up carrying my Bible around even to school and the kids called me preacher as I gathered the kids around for a prayer and a song. At the same time I told the school kids, "Follow me and I'll lead you to two kinds of freedom. Today you can have spiritual freedom and someday you'll have physical freedom." It was those kinds of speeches that the Nazis filmed and took to Hollywood and bragged to people that I was a goldmine. They wanted me because I was a child genius, but also I could sing and dance so they wanted to make me into the next Shirley Temple. More than anything they wanted me for a psychic show and tell for "their cause/coup." The Nazi god was Lucifer and their kings were the political evil axis running this nation, and the world, as they referred to themselves as untouchable. They had many kings up against my one Holy Royal King and He was all I/we needed.

When I was in Junior High us kids would hang around the flagpole after school and talk for a minute before we got on the buses. The Nazis would pose as limo drivers and body guards and bring movie stars through the county. Some of them that I can remember meeting was Jack Elam and Jay Silverheels, who played Tonto in the Lone Ranger shows and the late bluesman John Lee Hooker. I thought the Nazis were bringing them to the county to show them the headquarters and scare them into never trying to expose the coup.

One day in 1969, a white limo was parked out front of the school and I knew it was someone famous but didn't know who. As I got closer to the flagpole the window behind the driver went down and it was Carlos Santana and on the passenger side was Eric Clapton. [1]

Eric Clapton in the 1970s  Carlos Santana 1969

Eric Clapton (left). Photo taken  in the 1970s, and Carlos Santana (right). Photo from the Woodstock era, around 1969

Eric told me that Hollywood knew about the films and that they were ready to follow. In other words money can't buy you freedom and I was the only person they heard of that was making plans. Everyone that the Nazis "entrapped" was wanting more info about just what plans were being made. Remember the Nazis wanted me as a money maker but more than that for psychic abilities. The famous folks wanted contact with me to find out about the secret plans in Butler County. It was obvious that the Nazis were cultists and it was clear that it was an evil hand that required Gods hand to stop. So the Nazi and Hollywood wanted me for two different reason, but each also knew fame was available to me.

The Nazis filmed me often and he saw a piece of film where I said, "Follow me and I'll lead you to two kinds of freedom..."  In some of the films I would hold my Bible up and yell that the Nazis are not going to get by with their crimes. I would tell them someday somehow God was going to stop them and I was going to get my own people gathered up and we where going to get them. Sometimes I'd make the Nazi cameraman mad as I yelled Bible verses. 

Wes: Why do you think all these celebrities chose you to lead them? Why couldn't one of them lead?

Debra: We were without a government and would have followed anyone in any county that could make plans, it just happen to be me and a small group of good folks from my county. I knew I didn't have anyone to follow and no one was making plans, that's why I stepped into the role God called me for.

Wes: I see, and Butler County at that time, as we talked about earlier, seems to have been a center for the Conspiracy. Yes, I can see they did not have much of a choice. You were the only one on site who wanted to do something and had the inside information. So what happened then?

Debra: I knew the finances we needed to expose the cultists was just at a beginning, but it got complicated and people interfered and got in our way. At that same time I had really been telling the Lord about how I need to keep my vow of poverty and avoid the stage life making money for the Nazis. Something told me I would be deeper in the trap if I was famous, that I needed to trust the famous folks with the finance to end the war.

In 1969 or 1970 Eric nicknamed me Layla and I told Carlos to call me that too and it would be my stage name for now on. I told Eric to think of the Nazis as making a scary movie, and they don't like it if we're not scared all the time; they don't want to see human emotions. So we had to think of making our own movie and sometimes act funny, play out a western, or my favorite, a skit we did imitating "Gone With The Wind." The Nazis hated it because we weren't scared at all times, but were practicing for a movie to make in the future and did even make romantic comedy in July 1984 in Tarrant County, Texas.

Wes: I know from my research that the music industry is an important indoctrination tool for the Secret Government and that many musicians are introduced to Satanism and occultism in general, mostly against their will, or they get introduced to it under false pretences that it is just a 'gimmick'. Did you notice any of this?

Debra: We didn't think of it as a "secret" government, but it was secret that we were making plans to stop them. Yes, the music world and Hollywood were trapped by the organized crime families, and they were the same Nazi Satanic group who had contact with the devils in my county. I always heard the real mafia was involved, so some of the Nazis may have been mafia. We, who were victims, were under a 24 hour surveillance that was meant to last our entire life; we were told there was no escape.

The people in music I met who came through my county including Elvis Presley were not Nazis, but I believe what I read about some of those in the biz that are actual Nazis. The people I met in the biz would never be around the cultists any more than I would if we had a choice. Unfortunately, we did not have that choice...

About the time I met Eric and Carlos I founded Missouri Militia One, a covert unit of only the most trusted local people. As I was growing up I was approached several times by men I didn't know, offering to help me gather evidence against the local Nazis. I didn't trust any of them and knew at least some of those men had to be Nazis. Because I had sworn revenge and had said that I would form my own militia they were trying to infiltrate the militia before it was even formed.

It was in 1969 I met a man that I actually trusted, and he volunteered to collect a list of names of kidnapped people brought through our county. I have to continue to keep him secret and refer to him as General X. The Nazis, at this point not realizing that we had already formed a covert militia, continued for a few years to offer to be the leaders of the same. That was one heck of a good sign that they didn't know what we were up to!

Eric had been forced to go with the Nazis to a mass grave site at a new location in 1971. He was terrified.  He said he wanted Interpol involved, but that they wouldn't send a man in to investigate without a contact to trust.

Since Eric wanted me to be the first contact, he wanted them to get to know me before they got here. Eric wanted me to make some videos of the songs I wrote and turn those songs into an album. He thought it wasn't enough so he made the plans for a commercial and he decided on a DeBeers diamond commercial with me and him at a white limo. The same day I made a DeBeers commercial with Carlos on a Harley. The total value of the diamonds was two millions dollars, one million of that for the "Layla crown" Eric had made for my sixteenth birthday. A copy of the music videos, the album and the commercials were sent to Interpol so they would know a little bit about me.

I don't know how much it cost to make the movie. I don't know how much my gowns cost and equipment etc., other than Eric mentioned the diamonds price. We never discussed finances, it was a non issue to Eric and everyone else. War is expensive, it costs a fortune, and we were up against a fortune in Nazi wealth. I was a pawn that played dumb when I needed to and refused to be the goldmine the Nazis wanted me to be. Eric and I misled them into thinking someday they would be making money off of me, and this was our plan, or they never would have let us hang out together.

I didn't question Eric about why he did things his way. Eric wanted them to know that something militarily was happening in the US and we needed help with it. Fortunately, Interpol trusted me as their first contact.

The first Interpol person I met was Bob Jones (not his real name) and I told him about the secret General X, our top secret militia leader, and about the coup. His team began by putting the local Nazi sheriff Clyde Hendrix under surveillance. The agents spread out from there to state and federal departments in the state of Missouri and found them infested with Nazis. The higher up in the framework of our nation the agents looked, the more infiltration they found. They gathered evidence until we made the movie to expose the US government in 1984. There was no department not infiltrated, therefore no department to trust with the evidence. The agents kept the evidence safe. The fact that not even Interpol could find a trustworthy person in the government alone should scare people...

Wes: Before we continue with your story, two questions come to mind: I know that Eric Clapton (don’t know about Santana) was deeply into heavy drugs like heroin and was also an alcoholic in the 1960s-1970s. Was his drug abuse due to his traumatic experiences and how did he cope with that in conjunction with the mission he had?

Debra: Eric was hooked off and on for a big part of his adult life on heroin, cocaine and was an alcoholic. In the late 80s he realized he had to get off all them wild horses that were pulling him apart as a thinking functioning human. He knew he was going to die if he didn't get straight. I knew someday he would, because he was smart, in fact he is a brilliant man. I don't know if the Nazis were the first to start him on drugs, but he had a hard time with the Nazi entrapment. I never saw him for all those years that he didn't cry, because there was so much stress not knowing when or how we were going to pull it off, and we knew we were in it for life and never would have given up on trying to expose the coup. Life was not the fun and games that people thought it was for famous people.

The first time I ever saw Eric without the stress on his face was in 1990. I made sure I told him he was my strength. I love him with all my heart; we have two sets of twins, our oldest daughter is named Layla. As far as his mission in life, let me put it in perspective like this: Eric knew when he first heard about me that I needed a dancing partner and he walked right into the role that God intended for him and I can't image anyone I'd rather have than the man God picked to play my leading man. Of the top players in exposing the Nazis in 1984 it was Eric, Interpol, General X, and myself; that tells you how important he was to the cause.

The Nazis filmed every word Eric and I said when we were together because they thought we were up to something that might expose them. Someday when this cover up is over the public will see all kinds of footage of us that has never been released. We never would have given up and let the US go down in total defeat. Even if it took the rest of our lives, we who were undercover for Interpol never would have stopped trying and be defeated.

Eric is now happily married and living the life he dreamed of. I wish him the best; when you love someone that's what you should wish for them. I wish certain women would leave him alone, though, he's too nice to tell them to back off.

Wes: From what I understand, both you and Eric were/are Christian and your faith was a big part of your coping with the cruel world you lived in. How did Carlos deal with everything, what was his faith at the time? I don't think he was ever Christian and in an interview in the 1990s, I believe, Carlos Santana made it clear that he was deeply into New Age and occultism. He talked about it a lot in the interview. Also, was Carlos into drugs, too?

Debra: Carlos was a man that likes his Oro tequila and did LSD back in the 60s. He is a complicated meditating philosophical spiritually confused soul, even dabbing in New Age and I hope someday he gets it right. He was never a Satanist and I don't know what he was talking about occultism, but he wants in tune with the spirit realm, we all do. He needs a crash course in My Sweet Lord.

William ' Woodstock", Debra's and Carlos' son together
William "Woodstock", Carlos' and Debra's son together

Carlos is a gentle soul and was the peace maker among us all. I love him dearly, we have a set of twins and a son. He played a role in the Texas movie we made; it was an all star cast. He and Eric understood that my role was never about fame and fortune but about serving God, and by that I mean fighting against the political-religious coup. I believe that if God called any famous person away from the riches to serve and stay in the background like I did, they would have.

I haven't seen him in a year and the FBI don't allow much contact so we haven't had a conversation in a while.

Wes: Why doesn't the FBI allow you to have contact with Carlos?

Debra: I don't know, I need answers too for some of my questions. I don't know what restrains they are using, but I assume that all victims are told to keep their mouth shut. The FBI since 1984 is part of the "Federalist Unit", which is a covert US military unit consisting of joint forces. They have kept me under surveillance since 1984, which was the beginning of the investigation/cover-up. The Nazis check up on me, Eric and all victims, but they can't trap us like they once did. Remember what I said about the Nazis infiltrated every department? I don't know the percentage of that infiltration but they wanted us to think that all FBI were Nazis. Imagine the shock when the FBI found out in 1984 through the movie we made that some of their men were involved in a coup.

We had to think in terms of futuristic because we couldn't stop them, we were up against a lot of power (congressional) and money, we didn't have what they had, a system of surveillance, that is why Interpol's role was needed, that's why the famous came calling, they knew we needed some kind of financing...

Wes: You told me a few days ago that even the British Government was involved in all this, and that some forces in that government were actually out to help you. Why did a foreign government want to get involved in US affairs?

Debra: The US land mass is a huge area that had to be stopped from becoming the biggest Nazi stronghold in the world. Its take-over would have devastated the entire European world; all of the European countries would have been easy to take down after our demise. At the same time the globalization plan has plummeted the Europe into chaos. That is part of the Nazi/NWO plan. I am sure the US is going to lead to World War III just like the NWO [New World Order] wanted in the first place.

The real issue in my lifetime was that the Nazis had only one chance to take over the US Government by infiltration. If that failed they would never accomplish their mission of totally eliminating democracy; not by infiltration anyway.

Wes Please go on...

Debra: We thought it was going to get easy once we had foreign agents doing surveillance on the Nazi devils who were doing illegal surveillance on us. Once the Nazis got us, they put wiretaps on our houses and phones; they didn't have to have permission to tap us as part of their evidence game. 

The Nazi mass murderers around us were never under surveillance until Interpol got here in 1971. To discredit us, the devils walked around calling us liars and telling us no one would ever believe us. The men that surrounded our houses 24 hours a day wanted us to know they were there as a warning not to try to expose them; we were hostages/prisoners of the coup. When a car went by, the devils lay down in the seat and no one knew a group of Satanist were "patrolling" us.  They gathered and twisted up evidence on us, it was all kept recorded by the underground secret police who call themselves Gestapo. They accused us for many things, but everything was just gossip as they tried to sway friends away from us, yes it was hard to even have friends. They also forced us into porn. I assume all of us, Eric, Carlos and myself were forced; however, the blackmail tactics didn't intimidate us from fighting against them. 

The cultists had certain issues to hide behind:

1) Skirts. Their pit-bull women were pedophile serial killers too.

2) Badges. Cops got by with it for so many years because of being in control of the destruction of evidence.

3) Child abuse. As long as they could get by with that, they knew they were safe to roam the country and kidnap and bring victims to Missouri. That was the local set-up and higher up in the Nazi Satanic pyramid scheme was a covert or black state and federal government that was less than honest about what party they were affiliated with. We didn't have the NWO/secret government term back then, we referred to everything as "black." We on the inside didn't even see them as secret. The term Shadow government I think was coined by Oliver North of the Iran Contra scandal during those hearings.

When I first met General X he said, "We don't want women to help, we don't want to hide behind women like they do." I said, "It's  different hiding behind a skirt like the enemy does and having women stand beside you to help fight." When he said, "Country first." I said, "No God first, everything else second. It's not just a flesh and blood war, it's a spiritual war and there is a religion involved controlling it that's pure evil."

I told him we have to use different terms than they do and the term I suggested we use for the top political-religious commander is "Black Hand."  We coined the title for the coup as the "Black Hand Regime" and at that time, 1969, we were already calling it the Fourth Reich and shortly before that calling it the Third Reich saying that WWII never ended, it just came to the US. I believe the term the "Invisible Curtain" originated in Butler county, symbolic like the terms Iron Curtain and the Bamboo Curtain. 

The General has been one of the most secret people you'll ever hear of, making him one of the most protected people in the world. I told him when I met him not to hesitate to kill a Nazi if need to. I was thirteen years old at that first meeting.

1969 was a pivot year in this nation's history although the truth goes untold as the government has chosen to keep it covered up since the 1984 exposure. The repulsive Nazi flag covered in innocent blood was stopped from being hung over our beautiful nation in 1984.

Bob Jones, the Interpol agent, asked me if I wanted to know what the cultists really are and I told him no, and that I call them Nazis. I'll never forget the look of fear on his face as he said, "Yes they are Nazis, do you want to know more?" I said, "No, I can't stand no more."

Interpol realized the Nazis had already almost taken over; but not 100%. The Nazis wanted us brainwashed into thinking they had the nation completely. Once in a while some cultist would say, "One of these days we're going to own this country." That told me that the coup wasn't complete.

Our plan was for the men to have affairs and then the women to have affairs and it looked like a lot of love was going on, but that's how we passed information and evidence. We all had a role to play but my end of it was always a little bit different than the typical victim because they saw a huge money maker by using me, problem was I refused to be the money maker or goldmine, as they called me. I wasn't forced into prostitution, but the year I turned ten, about 1965, I was for sale for $1,000 (that is part of the Nazi instant millionaire game/conspiracy of silence, I did get sold out at least two times that I know of.). The Nazi I lived with, Jack Chittenden, tried to talk me into being a party girl for politicians and pretended to give me a choice of Washington DC or New York. He said I would have pretty dresses to wear.

Jack could have forced me to go to Washington DC. and I didn't have a real choice; he could have let the Nazis send me any place they wanted. The point is that it is true what people are saying about the sex ring leading to Congress. The real reason I wasn't sold is because his wife insisted that they keep me. She knew I was worth money but they had a hard time controlling me and I resisted going anywhere out of the county (I needed to stay and make plans for a militia.) Jack's wife had promised all her siblings that they were going to be millionaires through me someday. Her siblings would be darn mad if I got sold and she couldn't have them turn against her and consider contacting the FBI.

Wes: People in this country believe they live in a democracy and think they have all these rights. What is your view on that? Are all these people walking around blindfolded?
Debra: I witnessed in my lifetime a fascist propaganda machine that spoke the democratic language. On the surface American citizens thought they had freedom, that's what they were told. I watched as contrary facts emerged of a political congress that was also a religious congress all the while professing to oppose a religious congress. Their system is a sinister occult one and the members are organized criminals involved in every kind of perversion against humanity, against the nation, and against God. 

Our nation is run by a dual government unrecognized by its own citizens, unconfirmed in our own news press. One side we see and the other one we don't; that secret one is emerging as evil incarnate controlled by the very hand of Satan. Their clandestine fascist military is intertwined with our own forces. That danger of infiltration is exactly what Missouri Militia One had to avoid. We, the people, involved in forming our own military unit, knew our enemy was from within. They were creating their own government, creating  an enemy state within our borders. They had taken us to the closest edge of extinction as they established, without our voting permission, a system that entrapped us. With all things being the opposite of reality, the Nazis called us who were the freedom fighters the enemy of the state. We as a relatively new nation watched as our citizens disappeared by the thousands every year. They were offered up on Lucifer's altar as human sacrifices to the dark forces that our forefathers came here to escape, the wrath of the Papal which called itself holy while engaged in Nazism.

We who were resistant formed our own military which promotes the original form of democracy, yet knowing fully well democracy was contrary to our Papal/congress. Our intentions were sworn to restore that democratic way but would lead to more bloodshed in order to halt our total overthrow in the bloody coup, which was a one sided war. Our old form of government was one that we held dear with all our mind set and all our being. It took from 1969 until 1984, fifteen years of covert intelligence by the secret militia and Interpol agents, to expose the coup and therefore stopping the handover of our flag for theirs.

That exposure led to a historical movement, a new covert American military that we call Federalists, consisting of the federal departments whose mission is to assassinate the most dangerous minds of our time in the second revolution. The new military, whose secret existence is needing to be told, needs to emerge whether they are ready or not. It has taken more than two decades and many of the Nazis and their sympathizers have been taken out in what is the check mate of the coup.

Wes: You told me earlier that you have children with both Eric and Carlos. From what I understand, you were never married to any of them?

Debra: At the first meeting Eric and Carlos both asked me to marry them. I replied something like, "I might not marry any of you but I might want a love child or two." I told them that my life was far from normal, but if it would have been normal, I would find my one love in life and settle down and start having the family I always wanted.

Eric used to say he wished it could be that way. I told them that we would meet a lot a people in life and love more than one person. I wanted to know that if I had a love child that it was because love would last a lifetime, no breaking up games. Love can be there without being physical. I couldn't marry anyone in the biz before 1984, when we pulled off the exposure part of the plan.

Think of it like this; the famous turned to us who were poor showing that they felt deeper in the trap than we did. If I married in the biz I couldn't be as underground as I knew I had to with Interpol, and accomplishing my end of the plan. Our government was so damaged that no one could trust anyone else.

After I got to Tarrant county Texas in 1977, Eric and I played our roles of stalling for time by dancing. We were hanging out at different taverns saying we were needing the right kind of place for videos. The tavern owners were all very nice to us and didn't know how important it was to the plan. We were waiting on Interpol to make a move and they were waiting to see what Eric and I would do, and we got in a stalemate. If we made a mistake it would accelerate the coup. The first people they would have killed would be Eric and I; they actually tried.

The love children are protected so I can't say much. In 1971 Bob Jones said he could take me out of the country, but the Nazis would find me and kill me and my children.  I told Bob I had to stay in my country and do what I could to fight. We all had agreed to never give up on trying to stop the Nazis.

I told Bob I had 'female problems' and I need help in having children. I told him that I would go to Ft. Worth Texas someday because a group of Nazis there were making the trip to my hometown. I had to live in a county with a federal building and some FBI. I told him that when he sees I'm having female problems to make the arrangement for me to donate eggs.

In 1979 Bob told me about a place called AeroCrypt, where my fertilized eggs could be stored. The children are all twins, born by surrogate mothers. Carlos and I had one son already, he was my only single birth and according to Bob I made medical history for having so many twins. I also have twins with Bob and I'm not allowed to see any of the kids except at a distance, except the one son that I raised. At the start of the new revolution in 1984 the Federalists forced Eric and Carlos away from me, even denying me my own children; I see them only for a minute once in a while. No one has explained to me why after all these years; the cover-up continues.

Wes: What happened to Militia One after 1984?

Debra: Missouri Militia One is still a clandestine unit unmatched in intelligence gathering. I don't think anyone is better other than Interpol who are the world's best and worked hand in hand with us. It is still underground, but beginning in 1984 became a real military unit and the secret General became a real General. He'll retire one of these days - a hero at a time our nation needed one. He volunteered a lot of years out of his life for all of us; I am greatly indebted. He was joined by a huge team that uses force and I can't disclose much, but we termed them the Federalists as far back as 1969.

At this point I have told them to go to hell and I'm talking now because they changed the plans. The missing people found alive as far as I know were never allowed back to the families they were kidnapped from and that makes me mad. The victims of the mass grave sites were never returned to the families for burial and that too angers me. Since 1984 the Federalists have kept it covered up, but a few of us victims around the nation are going public. The difference between me and other people is that other people are not yet aware of that a coup already happened, and that a revolution is going on as we speak, one that lasted twenty three years already. The news media of course know me, but we don't have free press. If we did, the alternative media wouldn't be a fast growing product. People need truth, people need free press and people need their questions answered.

Wes: Thank you very much, Debra. This has been a very interesting and informative interview, and I appreciate that you are opening up to tell this story to the world, showing people what is going on over their heads without them having a clue. It is time to wake up to the truth, because we don't have much time.

I, personally, had no idea about this coup, which tells me how much is still hidden from public view, and how much we, who research this, still have to learn. The more I research, the more I realize I've only hit the tip of the iceberg...

"Many of them involved with Hitler were Satanists." Pat Robertson Jan 21, 1993.

Into The Darkness
I reached into the darkness
To grasp what I could find
But couldn't get a grip
Not even on my mind
Encircled by a darkness
Like a thick fog engulfing me
Finding not my memory
Looking but couldn't see
Into the darkness I stepped
Falling to my knees
Crying for my lost mind
Dragging my soul behind me

Poem by Debra Hunter Pitts, aka Layla Cries (1996)

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Debra Hunter Pitts interview, which will be published soon. It will reveal who really wrote the lyrics to one of the most famous hit songs in the world, "Layla", played by Derek and the Dominos in 1970, and the true murder story that the song is revealing. We will also continue discussing some of the other famous faces entrapped by the Satanic Nazi groups in the biz that led up to an all star cast in the making of an unnamed, unreleased romantic comedy in Tarrant County. Texas, in July 1984.

The Debra Hunter Pitts Testimony [Part 2]: The Untold Story About Eric Clapton, the song 'Layla' and its Real Message!


UPDATE MAY 06, 2008:

Listen to Debra being interviewed by Gina Romano, broadcast on "The Edge Radio", April 24, 2008. This is an excellent interview, in which she gives even more details about what went on and still goes on all around us.

Once the page has loaded, scroll to 53 minutes and 40 seconds into the program, where the interview starts. The following icon will take you directly to the program: Audio


[1] ^ Clapton just released his book, "Clapton, the Autobiography". He is still reluctant to talk about this whole thing due to that the Government is still not willing to release this information, but is giving hints as to where he stands. Here is from page 307:

"I tend toward conspiracy phobia in all things of this nature, including politics. With the amount of money that's at stake, I don't believe the likes of Rupert Murdoch or George Bush are inclined to leave very much to chance. Call me cynical, but every other week someone gets caught or spills the beans."

Because Clapton is not bringing up the issue with Militia One and Debra Pitts the book can not be seen as an honest attempt to tell the truth. Hopefully Eric can find courage some time in the near future, just like Debbie has done now, to come out with the truth. For him, though, much is at stake. Of course, he is a very public figure (everybody knows who he is), and he may feel his life and his career are threatened, so therefore he does not want to mention it and sticks to the lies and half-truths. Wes Penre

Wes Penre

Wes Penre is a researcher, journalist, the owner of the domains Illuminati News and Zionist Watch and is the publisher of the same. He has been researching Globalization and the New World Order and exposed the big players behind the scenes for more than a decade now. He has published his research on the Internet at the above domains, which are currently updated to keep people informed what is going on. You can also find his articles linked up, discussed and republished all over the Internet.

In addition, he has done spiritual research to present a solution to the problems of this world. His MySpace website address is: http://www.myspace.com/wespenre.



Source:  Interview with Debra Hunter Pitts, aka Layla Cries

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