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Feedback from Visitors
by Wes Penre, 2002

Last Updated: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 04:28:34 AM

Posted: Monday, June 02, 2002


July 27, 2002:

Hi there,

As a former (professional) musician and nowadays DJ, journalist and radio/television presenter I am in the position (and I can now say: "fortunately") to confirm almost everything as portrayed on your website. Just wanted you to know.

There are more people (outside en inside) in the know, (than you and I might realize) who'd like to see otherwise and trying to the best of their abilities to change things. A slow and almost impossible process, but nevertheless.

(Name withheld)

Nov 11, 2002:


I am a musician, engineer and producer. Whereas I can agree with a lot of what you have to say there is unfortunately at least one premise where I have to disagree. That is the nature of man (woman) being basically good. This is patently untrue.

The true nature of man (woman) is to be 100% selfish in the pursuit of survival and reproduction. It's a natural thing. Observe nature anywhere, anytime and you will see the struggle for survival is a daily round of eat or be eaten, mate (reproduce) or be excluded from the future gene pool. This is true for animals, insects.... even plants, microbes.... whatever level you choose to examine. As far as humans are concerned.... study history; it's the same story. War and oppression. Everything is down to survival and the practicalities thereof... eg. most stuggles (wars, oppression) are concerned with territory and the resources (food, reproduction) it contains.

Sad though it may be to those who have concepts of a 'spiritual' life, this is the truth of the matter. Get over it. Nothing will change the facts.

Yours as a brother musician (Name withheld)

Aug 2, 2003

The recent actions of the RIAA and some of the recent legislation certainly support your ideas. The RIAA has already tried to push for felony charges on file sharers, and when that was unsuccessful, they tried to get their lackeys in Congress to create legislation that would make file sharing a felony. File sharing and P2P networks would destroy the infrastructure of control that these people have upon the public if they are ignored, and the RIAA knows it.

Have you heard of the DMCA? It's the first of these draconian pieces of legislation designed to add controls of felonious punishment. Essentially, it bars anti-circumvention devices and software lest one risks prison time. There are some exceptions to the rule, but they are by far very few. Be assured that more such draconian pieces of legislation will be drafted in the future. I am sure that the executives of the RIAA have the morality of thugs and mob bosses that crave more power.Not only have the RIAA and its lackeys in the government drafted legislation like the DMCA, but they are also responsible for legislation such the Patriot Act. They have been trying to destroy people's privacy so that they can have better monitors on people. Remember the Total Information Awareness program (later renamed to the Terrorist Information Awareness program?) The only reason it didn't become real is that its violation of privacy rights were overly glaring and could be seen by anyone with basic high school education. That's the realreason John Poindexter was let go. He made things too obvious to the public. You can trust that they'll be more careful next time.

Actually, if this is all true, I need to wonder about their strategy. To listen to the radio or MTV or VH1 is absolutely painful, and I'm 22. Admittedly, though, I do not listen to much music, accept that which is put out by my friends, a few locals, and a **rare** indie artist. After a while, the crap on the radio, MTV and VH1 all start to sound the same, and this line of thought seems to run through many of my friends. They deride MTV as the "Shiny Things" Network.

We should be paying close attention to websites like since they will help us figure out the links between the politicians and the Elite (the American Aristocracy.) The EFF (, Electronic Frontier Foundation, EPIC (, Electronic Privacy Information Center) and the ACLU also have valuable information on our politicians, even if they have different goals.


Dec 15, 2005


We found the information on your website very absorbing and well-researched.  Have you read the book by  Michael Hoffman called Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare?  It speaks to the cases you make very much.
We both lived and worked in Hollywood and the link below details our own harrowing account in the rock-drug-death culture in LA.  One of us (Tim) worked for Universal Music and made the same discoveries you did [my emphasis], and like you, became disillusioned with the entire scene and its big players.  Some people there actually put a hit on him because he was moving up the ladder fast.  The joke at Universal was  "I know where the bodies are buried" referring to its shady beginnings.  When you're actually in that world, its a totally different story.  We told our story to a Catholic nun who then advised us to get rid of ALL our secular rock and rap cd's - we didn't get it at first, but she was making the same point you are.  It's full of insidious manipulation that assaults your soul.
Your work is absolutely right on the money and I only hope that more people wake up to the truth of this message.
Feel free to post this email on your site if you like.
God's Peace,
Tim and Helga

Oct 31, 2006

[This comment is not to my articles, per se, but a comment to my college researcher Dr. Henry Makow's article: "Rock Music's Satanic Message". I want to include it here, because it is very relevant and important. Another musician who has woken up]:

First of all I am a 44 year old musician, have played bass for 30 years, and my favorite type of music is heavy metal. So I feel I have a pretty good perspective. Do I think you're right, oh ya. Do I feel that the Illuminati uses music to infiltrate the minds of its' listeners, oh ya, no doubt about it. When one simply stands back, and thinks for a moment it is easy to understand why and how.

If I were to try and find a way to corrupt the minds of youth, I would attempt to find something that is popular, something that relates to the struggles of youth, something that is repetative, and something highly
symbolic. Ah Ha... music. One common thread of todays youth is music. When I was young, no one
carried around music, till the walkman, and now music is everywhere. I see kids with MP3 players everywhere, being used even at times when their activities conflict with music.

Music is now a very very powerful medium. For kids today music is like breathing, how conveiniant.

Combining this with the turmoil of youth, is like adding gasoline to the fire. When I was young, rebellious, full of frustration and anger, music became a friend, an ally if you will, in my daily struggle against the institution. There was a bond, and i'm sure every kid knows of what I speak. One felt as if the music and lyrics were almost an entity
that knew how you felt and could relate to your struggle.

I remember a thousand favorite songs i've had over the years, never stopping to wonder how is it I can remember those songs to this day. I can recite the lyrics, and hum the melody, even though at times never prompted,they just appear with the memory of a favorite moment. If only my ability to recall my chemistry and physics had been that easy. Then again, if I had recorded my chemistry and physics and listened to them over and over and over, it might have yielded the same result. Yet another key component in mind control ...repetition.

The final key in my theory is symbolism. We see it everywhere, on everything. Music is the perfect venue for symbolism. We see the hand signs, we see the band logos, we see the fashion, we see the lifestyle, we see the videos, we see the reality tv, everywhere music is, you find symbolism. It becomes part of who you are. Better yet we ourselves become symbols. These to me are the keys to how music is used as a form of mind control.

People do not understand mind control, but they need to find out. Henry, until I started to research the Illuminati/New World Order and the ominous machine that it is, I had never ever even thought of mind control. Upon my research into this topic I quickly became confronted with two themes, mind control and satanism . People do not know who the Illuminati are, and they have no knowledge of mind control and, until they do, people cannot see how music can and is being used to change societies norm and therefore in the end have them participating in satanism.

Prior to my awakening I was one of those people who coveted music without any knowledge of it's use by satanists/Illuminati/New World Order to further there mission. I believe that until people understand that there is angenda to use music maliciously, and combine it with mind control techniques,people will always react in the typical way, denial. They do not want to admit they have been had, I didn't, still don't, but it is a fact I can't deny anymore.

For those who feel Henry is saying every band, every group is satanic,read his article again. Henry is not that dumb, trust me. What he is saying is satanists are using music to the demise of us all, it is rampant, and it is being used as part of a large mind contolling agenda.

Whether you want to admit how much you participate is up for debate, but not whether it is taking place. Do the research, I have, I don't like to admit it, but they fooled me for many years. Sometimes it is worth being wrong.

Thanks Henry, again for enlightening us through your words and perspectives, and encouraging us to THINK.


















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