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Who Wrote the Songs That Make the Whole World Sing?
by Matthew Delooze, Aug 17, 2006

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 22, 2006 05:18:09 AM

Posted:  Tuesday, August 22, 2006

David Bowie


I am going to suggest that the creation of certain music lyrics can also be created through a spiritual 'possession' of the body and mind of an individual music/lyric writer by other dimensional entities.

A sort of' invasion of the body snatchers' situation if you like. They possess talented musicians to use as mediums. Laugh if you want, but if you think about it, it really is the best way for, say, 4th dimensional entities to get covert symbolic and hypnotic messages, be they positive or negative, out and about in this world to the masses. If you wanted the masses to listen to subliminal triggers and symbolic chants then what better way to do it is there than for an entity to hijack the body of a pop star, implant symbolic information in them, and use them as a medium? Obviously the fame and fortune that goes with it is a nice bonus for the host.

Plant your lyrics in the mind of a up and coming, or famous, popular song writer and bobs your uncle eh?.

Add the fact that the ego of the pop star involved will either be under the influence of drugs or drunk whilst creating songs and you have the perfect stooge who will relay messages directly into their fans and admirers psyche. Yes. Hey Presto, there you go, the symbolic messages will be heard and loved by the audience simply because the artist is famous and will not have a clue about the spiritual significance of the lyrics used. Not only that but the already talented song writer thinks everything is down to them and they think it was their own creative talents that produced the lyrics in the first place.           Read more >>>   Saved version >>>






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