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(Posted here by Wes Penre for Illuminati News, April 29, 2004)

I found this on the BBC news website at

They are covering a story about the first trials of the new ID cards... and it has this terrifying quote.

Neil Fisher, from QinetiQ - one of the companies developing the new technology, said the public would want to be able to prove their identity to show they were not a risk. He told the BBC's 10 O'Clock News: "You will want this to be part of your life. "You will want, in what's fast becoming a digital society, to be able to authenticate your identity almost for any transaction that you do, be it going to the bank, going to the shops, going to the airport."

There you have it. Out of the mouth of the systems' developers themselves.

It now looks likely that you will need to produce your ID card to conduct any transaction. It is the equivalent of asking for the Government's permission to do business with someone else. Currently, I can do business with whomever I choose. So long as I am satisfied that the merchant can satisfy me as to the transaction in hand and the merchant is satisfied that I can pay for the service or product, I can continue to do business with that merchant. I will no longer be able to do this in the future, without the government's monitoring and approval via the ID card. And that approval can be revoked. Even if the merchant and myself wish to conduct a business transaction with each other, we will not be allowed to do so without Government authorisation. You will need the ID card to be able to transact almost any activity legally and it is starting soon. All government services will be dependent on you having an ID card. From student loans to hospital appointments, to applying for any kind of government grant and so on and so on.

You will need this card to authorise your existence. You will have to produce it to conduct all your transactions. Why? Well, the details of these transactions will be stored on the national identity database too. When you conduct your business, the merchant will have to inspect the card and swipe it through a terminal. The details of the transaction will be stored in that central database at this point. The details of every transaction you make will be stored, monitored and rated. Every transaction will track what you buy, who you do business with, where you go and what you do. They will track your food types, information sources and the nature of that information, books magazines, newspapers memberships of clubs and websites. They will track who you are doing business with. They will monitor where you are traveling. What events, concerts, meetings you attend. Why is that Ken? Well, that is so they can build a profile on every citizen. They will rate your transactions according to associated risk factors and build a profile based upon what risk they believe you are to them.

So what I have nothing to hide? why should I care if the government sees what I do? Well, That is up to you. You can swing naked from the lampposts down the high street yelling your business at the top of your voice for all I care. You could have every detail of your existence relayed live via the web into the 4 corners of the globe if you wish. I could not care less about that. That is your choice, and THAT is the point. Your choice may not be my choice and in a free society we have that choice. in a totalitarian police state we do not. I may wish too keep my legal business private. I may have competitors that would love to know my commercial secrets. especially if those companies are global in scale an therefore not subject to the restrictions imposed by the card. Commercial confidentiality (at least for small to medium size businesses) will be destroyed with the ID cards data trawling. Also if I, or anyone else truly and honestly has nothing to hide, Why then should they be required by law to continuously prove it? every time you will have to produce your card you are being asked to prove your innocence and that is plain wrong.

"We need to defend ourselves against terrorists" How do they know who are terrorists? Well, if you are independent minded? If you are capable of thinking for yourself? If you protest against the Government? it could be you.

"Disagreed with the Iraq war did you? protest did you? hmmm." You are a potential terrorist. If the definition of terrorist that is enshrined in US Law (USAPATRIOT Act and other amendments)is anything to go by, any kind of minor criminal activity, any kind of anti-government protest, or being a member of environmental groups, religious groups or any other group that they decide is a potential risk could label you a terrorist or terrorist sympathiser. Working in some innocent capacity for a group that has been deemed terrorist could see you detained too.

IT'S NOT JUST WHAT YOU DO!!! It is also who you know. The Government are also (in the name of the war on terror) wanting to introduce a law that can criminalise you for associating with terrorists (note how loosely they define terrorist though). With all your data stored in the database, they can link you to anyone you have had any transaction with, they will store all your data, including details of all your transactions, club memberships, places and events you've visited and who you associate with.

You had better be sure you know the backgrounds of everybody you know. Are they members of an environmental group? or do they give money to charity? "Gave money to charity did you?" you had better be sure that you know what that money is used for. If it funds any group that could be considered a threat, then you have enhanced that risk.

What groups are these?

  • Environmental charities,
  • Human rights charities,
  • Religious charities etc.

"Those nasty terrorists raise money with all kinds of 'front' organisations don't ya know." So, according to the proposed law, an associate of yours can innocently give money to a human rights charity, (like amnesty international) and because of the massive database logging all transactions, it is recorded. Your associates risk factor is increased. You are an associate of theirs, therefore your risk factor is increased.

The risk factor will be used to control the population. the higher your risk factor, the more difficult your life will become. the card can be programmed remotely via the swipe terminals to flag the risk level. The government through this will be able to prevent you from making transactions with whomever it pleases. You will turn up at the merchant's place of business, request a service or product, they will have to swipe your card and presto. "Sorry we cannot do business with you. Transaction denied!" You may be Searched everywhere, have your travel disrupted or stopped altogether. You were going to attend a protest against the government policy on student fees? (or whatever policy they may introduce that you may disagree with) Your passage is stopped by the authorities, you are held in detention until the protest is over, your risk factor is increased further and you never get to the protest after all. Neither did most of the other protestors and the Government then will claim that it's policies are popular.

They will hold medical details on the database too. NO ID? No insurance for you. We see you have this elevated risk of heart disease, and you have spent a lot of money in macdonald's. No life insurance pay out to you. Take these drugs for you potentially hereditary condition or no life insurance for you. You need an operation? we see from our records that you brought this illness on yourself, you have been consuming fatty foods, so you have to pay for it yourself. We can't waste NHS money on the patients who bring illness on themselves can we? What? Stop the patients that actually pay for the NHS getting treatment on it? You betcha!!

With the intricate data on everybody stored in the central database, the Government can pre-empt any resistance to bad policies. Introduce whatever legislation it likes, and stump out any resistance. You don't like what they are planning? Your risk factor is increased. Are you buying any books, or visiting any websites that are anti-government? Your risk factor is increased, and after a while, your risk factor is high enough that they can detain you. The midnight knock on the door. You are taken away, the news media shows more terrorists detained on an anti terror swoop.

That is the danger. And this scenario has not even began to touch on the error factor, or the inaccuracies that are bound to be inherent in any system of this size. Let alone if they choose to run it on Windows!!!!

The linchpin in all of this is the centralised database, fed info from the ID cards. These ID cards are also entitlements cards. Sorry if I seem backwards here but, I thought humans had basic rights and freedoms, NOT entitlements. Entitlements are decided by Governments, Rights are given by god.

Once we have to carry an ID card, we have lost all control over our lives, once and for all. This may seem melodramatic, but for all its spectacle and threat, it is also true.

Actually this nightmare scenario might not happen. The Government might have our best interests at heart. This Government has promised a commissioner to oversee the introduction and handling of the ID cards. They have said that they will protect and have safeguards for our privacy and liberty.

However, This is the same Government that promised not to introduce top up fees for university students, and said that Saddam was rebuilding his NBC WMD and still claims that they are in Iraq!

Who knows they could mean what they say about their safeguards of our freedoms....BUT, the key to this totalitarian nightmare is the ID card. It is the key that locks us into the totalitarian police state. Once the card is in place, the Government (or any future Government) can add any restrictions and controls it wishes. You will have no say and no control over which entitlements (basic rights and freedoms) the government will remove. Without the ID card such restrictions are massively more difficult to introduce. So you see that this scenario might not happen, but it is to little to hope and wish that it does not happen. A wise man once said that all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. Doing nothing is not an option.

We need to stop this horror before it starts. Say no to a compulsory ID card. Awaken all your friends, neighbours, colleagues. tell everyone what danger's the card represents. Let's stop this danger NOW!

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