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Standing Articles:

The Secret Order of the Illuminati
by Wes Penre, November 27, 2003 -

The Global Chess Game
- by Wes Penre, January 10, 2004 -

Why is the World So Violent If Man Is Basically Good?
- by Wes Penre, February 25, 2004 -

How the Working Class is Kept in Chains
- by Wes Penre, April 10, 2004 -

Why Are Our Soldiers Torturing People in Iraq?
Wes Penre, May 4, 2004 -

The Masonic Version of History and the Ultimate  Deception?
- by Wes Penre, June 30, 2004 -





November 2004:

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 Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an
 invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day":
Theodore Roosevelt, April 19, 1906


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November 30

Corporate Takeover Of Government Well Underway
- "The few who understand the system, will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages...will bear its burden without complaint, and perhaps without suspecting that the system is inimical to their best interests." - Rothschild Brothers of London communiqué to associates in New York June 25, 1863 -
- Urban Survival.com, Nov. 28, 2004 -
[Archived here: Business]

November 29

Knights Templar Ask Pope for Apology
- The Knights Templar have written a letter to the Pope, dated 13 October 2004, in which they formally request an apology for the persecution of their Order from 1307 A.D.. A Papal or Vatican response is required in time for 13 October 2007, which is the 700th anniversary of the arrest of the Templar leadership. -
- The Insider, Nov. 17, 2004 -
[Archived here: The Illuminati]

Knights Considering Apology to Templars
- THE VATICAN is giving "serious consideration" to apologising for the persecution that led to the suppression of the Knights Templar.The suppression, which began on Friday , October 13, 1307, gave Friday the Thirteenth its superstitious legacy. -
- The Insider, November 29, 2004 -
[Archived here: The Illuminati]

250-Yr Mystery but not Quite a Da Vinci Code
- For 250 years it defied all code-breakers. Darwin had a go, Dickens and Wedgwood too. But the 10-letter inscription — DOUOSVAVVM — carved into a monument on the Shugborough Estate in Staffordshire thumbed its nose at the curious. -
- Indian Express, Nov. 28, 2004 -
[Archived here: The Illuminati]

CIA Being Converted to Neoconism
- They already have firm control of the Pentagon, which also actually means some 80% of the "Intelligence" Budget. And they've made great progress in recent years taking over the State Department as well as the National Security Council. Now crusading "Neocons" -- many Jewish and nearly all connected over the years with the Israeli-Jewish lobby in Washington -- are determined to finally bring the last resistant power center, the CIA, into line. -
- Crimes And Corruption of the New World Order News, Nov. 25, 2004 -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]

November 28

NBC To Air 'Hidden' Diana Video
- NBC television network will broadcast a never-before-seen video tape of Diana, Princess of Wales, next week in which she says she suspects a member of her staff with whom she fell in love was "bumped off." -
- Reuters, Nov. 27, 2004 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Close-Up of WTC-7 Collapse Footage Shows Unmistakable Demolition Charges
[Quick Time Video Clip]
- Looking at the upper right-hand corner of the building we see a rapid series of small explosions travelling upward just as the building itself begins to fall. The size, placement and timing of these "puffs" is very consistent with squibs from cutting charges of the type used in professional controlled demolitions, and in fact nothing but small explosive charges could create such an appearance. -
- Liberty Forum & Prison Planet, Nov. 28, 2004 -
[Archived here: 9/11]

Construction Worker Gives Another Account Of Underground Blasts In The WTC
[Video Interview - Real Player]
- Construction worker Phillip Morelli describes being thrown to the ground by two explosions while in the fourth subbasement of the North Tower. The first, which threw him to the ground and seemed to coincide with the plane crash, was followed by a larger blast that again threw him to the ground and this time blew out walls. -
- Prison Planet, Nov. 28, 2004 -
[Archived here: 9/11]

First-hand Accounts of Underground Explosions In The North Tower
- This article from Chief Engineer magazine presents eyewitness account of the moments after the first plane crash, and describes evidence of large explosions in the lobby, parking garage and subbasement levels of WTC-1 at the time of the crash. -
- Start Logic.com -
[Archived here: 9/11]

UK Government Admits Leaked Terror Alerts Were Lies
- A source said yesterday there was no material to back up the media reports and he believed they were wrong. MPs suspect the two news organisations were briefed by a senior official or minister. The reports
have fuelled claims that the Government is trying to create a "climate of fear" to justify draconian measures such as identity cards. -
- The Insider, Nov. 27, 2004 -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous on War on Terrorism]

November 27

The FAQ Page has been updated today.

November 26

UK Experts De-Code Clue to Secret of Holy Grail
- An inscription etched on a marble tablet at a stately home could be a hidden message from an 18th Century Christian sect, code-breakers say. -
- The Insider, Nov. 25, 2004 -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]

Code Cracked as Hunt for Grail Goes On
- IT is one of the most enduring myths of Western European literature, a cryptic message which has inspired tales from Arthurian legends to Dan Brown’s best-selling crime novel The Da Vinci Code. -
News.Scotman.com, Nov. 26, 2004 -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]

The Jesuits are a Military Religious Order of the Roman Catholic Church
- "I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants' heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race..." -
- BibleBelievers.org -
[Archived here: The Illuminati]

Chemtrails & Terror in Age of Nuclear War
- North America is now suffering its seventh year of conspicuous and dangerous aerosol and electromagnetic operations conducted by the U.S. government under the guise of national security. Concerned citizens watch in fear as military tankers discolor the skies with toxic chemicals that morph into synthetic clouds. -
- Idaho Observer, June 2, 2004 -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous]

Serious Organized Crime Agency - SOCA
- The British are petrified by their own shadow, according to opposition leader Michael Howard; they are afraid of al Qaida, naturally, although Muslims never actually attack us, but “eighteen year-olds who tip over rubbish bins” (happens all the time) are a far greater terror and people find it so intimidating, they are afraid to go outside. -
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous on War on Terrorism and Guest Writers]

Saudis, Enron Money Helped Pay for US Rigged Election
- According to informed sources in Washington and Houston, the Bush campaign spent some $29 million to pay polling place operatives around the country to rig the election for Bush. The operatives were posing as Homeland Security and FBI agents but were actually technicians familiar with Diebold, Sequoia, ES&S, Triad, Unilect, and Danaher Controls voting machines. These technicians reportedly hacked the systems to skew the results in favor of Bush. -
- Online Journal, Nov. 25, 2004 -
[Archived here: Politics]

November 25

Nonviolent Alternatives 2: Kumbaya
- On 26 June 2003, Alex Jones and Paul Watson ran my third political article. It was entitled "Nonviolent Alternatives to Combat the N.W.O." Well, it's over a year later, and I still get asked this question more than any one other. "What can I do about it?" -
- by Erik Fortman -
[Archived here: New World Order and Guest Writers]

Iran Attack in Less than Six Months
- So there’s our window. Six months. In the meantime, get ready for a whole lot of lies—same caliber of lies used in the lead-up to the Iraqi invasion. -
- Another Day in the Empire, Nov. 20, 2004 -
[Archived here: NWO Wars]

Mega-Millionaire Offers $100,000 Reward For Scientific Proof WTC Towers Collapsed As Bush Administration Claims
- $100,000 REWARD to the first person to deliver a full mathematical, engineering proof of how the impact and/or fires caused any of the WTC buildings to collapse the way the government claims! -
- Jeff Rense.com, Nov. 22, 2004 -
[Archived here: 9/11]

Former IRS agent charged as tax cheat
- Banister, 41, whose Web site proclaims, "The Income Tax is a Hoax," [my emphasis] was taken into custody by IRS agents at his San Jose home at about 7:30 a.m. He pleaded not guilty in U.S. District Court in Sacramento and was released on $25,000 bond. -
- SF Gate.com, Nov. 19, 2004 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Condi Is A 'Monster' - 'A God Damn Liar' - Helen Thomas
- Asked about the election result, the sharp-tongued reporter simply put her hand on her face and said, "My God, the man is a fascist -- a fascist, I tell you." She warned that Bush's victory will mean one thing: more war. She expects Iran to be next. -
- NewsMax.com, Nov. 22, 2004 -
[Archived here: Politics]

November 24

Chimeras, Cloning and Freak Human-Animal Hybrids
- Beyond that, there's the ultimately disturbing "scientific" trend of creating human-animal hybrids, or chimeras for "therapeutic" and other "important" reasons. -
- InfoWars.com, Nov. 23, 2004 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

US Starts Planning the War on Iran
- Pentagon hawks have begun discussing military action against Iran to neutralise its nuclear weapons threat, including possible strikes on leadership, political and security targets. -
- The Insider, Nov. 22, 2004 -
[Archived here: NWO Wars]


November 23

An Intrusive New Search
- In late September, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) began allowing security checkpoint screeners to manually pat down women's breasts and the genital and derriere regions of both sexes during searches. -
- US News -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Operation Garden Plot
- Under this plan for the deployment of Operation Garden Plot, the use of CIDCON-1 will be mandatory. This direct support of civil disturbance control operations is to be used by the Army, USAF, Navy, and Marine Corp. with an airlift force to be comprised of MAC Organic Airlift Resources, airlift capable aircraft of all other USAF major commands, and all other aerial reconnaissance and Airborne Psychological Operations. This is to include control communications systems, aero-medical evacuation, helicopter and Weather Support Systems. -
- WakeUpAmerica -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Kerry: Bin Laden Cost Me Election
- According to Rivera, Kerry replied: "It was that Osama tape — it scared them [the American people]." -
- News Max, Nov. 21, 2004 -
[Archived here: Politics]

The Angel of Death [Illuminati Programmer Josef Mengele, also known as Dr. Green] Unrepentant to the End
- Josef Mengele, who fled the Third Reich as it collapsed and finally settled in South America, kept dairies that have only recently been revealed, the Scotsman reported Monday. -
- InterestAlert.com, Nov. 22, 2004 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

News Executive Calls Anti-Arnold Movement 'Klan-Like,' Promises to Alert FBI
- We received the following E mail from a reader who had forwarded the 'American Against Arnold' press release to mainstream news executives and journalists.This response came from the Vice-President of a Tennessee based CBS affiliate. -
- PrisonPlanet, Nov. 22, 2004 -
[Archived here: Politics]


November 22

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy & the Federal Reserve Bank
- by Wes Penre -
(November 22, 2003)
[Archived here: Paper Money]

History of the Hebrew Manuscript on the Origin of Freemasonry
(Part 1)
- It was generally believed that modern Freemasonry was created in 1717 when its Grand Lodge of England was established. It was also generally believed that it was Dr. James Anderson who wrote its "New Constitutions..." -
- Cephasministry.com -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]

History of the Hebrew Manuscript on the Origin of Freemasonry
(Part 2)
- It was generally believed that modern Freemasonry was created in 1717 when its Grand Lodge of England was established. It was also generally believed that it was Dr. James Anderson who wrote its "New Constitutions..." -
- Cephasministry.com -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]

History of the Hebrew Manuscript on the Origin of Freemasonry
(Part 3)
- It was generally believed that modern Freemasonry was created in 1717 when its Grand Lodge of England was established. It was also generally believed that it was Dr. James Anderson who wrote its "New Constitutions..." -
- Cephasministry.com -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]

History of the Hebrew Manuscript on the Origin of Freemasonry
(Part 4)
- It was generally believed that modern Freemasonry was created in 1717 when its Grand Lodge of England was established. It was also generally believed that it was Dr. James Anderson who wrote its "New Constitutions..." -
- Cephasministry.com -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]

History of the Hebrew Manuscript on the Origin of Freemasonry
(Part 5)
- It was generally believed that modern Freemasonry was created in 1717 when its Grand Lodge of England was established. It was also generally believed that it was Dr. James Anderson who wrote its "New Constitutions..." -
- Cephasministry.com -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]

History of the Hebrew Manuscript on the Origin of Freemasonry
(Part 6)
- It was generally believed that modern Freemasonry was created in 1717 when its Grand Lodge of England was established. It was also generally believed that it was Dr. James Anderson who wrote its "New Constitutions..." -
- Cephasministry.com -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]


Tough New Anti-Terror Laws Planned
- The government is considering new tough anti-terrorism laws to prevent an al Qaeda attack including plans to target suspects even if they have not committed an offence, Home Secretary David Blunkett will say today. -
- Reuters, Nov. 22, 2004 -
[Archived here: Politics and Miscellaneous on War on Terrorism]

Have Evangelicals Abandoned Their Christian Convictions?
- ...whenever an elected official convinces the evangelical community that he or she is a Christian, the Religious Right will give that person unyielding support. -
- Chuck Baldwin Live, Nov. 19, 2004 -
[Archived here: Politics]

The FAQ Page Has Been Updated

November 21

"I Got My Kills. I'm Coming Down. I Just Love My Job.": Iraq War as Video Game
- "He watched horrified as a family of five was shot dead [by a US helicopter gunship crew] as they tried to cross [the river to escape from Falluja]."

But that first-hand on-the-spot description was from a terrified AP photographer on the river bank. It wasn't from an embedded reporter whose every word is scrutinized by army censors (not because he or she might betray vital military secrets, but because they might get the truth out to the world - although sometimes the truth does emerge). -
- Prison Planet, Nov. 18, 2004 -
[Archived here: Iraqi War]

November 20


The Bush Crime Family Tree
- George Walker, GW's great-grandfather, set up the takeover of the Hamburg-America Line, a cover for I.G. Farben's Nazi espionage unit in the United States... -
- Project For the Old American Century -
[Archived here: Politics]

Arnold Exposed!
- Americans Against Arnold's launch has already received extensive media coverage across the country. From CNN to the Associated Press, information about our important movement to stop Arnold Schwarzenegger and his politcal operatives from destroying the US Constitution has appeared on radio, tv and in print from coast to coast. -
- ArnoldExposed.com. -
[Archived here: Politics]

Alex Jones Interviews Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones of the 'Amend For Arnold' Campaign
- This was a very bizarre interview. Morgenthaler-Jones soft-peddled Arnold's Nazi links, drug use and sexual harassment of women. -
- PrisonPlanet.TV. -
[Archived here: Politics]

Head of Movement to Amend Constitution For Schwarzenegger Soft-Peddles Arnold's Nazi Links, Drug Use, Sexual Harrassment
- Throughout the interview Morgenthaler-Jones expressed her arguments in a sophisticated and academic manner which served to sugar-coat Schwarzenegger's admitted Nazi links, drug use and sexual harassment allegations. -
- PrisonPlanet.com., Nov. 20, 2004 -
[Archived here: Politics]

The Arrival Of Secret Law In America
TSA Threatens To Arrest Leakers
- Chenoweth-Hage wasn't seeking disclosure of the internal criteria used for screening passengers, only the legal authorization for passenger pat-downs. Why couldn't they at least let her see that? asked Statesman commentator Dan Popkey.

"Because we don't have to," Mr. Gonzales replied crisply.

"That is called 'sensitive security information.' She's not allowed to see it, nor is anyone else," he said. -
- Secrecy News - Federation Of American Scientists, Nov. 17, 2004 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Dollar Continues Record Declines
- The dollar has continued its record-breaking slide against many of the world's major currencies, with analysts predicting it could fall further. -
- BBC News, Nov. 18, 2004 -
[Archived here: Paper Money ]


November 19

Solomon Tulbure, Grand Master of the Illuminati Order, Found Dead on Interstate
- A man who claimed to be part of an ages-old super-intelligent group seeking the "truth" and who made friends and enemies with his Internet postings, books and Web sites died after apparently jumping off a Knoxville interstate overpass. -
- Knoxville News, Sentinel.co., Nov. 19, 2004 -
[Archived here: Illuminati]

ID Card Doubts - Blunkett Blames Dead German Philosopher
- Home Secretary David Blunkett said today that the German philosopher Immanuel Kant is to blame for scepticism about the government's plans for a compulsory national identity card. -
- The Register.co.uk., Nov. 17, 2004 -
[Archived here: Politics]

National Movement Launched to Stop Arnold Schwarzenegger Destroying the US Constitution
- Americans Against Arnold is strongly opposed to amending Article 2, Clause 5 of the US Constitution that bars the foreign-born from seeking the Presidency. High-level political operatives from Arnold 's Schwarzenegger's gubernatorial campaign have commenced a media blitzkrieg propagandizing for a change in the Constitution so Arnold can run for President. -
- Prison Planet, Nov. 18, 2004 -
[Archived here: Politics]

Anti-Arnold Movement Kicks Off
- A new movement dedicated to preventing California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger from becoming president was announced today. -
- World Net Daily, Nov. 18, 2004 -
[Archived here: Politics]

AP Picks Up Americans Against Arnold Campaign
- A Texas radio host launched a Web-based offensive Thursday against efforts to change the U.S. Constitution to allow Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for president of the United States. -
- Associated Press, Nov. 18, 2004 -
[Archived here: Politics]


November 18

Louisiana Teens Getting Driver's License Also Register for Selective Service
- Rudy Sanchez, general counsel for the federal Selective Service System, said, "I don't know the rationale for that. Louisiana shouldn't be registering 15-year-olds. We don't even register 16-year-olds." -
- The Town Talk, Nov. 13, 2004 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Interview of Dr. William (Bill) Richard Deagle, MD
- ...now that we are speaking on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Hopefully, people will wake up and realize that it’s the eleventh hour for America, too.-
- PrisonPlanet, Nov. 16, 2004 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Now We Understand What Happened on November 2!
[Archived here: Politics]

Why We're a Divided Nation
- Recent elections pointed to deepening divisions among American people but has anyone given serious thought to just why? I have part of the answer that starts off with a simple example. -
- by Walter E. Williams -
[Archived here: Politics]

- It is our duty to our fellow man to topple the Plutocrats who are creating hellish world prospects. I see civil disobedience in my crystal ball, making citizens ungovernable and envisage the occult cabal ensnared in the trap, which they have set. Please help make this dream come true! -
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
[Archived here: Guest Writers]


November 17

The Man-Made Origin Of AIDS - Important Notes
- Am I saying that there is an alternative explanation deserving fair hearing of the origin of HIV? YES. Am I saying there is a rat in the proverbial woodpile? YES. This is not a "by accident" thing here that there is a relationship between HIV and Visna. -
- From Professor Robert E. Lee, MS, MSW, LCSW, Nov 14, 2004 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Art Imitates Reality: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
- How can children understand this plot, but adults can't get it when our own government has been caught using the same Hegelian tactic (September 11)? Read below for a description from the Star Wars website about how the emperor came into power and compare it to what our own government is doing: -
- InfoWars.com, Nov. 16, 2004 -
[Archived here: New World Order]


November 16

Schwarzenegger Behind Group Seeking to Repeal Constitutional Rule Baring Foreigners from Presidency
- Schwarzenegger political operative Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones is spearheading a new organization that is pushing a four-year plan to repeal Article 2 of the Constitution and the 22nd Amendment. -
- Infowars.com, Nov. 15, 2004 -
[Archived here:

Fake Terror - The Road to War and Dictatorship
- It's the oldest trick in the book, dating back to Roman times; creating the enemies you need. -
- What Really Happened.com -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous on War on Terrorism]

Torture Is In Vogue - Physical and Psychological Torture, Everyone's Doing It
- It's all the rage… physical and psychological torture, everyone's doing it, Sudan, Nepal, Uzbekistan and of course, America. -
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous on War on Terrorism and Guest Writers]

Bush Chooses Rice to Replace Powell
- Powell, a retired four-star general who often clashed with more hawkish members of the administration on Iraq (news - web sites) and other foreign policy issues, resigned in a Cabinet exodus that promises a starkly different look to President Bush's second-term team. -
- Associated Press, Nov. 15, 2004 -
[Archived here:

November 15

Illuminati Sex Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture
- This information may upset or enrage some people. I could not bring myself to read these books for over two years. The torture and depravity they describe is excruciating. My mental filters would not accept it. Writing about it is difficult. -
- by Henry Makow Ph.D., Nov. 13, 2004 -
[Archived here: Mind Control]

Elite Push For Schwarzenegger Presidency Gains Momentum
- There's no end to the level of which our humiliation reaches. As Alex has relentlessly been documenting, there is an established and unfolding agenda to have Arnold Schwarzenegger run for the presidency in 2008 against Hillary Clinton. -
- PrisonPlanet.com., Nov. 14, 2004 -
[Archived here:

Arafat's Death Has Illuminati Written All Over It
- Arafat's death was announced on 11-11 two thousand four at 3:30 am = 33 "11" and "33" {33 degree Masons} are key Illuminati numbers. -
- Michael Shore, Nov. 12, 2004 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

- The line that staggered the Hopkin's team was that the method used to encrypt the Diebold machines was a method called Digital Encryption Standard (DES), a code that was broken in 1997 and is NO LONGER USED by anyone to secure prograns.F2654hd4 was the key to the encryption. Moreover, because the KEY was IN the source code, all Diebold machines would respond to the same key. Unlock one, you have them ALL unlocked. -
- DailyKos.com., Nov 10, 2004 -
[Archived here:

An Overview of Black History
- Phillip True Jr., has spent many years studying with Dr. John Henrik Clarke, who also made contributions to this Historical Overview. -
- by Phillip True Jr. -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous]


November 14

Airport X-ray Sees Through Clothes
[When is the majority of the population going to connect the dots?]
- Another passenger, Maria Love, said: "It's all about being safe, and I really have no problem with it." A spokeswoman for BAA Heathrow said 98 percent [my emphasis] of participants gave positive feedback. -
- CNN, Nov. 9, 2004 -
[Archived here: Surveillance]

Kerry Won Ohio - Just Count the Ballots at the Back of the Bus
- Most voters in Ohio chose Kerry. Here's how the votes vanished... -
- by Greg Palast. Nov. 12, 2004 -
[Archived here:

Dynamic Tensegrity
- There is no such thing as "empty space". If there were truly nothing between two objects, they would be adjacent, by definition. -
- Dynamic Tensegrity Website -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous and Links]

Mind Control: The Zombie Effect
- Methods of latent impact on the human psyche are no longer secret. -
- Pravda, Nov 10, 2004 -
[Archived here: Mind Control]


November 13

Steven Greer, the Leader of the Disclosure Project Got Threatened by Phone by the Government
[see the Disclosure Project Website for background]
- The threat was recorded, and played on air, at Coast to Coast am radio (08-09.08.04.). He has gotten many of those over the years, but never gave into fear, and says he never will! This threat only makes him redouble his effort for disclosure of zeropoint energy, advanced propulsion systems, and the existense of extraterrestrial intelligent lifeforms. He also reveals that CIA Director Bill Colby was murdered. -
- Home No Net -
[Archived here: New World Order]

CNN Poll: 90% Believe US Government Covering Up 9/11
[So why the h*** did all those people vote for Bush?]
- Yesterday we reported that 89% of people responded that they believed there was a US government cover-up surrounding 9/11. Later that same day the poll now indicated that 90 percent believe there was a cover-up. -
- Info Wars.com., Nov 12, 2004 -
[Archived here: 9/11]

The Power of Nightmares - Parts I-III
- In the past our politicians offered us dreams of a better world. Now they promise to protect us from nightmares. The most frightening of these is the threat of an international terror network. But just as the dreams were not true, neither are these nightmares. This is a must watch documentary -
- Broadcast BBC 2 10/20/04 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Letter to Paul Martin
- I find it hard to put my frustration with you on the issue of missile defence into words but I must as this issue is too important to take no action! -
- Vive le Canada, Nov. 6, 2004 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

The Hollow Earth v the New World Order
- Explorers who have ventured to northern climes, like Dr. Fridtjof Nansen, tell of an Arctic Paradise when one has passed the ice-floes, where they find open waters, warmer weather and an abundance of wildlife. Some claim to have sailed into an opening which the sea flows freely through and discovered an inner-world, an underworld, a world of plenty, where peace reigns. -
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous and Links]


November 12

US Space Command - Global Battlespace Dominance
- The US is preparing to establish a new form of military organization, unlike anything the world has ever seen before. US Space Command is the capstone of a plan published by the Project for the New American Century that is designed to establish "Global Battlespace Dominance". In a matter of years the entire US military will fall under the direct control of Space Command. -
- The Insider, Nov. 12, 2004 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

The U.S. Child Abuse Industry
- Remember, the OFFICIAL view of the U.S. Federal Administrative Government under Klinton was revealed by Attorney [Gestapo] General Janet Reno, during a Senate Investigation into the reason why the government murdered, by burning to death, the men, women and children, in a church on Mount Carmel, near Waco, Texas. Her OFFICIAL OPINION for the US FEDERAL ADMINISTRATION was '..to end the child abuse...' -
- by Fronline, PBS -
[Archived here: Mind Control]

The Secret History of America - The Greatest Conspiracy On Earth
- The road that we are taking as a nation in America and as a human race on the planet Earth is being paved for us in advance and sold to us for a profit. -
- Hidden Mysteries Conspiracy Archives -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Skull & Bones Society - A Good Ole Boys Club?
[Christians have to wake up! G.W. Bush is NOT a Christian. By voting for him, you are voting for a SATANIST!]
- Privileged Skull and Bones members mocked the assault on Abner Louima by crying out repeatedly, "Take that plunger out of my ass!"; Skull and Bones members hurled obscene sexual insults ("lick my bumhole") at initiates as they were forced to kneel and kiss a skull at the feet of the initiators. -
- Hidden Mysteries Conspiracy Archives -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]


November 11

Yasser Arafat Pronounced Dead in Paris
- Yasser Arafat, the man who embodied the cause of the Palestinian people for four decades, died at 3:30 a.m. Thursday at a hospital outside of Paris, according to Palestinian and hospital officials. He was 75. -
- The Washington Post, Nov. 11, 2004 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Architect of Abu Ghraib Torture is Bush's Pick for Attorney General
- George W. Bush's pick for Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez, is the White House who advised the President and the Pentagon that Bush was above the law concerning torture. This sicko actually said that the President is not just above international law (the Geneva Convention), but that Bush is even above Federal law. -
- Info Wars.com., Nov. 11, 2004 -
[Archived here:

The Hidden History of Zionism
- by Ralph Schoenman, 1988 -
[Archived here: The Illuminati and E-Books]


November 10


Bush Vows Action After Scandals
- President Bush has defended himself against allegations that he was personally involved in business practices that are at the heart of the scandal engulfing corporate America. -
- BBC News, July 8, 2002 -
[Archived here:

The Sunshine Project
- Research and facts about biological weapons and biotechnology. -
- Sunshine Project -
[Archived here: New World Order]


November 9

Voting Bush = Dumb. Voting Blair = Dumber
- At least huge numbers of Americans love and respect their Bible-bashing, warmongering, holier-than-thou leader. As far as I can tell, everybody in Britain despises our own Bible-bashing, warmongering, holier-than-everybody leader. Even his own party. Especially his own party. But will the British kick out Tony Blair at the next general election? Will they hell. -
- Mirror.co.uk., Nov. 8, 2004 -
[Archived here:

Bronfman, Bush, Cheney Seagrams, Zapata, Brown & Root ALL INTERCONNECTED IN THE SPIDER'S WEB
- After serving as Secretary of Defense for President Bush, Cheney reaped the financial rewards of the revolving money door between the military and industry. Cheney became a member of the board of directors of Morgan Stanley. the Union Pacific Corp., Procter & Gamble Co. and Electronic Data Systems Corp. (Ross Perot company) But, most important, in 1995 Cheney became the CEO of Halliburton (owner of Brown and Root). Cheney, the chairman of the board, holds a $45.5 million stake as Halliburton's biggest individual stockholder. Brown and Root reaped multi-millions from the Bosnia war. -
- Hiddenmysteries.org -
[Archived here: The Illuminati]

Arafat Has Liver Failure
- Doctors have ruled out leukaemia but remain puzzled [my emphasis] why Arafat's health deteriorated sharply last week...
- Reuters, Nov. 7, 2004 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Was Arafat Poisoned by Israel?
- There is evidence to suggest that the Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, is the victim of an Israelu assassination attempt. Israel has assassinated its enemies before, and Arafat is now fighting for his life in a French hospital suffering from the same symptoms as others who have been poisoned by Mossad in the past. -
- The Insider, Nov. 8, 2004 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

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November 8

We Come To Make Peace, Pal...
- Please allow me to introduce myself - I am a Scottish soldier with the Black Watch Regiment. I speak for my fellow countrymen when I say that the Scots will not take the slaughter of their soldiers lightly, because we have no empathy with Westminster’s Imperialist designs on the Middle East. -
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
[Archived here: Iraqi War and Guest Writers]


November 7

2004 Third Party Presidential Results
- Results are based on 99% of precincts reporting. These results do not include any provisional ballots and don't include most absentee ballots. -
- Ballot Access Org., updated Nov. 6, 2004 -
[Archived here:


November 6

322 and the Age of Reason
- ...I've known about these guide stones for a while, but the connection of 322 just hit me recently. See for yourself. As I'm sure you know already, 322 is pseudonymous with the Skull and Bones society, both of which John Kerry and George Bush are members. -
- by "Eden" -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]

Exactly! How Can 59,054,087 People Be So Dumb???
- [Very scary, indeed! Now the Bush administration know they can do whatever they want - no restrictions. They must laugh hard behind our backs!] -
- Daily Mirror, UK -
[Archived here:

God Help America - The People Have Spoken...
- They say that in life you get what you deserve. Well, today America has deservedly got a lawless cowboy to lead them further into carnage and isolation and the unreserved contempt of most of the rest of the world. -
- Daily Mirror, UK, Nov. 5, 2004 -
[Archived here:

Outrage in Ohio: Angry Residents Storm State House in Response to Massive Voter Suppression and Corruption
- Hundreds of angry Ohio residents marched through the streets of Columbus—Ohio’s Capital—this evening and stormed the Ohio State House, defying orders and arrest threats from Ohio State Troopers. -
- Michigan IMC, Nov. 3, 2004 -
[Archived here:

Machine Error Gives Bush 3,893 Extra Votes in Ohio
- Bush won the state by more than 136,000 votes, according to unofficial results, and Kerry conceded the election on Wednesday after saying that 155,000 provisional ballots yet to be counted in Ohio would not change the result. -
[True, but was this the ONLY error that happened???]
- Associated Press, Nov. 6, 2004 -
[Archived here:

Henry Kissinger: Now, Back to Defining a New World Order
- George W. Bush will have to lead an effort to define and then maintain an international system that reflects the new, revolutionary circumstances. -
- by Henry Kissinger, Nov. 6, 2004 -
[Archived here:
Politics and New World Order]


November 5

Democracy Falls - Corporations Win!
- Democracy in the United States is only a shadow in a corporate media cave of deceit, lies and incomplete information. We stand ignorant of what the powerful are doing in our name and how the corporate media ignores key issues affecting us all.
- by Peter Phillips -
[Archived here:

Zionist Think Tank Confirms Makow's Analysis Of Bin Laden Speech
[for background, see http://www.savethemales.ca/000665.html]
- Proves Bin Laden Is A Zionist Pawn Monster's Deadly Warning To 'Red' States -
- - by Niles Latham, Nov. 1, 2004 -
[Archived here:

November 3

A Mandate for War
- The American people have spoken. They want more war. I made three predictions last year. On the day John Kerry "came back" to win the Democratic nomination, I made a $20 bet that Bush would win. I have stuck with that. -
- by Erik Fortman -
[Archived here: Politics
and Guest Writers]


November 2

Election Day!


Eminem's New Video Highlights 9/11, Illuminati
(Free Download of the video)
- It's amazing that the acceleration of revelation is to the point when even the entertainment industry is waking up and contributing. -
- PrisonPlanet, October 26, 2004 -
[Archived here:
The Illuminati]

Mosh – by Eminem, October 2004 (The lyrics)
- Posted here: October 30, 2004)
[Archived here:
The Illuminati]

'Mosh' or Die!
A Critique of Eminem's 'Mosh'

- Eminem offers to be the spark and our strength as we make the President face high-anarchy; “strap Bush with an AK47 – let it go… fight his own war, let him impress daddy that way.”
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
[Archived here:
Guest Writers]

AIDS is Man-Made
Interview with Dr. Boyd Graves

- Boyd Graves (BG): The 1971 Flow Chart is the blueprint for the development of AIDS. It is the quintessential missing link document which provides absolute proof of the U.S. origin of HIV/AIDS.
- NCM Online - October 31, 2004 -
[Archived here:
New World Order]

Message From the People of Fallujah
- This letter was sent by representatives of the people of Fallujah to the UN secretary general Kofi Annan:
" IT IS more than evident that US forces are committing daily acts of genocide in Iraq. As we write, these crimes are being perpetrated against the city of Fallujah. US war planes are launching their most powerful bombs against the civilian population, killing and wounding hundreds of innocent people. Their tanks are pounding the city with heavy artillery. -
- Bristol-stop-the-war-coalition -
[Archived here:
Iraqi War]


November 1.

Walter Cronkite

Cronkite: Karl Rove [Probably] Set Up Bin Laden Tape
[Again, the Illuminati use FEAR to get what they want. And people, like robots, respond exactly they way the expect us to - more votes for Bush].
- Walter Cronkite: And I have a feeling that it could tilt the election a bit. In fact, I'm a little inclined to think that Karl Rove, the political manager at the White House, who is a very clever man, he probably set up bin Laden to this thing. -
- Prison Planet, Oct. 31, 2004 -
[Archived here:

Iran Will Sell Oil to China Instead of America
[A great hidden reason to invade Iran ... and the insanity just escalates]
- The US government has made too many enemies ... The oil producing countries have the power to destroy America, and they may be waking up to the fact. America is the most powerful nation in history, but every great civilization must come to an end. -
- The Insider, Nov. 1, 2004 -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous]

Freemasonry, P2, Nazi Occult, Gladio, Thule, Fascism, CIA, Luciferianism, and Far Right Reactionary Politics
- One of the more twisted myths being propagated by 'Regular' Anglo-American Freemasonry of late is that the Nazi's persecuted 'regular' Freemasonry in Germany during it's reign -
- Freemasonry Watch -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]

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