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  Posted: Saturday, January 10, 2004

Last Updated: Wednesday, August 29, 2007 08:15:49 PM



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The Global Chess Game
by Wes Penre, Jan 10, 2004


Wes Penre


ave you ever felt frustrated with being forced to play a game you didn't want to participate in? You know you have something important to do, but someone is for some reason convincing you that you have to play the game. You think to yourself; "playing Monopoly can't possibly be more important than what I actually need to do". You may sigh, be a little irritated and reluctantly accept, thinking you can do the important things later. However, later on when you are trying to pick up where you left out, you find that someone else is forcing you to play yet another game you don't feel like playing. With other words, you never seem to get your things done.

Under those circumstances, at least you know that you are being pulled. How about if there was a game that you participate in, and you don't even know it? A game in which you set no rules whatsoever, but someone else does it for you, and you are not even aware of it. The game may even be so sophisticated that you think that you are setting the rules. In this game the goal is to create total control and enslavement of the losers. This game actually exists, and I call it "Global Chess".

Global Chess is the game where a few Elite players, the so called Illuminati or Moriah are setting the rules, being the ones who move the rest of the players on the chess board. You and I and most of the global population are the Pawns. The Illuminati are the Game Creators, who play both sides of the game, and the rest of us, players on different levels, are the pieces on the Chess Board. There is an illusion that the chess game has two opposite sides, black and white, but that is only an illusion. Both the black and the white pieces have the same goal, and it doesn't matter which side wins. Both sides are controlled by the same Masters, the Game Creators. The illusion of opposite sides in the game is only put there to make the game more interesting for the players on the chess board (or more traumatic if you want). Here we have the wars and conflicts of the world. As the Creators control both sides; whomever wins, it serves the Masters anyway.

Imagine a Chess Game that has been played since ancient times, from generation to generation, and you would have what I call "Global Chess".

The game of Chess translates pretty well to the global scene. Most of the players on the Chess Board don't even know that the Game Creators, who remotely and secretly move the pieces, exist. They are above the game, and the players (us) believe that we are creating the game as we go along; that is if we even know we are part of the game. Just like in Chess, we can translate the pieces to different functions, to make the analogy more visualized:

The King: This would be the Presidents, Kings, dictators, prime ministers of the different countries.

The Queen: Same thing, but the female aspect of it.

The Rooks: The covens, castles, churches, and other locations where occult rituals of the secret societies are practiced.

The Bishops: The religious leaders; the gurus of cults and sects; the Grand Masters and/or higher initiates of the Secret Societies, like the Freemasons and others; the Chief Directors of Mass Media and Business; high- and middle level politicians etc..

The Knights: Those are the knights of the secret societies, the initiates on lower or middle levels; members of cults and religions; the Mass Media - no one knowing what is really going on, but used by any of the above to accomplish a goal they are not aware of.

The Pawns: The rest of the population, the sheeple, who know absolutely nothing and are totally caught up in the game, not understanding how to end it and that there is a game in existence at all. The pawns are all "disposable", used for accomplishing movements towards checkmate; the end of the civilization as we know it. If necessary, you can suspend them, if the suspension leads to that the game moves forward. Sometimes, like in war, the Pawns are used carelessly and are killed in thousands without accomplishing anything in ratio to the loss, but according to the Game Creators, this is nothing to worry about. They have lots of more Pawns to play with, and when the game is won, most of the Pawns are not needed anyway.

If we expand this analogy, we can see that even the Kings and Queens are not the decision makers. Even they answer to the Game Creators, who pull the strings and move the pieces. The higher up in the hierarchy of the Chess Game, the more careful the Game Creators are to protect their players, but if necessary, they can still sacrifice them. However, they are treated with more respect than for example the Pawns.

With this still in mind we can take a look at the world situation. Now we can hopefully see that we are all stuck in a game we did not create, but somewhere along the line agreed to play in; consciously or unconsciously. Although I call it Global Chess the Illuminati call it the New World Order. The game has come creeping upon us through the eons, and we, the players, have been created and played with little by little, bit by bit, in effort to create a game where the players are not aware they are part of it. Because if the players had their own ideas of how the game should be played, the Game Creators would have a harder time to win - and win they must; otherwise, if they lose, the game itself will hit them hard - very hard, and they don't want that to happen, of course. Therefore they have to be brutal and ruthless to avoid us players to understand the real meaning of the game.

How do you create a game where the pieces and players are not aware of that a game is going on? Well, it is quite tricky and it takes a long long time to accomplish a checkmate in a game like that (it has taken thousands of years to come this far). The Creators definitely would like it to be over and done much faster, but that would jeopardize their own safety. The players (and the players are many in numbers) can easily outdo the Creators or the game. There is a chance this would happen, especially when the outcome of the game is contrary to what the pieces and players of the game want. The Creators need to be very careful and covert. The best thing is to hide and be as invisible as possible, or pretend their role in the game is different from what it really is. Therefore they keep a very low profile, and even dedicate themselves to charity (many of them are philanthropists) to balance their evil and to fool the players in the game. When the Rooks and the Bishops are attacked by the Pawns, the Creators have taught the Bishops to save the game by referring to the illusion of good that the Game Creators are doing on a daily basis, while the evil purpose of the game is well hidden behind this front illusion. This will fool the majority of the pieces, and those who don't easily get fooled will be ridiculed by the other players, and shown "proof" that the players on the higher levels of the hierarchy are doing good things that benefit the lower levels; "proof" implanted by those who don't want the truth to be known.

Now, the Game Creators are not stupid. They know that when so many pieces and players are part of the game (and they need to control them all), there are always a few players who will not follow the rules of the game, and there will be those who don't want to play anymore and who start opposing the game. This is not acceptable, because although the game is complicated and there are games within games, all those chess games need to have the same goals and outcome. We are not allowed to change the rules without permission from the Creators, and we can definitely not quit and/or go against the rules. This was another hard thing for the Creators to prevent and think of a solution for. So they brainstormed about it, knowing it would take too much of their time and effort to take care of those "rebellions" themselves, especially as the Creators still are outnumbered. The rebellions could be dangerous to the game in the long run. However, the brainstorming had a brilliant outcome. The Creators decided to let the players police each other, so everybody could be "kept in check". To be able to accomplish this, the players need to be lied to constantly, and deceived regularly. It also means that it is very important that no one - not even the Top Players of the game (the Kings, Queens, and the Bishops), know the truth - only the Creators. So by implanting an illusion of reality (done via media) and hiding all information that would jeopardize the outcome of the game, the few could beat the many. Even better, why not reverse everything? Say that good is evil and evil is good! This way the Creators, who don't have the players' best interest in mind, can be the good guys, and those who oppose the game can be the bad guys. Brilliant! The Creators were pretty satisfied with themselves and implemented those new ideas into the game.

It worked beyond expectations! For a while...

Suddenly they noticed that the players had too much time at their convenience, which created a problem. Too many players had too much time to think, and lo and behold! If this would continue, too many players could come together and destroy the game!!! New brainstorming, new brilliant ideas ... The Creators need to keep the players real busy with playing the game, and give them basically no time to do anything else than playing. This means they had to change the rules a little bit, so the players became so busy playing the game which they didn't know they were playing; they had no time to think.

The Creators also noticed, much to their satisfaction, that even though more and more players started finding out that something was wrong, they didn't do anything to change the rules or oppose the game. Why? Because they had no time(!) A few players, who did not have the time either, took the time anyway and started informing and educated the rest of what was actually going on, and told them about the game that only a few want to play. Those "rebellious Pawns" thought it would be an easy thing to educate the rest to leave the game and be free to do whatever they wanted to, but to their surprise they noticed that the contrary was true. Many players could no longer see the truth even if it was pointed out to them. They were so well policed by other players to believe differently, they were scared what other players would think, they were afraid of being ridiculed, so they in their turn started attacking the rebellions, who wanted everybody to be free and happy. Other players could see that the rebellions were right, but they were so busy playing the game that they had no time to care. They had been taught that if they leave the game, bad things will happen and they will not survive. So they figured it would be much easier to play it safe and keep things the way they are.

* * *

This is where we stand today: more and more people are finding out about this game being orchestrated above their heads, but few are doing anything. We are at a point where the Creators, the Illuminati, are so arrogant about it that they no longer care to stop the rebellions, unless one or two of them become too much of a threat. They think that their plan is so well mastered that the problem will take care of itself, like described above, and the players are too stupid to be a threat to them. They consider themselves being the shepherds, who keep the sheep in the fold. With people policing each other, been threatened with fear and terror for so long, and being so busy taking care of their lives and struggles, the Illuminati count upon the mind controlled masses to take care of the rebellions, so they don't have to do it themselves. Unfortunately they are partly right.

We all know how busy we are, and we all feel insecure about the future for ourselves and our children, but only because this is the nature of the game; the way it is set up. Hardly nobody has enough money or resources to feel safe, and benefits and security is being cut back on, world wide. Therefore we work constantly to make enough for a living, and to perhaps put something aside for the future when we are retired. Because we fear that the society will not take care of us (even though we are paying taxes), and Illuminati created terrorism is put upon us, life becomes very hard and unsafe. Then, when someone tells us we have to let go off all that we are doing to safeguard ourselves, to be able to be free, few believe it, or are willing to take that chance.

But the above insecurity and struggle is only true as long as we are playing the Chess Game. We need to ask ourselves: why do we struggle so much when there is so much money in the world and an abundance of food? It only makes sense if we know that someone wants it to be that way. A sane government could easily change things around, but they don't. Don't we need to ask ourselves why this is? Isn't it time to re-evaluate our beliefs? Do things really go in the right direction?

The only reason bad conditions persist is because someone wants them to persist and is working very hard to keep them there. We have to ask ourselves who this "somebody" really is. Is it maybe Saddam Hussein? Or is it George Bush, perhaps al-Qaeda? No. "Evil-doers" as one evil-doer so well described himself and others, are only players in the Chess Game. Players can be replaced, and are eliminated regularly when they have played their part, for other "evil-doers" to come up front. Players are put on the Chess Board by the Game Creators to enhance the game, and the way to stop the evil game is not to eliminate the "evil-doers", but to stop the Creators from continuing the game. We can easily do that if we come together. We outnumber them by billions, and the game could be over in an instant if we really dared to break our patterns and stop playing their silly power-game. I truly believe that man is good, and if the invisible evil was eliminated, we would be free to create our own games, where everybody wins. I am not promoting violence, as I don't believe that the end justifies the means, but I do believe the Illuminati needs to be stopped immediately. I am not saying we should kill anybody; this has been done enough already, we just want to "disarm" them. And we need to do it NOW, before we all become checkmate.

Wes Penre

Wes Penre is the owner of the domain Illuminati News and the publisher of the same. Please also check out his MySpace website: http://www.myspace.com/wespenre.


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