Why Is This World So Violent If Man Is Basically Good?
- by Wes Penre, February 25, 2004 -

What is wrong with this world? Why all those civil wars, why all this chaos and disaster? Why can't people just live together in peace?

Is it that man is basically evil? Is it just human behavior? When we look around, it may seem that way, but it is not true.

I truly believe that Man in general prefers to do good whenever he can. I also believe that the bottom line is man's basic urge to survive. To survive well we need to know how to accomplish things that lead toward increased survival. Because of this basic "instinct", we have not always made the best decisions that also include other peoples' survival, which would be the optimal thing to do. Life is complex and sometimes we need to make quick decisions, which are not based on knowledge, but on desperation and survival instinct. Therefore, some decisions that we make now (or made in the past), create problems for us; problems that we need to solve. Then Hiroshimaagain, we create a solution to that problem with a new problem that we don't know how to solve. So we solve it by creating yet another problem etc., and the Wheel of Decline starts spinning. We forget what we have learnt because of the confusion we create for ourselves, and because we are basically good intended, we sometimes are ashamed of our own actions. To look better in other peoples' eyes we start lying, telling half-truths and create secrets that we don't want others to know. This is because survival is goal number one, and we are afraid that if others find out what we have done, things we are ashamed of, we will be punished or excluded, which will decrease our possibilities to survive. In some instances we start being violent to defend ourselves from others, because of situations we basically put ourselves in; we start hurt, and even kill each other.

Gradually this world has become more and more violent. During some periods in time we seem to have repented and come more to our senses, maybe because a few strong persons in position to do so acted upon the evil they saw. But in these cases it didn't take long before the Wheel of Decline started spinning again.

Today we see a world where our leaders have the capacity to destroy our entire planet with weapons of mass destruction. The super-wealthy Illuminati, who believe their only chance to survive is to control the whole world and create slaves out of us (that is how far they have declined because of their own destructive decisions and problem solving as explained above) are busy creating a global society for easier management. To be able to accomplishing their utopia they have to create fear and terror on a regular basis; they need to make us afraid so they can change things in their direction by offering us a solution to a problem they themselves created in the first place. Thus we are willing to decrease our freedom, for them to "protect" us. We become dependent on someone else for our own survival, which is very dangerous.

Nevertheless, there is one thing we need to remember. Although we see a lot of frightened citizens around us because of the terror the Illuminati are creating, the ones who are the MOST frightened are the Illuminati themselves. They are terrified of being exposed and penalized and judged for their crimes against humanity. So insane have those people become that they believe that their only solution to survive is to make pacts with evil forces through black magic to control six billion people. Little do they understand that even if they succeed to create a One World Government, they are still not safe. Firstly, they will always fear that the slaves (us) will rebel against them, and secondly, they will mistrust each other and start fighting each other (which is already happening). They can never win on the path they are on, and they don't understand it. The sad thing is that before they dig their own graves, they will, and are taking a lot of people with them.

The world is a complicated place to live in, because we have made it that way. According to the above, it seems like we have put ourselves in a big mess. How can we change things to the better? If the Illuminati fail and their power over us is taken away, will everything be okay again? Not necessarily. It is all up to us. We have to realize who we are by looking at ourselves and confront our good and bad. We have to start caring more for our fellow man instead of just acting on things that are to our personal benefit. We must realize that survival is not a personal thing; we survive best as a group, not as individuals. Enlightenment comes from within, so it is our responsibility to start looking for truth inside of ourselves so we can be able to spread it around us. Eventually we will find that LOVE is the ultimate truth, and everything else is a lie and an arbitrary.

Love and Survival is the same thing, as is Hate and Death.



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