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Last Updated: Thursday, November 25, 2004 09:51:13 AM 

Nonviolent Alternatives 2: Kumbaya
- by Erik Fortman


On 26 June 2003, Alex Jones and Paul Watson ran my third political article. It was entitled "Nonviolent Alternatives to Combat the N.W.O." Well, it's over a year later, and I still get asked this question more than any one other. "What can I do about it?"

One practical tactic that I suggested was that we should all carry video-recorders and just follow cops around. Many already had that idea. In fact, freedom of the press could extend to any video footage, as there is always a potential news story. It has come to light that law enforcement goons are violating the 1st Amendment, and confiscating cameras and camcorders. We are cognizant of the reason: self-preservation. Every criminal knows not to leave a video trail. At first, many people, especially conservatives, try to say that this is simply not happening or is being exaggerated. I will not bend over backwards for the intellectually dishonest by listing the dozens, maybe hundreds, of articles and reports about police arbitrarily and deliberately confiscating video equipment. One tale should be mentioned though. It is a sad and stark reminder of what path America has taken. On 13 May 2004 ABC News ran a report entitled "Police Seize Camera From Student Journalists".

You know, aren't we supposed to be glad when kids get involved in extracurricular activities? Isn't taking the initiative, time, effort, creativity, and emotion to study journalism supposed to receive resounding kudos from this nation? While many students are out drinking, drugging, screwing, vegged out on television, or just plain apathetic, a few bright kids from Annandale High School decided to join the school newspaper. ABC reported the Associated Press article: "The teens are on the staff of the Annandale High School newspaper, and on Tuesday they noticed Fairfax Country police questioning a group of kids outside the school. So the news editor took some pictures. But a policewoman stopped their car and seized their camera; the cop threatened to have the principle remove them from the newspaper staff. Acting Fairfax Police Chief Suzanne Devlin says it's not her department's policy to confiscate cameras."

Now, if we were braver, we'd be pounding down that police door. We'd string the cops up, unless they were ordered to do this. Then we'd work our way up the ladder and find the people responsible. Everyone involved would be automatically fired from the police department, at the least! Then there would be criminal and civil prosecution. My God, people, they have infringed our children's 1st Amendment right to a free press! But, this article has to do with nonviolence. I guess we won't be beating any doors down, as our children are being trained like Pavlovian dogs or Soviet Communists to never defy authority. The point is we no longer have the nonviolent alternative of video-policing the police.

2004 saw police-state actions during protest demonstrations that were par for the Illuminati course. Remember WTO Seattle, 1999? Remember those young women sitting there defenseless as the black-clad goons peppered-sprayed them with continuous douses of odious chemical agents? That was Clinton's America, Democrats. An observation: the right to peaceably assemble is one of our 1st Amendment Rights, is it not? It has already been reported ad nauseam that the FBI and other intelligence groups have infiltrated peaceful organizations, on the right and left. It has also been documented that these spooks have hired provocateurs to incite riots, or simply to vandalize local property. This always leads to jack-booted thugs cracking skulls indiscriminately. I say this: Our 1st Amendment right to peaceably assemble exists until the moment we are no longer peaceful. Therefore, when a hooligan starts making trouble at a protest, constitutionally the police must only attempt to detain the offending person. To do otherwise is to overthrow God's granted rights to all humans, that they may get together for common causes. I also say that once law enforcement oversteps its bounds and denies the right to peaceably assemble, then we have a DUTY to stop those law enforcement officers. It becomes impossible to nonviolently protect our fellow humans from violence. This holds true in reverse - when a protestor attacks a cop who is not partaking in the madness, we must stop them, too. As this is an essay on nonviolence, I will not advocate physical force. However, unless presented with another milder alternative, I do not think it wrong to use physical force to stop one person from beating or maiming another. Indeed, it becomes incumbent upon us to do the right thing, which is necessarily rough and tumble. It is because humans normally do NOT get involved that our world is the way it is.

The following is an impartial list of infringements on the rights of Americans by the police state during Bush term #1. Mass random arrests occurred. Lawful and peaceful groups were infiltrated. Innocent masses were kept in substandard confinement, including behind Constantine and barbed wire. MassivelyTazer armed helicopters were deployed to provide military support in U. S. cities. Video and audio surveillance was used in Orwellian fashion on an unprecedented scale. Homes were invaded and pilfered. Curfews were enforced. Cameras were confiscated. People were beaten. Several Americans died due to police using "non-lethal" weapons. Cops indiscriminately used tazers, stun guns, mace, rubber bullets on crowds and individuals. The first week of November 2004 saw a military tank standoff with demonstrators in Los Angeles. It is the first time in my lifetime that a tank has been used inside America (that I recall). How much longer until they use real bullets? The mainstream media completely blacked out these occurrences.

As much as I agree with using direct action; or, the more I desire to physically resist the New World Order; I remember what has been proven true over and over again. It was Jefferson who said that the Tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants every generation or so. In actuality, if we were to overthrow the N.W.O.-controlled U.S. government by physical, violent means, we would only be securing our new society's future, bloody demise. Every revolution, every community, every country that begins violently must end violently.

Douglas O. Linder wrote an excellent article pertaining to '60's radicals Abbie Hoffman and company called "The Chicago Seven Conspiracy Trial". He noted the several methods employed by these Allen Ginsbergprotestors to protect against police brutality. Linder notes: "The first significant confrontations between demonstrators and protestors occurred; some people were tear-gassed. A more serious confrontation was avoided when poet Allen Ginsberg led demonstrators out of Lincoln Park "Om-ing" (chanting 'Ommmmm')".

And that is what we should do. I have never protested, being too paranoid and inherently anti-collectivist. This year, however, I will go just to do what I am about to write. Whenever the police become aggressive, let us simply send out an aura of Love and sing "Kumbaya". "Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya." It sounds hokey, but just imagine the headlines (through independent media). "Police mace protestors singing Kumbaya, my Lord."

Or, maybe we should just chant, "We love you, police man. God loves you. Allah loves you. Buddha loves you. Krishna loves you. We love you, policeman. God loves you!" And, just what if the police looked at each other, and couldn't do it? What a victory for peace and nonviolence that would be. We'll never know until we try. Imagine goofy Ginsberg Om-ing like a junky Buddhist, and the cops DON'T ATTACK! Might he have been on to something that can be scientifically proven?

Another way to peacefully defy United States tyranny is to cease paying taxes. During the first Bush term your taxes have been used to kill over 10,000 innocent Iraqis and more than 1,100 U.S. servicemen and women for a war that has been mismanaged, preemptive, based on CIA-innuendo, and a dismal failure. Your tax dollars have funded billions in no-bid contracts for Halliburton. This amount can be multiplied by the hundreds of Illuminati businesses that exist parasitically sucking the government's war teat. Your taxes have funded over 4 million abortion, says 2004 VP candidate for the Constitution Party, Chuck Baldwin. Even if you are pro-abortion, do you really want the government paying for them - overseas? Your taxes have been used to relax environmental protections. The Mother is being raped even as we speak; by massive conglomerates who rake in the dough murdering trees and foiling the alternative fuel industry at every turn. Most importantly, our money is being used to set up the police-state infrastructure of Homeland Security (enacted with bipartisan support) and FEMA (created through Executive Orders) with a little help from the PATRIOT Act, a total misnomer. The Act is very Unpatriotic. I am not saying that you should withhold your taxes. That is illegal. It is illegal for us to NOT fund environmental slaughter, corporate welfare, abortions, imperialistic war, and our own police-state apparatus. We have created a Society of Death, Victimization, Sloth, and Suspicion.

Did I mention that we are forced to fund the drugging of children? Yes, taxes have paid for Ritalin, an Ritalinamphetamine, given to our school kids. The kid-doping project is being expanded. Bigger, better amphetamines are being fed to our American Air Force pilots (and other servicemen). The admitted side effect of giving children speed is that they become suicidal. Suicidal tendency is a symptom of Ritalin use. The admitted side effect of giving pilots speed is disorientation. No wonder British troops were fired upon and killed by drugged out American fighters hopped up on speed and disoriented from less than three or four hours sleep a day for weeks. Some pilots become addicted to drugs being dealt by the government. Many kids become lifelong addicts, and prescription drug addicts, off the biggest dealer, the Food and Drug Administration. As of today, 24 November 2004, the Freedom Initiative has passed both Houses and awaits Bush's signature to become law. This will set up mandatory psychological testing of all children and pregnant women. Congressman Ron Paul's addition, which would have allowed parents to refuse testing for their children, was not included in the final bill.

Refusing to take speed, or refusing to let your child take speed, is another way to fight the New World Order. Admittedly, you will no longer fly jets if you refuse to take the U.S. Military's "crank". The government seems to want to force you to allow your children to be put on amphetamines and psychotropic. But, if you voluntarily use speed to work your eighteen hour-a-day job so you can pay the taxes AND bills, you could get 25 years in prison. MSNBC reported the following: "Public school administrators, long the enthusiastic supporters of a 'Just Say No' policy to drug use, appear to have a new motto for the parents of certain tiny soldiers in the War on Drugs: medicate or else!"

OK, so refusing to allow your child to be doped up by the government schools is not an option. Then, it is incumbent on parents to nonviolently react by home schooling. Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) gives us the facts on home schooling. The organization reminds us that this was America's primary education for children until the enforcement of public (government) schools. Also remember that the great American businessmen of the Gilded Age usually had less than an eighth grade education, but were phenomenal successes. Even average farmers could barely read, but owned land, property, homes, and had savings. Public schools indoctrinate ignorance. Compulsory public education is an important plank of the Communist Manifesto. It was the method used by Hitler to get thousands of German children to spy and inform on their parents. HSLDA: "Home school kids grades 1-4 perform one grade level higher than their public and private school counterparts! By grade 8, the average home school student performs four grade levels above the national average." The evilness of our government becomes apparent, does it not, which is the sole reason for HSLDA's existence. It is fact that school boards are issuing truancy and "failure to appear" warnings to intimidate home school parents into sending their kids back to the communistic, degenerative public school. Child Protective Services has infringed upon several parents' rights, especially the 4th Amendment. CPS has forced their way into homes, forced families to separate for questioning, including privately quizzing young kids without their mom or dad present. The U.N. Charter drastically reduces American parents' rights over their children, attempting to give those rights over to the Global State. Many rumors swirl that both CPS and the U.N. are involved in child slavery. I can't claim that as truth, but! And why did Bush sign us back into UNESCO?! Even the nonviolent alternative of home schooling will one day be illegal.

We are left with few options for nonviolent action. Are they trying to provoke us? We can't stop paying for criminal activity by tax revolting, or we go to jail. The government is trying to force us to keep kids in school, where they can pump them full of drugs that promote docility, suicidal thoughts, and emotional disorders. We can't videotape them. This is not to mention the vaccination operation. Vaccines have been consistently found to contain Mercury and other harmful, toxic chemicals. Reports show that Americans who took vaccines regularly are ten times more likely to get Alzheimer's than people who never took a shot. There are hundreds of other strange paradigms consistent with vaccinations.

What can we do about it? We are left with talking and writing. They have not been successful at stifling the primary spirit of the 1st Amendment, free speech. It is incumbent for all of us to talk to almost everyone we come into contact with. The goal is NOT to convert everyone. The goal is to plant a little seed against the New World Order in every brain. In the beating breast of every true American there rests a warrior, waiting to defend Liberty on the battlefield of Kings. We must build a fortress of human consciousness. We must learn to love each other. No longer can we be afraid to stand up against wrong. If you stand up against bad people in everyday life, it becomes easier to stand up against a "bad" government. Our society is not geared for this. You will come into many conflicts by standing up against daily American wrongdoing.

If we defeat the enemy in a bloody revolution (which is highly unlikely), we will have to use force to continue our existence. This will inevitably bring about succumbing to our own imperialistic urges. In turn, a revolution will be waged against us, no matter how ideal we started. If our Utopia is a nonviolent society - and I'm pretty sure I can speak for every intelligent person here - then we must birth it in nonviolence. Up to this point, no human being has been able to come up with a method, violent or nonviolent, of completely overthrowing the Elite, who have been in power since the first civilizations of Babylon and Egypt. This is where the experimentation of living modes by different cultures and peoples was abandoned and the hierarchical, slave-based model was enforced. In between then and now, several factions have risen and declined. Almost every one rose from the ashes of a coup; and almost every one was destructed by a coup.

We should attempt to avoid the same mistakes. This author shot his first gun at age four or five. I've been in fist fights, and played war games. I've used physical means in several different circumstances. But, I say that we must forsake that and sing "Kumbaya". Someone's crying, Lord, Kumbaya. We are crying. The Earth is being shattered, not by overpopulation, but by wholesale rape by the elite through their polluting corporations and their crusading militaries. Help us, Great Spirit, to sing the words Kumbaya, and that this act will gain us a victory. We mean no harm to anyone, not even Lord Rothschild or Lord Rockefeller. We only ask that they no longer be Lords, or that we may become Lords too.

I would like to reiterate one last thing. This is not race warfare. The races can and do live in harmony when government doesn't get involved in their affairs. Neither is this religious warfare. The Muslims - headed by the Assassins - and the Christians - led by the Knights Templar - were controlled by an earlier incarnation of the Freemasons - the Order of Zion - 1,000 years ago, as recorded in Holy Blood, Holy Grail. The secret societies have been pitting religions against each other since at least the first Crusades.

This is class warfare. On that, I agree with the Socialists. I only disagree with their plan of attack. Having the workers control and reap the rewards of their production is a wonderful concept that I strive for, too. In reality, if every person who made less than one million a year attacked everyone who made more, without ANY weapons, we would win. Waves upon waves of humans would die, but we would win. Better to win this through love, peace, and the acceptance of everyone's differences.

In the end, using your genetically, environmentally, and spiritually gained skills to further the causes of freedom and justice should be your only compass. With that compass, guide yourself toward our future of liberty, equality, and solidarity. Do not be afraid, brothers and sisters. If we do not prevail, our spirit will carry on in the next generation, and the next and the next. There is only one alternative to total enslavement: our victory against the forces of the New World Order. We must not win with bloodshed. This victory must be done with the mind and will, and with whatever Higher Power each of us may depend on.


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