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The Masonic Version of History and the Ultimate Deception
- by Wes Penre, June 30, 2004
(Posted here: June 30, 2004)

Wes PenreWhen you start pulling the strings in an attempt to find the truth behind layers of lies and deception, and you think you have peeled off enough layers to grasp the whole concept of the Secret Agenda, you soon find that you still have only touched the surface. The deception is so deep and well planned, that it is extremely hard to get to the bottom of it.

Take history as a great example. Things we learn in school, books we read, documentaries we watch; is this what really happened, or is it just lies and/or distortions of the truth? What is interesting is that the events and the persons we read about in the history books seem to coincide with the Agenda of the Illuminati. Also, the heroes of the past, the great artists, the conquerors, the scientists, the great inventors, the “humanitarians”, the classical musicians etc., seem to all be connected to one secret society or another. The list goes on and on. How come that the Great Men we learn about (and isn’t it interesting, most of them are men), being the people who brought civilization forwards, were almost all of them initiated in occult orders. Does this mean that only people who are members of secret societies can make big changes to the destiny of mankind? Certainly not. What we learn about is the Masonic version of history. What about all the great people who were NOT members of secret societies? Well, if they did not work towards the New World Order and the “Great Work of the Ages”, they were suppressed, killed or excluded from the history books. Left is the biased version of history that the Masons/Illuminati want us to believe in. Why? Because the past also helps them to build the present and the future. If all of us believe in the biased version of history, if that is all we know, then the logical continuation will be that most of us are willingly following the Illuminati toward their ultimate goal – only because it is logical, and few people even stop and think about it. It just falls naturally; because that is the way the flow goes.

So here they have a timeline; an illusion of reality, and a handpicked and subjective excerpt of what really happened, neatly put together in books and other widespread media to teach us nothing else but how the New World Order came into place. The rest, how brave men and women tried to resist evil, and how brilliant minds were trying to lead people to better lives have been conveniently excluded or biased in a way that those people look like the ‘bad guys’ (American Indians is a perfect example, Nicola Tesla another). Only because those TRUE heroes did not contribute to ringing in the New World Order.

Now comes the touchy part: religion! What about religion? What about the Bible? At least we have the Bible to fall back on, the Word of God, don’t we?

Or do we really? Let us think about it for a while. The rest of this article is pure speculation, but needs to be discussed, because there are indications pointing in this direction. If the Bible (and other Holy Scriptures from other religions as well) is just a blueprint for the Illuminati Agenda, how would that fit into the picture?

Right here many readers will probably start getting upset and think I have gone too far, but at least give it a chance and ponder it. I am not saying that what I suggest is the truth, the whole truth and The Second Comingnothing but the truth, but let us consider the idea for a while. The Christian society for example, considers the Bible being the Words of God and takes it literally. But if we look at it and dig a little deeper, we notice that the New Testament for one thing, is not unique. It seems like most cultures have a similar story to tell: how a savior was born from a virgin, later killed, arisen from the dead with a promise to return in the future (second coming). It repeats itself similarly all the way back to the story of Osiris, Isis and Horus – sounds more like occult symbolism instead of actual events. Also, we know for certain that the Bible has been severely tampered with. The King James Version (KJV) for example, was revised, and the revision was supervised by Francis Bacon among others, Bacon who was a high initiate in several secret societies, and a Grand Master of the Rosicrucian Order (another occult society). King James himself was a prominent Freemason (see specifically at the bottom of the page, underlined). Christians dispute this whole-heartedly, but the evidence speaks for itself, in this case the source comes from the Freemasons themselves.

And what about the Book of Revelations? I don’t know how many Christians have sent emails to me and praised my website,
Illuminati News, but almost always point out that there is nothing we can doKing James I about this, because it is written in the Bible that this will happen. Anti-Christ will rule for a short time before the Second Coming of Christ, and there will be rapture for the believers. There is no reason to intervene; things will sort themselves out as a part of Gods Great Plan, and the War is already won, because God has already defeated Satan. Unfortunately many people will suffer and die before peace comes, but this is inevitable. So the story goes.

What about if this is the ultimate deception? What about if the Bible is a symbolic, Illuminati blueprint, given to the people as a Holy Scripture, to follow literally? If this is true, what would the consequences be?

The consequences would be that the religious people of the world (quite a big percentage) would fail to intervene, even if they saw the New World Order coming and understood the meaning of it. Religious wars would break out due to contradictions between religions and scriptures, and lots of people would die. Illuminati priests would lead the sheeple in the direction their man-made God(s) guide(s) them; toward death, fanatic sacrifice, and genocide. An “Anti-Christ” (a One World Dictator) would eventually be sat on the World Throne to rule, and still only a few people would intervene, because according to the scriptures the Anti-Christ will only rule for a short time before the Kingdom of Jesus will be a reality – 1,000 years of peace(1), and it is just a matter of waiting it out. Isn’t this what is actually happening, about to happen, and has been happening throughout history? Doesn’t this fit extremely well into the Illuminati Agenda, where religion keeps us in check and becomes a brilliant tool for keeping the population down for easier control, no matter WHICH religion you belong to, as they are all man-made?

Now, regarding Christianity. What about if this is what they WANT us to believe: the Anti-Christ will rise momentarily but will be defeated, followed by 1,000 years of peace? How about if there will be no rapture and the World Dictator will be sat on the throne to rule over a United World without borders, in an ultimate dictatorship? When Christians and others realize they have been deceived, it is too late. The Illuminati have already taken over.

Here many Christians would object and say that the Illuminati hate Christians and their goal is to destroy the Christian religion and kill all Christians. True, but don’t they have to? If they invented the religion in the first place, a part of the propaganda would be just that – to hate Christians. This makes the whole scenario look more real. I don’t believe that the Illuminati hate Christians more than they hate everybody else.

The Bible warns us about ‘False Prophets’ in the End Times. To Christians I would probably be one of them. However, still considering the Bible being an Illuminati blueprint and a symbolic writing, wouldn’t that be a good thing for the Illuminati to warn believers about: people like me who’s only purpose is to try and expose the Enemy and find some truth, to be considered a ‘False Prophet’ so that hopefully no one will listen? Keeps the people under continuous control, doesn’t it? Or rather, they have US control EACH OTHER, so THEY don’t even have to bother with it that much; like puppets we follow their instructions exactly per the book. In the meantime the Illuminati in their arrogance, without any significant resistance, can continue their ‘Great Work of the Ages’, free from any serious interruptions and distractions.

Personally, I believe there is a God, or a creative, collective force we may call God,  above all this mess. However, I don’t think we can find "Him" in any of the Earthly religions, but rather on individuals journeys inside ourselves..


(1) Even Hitler talked about a 1,000 years of peace in the Third Reich. Also, the Globalists talk about creating a World of Peace under a One World Government. Is this the 1,000 years of peace the Bible is ACTUALLY talking about?

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