Torture Is In Vogue!
Physical and Psychological Torture, Everyone's Doing It
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay
(Posted here by Wes Penre, Nov 16, 2004)

Hazel W.M. McKinlayIt's all the rage… physical and psychological torture, everyone's doing it, Sudan, Nepal, Uzbekistan and of course, America.

Fort Bragg Special (Satanic) Forces have perfected this dark art and brag about blasting ‘Barney’ on an endless loop to captives, “I love you, you love me…” Can you feel the love from C Company psy-ops division? They practice staring at a test subject with the ‘evil-eye’ and by remote thought transference, (growling inside) inflict three levels of torture on the victim; abject fear, sickening and death. Hamsters fall off their wheels and goats keel over, dead… but they required human guinea pigs, so guess where they found them? Guantanamo Bay Experimental Interrogation Lab!

The First Earth Battalion Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Jim Channon, a (smug) Vietnam vet, devised ‘New Age’ psychic techniques for enabling platoons to “attain the power to pass through objects, bend metal with the mind, walk on fire, calculate faster than a computer, stop their own heart with no ill effects, see into the future and hear other people's thoughts.” Jim was contacted by Donald Rumsfeld and the Joint Chiefs of Staff to see if this hocus-pocus could be used to coerce insurgents. The result was abominable images from Abu Ghraib, which include ritualistic sex abuse and supersede Auswitzch!

How can we continue to profess indignation for Nazi atrocities when the USA is surpassing them? Torture has always been something the progressive, civilized world reeled against and getting satisfaction from Sadism is not intelligence gathering, it’s sick! Our troops are becoming blind advocates of Satanism, a recognized ‘religion’ in the Military. If the UN itself is a Luciferian body, there is no just authority to monitor sub-human activities; therefore the Invasion Force can do no wrong, however heinous, in the ‘War on Terror’ and the wicked will prosper, while innocents suffer.

As we are fed intravenous Schwarzenegger in his frenzied rise to power, a carbon-copy of Hitler, even Quasimodo could hear the alarm bells ringing, “the bells..!” When Arnie vows to “terminate terror” from his pedestal, subliminal audio frequencies in Kris Kristoferson’s greatest hits will drown out dissent by suggesting, “submit, submit...” Retired Colonel John Alexander, engaged in CIA ‘strategic mindwars’ denies any such sound technology exists and call’s it “ET conspiracy theories” although acoustic attack is listed in his non-lethal weapons operation manual.

For the sake of any remaining modicum of morality, we must beseech Amnesty International to denounce these grotesque human rights violations and insist the perpetrators of crimes against humanity are called to account, but then, we find that America alone is exempt from prosecution in the World Court. Where else can that leave us but on the brink of a mass orgy of killing by Homeland Security? Unless we revolt, planet Earth is doomed and there is no-one left to help… except the Angels. If ever there was a time for Divine intervention in the affairs of mankind, it is now!

* * *

Crazy Rulers of the World

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