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April 2005:

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 Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day":
Theodore Roosevelt, April 19, 1906


Please Be Aware Of the Illuminati Agenda Before You Lose Faith In Your Country!
- by Wes Penre, May 10, 2004 -


A Spiritual Solution to the New World Order
- by Wes Penre, January 24, 2005 -


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April 30

Republican Infiltration in Gary Allen’s Nixon
- Gary Allen’s tale of Leftward Drift, although similar to Bush’s, is important because it reveals how the Internationalists who seek One World Government, already doctrinally-aligned with the Democrats, finally took over the Republican Party and turned them into the “less Socialist” Party.  Allen is an historian.  Let us use his version of it to show that, truly, History does repeat itself. -
- by Erik Fortman -
[Archived here: Politics and Guest Writers]

The CIA Created the Drug Culture
- In the 1950's, the CIA experimented with LSD for use in interrogation and as a weapon. In the 1960's they used this weapon to divert idealistic Americans from the path of social action to one of introspection and self-gratification, i.e. "spiritual liberation." They neutralized my generation by turning angry protesters into "flower children," pushing drugs and preaching "peace and love." -
- by Henry Makow, Ph.D, Apr 30, 2005 -
[Archived here: Drugs]

Schwarzenegger Praises Minutemen
- Schwarzenegger's method of closing the borders is to support Bush's guest worker program, which is blanket amnesty. It just makes all the illegals legal. This is akin to the police saying they've found a way to eliminate murder in the United States.....by legalizing murder. -
- Newsmax/PrisonPlanet, Apr 29, 2005 -
[Archived here: Politics]

Bush White House Gay Sex Scandal Stars Jeff Gannon
- The Bush White House gay sex scandal heats up, as new revelations show that fake reporter and male prostitute Jeff Gannon "slept over" on numerous occasions at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. -
- ConspiracyPlanet.com -
[Archived here: Politics]

New Revelations About White House's Gay Hustler
- (Washington) Despite assurances by the Bush Administration that the gay hustler who posed as a journalist was given only limited access to the White House new evidence shows that over a two year period he visited 196 times. -
- 365gay.com -
[Archived here: Politics]

Pope Was Investigating Knights Templar
The new Pope, Benedict XVI, was actively investigating secret societies including the Knights Templar and the Illuminati, it was revealed yesterday. Details were exposed by a local newspaper in Hertfordshire, England. Cardinal Ratzinger was head of the Inquisition, the arm of the Church set up to investigate, persecute or eliminate heretics. But the curious thing is, we now know that he started his investigation shortly before he was elected as the new Pope. Did he know something? He certainly made no secret of his ambition to become Pope. -
- The Insider, Apr 30, 2005 -
[Archived here: The Illuminati]


April 29

The Story of Anthony L. Hargis:

Locked Out Of the Courthouse
- ...Anthony is a writer and offered his customers a kind of banking service. The government wanted to investigate Anthony to determine whether or not he was organizing “abusive tax shelters”; and asked Anthony to turn-over all records pertaining to his customers.  Anthony explains that he gives no tax advice; and has never helped anyone organize a tax shelter of any kind, whether abusive or not.  Se, he suspected the government actually wanted to intimidate his supporters, and refused to turn-over his records; so the government jailed him. -
[Archived here: New World Order]

The Crime Of [Anthony L. Hargis]
- In our initial complaint we (six plaintiffs) asserted, among other facts, that we were ‘preamble citizens.’ The government responded, (a) ‘in order for plaintiffs to carry their case, they must establish that they are preamble citizens’ and (b) ‘there is no such thing as a preamble citizen.’ Stop. Do you comprehend what the government asserted? If there are no “preamble citizens,” there are no parties to the federal contract.  Please, focus your thoughts, and contemplate the meaning and consequences of this assertion. -
[Archived here: New World Order]

The American Inquisition
- The Supreme Court has recognized, in a fabricated case, that, if the government gives money to a man, it improves the man’s general welfare; but the Court failed to examine the other side of this coin: if anyone takes money from a man (we discuss taking – not trading), the process subtracts from his general welfare.  The same applies to a city, a state, and a nation. -
[Archived here: New World Order]

The Money of Cannibalism
- The services offered by Anthony L. Hargis & Co. represent an alternative to those offered by the Federal Reserve System.  Do we need such an alternative?  Are we engaged in a game here?  Or, are we engaged in an attempt to avert the extinction of the American People? -
[Archived here: New World Order]

The Right of Revolution
- In other words – and note these words carefully – if Americans have a grievance, they have a constitutionally protected right to withhold their taxes.  But, there is a major problem here; knowledge of this right has been lost for more than two hundred years. -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Fires That Cry
- A Review of Fairies, the First Industry and Political Correctness; or the Genealogy of the New World Order -
[Archived here: New World Order]


Africa and Asia Push for 'New World Order'
- African and Asian leaders, representing two-thirds of the global population, met in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Friday to discuss ways of achieving "a new world order". -
- Mail & Guardian Online, April 22, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

C-Span Explodes 9/11 Truth Blackout! Will Broadcast David Griffin Talk Saturday
- Griffin's electrifying talk was recorded Monday night, April 18th, in Madison, Wisconsin. If you missed this historic moment-- the biggest lecture hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus overflowing with over 450 people who gave Griffin a thunderous standing ovation for charging the Bush-Cheney regime with orchestrating the 9/11 attacks--you'll have to see the video to believe it! And you won't believe the local media coverage either. Scroll down and do a double-take. -
- nyc.indymedia.org, Apr 27, 2005 -
[Archived here: 9/11]


April 28

My FAQ Page Has Been Updated:
Frequently Asked Questions
- by Wes Penre -

Illuminism - The Occult Force behind Globalization
- Today, on April 17, 2005, I completed my E-Book which you can download here for free. It is called "Illuminism - The Occult Force behind Globalization" and is basically an attempt to compile the articles I have been writing on the subject of the New World Order for this website. -
- E-Book by Wes Penre, April 17, 2005 -
[Archived here: E-Books]


April 27

Sexual Abuse and Mind Control at Napa State Hospital
- The Napa Sentinel, a local newspaper, has full knowledge of NSH past and up-to-date rampant sex abuses and drug use. There was a time in the 1980's when most of all the psyche staff at NSH used marijuana and smoked it with the clients there... -
- by Wes Penre, April 27, 2005 -
[Archived here: Mind Control and Articles by Wes Penre]

Pope 'Obstructed' Sex Abuse Inquiry
- Pope Benedict XVI faced claims last night he had 'obstructed justice' after it emerged he issued an order ensuring the church's investigations into child sex abuse claims be carried out in secret. The order was made in a confidential letter, obtained by The Observer, which was sent to every Catholic bishop in May 2001. -
- The Observer Int., Apr 24, 2005 -
[Archived here: Religions & Religious War and Mind Control]

Opus Dei in the United States
- To its critics it is a powerful, even dangerous, cult-like organization that uses secrecy and manipulation to advance its agenda. At the same time, many Catholics admit knowing little about this influential group. -
- Americamagazine.org, Feb 25, 1995 -
[Archived here: The Illuminati]

The Order of the Garter
- The Oldest and Highest British Order of Chivalry, founded in 1348 by Edward III. The Order consists of Her Majesty The Queen who is Sovereign of the Order, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and 24 Knights Companions.(Inner Core of The Committee of 300 also Knights of the Garter).
- Chemtrailpatrol.com -
[Archived here: The Illuminati]


April 26

NWO Criminalizes, Locks Down Children
- First they took the power to discipline away from the teachers, then they put Coke and Twinkie machines every 15 feet in the schools. The children started bouncing off the walls. The ritalin and prozac was brought forward as the solution to the problem created by the social architects at the Department of Education who knew exactly what they were doing. -
- Infowars.com, April 25, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]


April 24-25

The World's CEO, the Beast, and the Mark of the Beast Defined
He will pull the same stunts as Rome's Nero did by setting fire to Rome (causing terrorist event) and also Hitler's firing of the Reichtag building (causing terrorist event) and also  what the military leaders almost did as featured in the article you read earlier called 'Friendly Fire'. The pattern was to put the blame on someone else in all these situations so they can increase their police power. The pattern is set and this man will also follow this same pattern. Expect most of the so-called pastors/priests to state that the implant is definitely not the mark of the beast. -
- by R. Sword from his "The Adepts of Deceit" -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Canada: Class Action Accuses Banks of Illegal Creation of Money
- John Ruiz Dempsey, criminologist and forensic litigation specialist filed a class action suit on behalf of the People of Canada alleging that financial institutions are engaged in illegal creation of money, reports Tom Kennedy, a Canadian activist for economic reform. -
- Sepp Hasslberger, April 19, 2005 -
[Archived here: Paper Money]

9/11 - All Proof You Need
- If you have any doubts at all about the official 9/11 story, then the answers to these questions are all the proof you need that something is very, very wrong! -
- tvnewslies.org -
[Archived here: 9/11]

Visitations Mind Control
- This is links from the "wayback machine", which means most of those mind control links are not on the regular Internet anymore, but can be read here in the "Web Archives". I suggest you download and save important information to your hard drive. We don't know for how long this information will be available at all. Wes Penre -
[Archived here: Mind Control]


April 22

A Balanced View of Popes Part 1
- Before he became Pope, he was Papal Nuncio in Berlin. Some contend he was supportive of the rise of Adolf Hitler. For some years before, during, and after World War Two, he was Pope Pius 12th. -
- by Sherman H. Skolnick -
[Archived here: Religions & Religious Wars]

[Nazi Popes] - A Balanced View of Popes - Part 2
- A well-informed author on the topic of the Vatican, is reportedly coming out with a well put together book, showing that the late Pope John Paul 2nd worked for the Nazi Gestapo in Poland during World War Two. He rounded up Polish Resistance Fighters and turned them over to the Nazis who had them shot, so the book contends. Some. however, survived. -
by Sherman H. Skolnick -
[Archived here: Religions & Religious Wars]

Ratzinger and Pedophilia in the Church
- Ratzinger is also the author of a May 2001 letter to bishops stating that the "Crimine solicitationies" law (regarding strict secrecy in sex abuse cases) is still in effect. -
- Dailycos.com -
[Archived here: Religions & Religious Wars]

Priestly Sin, Cover-Up
[NOTE: This is from 2002]
- [Regarding sexual abuse in the Catholic Church] The accusers say Vatican-based Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who heads the Vatican office to safeguard the faith and the morals of the church, quietly made the lawsuit go away and shelved it. There was no investigation and the accusers weren't asked a single question or asked for a statement. -
- ABC News, May 3, 2002 -
[Archived here: Religions & Religious Wars]

New Asian-African Partnership for Better World Order: South African Minister
[This is the plan: The Illuminati want the living standard in the 3rd world countries to increase and the living standard in the developed countries to decrease, so it all levels out to a low standard under a One World Government. Wes Penre]
- "The New Asia-Africa Strategic Partnership (NAASP) is aimed at improving the welfare of both Asians and Africans and is underpinned by principles that recognize the equality of all nations, and promote respect for sovereignty and the right to self- determination." -
- People's Daily Online, Apr 20, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

The Ultimate US Government Mind Control Programs
- NOW they are using implants and directed energy weapons on a large national scale and we are here to expose their activities of using them on men, women and children. -
- us-government-torture.com -
[Archived here: Mind Control]

John Mecca

Secret Angel
- An independent inventor with 6 U.S. registered patents to his name, John Mecca focuses not only on space technology, medical devices but primarily in design for the national defense, the inventions are to promote the health and survival of human beings in an era of unchecked technology. Born in New York, John Mecca taught himself the foundative points of the sciences. The web site www.secretangel.tv was created in November 2003 in an effort to educate the American public as well as government as to abuses of power in elite agencies technological sectors allowing the virtual unlimited output of electromagnetic spectrum energies. -
- secretangel.tv -
[Archived here: Mind Control]


April 21

The Bush Family and their illuminati Rituals
- Pictured above: Luciferian George W. Bush, participating in the Olympic ceremony on the Winter Solstice, is standing next to the cauldron (symbolizing the craft), accepting the torch (which signifies illumination of the ancient mysteries) from an Olympic runner. -
- Poweredbychrist.homestead.com -
[Archived here: Occultism]

History of the Nazi Salute
- The Nazi salute has been traced to Rome, NY. The straight-arm salute began in the city of Rome in the state of New York, and not in Rome, Italy, according to a new book "Swastikas, Holocausts, Nazis & the USA" -
- by Rex Curry, Attorney at Law -
[Archived here: New World Order]

John Bolton: Another Mentally Unstable Megalomaniac
[Anybody wondering why so many weird people are promoted for high positions? We need to ask ourselves: Is that really a coincidence??? ]
- As John Bolton awaits confirmation for his post as UN ambassador, a nomination opposed even by some Republicans, his true nature is being revealed. -
- PrisonPlanet.com, Apr 21, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]


April 20

Einstein Letter Warning Of Zionist Fascism In Israel
- Letter That Albert Einstein Sent to the New York Times
1948, Protesting the Visit of Menachem Begin -
- pulpnonfiction.blogspot.com -
[Archived here: The Illuminati]

The Origin of Freemasonry: The Crusaders & Templars
- The common perception of the majority of historians of Freemasonry is that the origin of the organization goes back to the Crusades. In fact, though Masonry was only officially established and recognized in England in the early eighteenth century, the roots of the organization do reach back to the Crusades in the twelfth century. At the center of this familiar tale is an order of crusaders called the Knights Templar or the Templars. -
- by Harun Yahya -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]

Eyewitnesses Say American Troops are Masquerading as IDF in Israel
- On March 24 /05 Eliazar (a dear believing friend) called me from his cell phone. He was on his way back to Jerusalem from Ashdod. He called and said "Simantov you would not believe what I am looking at here on the Highway coming out of Ashdod. There is a convoy of American jeeps and military equipment that is miles long. Coming into Israel." What is going on? -
- Educate-Yourself.org, Apr 10, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Papal Hopeful is a Former Hitler Youth
- Unknown to many members of the church, however, Ratzinger’s past includes brief membership of the Hitler Youth movement and wartime service with a German army anti- aircraft unit. -
- The Sunday Times, Apr 17, 2005 -
[Archived here: Religions & Religious Wars]

Pulp Non Fiction
- "Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth." Picasso. VERY LIBERAL WORKS of ART. Banned from Democratic Underground Banned from Rumor Mills News Banned from The Smirking Chimp Banned from CNN Message Boards Banned from Media Monitors Net -
- Pulpnonfiction.blogspot.com -
[Archived here: Links]


April 19

The Witch Hunt on Alternative Medicine (Revisited)
- In the mid 1970's President James E. Carter signed a Rockefeller document called the "Global 2000 Report". The basic intention with this report was to reduce the American population to 10% the current level, and the CFR's [Council on Foreign Relations] insider newsletter has expressed its' intents to help that process along in the USA to about 45% current population levels. The agenda is very much on its way through immune-whacking vaccines they injected in us when we were children. -
[Archived here: Health and Articles by Wes Penre]

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (Revisited)
- For all intents and purposes, this document has "come to pass," much as
Henry Ford, Sr. said the Protocols (regardless of their veracity) applied to
the events of his day. -
- by William Cooper -
[Archived here: Mind Control]


April 18

Illuminism - The Occult Force behind Globalization
- Today, on April 17, 2005, I completed my E-Book which you can download here for free. It is called "Illuminism - The Occult Force behind Globalization" and is basically an attempt to compile the articles I have been writing on the subject of the New World Order for this website. -
- E-Book by Wes Penre, April 17, 2005 -
[Archived here: E-Books]

Wanting Truth
- If you really think about it , why are some people afraid of the truth?  I have given this much thought and as difficult as this is for me to say, I think that somewhere deep down inside AND contrary to what they may say, they think that this world is all there is, and for them to accept how screwed up it is, well, it leaves them empty. -
- by H.P. -
[Archived here: Spiritual Solutions and Guest Writers]

The Nature of Zionism
- What is Zionism? -
- by Vladimir Stepin -
[Archived here: The Illuminati]

US Regime Caught Secretly Sells Arms to Most Brutal Regimes
- The Bush administration has been accused of ignoring its own arms embargo and overseeing the sale of $7m-worth (£3.7m) of weapons to the Haitian government to equip its police force. -
- The Insider, Apr 18, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]


April 17

A Wake-Up Call for the Sane Majority
- Are you surprised to learn that people called conservatives would quote Joseph Stalin? Yes, that Joseph Stalin, the former Soviet dictator and mass murderer. And no, I am not making this up. It happened recently at a Washington conclave held by something called the Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration. -
- NWAnews.com, Apr 13, 2005 -
[Archived here: Religions & Religious Wars]

Report: California "Energy Crisis" II - Energy Giants Banking on Environmental Disaster
- California State officials now acknowledge that power companies withheld more than enough power to have averted the blackouts, and they did it to drive up prices and profits. In fact, CBS News reported, federal investigators have power plant control room audio tapes of traders from Williams Energy telling plant operators to "turn off the juice." -
- TruthOut, Apr 13, 2005 -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous]

Zionist Fox Guards American Henhouse
- A "protection racket" is a scam whereby an aggressor instigates an attack, blames it on a bogeyman, and then offers to protect the victim from this bogeyman in return for money and power. The "War on Terror" is a protection racket. The aggressor is the world financial elite based in the City of London. The instrument is the Zionist project, specifically the Mossad and its US allies. -
- by Henry Makow, Ph.D., Apr 16, 2005 -
[Archived here: The Illuminati]


April 16


Chip Implants Already Here
- Reporting technology currently in place which eventually could be used when the edict is issued to take the mark of the beast in the right hand or in the forehead in order to buy or sell or be killed. Are you ready to "Get Chipped"? -
- greaterthings.com -
[Archived here: Microchipping]

A Short History Of Secret US Human Biological Experimentation (Revisited)
- 1931 Dr. Cornelius Rhoads, under the auspices of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations, infects human subjects with cancer cells. He later goes on to establish the U.S. Army Biological Warfare facilities in Maryland, Utah, and Panama, and is named to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. While there, he begins a series of radiation exposure experiments on American soldiers and civilian hospital patients... -
- healthnewsnet.com -
[Archived here: Technology & Science]

FEB - The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive
- 400 Swedish Electro-Hypersensitives witness at WHO-seminar in [The] Prague
- feb.se -
[Archived here: Health]

Sensitivity to EMF Radiation
- Parents Alarmed over RFID at California School -
- EMF Canada -
[Archived here: Health]

The EMR Network
- Citizens and Professionals for the Responsible Use of Electromagnetic Radiation -
- emrnetwork.org -
[Archived here: Health and Links]

SAN FRANCISCO - Bid to Sue over LSD Rejected
- A federal judge has tentatively ordered dismissal of a $12 million lawsuit against the U.S. government, filed by a former deputy marshal who said he was unknowingly drugged with LSD as part of a CIA mind-control program before trying to hold up a San Francisco bar nearly a half century ago. -
- SFGate.com, Apr 13, 2005 -
[Archived here: Mind Control]

Method of Embedding and Recovering Encoded Item Identification Information in an Emulsion by Means of Radiant Energy
- This process and apparatus induces an artificial quantity of a number of sequentially tuned discreet frequencies, in specific bandwidths and timeframes, into an encoded composition target of a number of receptive elemental resonators, not present in natural formations, which respond in kind, with programmed user formulation, by emitting combinations of intelligent pulses at corresponding specific frequencies and time periods. -
- US Patents Website -
[Archived here: Patents]


April 15

Rumsfeld’s Mission to Baghdad: Keeping Saddam’s Secret Police in Power
- The Pentagon envisions a gradual reduction in US troop levels until American forces are able to withdraw to fortified bases and allow Iraqi puppet forces to carry out day-to-day repression. -
- by Bill van Auken, Apr 13, 2005 -
[Archived here: Iraq War]

George Bush, The CIA, Mind Control & Child Abuse
- At least one of King’s young prostitutes reported that at one party, she saw George Bush pay King and then depart with a young black man. The President was a pedophile and involved in a pedophile ring, the story had to be squashed at all cost. King is currently serving fifteen years for the failure of the Franklin Credit Union. At least two of his victims have been wrongly imprisoned for refusing to recant their testimony. Meanwhile pedophiles like George Bush are free and able to abuse other children all in the name of national security. -
- spiriton.com -
[Archived here: Mind Control]


April 14

Secret Archives of the Vatican
- You would think that the Vatican's Secret Archives would be some dumb conspiracy theory. I mean, it sounds ridiculous. The Vatican's Secret Archives. Let it roll off your tongue. Surely, we're into serious conspiracy weirdness here. -
- www.rotten.com -
[Archived here: Religions & Religious Wars]

Print Crackdown on Gosch/Gannon Inquiry? (or ''Jeff Gannon's Background)
- The alternative weekly paper that published the Gannon/Gosch piece closed its doors the day the story came out and will not print another issue. -
- LibertyThink.com, Apr 7, 2005 -
[Archived here: Occultism]


April 13

Chinese Begin to Worry U.S. Militarily
- ZHANJIANG, China When the flagship of the U.S. Navy's 7th Fleet came into view on a recent Monday afternoon, a Chinese naval band onshore quickly began playing as two rows of Chinese sailors snapped into formation and workers hurriedly finished tacking down a red carpet. -
- Herald Tribune, Apr 8, 2005 -
[Archived here: Wars Towards a New World Order]

U.S. War Veterans and American Hypocrisy
- America's economy is truly a war economy.  The fiscal year 2005 war budget is over $420 billion, the highest in our history.  It is 8 times higher than China's, a country with the second largest military expenditures. -
- by Erik Fortman, April 13, 2005 -
[Archived here: Guest Writers]


April 11

The Rothschild Dynasty
(Condescend from "Descent Into Slavery" by Des Griffin, Chapter Five)
- Over the years in the United States, the international bankers have come in for a great deal of criticism by a wide variety of individuals who have held high offices of public trust - men whose opinions are worthy of note and whose responsibilities placed them in positions where they knew what was going on behind the scenes in politics and high finance... -
-Hidden Mysteries -
[Archived here: Banking]

Aerial Spraying Over Our Cities - Part 1
- An aerial spraying program (pesticides/chemicals) without public awareness or warning is currently underway in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. All agencies contacted - federal, state and local - deny any knowledge of this spraying. Only populated areas are covered (residential, schools, recreational areas) with the likelihood that all cities/populated areas are included in this clandestine program. -
- Rense.com., Apr 7, 2005 -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous]

Biography of Wes Penre
- Ever since I was a little kid I was wondering why people couldn't get along, and why there were so many wars going on. Couldn't people just get angry with each other for a while and then sit down and negotiate? And even if they didn't come to an agreement, was it really necessary to kill innocent people because of that? -
- by Wes Penre, April 11, 2005 -
[Archived here: Articles By Wes Penre]


April 10

Saint's Prophecy: Only Two Popes Remain
- The pope who then follows this choice in the Chair of St. Peter will be the last pope, and after his reign Rome will be destroyed. -
- NewsMax, Apr 3, 2005 -
[Archived here: Occultism]

Prophecy on Pope Fulfilled by Eclipses?
- In an eerie coincidence, John Paul II was the only known pope to be born on the day of a solar eclipse. But the prophetic link doesn't end there. Pope John Paul II will be buried this Friday during another solar eclipse. -
- NewsMax -
[Archived here: Occultism]


April 9

U.S. Intel Once Considered Causing Huge Quake
- Months before the end of World War II, an American intelligence agency launched a top-secret project aimed at devising ways to trigger massive earthquakes and tsunamis that would wreak havoc among enemy civilian populations, recently uncovered documents reveal. -
- WoldNet Daily, Apr 8, 2005 -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous]

The Hypocrisy of David Horowitz
- Usually I don't praise a man I am calling a dupe and hypocrite but David Horowitz is doing invaluable work. -
- Henry Makow, Ph.D., April 9, 2005 -
[Archived here: The Illuminati]

The Pope Who Revived the Office of the Inquisition
There will be few voices such as mine raised on the occasion of Wojtila's death, but someone must speak the truth. Much of what I say here will be new (perhaps even surprising) to non-Catholics. -
- by Jim Connolly -
[Archived here: New World Order]


April 7-8

Super-Volcano Explosion Drama on Discovery Channel on April 10
[Flash Video]
[If the video doesn't play, download this plug-in:
- Immunotex.com -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous and Multimedia]

Now Read This:

Yellowstone Volcano: Is "the Beast" Building to a Violent Tantrum?
- New sensors have allowed researchers to confirm a suspicion that Smith has held for a long time: that the ancient volcano scientists dub "the beast" is a living force. The instruments record a continuing pattern of heaving and bulging and act as an early warning system. -
- National Geographic News, Aug 30, 2001 -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous]

Yellowstone Supervolcano Getting Ready To Blow Its Cork
- It's worse than we are being told... -
- Earthmountainview.com., March 24, 2005 -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous]

And Now Consider This:

Oil Shale
[Just like Atlantis was destroyed from a super volcano, this country has one too. Interesting that the USA has been referred to as the New Atlantis... R. Sword, author of "The Adepts of Deceit, Vol's 1-2"]
- The Strategic Oil Reserve is located in the same area as the most lethal volcanoes. This, pardon the pun, is just going to add fuel to an already super-hot fire -
- Worldenergy.org -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous]

* * *

Pope's Last Words Were Not Amen
- Christians say Amen at the end of every prayer, but few of them understand why. Moses was raised in ancient Egypt, and Amen (also called Ra or Amen-Ra) is the name of the highest ancient Egyptian deity -- God himself. Moses prayed to Amen and his successors have addressed their prayers to Him ever since. -
- The Insider, Apr 8, 2005 -
[Archived here: Religions And Religious Wars]

Keeping It In The Family: The Bushes And The Nazis
- Journalist John Buchanan discusses how his research led him to uncover the deep and historical ties between the Bush family and the Nazi war machine. Buchanan's endeavors led to highly respected newspapers such as the London Guardian covering the story. -
- Infowars.com -
[Archived here: Politics and Multimedia]

Some Underground Bases Listed by State
- Having finally busted the underground base complex around Fallon, Nevada, last summer with Dodeca Richard, we'll have a good test bed for busting a similar-sized major underground facility. It took several visits by several people to entirely do that complex and we used about 30 gallons of orgonite before every trace of DOR was absent from the atmosphere. I expect we could have done the entire thing in a day or two with a couple of gallons or less of orgonite if it were used in the form of Earthpipes, but we'll soon see if my hunch pans out. -
- Educate Yourself -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous]

[H.P.] Lovecraft and the Mad Arab Tale
- Born on August 20, 1890, Howard Phillips Lovecraft would come to exert an impact on the literary world that dwarfs his initial successes with Weird Tales magazine in 1923. He died, tragically, at the age of 46 on March 15, 1937, a victim of cancer of the intestine and Bright's Disease. -
- The Reptilian Agenda -
[Archived here: Occultism]


April 6

How to Say No to the New World Order
- Living in a society saturated with values and ideas serving the rule of money, what can be done? The key to resisting the combined forces of the Corporate One World Order is an alternative worldview. -
- Axis of Logic.com -
[Archived here: Solutions]

Bush Senior Proposed That Pope John Paul II Become "The Chaplain Of The New World Order"
- According to the article posted below [from CNN], Bush senior proposed that Pope John Paul II become "the chaplain of the New World Order," and The Pope himself used his 2004 New Year Address to call for a New World Order. -
- Infowars.com., Apr 4, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Press Release - PHOENIX EVENTS
- The Disclosure Project (www.DisclosureProject.org), a non-profit research group in Washington DC, has identified over 400 top-secret government military and related whistle-blowers to UFO events and projects and will be presenting this evidence in Murdock lecture hall #101, on the Tempe campus of Arizona State University, on Friday evening, April 22, 2005. -
- Disclosure Project -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous]

[Some Background to the Above Phoenix Events:]

The Disclosure Project Video (Revisited)
- 400 witnesses step forward, willing to testify under oath before the Congress
regarding the UFO and Alien Cover-up. People who "were certain" that UFOs and aliens don't exist - even devoted Christians - who watched this movie changed their minds. The evidence is overwhelming! -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous]


April 5

Operation Terra
- A new revelation on Earth changes, ETs and End Times, and the journey to the new Earth, Terra -
- operationterra.com -
[Archived here: Links]

Operation North Woods
The 1962 U.S. government plant to carry out terrorist attacks against America and blame it on Cuba to gain support for an invasion. The plan is eerily similar to the September 11th terrorist attacks which sparked the war on terror. -
- What Really Happened -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Social Security: Socialism, Corporatism vs. Libertarianism
- Congressman Ron Paul sums up this whole affair in his sage-like manner.  Paul: "Hopefully Americans will realize that the notion of Social Security as an insurance program is a lie, and that Congress has not put their Social Security contributions into any trust fund". The Social Security crisis is a spending crisis. -
- by Erik Fortman -
[Archived here: New World Order and Guest Writers]

"The Resistance Manifesto"
Announces the Declaration of Resistance to the New World Order
[Archived here: New World Order and Solutions]

British Election Fraud Exposed by Judge
- An extensive and systematic fraud was carried out during the last year's election by agents of Prime Minister Tony Blair's political party, the "Labour Party", involving "intimidation", "bribery", "vote-buying", impersonation", and a "vote-forging factory" -- even the burning of opposition votes. -
- The Insider, April 5, 2005)
[Archived here: Politics]


April 4

? What Is Reality ?
- There is a difference between reality and perception. Reality is the energy that surrounds us and from this energy we individually form or create our perceptions. -
- by Gerardus -
[Archived here: Links]

A Talk by Edward Griffin, Author of "The Creature From Jekyll Island"
- I came to the conclusion that the Federal Reserve needed to be abolished for seven reasons. I'd like to read them to you now just so that you get an idea of where I'm coming from, as they say. I put these into the most concise phrasing that I can to make them somewhat shocking and maybe you'll remember them: -
- Bigeye.com -
[Archived here: Banking]


April 3

Debt Slavery: What the Bankruptcy Bill Could Do To You
- The U.S. Senate has passed a dream bill for credit card and financial service companies that, if passed by the House, will land millions of American families in debt slavery. -
- by David Swanson -
[Archived here: Banking]

Has Pope John Paul II Really Died?
- I’m not suggesting for a minute that there’s a conspiracy and the Pope has been spirited away to join the likes of Elvis. I’m simply asking you to consider the extent to which emotions can be whipped up within a short space of time, based only on an apparent announcement from the Vatican that the Pope has died. -
- Three World Wars, Apr 3, 2005 -
[Archived here: Media Control]

Preparing for the Worst
- As JFK once said, "The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining." So, as the storm clouds start brewing all around us, let's make sure the roof is in order, before it's too late. -
- Three World Wars -
[Archived here: Solutions]

Satan's Face in Current Events
- The USA was established by Masons to advance their New World Order. This sounds shocking but the evidence abounds. Masonic symbols are in plain view. -
- by Henry Makow, Ph.D., Apr 3, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

My Friends, Take Heart, Things Are Heating Up!
- Upon the close of this day there will be a stockpile of messages that will be delivered to the illuminati in the highest of their ranks that will disclose the benefits to their stepping down from their alleged powers and surrender to the Federation. -
- by Commander Hatonn, via Nancy Tate -
[Archived here: Spiritual Solutions]


April 2

Your "Christian" President
- How much longer will Christians make excuses for President Bush's blatantly anti-Christian policies and personal behavior? Is it simply the 'R' next to his political persuasion that causes Christians to cast a blind eye? -
- YourChristianPresident.com -
[Archived here: Politics and Links]

Democracy in Iraq. Where?
- It has never been a goal of George W. Bush, his administration, or their Masters, the Illuminati, to "save" the misfortunate Iraqi people from evil and create democracy in their country. The American people (or people elsewhere in the world as well, if you will), don't have to read "Conspiracy sites" to get enlightened in this matter. -
- by Wes Penre, April 2, 2005 -
[Archived here: Iraq War and Articles by Wes Penre]

No! Draft
- Refuse the Draft Campaign! -
- DavidIcke.com -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Biography of Uncle Sam
- Historians aren't completely certain how the character "Uncle Sam" was created, or who (if anyone) he was named after. The prevailing theory is that Uncle Sam was named after Samuel Wilson. -
- nycap.rr.com -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Contrived Killing Sets Precedent for Euthanasia
[The thing is: no matter what we think in Terri's case - whether she was beyond hope for recovery or not and whether it was right or wrong to "pull the plug", there is a MUCH bigger issue in question here. David Bay explains it pretty well in this article. Wes Penre]
- You see, Terri's condition made her a "Devalued Person", a term used repeatedly by Dr. Wolfensberger. We shall see more and more "Terri Schiavo's" being legally killed, threatening many people with other disabilities. -
- by David Bay -
[Archived here: New World Order]


April 1

Amber Alert on Capitol Hill
- Witness says abducted children--23 now dead--abused by 20-30 pedophile members of congress at child sex parties held at Embassy Row mansion where Secret Service-secured presidential limo was seen parked outside. -
- by Tom Flocco, March 31, 2005 -
[Archived here: Occultism]

Underground Bases
- This map is referred to in several of the articles in the archive. Denotes underground alien and US military/alien bases including known reptilian bases. -
- The Reptilian Agenda -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous]

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