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Last Updated: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 04:39:11 AM 

Fires That Cry
- A Review of Fairies, the First Industry and Political Correctness; or the Genealogy of the New World Order -
- by Anthony Lane Hargis -
(Posted here by Wes Penre, April 29, 2005)

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Table of Contents:

Locked Out of the Courthouse

The Crime Of...

The American Inquisition

The Money of Cannibalism

The Right Of Revolution

Fires That Cry


Fires That Cry

A Review

of Fairies, the First Industry and Political Correctness;

or the Genealogy of the New World Order.

Natural law copyright

by Anthony Lane Hargis,

a "wild beast."

Early tax collectors at work.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Is the New World Order a New Stone Age?

Is there a connection between the income tax and the Communist Manifesto?

Is there a connection between the Communist Manifesto and the covenant of Moses?

And, of all things, what do fairies have to do with all this?

In this inquiry, we go back in time and discover a brotherhood of tax collectors, that has gone unrecognized for more than three thousand years.  During that time it has worked relentlessly to capture nation after nation, reducing each one, by the introduction of moral decadence and the looting of its resources, to a level of national exhaustion, little better than a Stone Age condition of society.

This essay examines the stories of the Bible and con­cludes it to be a meticulously constructed lawbook and recruiting device - based on rules and rituals that were fully developed by our Stone Age ancestors - for a brother­hood of tax collectors.  When you read this essay, you should have your Bible handy to check Biblical quotations; otherwise, you simply will not believe what you read.  This will not be an easy read for the well-intentioned Jew or Chris­tian; it is never easy for a man to confront evidence that he has been treacherously used by his “leaders.”  Nor will Fires that Cry be an easy read for he who is tender of heart; for, we discover a time portal that originates in the Stone Age and permits this brotherhood of tax collectors to transport the blood-curdling customs and practices - the demented, waggling heads and self-castrations - of the Stone Age into our own day, bringing turbulence and ruin to our lives.

But, for he who means well - for he who values freedom for himself or his children, Fires that Cry should open a vista that has never been offered before: the attempt to impose the New World Order is nothing less than the attempt to impose a New Stone Age.

Fires that Cry, 99 pp., 23.00 'dollars' plus p & h (20.00 + 3.00 for p & h).

Send payment in form of cash, U. S. postal stamps, or blank postal money orders.

Send blank money order to Anthony Hargis, 2427 N. Tustin Av, Suite B, Santa Ana, Cal. 92705.


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