Democracy in Iraq. Where?
- by Wes Penre, April 2, 2005 -

One of the things President Bush stresses over and over is how the Great United States of America is finally introducing democracy to the Iraqi people. The saddest thing with that statement is not that it is a lie (which it is, of course), but that the American people in general buys into it. Wherever I drive I see those banners on every third of fourth car, saying: "Support our troops".  It is very discouraging. If those people, instead of just swallowing everything the authority tells them, just started using two or three brain cells, they would see through the lie. Two or three brain cells - that's all it takes.

It has never been a goal of George W. Bush, his administration, or their Masters, the Illuminati, to "save" the misfortunate Iraqi people from evil and create democracy in their country. The American people (or people elsewhere in the world as well, if you will), don't have to read "Conspiracy sites" to get enlightened in this matter. It is all there in the open - in the mainstream media. If each and everyone could just contemplate what they were reading in the papers and hearing on the News, it would be obvious. The way we treat the Iraqi people has NOTHING to do with democracy, or any humanitarian system either. Bush and his Masters couldn't care less about the people of Iraq.

It is late, but it is still time to WAKE UP! Stop being puppets and start thinking. People are not stupid, just ignorant, sometimes arrogant, lazy and afraid. Those attributes will take us nowhere but down, down, down. Those are the attributes that brought us into this situation we are in today, and if we don't wake up now, it may very well be too late for most of us.

There are certainly more than one reason why Bush attacked Iraq. We know now that "Weapons of Mass Destruction" was a lie. We know now that it was NOT because they just wanted to overthrow Saddam Hussein. No, my friends, the three possibly most important reasons why the U.S. invaded Iraq are the following (not necessarily listed in the order of importance):

  • Oil. Of course - always oil. The Bushes need to secure their interests and increase their fortune. Cheney and other Illuminati puppets and masters are also making great profits out of any war. That is where their main income lies, more often than not.

  • Strategy. Iraq is a strategic point in the Middle East, an important outpost for the U.S. The Illuminati need Iraq to create a stable ground from where they can invade more countries in the future, like Iran and other.

  • Expanding the American Empire. This coincides with the "Strategy point" above. The American Illuminati wants to create the new Babylonian Empire, or a new Roman Empire, if you will. It has everything to do with world domination, my friends, and Globalism. The different branches of the Illuminati are fighting internally, and the American branch sure wants to show who is the most powerful section of the Illuminati: Divide and Conquer - Conquer and Unite. That's their motto.

So, peoples of the world, don't ever think the American Empire is into charity and humanitarian acts. That is a myth which we HAVE to throw out. It is all about world domination!

















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