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Last Updated:
Tuesday, December 05, 2006 05:38:00 AM

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Me and the Devil Blues
MAD of NwoWatcher Interviews Wes Penre of Illuminati News
(Part 2)
by MAD and Wes Penre, Dec 05, 2006

Last Updated: Tuesday, December 05, 2006 05:38:00 AM

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MADWes Penre
MAD and Wes Penre


AD: Elvis Presley, he was obsessed with Egyptian mythology (SUN Studios was his label), and intently studied mysticism and alternative religions. He had a well known infatuation with popular comic book characters like “Captain Marvel”, of which he noted as having been the major inspiration for his choice in stage costumes. He was also rumored to have been well-connected with the Mafia and the CIA, and was undoubtedly one of the most talented and influential performers of the past century. To this day, he still ranks consistently among the top money making, deceased celebrities. What can you tell us about Elvis Presley; “The King” of Rock and Roll?

-WES: “The King” – that’s right. That’s what they called him - which is quite ironic, by the way, because Elvis was of royal bloodline and remotely related to George Bush. I don’t know if you knew that, MAD? Everything comes full circle. Here is the ancestry page: http://www.wargs.com/political/dean.html . For some reason the page takes a while to load on occasion, so be patient. Elvis also had a twin brother, who died at birth. Just makes me wonder; you know how the Illuminati are with twins. They LOVE to experiment on them. It started with the Illuminist Josef Mengele, known as Dr. Green by Illuminati mind controlled slaves. He experimented on twin’s big time in Auschwitz. Just some food for thoughts – I have no proof.

What do I know more about Elvis? Not a whole lot, but a few things. As a Scientologist, I heard about him. Both Elvis’ wife, Priscilla, and his daughter Lisa-Marie, are dedicated scientologists, and it is well known within the Church of Scientology, that Priscilla tried to get Elvis interested in the religion, but she did not succeed. It was also rumored that it was too late to recruit him anyway; he was too far gone into drugs, and too close to death. Another reason it was hard for Priscilla to recruit him was because he was already into other practices, like Theosophy. Yes, he was a fan of Madame Blavatsky and her root races. Madame Blavatsky was also one of Hitler’s mentors, although I seriously doubt that Elvis was into her stuff for the same reasons as Hitler was; I am just making a point what these secret societies are really all about.

Fritz Springmeier writes in The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave, chapter 12, that Elvis indeed was a mind controlled multiple, used by the Illuminati to introduce rock music in America, together with The Beatles. Col. Tom Parker, his manager, was most probably Elvis’ handler. I have an excerpt from the above book in my article: Mind Control in the Field of Art. Interesting reading!


-MAD: From Joplin and Hendrix, Morrison, Lennon, Cobain and so many others, might some of these individuals have been a part of a governmental, social engineering project? Could they have been assassinated for having either 1) Turned against the system that trained them, or 2) Being seen as having fulfilled their usefulness to the NWO's plans?

-WES: The artists you mention were all “trend makers”, and therefore very important to the Illuminati – at least up to the point when they died, obviously. I have seen indications that all of the above artists were mind controlled slaves, and Springmeier even goes so far as to suggest that Jim Morrison was an Illuminati programmer as well. I don’t know if that is true or not, though; could be. It’s hard to prove that these artists were murdered, although the circumstances and timing around their deaths are quite suspicious to say the least. If they were murdered, it could be for several reasons. Here are a few:
1) The Illuminati no longer had any more use for them, which I doubt in these cases, except maybe for Jim Morrison, who left The Doors to escape from the public scene. Perhaps his handlers didn’t like the fact that he was quitting, but I don’t know.

2) They began to remember what had been done to them and the Illuminati were afraid they were going to start talking.

3) By killing them, you create martyrs and icons. If these artists, due to severe drug abuse (like in Joplin’s, Morrison’s and Cobain’s cases – maybe even in Hendrix’ case) were no longer able to fulfill the duties to their masters, killing them would be the ultimate satanic sacrifice, and on top of that, by creating a myth, you could sell more records than when they were alive, and earn a lot of $$$.

If they were killed, #3 rings true to me. In Lennon’s case, I am sure he was assassinated because he was too outspoken and started rebelling against his Masters. I have no doubt about what caused his death. I also believe that Yoko was his handler. That makes all the sense in the world. I could go on and strengthen that theory, but maybe some other time.

If these artist were not killed, the only option is that they really did overdose or committed suicide. Not to forget, we are talking about several different people, and the reason for their deaths could have been different from case to case. However, if you ask me what I really think, not what I can prove, I would suggest that none of the deaths you ask me about were accidental. I would go for option #3 above…


-MAD: It’s interesting that you bring up Yoko Ono as one of John Lennon’s “handlers”, and how “suicides” or “accidental deaths” usually end up bringing in MORE $$$ for the artist's estates in the years that follow. Kurt Cobain recently edged out Elvis as the #1 money making, dead celebrity. Many suspicions have been raised towards Courtney Love over the years, who somehow managed to obtain nearly the complete rights to all of Nirvana’s music. Courtney Love’s father, Hank Harrison, was a manager for the “Grateful Dead” during the 1970’s (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurt_&_Courtney). Just an interesting point to consider in the fact that the Grateful Dead initially began by playing Timothy Leary’s “Electric Kool-Aid” parties, and then went on to become the voice for multiple generations of burnouts and acid-heads who followed the band across the country in a very cult-like fashion.

Courtney Love recently stated in an interview that she had first been given LSD at the age of 4 years old!!! Her father claims that she is trying to “ruin his reputation”. The could all be an inside joke, a wink and a nod to the very real subject of multiple personality programming and ritual abuse (RA) in the entertainment industry, and how this relates to groups like the Grateful Dead, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones. Nor can we leave out the government connections of 60’s psychedelic drug gurus like Dr. Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsberg, as well as the “Brave New World” of Aldous Huxley.

Not to change the subject in midstream here, but the next two topics are very prominent at your website, and that is information regarding “The UFO Agenda”, and RFID (radio frequency identification) technologies. We’ve been following the subject of RFID very closely for the past couple of years at Nwowatcher as well (http://nwowatcher.com/smf/index.php?topic=5185.0). Firstly, the topic of RFID, in particular human implantation; besides the obvious negative implications, how do you see RFID as directly violating our human rights and freedoms? Is it a "mark of the beast"? Are there other "marks of the beast", such as the Bar-code? (We might notice that the corporate giant, Wal-Mart, was one of the main applicators for the Bar-code in the 1970's, and the RFID chip in this decade.)

-WES: Yes, the barcodes that were introduced in the 70s were certainly a forerunner to what was, and is yet to come. Those barcodes seemed innocent enough at the time (although they did create some controversy), and were introduced with the REAL purpose of having us get used to the idea of micro-chipping. There is no shadow of a doubt that the Brotherhood already had everything planned in detail, and they had to make us comfortable with the whole concept, but on a gradient scale. It has to sink in over time, and it’s done with propaganda, as always – and propaganda/indoctrination is nothing short of mind control, of course. We learn to accept new ideas through propaganda. Done correctly, I would say it almost always works.

Naturally, people would never accept the microchip if the government just bluntly told us that they want us to be chipped as soon as possible, so they can control us better. No, it has to be done in a more sophisticated way than that. We have seen some typical examples over the years, how the Brotherhood has tried to slowly indoctrinate us and have us getting used to the idea of being chipped. Here are a couple of examples:

1) Pets are a big deal in peoples’ lives. We love our pets, and THEY know it. Therefore, what could be better, from their point of view, than to have us chip our pets first? Why would we do that? Well, because the chip will contain information about our dog/cat, and if our pet runs away and is found by somebody, it can easily be scanned for information about its owner, phone number and address, etc. People fall for this stuff, and believe it’s a good thing from a caring government. Of course, it’s good in the sense that the dog/cat WILL be identified, if scanned, but people don’t see the bigger picture.

2) Implanting kids. This is after implanting animals, and it is already being done. Although there are millions of children disappearing every year around the world, never again to be found, and many of them ending up as child prostitutes and victims of satanic ritual abuse, there is also a terror propaganda through the Media, where they emphasize how horrible it would be if your kid would disappear or be kidnapped. The solution? Microchip your kid! Here is an article from CNN, which is a typical example, and is backing up what I am just saying: http://archives.cnn.com/2002/WORLD/europe/09/03/uk.implant/index.html.

So why do they want to implant us? Well, it’s the ultimate control system. If they get away with implanting every new born all over the world as a routine in the future, they have the whole world population under their thumbs. These chips will contain all your information, including your life history, medical records and more, and will be connected to a super computer, which is supposed to be in place already in Brussels, Belgium. It’s called “Lilith”, the name of a Mesopotamian(!) night demon. The implants will also work as tracking devices, so Big Brother will always know where you are. Implants will also be a necessity for people to be able to ‘buy and sell’. We are heading towards a cashless society, and even checks and credit cards will eventually disappear. Money will just be figures on a computer, and that’s all. The only option left is a micro-chipped population, where the chip is the ONLY way for you to buy and sell. Without the chip you are entirely on your own and have to live totally outside society and try to manage. Even that will be hard, if not almost impossible, as the Brotherhood will arrange so that this alternative lifestyle will be a nightmare to live by. If we follow their patterns, they may force us by law to take the chip, eventually. So, in this respect, the microchip, currently named RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Method), fits in very well with the concept of the Biblical “Mark of the Beast 666”. Some say the Mark of the Beast is the microchip, while others say it is the super computer in Brussels. If you ask me, it’s both. They are interconnected.

Also, speaking of barcodes; the number 666 (The Mark of the Beast) is actually hidden inside all barcodes. Instead of me going over all that, I would suggest those who are interested to read this article: http://www.av1611.org/666/barcode.html.

Does this sound bad enough? Well, there is yet an even more vicious surprise waiting for us. What I mentioned above is only secondary for the Illuminati. The REAL issue here is much more severe and vicious! These implants will emit ELF waves, which are waves of low frequency, with which they can manipulate your thoughts, your emotions and your behavior. With other words, they can create an ultimate mind controlled population! You may think it’s your own thoughts, when you’re actually totally controlled on remote. No rebellion against Big Brother anymore! You will walk through life like a true puppet, or a zombie, rather. Very scary. And now, are you ready for this? With this low frequency, all the time running through your body, they will keep you on a very low awareness level (frequency), and there is no way to achieve higher spiritual goals anymore – not as long as you have the implant(s). I am sure many of the satellites built to orbit the Earth have everything to do with the future micro-chipping of the population. For more general information about ELF waves, see: http://www.raven1.net/elf.htm

Seen in this light, all the rest of the New World Order horrors we are presented with now seem almost insignificant in comparison. Here is the real deal – the final nail in the coffin. If the Illuminati manage to microchip us, we are toast and the New World Order has succeeded. I have no solution as of how to survive that, spiritually. Therefore, IT IS ABSOLUTELY VITAL that we wake up now and say NO to micro-chipping. There is no other option, unless we want to live as zombies in a totalitarian state of a magnitude not yet seen on planet Earth. This diabolic plan means the death of us all, as individuals! This is nothing we just can sit back and read about because it is exciting and interesting. This is REAL and very serious.



-MAD: I find it a bit ironic that in association with the Verichip Corporation, one of the major distributors and manufacturers of RFID, is the “Alien Technologies” group (http://www.alientechnology.com/). This brings us to the subject of “UFO’s” and reports in recent decades of not only sightings, but cases of abductions and experimentation with human genetics and DNA. What are some of your thoughts on the classic and modern cases of the UFO phenomenon? If even half of these UFO abduction cases are true, might these implant devices, which are often reported, actually be a different branch of RFID technology?

-WES: I don’t know how many different branches of RFID tech there are, but it is an indisputable fact that people who say they have been abducted by aliens also, more often than not, are implanted as a part of the abduction(s).

How common are alien abductions? Much more common than we may think. People in general are embarrassed to talk about it, so therefore there are no real statistics. However, I will give an example of how common this phenomenon might be. In the town where I live, at a place where I used to work, I made friends with quite a few people. Among this new group of 10-12 friends, at least two(!) of them had been abducted by aliens. None of them told me straight out in the beginning, but both of them where into paganism, one way or the other. One of these two women is still a good friend of mine, and she is Wiccan. The other one, I don’t have any contact with anymore. However, I showed them my webpage, and that’s when they opened up. They showed me marks on their bodies after abductions. In a 3-4 months time period, these women were visited in their apartments several times, and the day after they could show me all those strange marks on their bodies; marks that were not there the day before. For more details on these two women, see my website: http://www.illuminati-news.com/ufos-and-aliens/html/unknown_alien-type.htm AND http://www.illuminati-news.com/ufos-and-aliens/html/alien-marks.htm . Since I posted these articles, many other abductees have contacted me, telling me they have the same type of marks. Interestingly enough, the two women I am talking about did not know each other before I met both of them, but they were abducted, often during the same night, living in different areas of town, and the marks they showed me were often identical(!) Very interesting.

Both women are totally sure these abductions are of an alien nature, and when I asked if there was a possibility they were done by the government, they were almost offended and irritated with me. No, they are alien abductions, according to them. What I am trying to say with this little story is that if I make friends with a small group of people, where no one knows the other persons very well, and two of them have been abducted, how common is the abduction phenomenon?

One thing that strikes me pretty weird is the fact that many people who have had so called ‘alien abductions’ are also connected to the Government or the Military in some way. They may have family members who work there, they may work there themselves, or they may have worked there in the past. Even the woman above, that I am still friends with, once worked on secret missile projects for the government. The other woman, I am not sure about, because she was not as outspoken with me. My question is: are these people mind controlled and implanted by the government to ‘think’ they have been abducted by aliens, when in fact the government is the abductor? Are the aliens, who they say can move through walls, just a smoke screen, so the victim can’t find out the truth and start looking for explanations in the wrong places? I don’t know, but it makes me wonder... And regarding my friend, I can’t help but believing her when she says the intruders actually are aliens. Just, the Military connection is strange. And she is an ‘ordinary’ person without any real education (although very intelligent), but still she was in charge of an advanced secret government project(!?) Curious, I think, but she is definitely telling the truth. She showed me proof of it. However, what she told me later was that she was a direct descendent of one of the Illuminati bloodline Presidents from the 1800s. That explains some of this.

Anyway, personally I think there are more than one agenda present here. First I want to say, that the Alien part of the New World Order is the one part I find most confusing, and the one I am most uncertain about. When I think I have found a pattern, something comes in to convince me I was wrong. To me this only proves that the Alien Agenda is one of the most secretive and important agendas in the eyes of the Illuminati. The disinformation in this field is so enormous that it is almost impossible to find a clue what is going on. Therefore, when I opened up the UFO/ALIEN part of my website (http://www.illuminati-news.com/ufos-and-aliens/html/), I decided to keep it as unedited as possible and just post new stuff as they appeared to me. I wasn’t too concerned if the information presented contradicted itself on some points, either. My intention was, and is, to present this subject almost in a diary-form. This way the visitor can read my stuff, article by article, and see how I have progressed in my research, and how I drew my conclusions. It is almost like a journey through my research – chronologically. If I, one day, find out the real, overall truth about the Alien Agenda, I will remodel that part of my website to expose the evidence as I’ve found them.

As you notice, we can go on and on with this subject, so I will try to make it as short as I can. This is my current belief regarding aliens and UFOs:

1) I believe we are not alone in this Universe. To think we are is to me ridiculous – the Universe wouldn’t make any sense. Most solar systems must have planets with life.

2) I believe there are different kinds of alien life-forms, in the sense that some are co-inhabitants of our own 3D reality, living on different planets in this seemingly enormous, but in my opinion finite, Universe. They are just as physical as we are.

3) I believe that some ‘aliens’ we encounter are from other dimensions and can manifest here at will. That must be the reason many people who have seem UFOs tell us that the craft just appeared from nowhere and disappeared in no time, right before their eyes.   

4) I believe in an almost endless quantity of Universes, living outside our own. Here we enter the field of Quantum Physics, which is something that is very fascinating to me. If someone is curious and wants to read more about my ideas in this field, and more, see this article of mine: http://www.illuminati-news.com/000-spiritual/html/how-to-fight-the-nwo.html. Already as an adolescent, I had profound thoughts in this field, long before there was any scientific research released on the subjects.

5) I believe some of the ‘aliens’ are living among us, some of them beneath the surface of the Earth. There are evidently caves and tunnel systems under the surface, and too many people have reported seeing strange creatures coming in and out of these tunnels.

6) How about demons, or ‘jinns’? Yes, I believe they exist, too. These are the creatures that the black magicians contact in their rituals; creatures that are living in lower dimensions, and who can possess us if we are ‘playing around’ with them, or are tuning into their realms through low frequency rock music and more...

7) I believe some of the abductions are done by the government, to create mind controlled slaves and to do genetic experiments for cloning and for other more vicious purposes – one idea is that they, among other things, are actually trying to create mutants that can serve the New World Order in a Global Army and the Global Police Force.

8 ) Some people say the aliens are all bad and others say they are all good, and that it is just our government that is bad. None of this can be true. Are humans all good or all bad? Neither. It’s a mix. Same thing with the aliens, I’m sure. There may be some alien races who don’t have our best interest in mind overall, but even among them, I am sure there are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ individuals. However, from my research, I believe there are those who try to take over (like the Anunnaki bloodlines and their Masters on top of the Illuminati pyramid), who work together with our governments, but there also seems to be races that are trying to warn us and help us from a distance. It looks like there is much happening above our heads, so to speak, things common people have no idea about.

9) There are strong indicators that the Nazis, during WW II and maybe earlier, were in possession of advanced UFO technology, although a very secret project then. You probably have heard about the ‘foo fighters”, first seen by the end of 1944, and how puzzles the allies were when they encountered these, for their time, advanced aircrafts. After WW II, a lot of Nazi scientists were smuggled out of Nazi Germany to the U.S. by the U.S. government, where they were hired by agencies like the CIA and different research centers. This secret program was called “Operation Paperclip”.

From there, I’m sure, lots of the technology we see today has developed. Many, but not all, of the UFOs people see today may very well be secret government craft, developed from alien technology in an exchange program between humans and aliens from the period of the Eisenhower Administration. The aliens promised us advanced technology in exchange for being allowed to abduct humans in secret, to experiment on, supposedly. This information has leaked from the so-called MJ-12 documents (http://www.majesticdocuments.com/), which some people think are a fraud, but my research indicate that many of them, if not all, seem to be genuine. According to other leaked secret government documents and whistle-blowers like Dan Burisch and Phil Schneider (the latter was killed because he leaked this secret information), the aliens did not always stick to their part of the agreement, and this exchange program in general has gone out of hand of the U.S. government, and we are now facing a serious “alien problem” on many levels.

Then there were other brilliant researchers like Nikola Tesla, whose work has been severely suppressed and kept secret from the general population. He found out how we can use free energy, which the government was not interested in at all, because that would kill the oil business and deprive the Illuminati from a huge income source. However, it looks like they used much of Tesla’s technology to develop an energy system for their secret aircraft.

Talking about frequencies: those who have not done too much research into all this may think I'm crazy to believe in all the 9 points above. However, if you think about it, it is much crazier to think that ‘what we see or hear is all we get’. Someone used the example with a radio: If you tune into a certain station, you will only hear what is broadcast on that station, although you know there are a lot of more stations out there. Let’s pretend that the station you now have tuned into on the radio is our reality. Just outside that frequency, past the static, is another radio station with a slightly different frequency. You can’t hear it, unless you tune into it with the tuner wheel. Sometimes, when you’re not tuned in totally, you can have an ‘overlap’, where you can hear two stations at the same time (also called a bleed-through in regards to dimensions overlapping each other). This is what reality is; different frequencies, different realities, and sometimes they interact.


-MAD: Like in a game of basketball or football, sometimes it all comes down to the last point or field goal. I know that reality is much more complicated and serious than a mere game of sports (tell that to the frenzied crowds who spend $billions buying tickets and merchandise every year), but do you think there is still time, collectively, to make that last second shot, which can send “Team Anunnaki” back into suspended animation for a few hundred years? Or is it too late for that? Do you believe we still have a chance to beat the buzzer?

-WES: I honestly don’t know what is going to happen. I have been thinking a lot about it, and I don’t want to come across as being too negative. But I truly believe, as we talked about earlier in the interview, that this is a spiritual war. I don’t think we can beat these forces on the physical plane. Let’s create one possible scenario here: Let’s say enough people wake up and we manage to turn everything around before the FINAL takeover and the return of the old Mesopotamian “gods”. Let’s pretend the New World Order on this planet fails and the Illuminati are all defeated, perhaps by force, but we remain spiritually ignorant. What will happen then when the Anunnaki returns? Just because their emissaries here on Earth failed, will the technologically advanced Anunnaki just shrug their shoulders and leave us alone? That doesn’t make any sense. It would be nice for them to come back to a planet where everything was prepared for them and we already were totally enslaved, but if that doesn’t happen, the Anunnaki will most probably take the Earth by force. Why wouldn’t they? And if they do, how much of a chance do we have against their technology?

So I don’t know. This sounds pretty pessimistic, I’m sure, but then again, we have another weapon, which is much wiser to use – knowledge and spirituality. We need to seek the truth within ourselves to be able to get out of this trap. Someone, I think it was David Icke, explained it pretty well. He compared us with a balloon at the bottom of a swimming pool (or something to that effect). To be able to keep the balloon at the bottom of the pool you have to push it down, and hold it down continuously. As soon as you let go, the balloon sets off towards the surface with enormous speed. That’s how I see Spirit. To be able to keep us chained spiritually to the bottom of the pool, they have to lie to us constantly and work extremely hard to keep us spiritually ignorant and repressed. As soon as they let go for just a little bit, we set off towards our real spiritual selves again, and start getting insights and will automatically be more enlightened. This is because we already know our true spiritual selves, but the manipulators have managed to distract us from looking at ourselves so we can see our true nature. Therefore, it is so important to educate ourselves, so we can wake up from the spiritual trance we’re in. I believe that’s our only chance. I explain this in more detail in my article, http://www.illiminati-news.com/000-spiritual/html/how-to-fight-the-nwo.html “How to Fight the New World Order”.


-MAD: Wes, I’ve spent many hours at your website in the past, and have a lot of respect for the work you’re doing, and the subject matter you’re covering. They are all very important topics that need to gain more attention in the public eye, even if just to consider the information and evidence that backs it up. The average person would probably be shocked if they knew the truth, or even the most hard-core researcher who has been investigating all of this for decades. Truth is always usually stranger than fiction. I’d like to give my sincere appreciation and thank you again for taking the time to speak with us today, as you’ve offered many thought provoking answers which cannot easily be ignored and dismissed. I hope we can keep in touch in the months to come, as things continue to prove interesting on the world stage. Keep up the great work with Illuminati-News! Are there any closing statements you’d like to make for those researchers out there who might be engaged in this interview?

-WES: Thank you, this interview has been a pleasure, and I definitely think we should keep in touch and share with each other all the proofs we’ve discovered.

There are a few things I’d like to say before we close, and I want to say it to those who read this and perhaps just recently have started your journey to truth. I can’t deny the fact that the road to truth often is a lonely and tough road to travel. For me it even cost me a marriage. Nevertheless, we don’t have a choice. Once we’re on the road, there is no way back to oblivion. And after all, the alternative is too horrifying to even consider for a moment. You will be laughed at, ridiculed, thought of as being insane or worse, and you may even lose a few friends. However, the feeling, when you notice that some people actually start listening, is extremely uplifting. You will know you’re doing the right thing then. Because on occasion you will be in doubt, thinking: “Am I insane? Am I just imagining all this? It seems like almost no one agrees with me?” These are just phases we all need to go through. Eventually, people will realize that you are on the right track and will come to you and ask for more.

Also, never, never, ever feel intimidated by so-called “established researchers”, who may have a big ego and don’t accept anything as being true, unless they themselves have come up with the evidence. There are times when you feel you’ve made a break-through in your research, and you can’t find anybody else who has come to the same conclusion as you have. You publish it, or whatever, and you may get attacked, even by those established researchers, telling you that you spread disinformation, although you know you’re correct! Always, when you know you’re right, stick to it, no matter what. This is where real bravery comes in – to go against the current!

Also, if something you have considered being correct suddenly shows up to be incorrect, don’t feel embarrassed to admit you were wrong, not even in public. This gives more credibility to you, actually. People will understand you are a serious researcher. It happens to everybody, because it is a complex giant puzzle, which we lay, piece by piece. Sometimes it looks like a piece fits perfectly into the big puzzle, until one day we notice it does not. Just acknowledge you were wrong, and also acknowledge the fact that you now are a little bit wiser and know a little bit more. There’s nothing wrong with this. As a general guideline: “Be true to yourself and keep you integrity. Your part in laying the big puzzle is very, very important!”

We should be aware that there are a lot of disinformation agents out there – people who are sent out by the Brotherhood to confuse people and infiltrate otherwise genuine truth-seeker groups. And talking about groups, there is another important thing to know. If you want to create a group to research these subjects and inform people, make sure you understand that if this group becomes powerful and reaches out to a lot of people, it will be infiltrated somewhere along the line with the purpose of spreading disinformation and split the group, unless you are on alert all the time. So you have to be very, very strict with whom you invite into the group. Do in depth background checks on everybody – don’t just invite anybody who is interested in “helping out”. This is very important!

About the government: Remember that not all people in the government are corrupt and/or aware of the Illuminati Agenda. Only a very few are. Many representatives are honest people, who want to do good things for the world. These are the ones we need to contact and be in touch with. However, many a good politician has been scared and threatened to silence, although they want to speak out about what they know. This is a sad fact. Fortunately, there are those who are not that easily intimidated.

And last, but not the least: NEVER fight the New World Order with violence! It will never succeed! Actually, the Illuminati often welcome violent opposition, because then they can take actions against the group and use this action to create more suppressive laws that will violate our freedom of speech and our freedoms in general. So, by fighting them violently, you actually do more harm than if you did nothing.

Good luck on your journey!


MAD is an administrator at Nwowatcher.com and co-host of the regular Revolution Radio program. Recent interviews and articles by MAD can be found HERE.

Wes Penre is an avid researcher who has been running the website www.illuminati-news.com since the late 90’s. He wants you to inform yourself and consider all of the possibilities for the betterment of humanity.

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Source: http://nwowatcher.com/smf/index.php?topic=6903.0

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