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Last Updated:
Tuesday, December 05, 2006 04:35:20 AM

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Me and the Devil Blues
MAD of NwoWatcher Interviews Wes Penre of Illuminati News
(Part 1)
by MAD and Wes Penre, Dec 05, 2006

Last Updated: Tuesday, December 05, 2006 04:35:20 AM

MADWes Penre
MAD and Wes Penre


hroughout history certain pervasive groups, usually working in conjunction, have fought to establish an international web over the entire globe. Using the arts of persuasion and warfare, they have crafted a far reaching battle plan which stretches the broad scope of our world, and forces the iron fist of religion, politics, and economic standards upon the populace of which it often-time rules with a fascist authority. Over the ages of man, from the Anunnaki to the Great White Brotherhood, the Cult of the Serpent, the Nephilim, Brotherhood of Venus, Nagas, the Cult of Kali, the Druids, the Knights Templar, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Knights of Malta, the Los Alumbrados, Skull and Bones Society, Bohemian Grove, Ordo Templi Orientis, Order of the Golden Dawn, Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, the United Nations, FBI, CIA, MI5, Mossad, the KKK, Shriners, Knights of Columbus, Hollywood entertainment, Corporate dictatorship, Opus Dei, Zionism and the Jesuit Order; we have been manipulated and given “privileges” by certain bloodlines and oligarchies who consider themselves as being a superior breed to that of common man.

One man who has been researching these subjects for many years, and providing his own unique commentary in the topics of globalization, international banking, the New World Order and planetary slavery, is Wes Penre who manages WWW.ILLUMINATI-NEWS.COM, a provocative and informative website which seeks to expose secrecy and corruption in world events. I recently had the rare opportunity of interviewing Mr. Penre, who revealed many intriguing details into the world wide conspiracy which is, even now, imposing its oppressive domination and subtle mind-control upon us all.


-MAD: Wes, thanks for taking some time to be with us today. It's a pleasure to speak with you regarding your theories, research, and evidences which expose the deadly globalization goals of the "New World Order". I've been a fan of your work with http://www.illuminati-news.com for a couple of years now, and it's nice to finally have an opportunity to sit down and chat. What was the initial process which first led you on the path of researching these so called "conspiracies", and could you give us a background on the history of Illuminati-News?

-WES: It’s truly my pleasure, and an honor, MAD. I initially posted Illuminati News on the Internet by the end of 1998, after I had bought my first PC. My website was one of the first on the Internet to seriously dig into these subjects on a broader scale. However, my research started long before that.

I indicate in my biography that I had once been a member of one of those secret societies myself, but I don’t mention which society. The reason for this is because leaving a secret society is not an easy thing to do. Although some of them do allow you to leave, you have to keep quiet about the secrets you’ve been taught, otherwise you’ll be viciously attacked. If you write anything bad about them, you may be in trouble. However, it’s not the matter of being attacked by them that made me decide not to reveal which group I belonged to; it was more a matter of not having the time and patience to handle the attacks I knew would be coming if I went public. However, I recently made a conscious decision to reveal it anyway, as I now believe people have the right to know. You will be the first to know, by the way, as I have not yet made it public.

The secret society I was a member of on a very high level was the Church of Scientology. Yes, I did say ‘secret society’, although they call themselves a religion these days, mostly for tax reasons. But it is actually a secret society per definition, and it works in the same way as Freemasonry and others, with secret levels of initiation. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder, was deeply into the occult, and a master magician. This, of course, was not communicated to the members. Much of Hubbard’s ‘technology’ was stolen from Aleister Crowley, John Dee, the Old Egyptian Mystery School, Freemasonry, the Rosicrucian’s and many others. Hubbard mixed it all together in a huge kettle and stirred it into a giant soup. On top of that he sprinkled a little science fiction here and there to make it taste better.

Shortly before he was shot to death by the police a few years ago, I communicated with Bill Cooper regarding Scientology. I figured that he, whom had worked within the Intelligence network, could have some additional information about Scientology and Hubbard. He stated that the Church was nothing but a Navy Intelligence test project, which became much more successful than anybody ever anticipated. The goal of Scientology is the same as that of all secret societies – to take over the world through entertainment and popular culture.

However, when I left Scientology in the 90’s, I did so because after I had completed OT VII, which at that time was the highest official level of Scientology, I started realizing that things weren’t what they seemed to be. I began to research Scientology with an objective mind, and inevitably found out the truth about it. I left the Church, but the woman I was married to at that time did not want to leave the “congregation”, and we ended up in a painful divorce.

I am not going to reveal the Scientology secrets here, as they can easily be found on the Internet. For those who are interested, just google “Scientology” and it won’t take long before you know all about it – lots of information. Anyway, it took me years to break loose from the mind control I’d been subjected to, and many times I almost gave up – it was extremely hard and painful, especially as I decided to do it without any help. I am not a fan of psychology and psychiatry, and I doubted that any therapist could really help me with this. Finally I ‘popped out of it’ and life started to have a meaning again. Although the whole thing had been a trauma, I am still happy that I joined the Church, because breaking away from it made me start realizing how those strange secret societies really work, and I began to research them intensively. I saw that they are simply not clubs for eccentric older men, who have nothing else to do (something many people think they are), nor are they charity organizations, although they use charity as a front to hide their inner, darker secrets.


-MAD: Thank you for sharing this exclusive announcement of your previous involvement with Scientology, and your insight into some of the methods used by the group. There are so many Scientology horror stories out there, it isn’t even funny. Were you surprised to find out the truth about Scientology, and all the other secret societies and organizations that you began researching?

-WES: Was I surprised when I found out the truth? Absolutely! Suddenly most of the questions I’d had all my life, like: “Why are there wars”? “Why do we let people in undeveloped countries starve when there is an abundance of food”? Just to mention a couple of questions I’d had since childhood. So I spent a lot of time researching this whole thing and learnt more and more about how this planet is set up, and how most of us are just puppets and slaves in a much bigger game than any of us can imagine; about how the secret societies have always been there to set up and control it all. It was a shock to find out about the Illuminati and how they secretly have tried to take over the world over the last thousands of years. But the scariest part was the realization that they are extremely close to completing their goal, and that it probably will happen in our lifetime, unless we start doing something about it.


-MAD: There are a lot of extremely interesting and important articles available at your website, which is a non-for-profit venture run primarily through you, but before we get into any more details regarding some of your informational specialties, here is a quote directly from your mission statement at Illuminati-News:

"This webmaster is of the conviction that the world is controlled by a network of secret societies, with the goal to create a New World Order and a One World Government. This network of extremely wealthy and powerful people have, through lies, half truths and propaganda, succeeded in making more and more of the world population believe that a world without borders is a world of peace; a world without wars. They are working hard to make us believe that Globalization is the road to freedom, when in fact it is the road to enslavement."

I know it might become a rather complicated and detailed answer, but if you could, who do believe to be the small handful of groups, people, or corporations at the center-point and nexus of this plot? Who do you believe to be some of the major "Illuminist" players of the modern world?

-WES: I know you’re too young (and so am I) to remember World War II and the “Resistance”. Still, you have probably heard about how they, behind the scenes, rescued Jews, gypsies and other unfortunate people from the Nazis, while keeping up a front of being friends with the Nazis, to make it easier to smuggle people out of Nazi Germany, as the Gestapo would not necessarily suspect them. The Resistance worked out of different ‘cells’, which means that people in the particular cell you belonged to only knew what they needed to know to keep that cell going. It was all on a ‘need-to-know-basis’. No one knew who was in charge of the organization, except for a very few who ‘needed to know’. The reason for this was that if someone got caught and tortured by the Gestapo, they had no information of real value to give, and thus the organization could keep running, no matter what, even if a certain cell was destroyed.

The Illuminati organization works in a similar way. You can look at it as a huge pyramid (which is exactly how they themselves view it). This pyramid is made out of a lot of imaginary bricks (or cells) – each one with a specific purpose to help ringing in the New World Order and the Super Socialist/Fascist State. A simplified drawing of the pyramid was done by the excellent researcher Fritz Springmeier in 1995, and is included in my article: “The Secret Order of the Illuminati” (http://www.illuminati-news.com/moriah.htm). Also, each brick/cell is often a pyramid in itself – a secret society with different levels of secret initiation. So the whole Illuminati structure is basically a lot of pyramids within pyramids, and it makes it very complicated, esoteric, and hard to investigate. People think that if you are a, let’s say 32nd degree Freemason, you have a lot of insights into the secrets of the Illuminati; but the Freemasonic pyramid is just ONE pyramid within pyramids, and therefore this 32nd degree Mason only knows what he needs to know – nothing more. Same thing if you’re a 33rd degree Mason.

So who’s at the top of this complex pyramid? Who pulls the strings? Who are the major players/organizations/corporations? Some people say it’s the Rothschild’s, others say it’s the Reptilian aliens from the lower 4th dimension, while some say it’s the Jesuits and the Vatican, the Bilderbergers or the Zionists, and the Christians say it is Satan. According to my own research, I would say it is “Satan”. Although I am not a Christian, I still think that Christian researchers are close to the truth, although we may have different viewpoints as to who, or what, Satan actually is. But, more on that in a minute.

Anyway, to be able to give you an answer to your question, we need to go back in time at least 5000-6000 years, to find out where everything might have possibly started. Personally I think it started further back than that, but 5000-6000 years ago is a good starting point for our purpose.

There is little doubt that the Bible is a re-write of the older Veda books and the Sumerian Scriptures, and here’s where it really starts getting interesting. The Old Testament story is very, very similar to the one told in the Sumerian stone tablets. The OT God is in that case is known as Enlil, the old Anunnaki “God”, who ruled over early humanity with an iron fist. The OT talks about a ‘God of Wrath’ and a ‘Jealous God’, which fits the profile of Enlil perfectly. Satan in this case would be Enlil’s half-brother Ea or Enki, who was also a top engineer and actually created Homo sapiens in a genetic experiment, to use us as slave labor – all according to the Sumerian stone tablets. These tablets have been translated by Zacharia Sitchin, one of the few scholars of the Sumerian language in the world. And slave labor, that’s exactly what most of us still are today. Makes you wonder, huh? Not much has really changed in that respect over the last 5000-6000 years.

Getting a job for example, or having a job, is a privilege??? No way, having a job, most of the time means that you sell yourself to the corporations, which have the purpose to bring about the New World Order (if they are big and successful corporations, they are most likely owned, or infiltrated, by the Brotherhood). You are nothing more than slave labor in the eyes of the Illuminati, and you as a person are not worth a dime. If you don’t follow company rules strictly, they can remove you and put someone else in your place; someone who is more obedient to their leadership. You have the right to a small wage or salary, somewhere to live, and enough to survive. This is not to be kind, but to keep us from rebelling. This is how evil this game is. Without knowing it, we work for THEM, helping them with bringing into effect our own final entrapment and ultimate slavery. Pretty ironic, isn’t it? We could of course refuse to continue working for them, and their whole structure would fall apart, but first we must wake up to the facts. In the meantime, we only have two choices: 1) continue working for the system or 2) leave the system and build ourselves a cabin in the woods and live from what nature has to offer. Few people are willing to do that.

In fact, by taking a job at a Company, you are offering them YOUR service and should be treated with respect for doing so, and they should pay you well for giving up your valuable time for them. This said, without taking into account the evil purpose of the corporation, in case it happens to be one of those who are owned by the Brotherhood.


-MAD: It IS like a giant pyramid format, the game is a pyramid scheme. They’re still utilizing the oldest tricks in the book, while discovering new methods and illusionary deceptions along the way. You were beginning to get into some of the aspects of the Mesopotamian creation myths, the theories of Zacharia Sitchin, and the Enuma Elish. While I don’t personally agree with all of Sitchin’s statements, his work is still important for consideration in the grand scheme of things, as is the Sumer creation epic; please continue.

-WES: Back to our story from Old Sumer: Enki started feeling sorry for Homo sapiens, because we were treated badly by Enlil (God) and his people, and after all, Homo sapiens were Enki’s creation in the first place. So Enki created a secret society called “The Brotherhood of the Snake”, or “The Brotherhood of the Serpent”, to educate mankind as to who we are, and the secrets of the Universe, as the Anunnaki knew it. The effect this had was that Homo sapiens started rebelling against their “Gods”, and Enlil found out what his half-brother had done and condemned it. Enki was ordered to stop educating mankind, to avoid rebellion, but Enki refused to obey and was “cast down from heaven” to Earth and became to “Lord of the World”. Sound familiar? This means that Enki is Satan, the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, whom gave knowledge to mankind. This is the main reason why Satanists (on a lower level) worship Satan and despise God. Satan gave knowledge to people, while God wanted to stop the process and keep us ignorant.

If we look at it this way, we might say that the Satanists are justified when they worship Satan, but it is not that simple. Although Enki’s intentions may have been good (or he might have had some hidden agenda we don’t know of), his secret society was eventually infiltrated by his opponents, who wanted to keep this knowledge for themselves in order to manipulate the rest of mankind. This led to a period when only a few initiates knew the secrets and used this knowledge entirely for their own purposes. More secret societies were formed, and everything escalated to what we can see today. The secrets of those societies are kept hidden for the same reason as in the early history; if they were revealed, people would rebel. In this present era of Information Technology, it has been possible to reveal some of these secrets, and people ARE beginning to revolt. We started realizing we are slaves and puppets, unknowingly helping THEM to achieve their goals to create a World Government.

Then, what happened to Enki? The story tells us that he was overthrown and his own secret society was turned against him and started teaching that Enki was evil, and they gave him different names, where Satan was one of them. From being “The Prince of EArth”, EA/Enki became known as “The Prince of Darkness”. So instead of liberating Homo sapiens, he had unintentionally created a secret society, which since then has been used to manipulate and enslave humankind. There are indications Enki was killed by his half-brother Enlil long ago and the secret societies were taken over by Enlil’s loyal officers. This is when Satanism was created. The satanic rituals were made so horrific that no one with any sense wanted to have anything to do with them, and due to the lies that were spread about Enki/Satan, mankind has fought him in all his reincarnations here on Earth, thinking he is the “Evil One”. He is said to be the Master of Hell, while the real evil guy from our perspective would be Enlil, whose lackeys are since then in charge of the Illuminati on EArth. So, the secret societies of today are still run by the Anunnaki bloodline, by hybrids from the time when the Anunnaki ‘came down from Heaven’ to mate with human women (this is also described in the Bible). This ancient bloodline is still kept as pure as possible by the Illuminati (this is done by interbreeding); because they consider themselves being the true rulers of EArth due to their ancestry, and the Anunnaki blood also gives them occult powers that normal people lack.

What they now seem to be waiting for is the return of the Anunnaki, who left Earth long ago, but are expected to come back soon. The hybrids, who are in charge now, have been the controllers of EArth while their Masters have been gone, and expect to be rewarded when the Anunnaki come back to take over the planet. By then, everything must be prepared, and the Anti-Christ (the World CEO) must have been placed in power. However, there is an internal war between different groups of the Illuminati. Some of them do NOT want their Masters to return, but want the EArth for themselves. So there are lots of wars and internal fights on many levels. The Anti-Christ, or the World CEO, will most certainly be someone from the Anunnaki bloodline – someone with the purest blood; many think he will come from the Rothschild bloodline.

The Brotherhood of today owns, or has infiltrated, all major businesses, politics (all major parties), entertainment and education, and they even own whole countries. How many people know that the U.S.A. is in fact a huge corporation, owned by the Illuminati?

Then, if all this is true, who then, is God?

If we are to believe the Sumerian Scriptures, the OT God is not a god at all, but someone who came from another planet or dimension, and his race created mankind from genetic engineering. Therefore, in my opinion, if there is a God, no one seems to know who “He” is – at least not here on Planet Earth. No matter which major religion we belong to, it looks like we are worshipping the Anunnaki Gods in one way or the other. Very interesting!

You were right, MAD. This WAS a lengthy reply. 


-MAD: Fascinating Wes, and interesting that you would point out the connections of EA to the modern language and words like EA-rth, among so many others (hEAven for instance). So much of the English language is built upon ancient Phoenician (phonics) and Hebrew roots, adapted through the Greeks with the great “god-king” Cadmus, and quite often we see prominent gods and symbols scattered throughout our everyday words. I’ve found that not only does EA (the Greek mother-goddess Gaia) play a prominent role in our language, but also the supreme Canaanite/Hebrew god EL (Saturn).

In ancient times we see these "cults" or "brotherhoods" making their mark in virtually every civilization on the path of our ancestors. Going back many thousands of years to the myths of the Mesopotamian Anunnaki, and the priesthoods of the Egyptian Great White Brotherhood; we witness a process of not only religious and political development, but also social control, domination, propaganda and endless warfare. On the one hand, they are the keepers of ancient knowledge, of the "sacred flame", but on the other hand they always seem to use this knowledge against us in order to keep us pinned under the methods of social control. Even to the very origins of human civilization, we see the same psychological tactics of domination, and for the most part the same symbols used time and time again.

Pyramids, the All Seeing Eye, Circles, and Squares, Stars, the Sun, the Moon, Serpents, Horns, Crosses and a variety of emblems all dedicated to the facsimile gods and goddesses of the national religions. India and the Orient, Greece, Israel and Phoenicia, the Celts, Mexico, Rome, Europe nor America being any exception to this rule.

My next question comes in the regards to the evidence you just spoke of, incorporating the "13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati", proposed primarily, but not exclusively, through the works of Fritz Springmeier. There's not much question that these bloodlines exist, and that they are extremely wealthy and influential in world events. In your research, have you found that they are the DIRECT inheritors of the royal bloodlines of the ancient world, or does it seem that they have only recently gained their status in the past five-hundred to one-thousand years? Might some of them have actually bought their way into the social structure of world controllers?

The Knights Templar is a good example of this, though we can still follow the mythological lineage of ideals back at least into the time of the ancient Canaanites. Or take the Bush family for instance: Through their misdeeds and lecherous actions with the Skull and Bones society, the CIA, drug smuggling, the oil industry, corporate interests, American politics and Zionist Israel, it appears as if they have slowly worked their way up the ladder of "world domination" only in the past century. Are we looking at direct bloodlines of the ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian King-ships, or are we seeing group after group after group, who over the millenniums forcefully takes the throne of the "Illuminati"? A little bit of both?

-WES: This is a very good and important question, MAD. Like you say, these bloodlines exist for sure. People sometimes try to argue about it, but that’s a waste of time. The proof is there. Fritz Springmeier, although he may not have been the first, really brought the bloodlines into focus with his book, “Bloodlines of the Illuminati”. Since then, lots of excellent research has been done on this subject.

According to Springmeier, there are 13 TOP Illuminati bloodlines, which all branch out into sub-bloodlines of “lesser importance” to the top Elite, because they are ‘less pure’. Still, even the “lesser important” bloodlines are considered far more important than the bloodlines of “regular people”. Some of my visitors ask me how you become a member of the REAL Illuminati – not just Freemasonry, but the “REAL” Illuminati. Well, you can’t. Not unless you are of the right bloodline. These members are carefully pre-selected, often from birth, because they were born into the “right families”. Those babies are often traumatized and mind controlled from birth (or earlier, while still in the womb) by Illuminati programmers (who sometimes are the parents), to create multiple personalities and obedient and reliable slaves, who can help the Agenda without questioning it. Sounds pretty farfetched that parents traumatize their own children like this, doesn’t it? Well, we have to remember that these people are ruthless to the extreme. They are not doing this with the purpose of being evil, though, believe it or not. In their crooked ways of thinking, they believe they are doing a good thing. How? Because it all helps the Illuminati Agenda, which they think is all good. They don’t consider themselves being evil at all; they just think that the end justifies the means. They see the rest of mankind as an ignorant, fairly unintelligent herd of sheep, which needs to be controlled and manipulated. They believe they are doing this to create a better world, even if it means they have to kill billions of people and traumatize the rest.

The bloodlines of the Illuminati are a pretty complex issue. The top families claim that they go way back in time, all the way to old Mesopotamia. If this is true or not, it is hard to say, but they have been proven to extend back for a very long time. Also, if the Anunnaki stories are correct, which seems very likely to me, and the only thing that makes sense, those bloodline HAVE to go all the way back to that time period – otherwise there would be no purpose with being of Illuminati blood.

The interesting thing here is that people on top of these secret societies, although they may have different last names, are all related through blood one way or the other, and this can, and has been proven. It’s the exact same thing with modern politics. How many people know that most of the U.S. Presidents were of royal bloodline, and all from the same family tree? And how many people know that George W. Bush and John Kerry are related through blood? Doubt it? I have the evidence on my website. I have posted a few very interesting family trees there to show that what I am talking about is not some weird conspiracy theory. Here is the web address: http://www.illuminati-news.com/shadow-gov.htm#16. A lot of interesting information is posted there concerning the Elite bloodlines. It shows that prominent people in business, politics and even entertainment, are often of royal bloodline and related! One reference from the web address I just gave you even shows that Prince Charles is a descendent from Vlad the Impaler, also knows as Dracula(!). I am not making this up. These references come from what people would call ‘reliable sources’, which often means mainstream media and well respected magazines.

Another confusing thing with these bloodlines, which sometimes makes them hard to trace, is that they change family names ever so often. Although the Rothschild’s for example, only can be traced back so far, you will find through further research that they changed their names from Bauer to Rothschild in the 1700’s. From there you can continue your research back in time. This is very common practice, and a reason for that is to avoid showing the world that the same bloodlines are always in charge. If people at the top had the same last names all the time, generation after generation, people on the street would start wondering. Keep the masses asleep, at any cost!!!

So now, when I have showed the fact that people at the top of the food chain are often related through royal bloodline, what does this mean? Well, if you know how this planet is controlled and manipulated, it doesn’t come as a surprise. It only proves that we are all run by a clique of self appointed manipulators, who think they are above the law, and above all the rest of us and can treat us however they wish. And they run this planet as a Family Business. And their business modus operandi is to control and take ownership of our souls, one by one, two by two, until they have us all.

Elections? What a farce. Think about it! Most Presidents of the United States, from George Washington to George W. Bush, are royalty and related through blood. Coincidence? Not even a fool would suggest that after have seen the evidence. America is supposed to be a free country where EVERYONE stands a potential chance to become President. Isn’t that what we’ve been taught in school? How come then, that only high society people, or people with royal blood are elected? How do you think the nominees for presidency are selected? Well, there are supposed to be two major political parties; the Republican Party and the Democrats, right? Every once in a while we go to the election booth and vote for one or the other. It’s all very exciting and serious business for some people. Hmm, isn’t it strange then, that the candidates from both parties are sponsored by the same super rich people? I’ll tell you this: America is a ONE PARTY state in practice. We live under the illusion that we have a choice, but in reality the super rich Illuminati sponsors decide the outcome.

Number one: If you and I, MAD, would run for office, those super rich people would never sponsor us, and we wouldn’t stand a chance. Money talks you know, and without millions and millions of dollars in sponsorship, you will never become President. And even if you had the funds, you wouldn’t stand much of a chance anyway. If “they” don’t want you, they will smear you; use black propaganda and false accusations against you, until you lose all credibility in the eyes of the ignorant masses. Only the candidates THEY select can seriously run. And often these candidates were pre-selected as young men, through secret societies like the Skull & Bones, where both Bush and Kerry are members, by the way.

Number two: Perhaps, in the past, at least there were fair elections, and the candidate with the most votes won, but it didn’t matter that much to the Brotherhood if the Democrats or the Republicans won; they control both sides, so the outcome will be the same in the long run. Now, on the other hand, by manipulating the voting machines, they can even decide which party is going to win, long before the election period has even started, and this way they can speed up the process of creating their One World Government by choosing the party that can help them the most at that particular period of time. To learn more about how politics really works, see the political section of my website: http://www.illuminati-news.com/politics.htm.


-MAD: Do you believe this to be a spiritual war, and must a person’s specific religious beliefs (or lack thereof) play a factor when humanity is dealing with the devious elements of "Illuminism"? In theory, if properly tuned, could the whole world successfully oppose the New World Order, despite their religious differences and affiliations? Or will organized religion always be one of the greatest tools at the disposal of the "Black Nobility" bloodlines?

-WES: There is truth in all religions, otherwise people would not be attracted to them and stuck within them. We are not attracted to the lies, but to the truth. However, all organized religion is created by those same secret societies with the purpose to divide and conquer, and they have served the Brotherhood very well throughout history. Very few wars throughout history have been non-religious. One religion against another, that’s how religion has been used. Organized religion consists of dogma, and dogma is what is trapping us. You are taught a whole belief system, whether it is Christianity, Hinduism or something else, and are supposed to buy the whole package. The same goes for cults and sects. At the same time, you are not supposed to really look into any other religion for answers – “your” religion is the only one that has all the truths and to mix it with other dogmas will lead you astray from the truth. Well, if nothing else, common sense tells us that all those religions can’t be true, because they contradict each other.

Therefore, I believe that the first step to fight the New World Order is a step each and everyone needs to take, regardless of faith and religion. This first step is EDUCATION. People need to find the truth about who is controlling us and put the pieces together. Unfortunately, religion keeps us trapped and blindfolds us. Many religious people have a hard time seeing outside their religious box, and when they come to a point in their research where their own religion is put on trial, they don’t want to look any further. This is how powerful religions are for the Illuminati. This is a huge barrier to break through, but it must be done. And to answer your question more directly, yes, this is DEFINITELY a spiritual war, but it must be fought without dogma. We must find the truth within ourselves, without organized religion, to be able to oppose this force we call the New World Order.

Just because religion is such a powerful tool, it is very easy for the Brotherhood to destroy opposition by simply continuing to infiltrate the different religions and turn them against each other again, and the battle we start would soon be lost. We are NOT liberated by religion, but chained by it. And until we break those chains, we can easily be manipulated. The people the Illuminati fear the most are not the religious people, but the ones who break loose from religion and start thinking for themselves.

This may all sound like an impossible task, but remember that the manipulators are just a tiny small percent of the whole world population. We don’t need everybody on this planet to wake up, to be able to stop the globalization movement. If enough people are willing to do something about it, we could succeed, but our chances are getting slimmer; it is a race against time, indeed.

I am not sure if I believe that mankind will wake up in time to change things around, although I would love to be proven wrong! Personally, I believe more in individual spiritual development. I am convinced that we all exist on multiple spiritual levels or planes simultaneously, and by expanding our knowledge and awareness, we automatically transform into a higher awareness within ourselves, or a higher dimension, if you will. I also believe we create our own reality and that the physical universe is an agreed upon illusion. Once we realize all this, we have a trampoline from which we can jump higher up in awareness instead of jumping back down into the water, into the abyss. This means, as I see it, that if things are starting to change to the better in your life and the New World Order fails, it may be because you managed to transform into that reality of spiritual awareness that was required, and the end of the New World Order will be what you perceive. This doesn’t mean that the New World Order did not succeed on a lower plane, which you now have left. But for it to succeed, we must all agree to that reality. Those who did not develop spiritually may still be trapped in a world where they are enslaved, until they, one by one, manage to break loose spiritually. I have written about this more extensively in my article, “How to Fight the New World Order” (http://www.illuminati-news.com/000-spiritual/html/how-to-fight-the-nwo.html).


-MAD: I whole-heartedly agree with you here Wes, and am of the belief as well that the war we are fighting, is, and must be one, of a spiritual nature. So many people are unaware of their own spiritual potentials and capabilities, let alone that they are engaged in a metaphysical battle for their very souls, and the future of the planet. And this spiritual battle does indeed take place on multiple levels of consciousness and awareness. Due to constant manipulation and deceit, it’s been fairly easy for the Illuminati to suppress and control our spiritual development over the past millenniums through restrictive dogma and tactics of oppression.

Awareness comes from personal experience and our subtle, spontaneous human interconnectedness, emotions, and relationships; not from the obsessive compulsive rituals held within prison-like confines of death-worshiping churches, or at the seat of a sacrificial altar. You are correct too in the fact that mainstream and alternative religions can potentially teach people positive life lessons, though it’s more commonly used not only as a crutch for the psychologically dependent, but also as a way to set faction against faction, and keep us divided in our differences instead of united in our commonalities.

Another subject of which we have many agreements, and that you touched upon in your comments regarding Scientology, is the near total control of not only the mass media and corporate run news-stations, but over Hollywood and the entertainment industry as well. In particular, you’ve done a lot of extremely interesting research into the psyops tactics and “satanic” symbolism behind Rock and Roll.

Rap and Hip-Hop are starting to come under this same scrutiny as well, as more and more entertainers become involved with Freemasonry, and incorporate “Illuminati” style subject matter in their lyrics and artwork. I don’t know if I believe that all of these people are CIA mind-control slaves, but I wouldn’t debate the fact that many of them are controlled assets of the military-industrial-complex, and social engineering institutions such as Tavistock.

Most of these entertainers are probably unaware of the plot, and just perform the music they are given, and take the roles their agent sign them up for, not realizing that they are being used for a major corporate takeover connected to the agendas of the government and military (compartmentalization again).

I also wouldn’t question the fact that some of these well known entertainers actually ARE involved in MK-ULTRA or PROJECT MONARCH like programming, beginning at a very early age and perhaps running through multiple generations of celebrity families in Hollywood. Could you go into a little detail on this subject, and how deep do you think the rabbit hole goes regarding the entertainment industry and Hollywood propaganda techniques?

-WES: I have a certain section of my website specifically dedicated to music, art and entertainment: (http://www.illuminati-news.com/art-and-mc/index2.htm). I noticed early on, that the one part of the Illuminati Agenda that people have the hardest time believing is that the music industry is manipulated and controlled by the Illuminati. Before I go into details, I just want to throw out some food for thought: If we agree that this world is to a great extent controlled by the Brotherhood (which these days is quite easy to prove), why on Earth would it be so hard to realize that the music industry and Hollywood are controlled, too? After all, if I were a top Illuminist, one of the first places I would look into and try to control and manipulate would be the music and film industries. Why? Because from there I can reach the whole world at once with my propaganda! Whatever your message is - if you own the media, the music industry and the film industry, you have the PERFECT propaganda machine! Don’t think for a second that the Illuminati didn’t think about that. They are not that stupid. Even L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology, had the same idea. If Scientology could recruit enough celebrities, the church would BOOM. So he and his successors did exactly that, and the churched BOOMED!

This subject is so hot that many researchers don’t even want to touch it, it seems like. Not even the well known researchers, such as David Icke and Alex Jones have touched the subject of rock music and mind-control in Hollywood. Very strange, I must say, because it is such an important part of the Illuminati agenda. Perhaps, they don’t want to look in that direction because they like the music and therefore have a ‘blind spot’ to the subject. I don’t know. I have tried to alert them on this problem, and although I usually get communication back, I never got any replies to my emails about rock music.

Anyway, here is the thing, and here is the myth: Rock and roll is rebellious and a weapon against corruption and greed; with Rock’n’Roll we can change the world!!! Now, here is the reality: Rock music was an Illuminati experiment from the beginning to the end, to see how easy it would be to manipulate, degrade and drug down the masses. Illuminati puppets like the CIA sponsored Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary and others started promoting LSD, while other government plants, including the rock stars themselves, promoted other kinds of drugs as well. From there we had the hippie movement. All those young, good-hearted people let their hair grow, thinking they could change the world with drugs, peace demonstrations and rock/pop music. Instead, people became more and more introverted and apathetic as time went on. Many got stuck in drugs and quite a few died from it – including the rock stars themselves.

Dr. John Coleman wrote an excellent book called “The Committee of 300”, about the Tavistock Center and how they, within that facility and behind locked doors, did advanced mind control experiments on people. According to Coleman and other researchers as well, it was here the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were “created”. The Beatles were presented as the ‘good guys’ and the Stones were the ‘bad guys’, who took drugs and were generally degraded (Beatles, of course, took drugs too, but it was done behind the scenes, at least at first). This is typical Illuminati agenda; to create two sides of the same coin to have a game going. Which group do you like, Beatles or Stones? You almost had to choose sides back in the 1960’s. John Lennon, supposedly, in a late interview, actually admitted to that the Beatles were a CIA experiment, although I haven’t been able to verify if this is a true or just disinformation.

One thing people are not aware of is that the back beat and the rhythm in rock music have very occult origins and go back to the Mystery Schools of old Babylon. But even if we stay within the 20th Century, we find that rock music is something that was born out of the occult traditions. Modern rock music can be traced back to the teachings of the 20th Century occultist, illuminist and ‘Satanist’ Aleister Crowley (1875-1947). This is why so many rock stars are into Crowley’s stuff. The Beatles were into him, and so are/were the Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Sting, Jim Morrison, David Bowie, Elton John, Led Zeppelin and many, many more. Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, by the way, is probably the most fanatic Crowley disciple in the music industry, ever. He once had the 2nd largest Crowley collection of books and occult material in the world, and even bought Crowley’s old residence near Loch ness in Scotland. Some people say Crowley was not an Illuminist, but that is not true. He was a 99th degree of the Order of Memphis and Misra´m, which actually is the REAL Illuminati Order, where a few selected people go after have completed the 33 degrees of Freemasonry. More on the Illuminati degrees can be studied here: http://www.illuminati-news.com/112606c.htm. Crowley was a black magician, no matter what people think. His magick (spelled with a k at the end to separate it from stage magic, and some ‘evil tongues’ say the k also stands for black, like in black magick) is commonly used by the black magicians within the Illuminati.

There is a lot to say about rock music, and there is no time to go into it all here. For more details, I suggest people read the “rock and roll and mind control” section of my website. However, there are a few details I would like to mention:

I want to emphasize that before people make their own conclusions about what I have to say about rock music, it is important that they at least skim through most of the articles I have posted on the subject. Too many people read a headline and a paragraph or two, then they email me and say I am a piece of **** for trying to have them stop listening to their favorite music, and that I am a Christian fanatic. That “accusation” only proves they haven’t read much, because I am not even Christian, which I make pretty clear. Now, I am NOT trying to have people stop listening to their favorite music at all – I want to make sure everybody understands that. Personally, I still listen to many of my favorite bands, although I know what is going on behind the scenes. However, we all NEED to know what this is all about, otherwise we will not understand the whole picture, and what is affecting us subconsciously. And if we don’t understand this vital subject, we will never be free from their manipulation. Therefore I say, go ahead and listen to whatever you want as long as you know what’s behind it. When you know the truth, you are unlikely to be manipulated – at least that’s my theory. And you will listen to the music with totally new ears – I do! It’s still often great music.

Most people have heard the phrase: “I sold my soul for rock and roll”. With other words, the artist supposedly sold his/her soul to Satan in exchange for glory and fame, riches, drugs, rock and roll and an abundance of sex. We say: “OK, but that’s just a myth and a good story”. But is it really? Why don’t we ask the artists themselves? Many of them have actually come out and confessed that this is actually what they have been doing, and they are serious about it! Take Bob Dylan as an example. He was interviewed by late Ed Bradley on “60 Minutes” just recently. This interview was posted on video-google until a few weeks ago, when it was taken down for unknown reasons. In this very interesting interview, Bradley asked Dylan how he could write such incredible songs in the 60s, and Dylan said he had no idea. He was convinced he didn’t write them(!) They were “written for him” by “someone else”, and he did not mean another composer, but something from the spiritual world. He started quoting the lyrics from his masterpiece: “It’s alright ma, I’m only bleeding”. He said something to the effect: “You just don’t write lyrics like that. They were magically written”.

Then he goes on and accidentally mentions that he sold his soul to the Devil a long time ago. When he realizes that his tongue had slipped, he found himself and stopped in the middle of a sentence. Bradley did not let the mistake on Dylan’s part pass unnoticed, though, and elaborated on it. Dylan then admitted he had to continue being on the road, year after year, as a part of the bargain he had with the “Lord of this World”, which Christians know is the Devil. Excerpts from this interview can be read here: http://www.illuminati-news.com/art-and-mc/field-of-art.htm. Scroll down to the Bob Dylan section.

Dylan is just one in a crowd of artists that have messed with the occult and made a bargain with the demonic realms and been possessed by entities who are actually helping them write their songs. Elton John admitted to the exact same thing when it comes to his music. He said something to the effect that writing an album like “Yellow Brick Road” in the mid 70s was out of his league. He has no idea how that album came about.

My research has led me to believe that most (if not all) of the super artists that have really been trend makers, are mind controlled slaves, created by the Illuminati to complete a certain task, and often enough, their managers are their handlers and controllers. These artists are, like I said, the trend makers, whom all the rest follow.

You have to have a certain attitude to make it in the music industry, and you have to be willing to be manipulated and controlled. Young artists think they can be famous by doing ‘their thing’, and the record companies will adjust to that. That only occurs if the artist happens to have the exact approach that the music industry is looking for at the moment. If not, THEY will decide how the artist should perform his/her stuff. If you don’t conform – no deal (all big labels are owned by the Illuminati, by the way – easy to verify).

For those who doubt the satanic, occult overtones in rock/pop music, I would strongly recommend the book: “Lucifer Rising” by Gavin Badderley, who happens to be the head of Church of Satan in Great Britain. His book exposes the satanic rock industry, and you would be surprised how many rock stars are members of Church of Satan! Badderley himself is interviewing artist after artist in the book, and they all admit to being Satanists. The book should be available in any well sorted bookstore.

So what is the purpose with the occult rock music? The purpose is to reach the minds of our youth. Of course, death metal for example is openly satanic, and so is Marilyn Manson, both in their lyrics and music, but this is not often the case with the rest of the rock/pop music genre. Instead, the occult/satanic messages are hidden in the lyrics or in backward messages, also called “back-masking”.

Here is another important thing: For those who don’t know what a “riff” is in rock music, I’ll try to explain it here in a few words. A riff is a beat or a sequence or a pattern, played in a certain order over and over again as a part of the background rhythm; it sometimes has the form of a melody itself. We have a typical example of a riff in “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones (same pattern repeated over and over by Keith Richard’s electric guitar). These riffs can be pretty seductive and put us in a light trance. This, plus the back beat, is what is so attractive and great about rock music, and no matter if people know what a riff or a back beat is or not, they just feel great without knowing why. Nothing's wrong with that, as long as it stops there. However, if you add occult or satanic messages upon that, when the listener is in a state of light trance, the lyrics go right into your subconscious mind and may affect your way of thinking, without you even noticing it. So, to simplify it, the purpose of rock music is to have our youth interested in the occult, degrade them and have them rebel against their parents to destroy the family unit (a major goal for them), create violence and apathy and to be brought down to a certain level of consciousness, where they are easily manipulated. They are trying to create a generation that can easily accept the New World Order as something good.

Most teenagers these days don’t listen to the lyrics, and therefore they say the lyrics won’t affect them. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, if you DONT listen to the lyrics, you are more prone to be negatively affected by hidden messages than if you listen to and analyze the lyrics. What you don’t consciously absorb goes directly into your subconscious mind and will affect you unconsciously.

The question is: did these artists ACTUALLY make a pact with the Devil, or what is really going on here? Personally, I think it all comes down to mind control. I know for sure many of our greatest and most popular artists have multiple personalities, most certainly made such through trauma based mind control. I am corresponding with, and have corresponded with, a whole lot of mind controlled slaves in general, who have escaped, or were in the process of escaping, from the Illuminati. They have, independently from each other, pointed out the same artists as being multiples. How do they know? Well, if anybody would know, it would be them. They recognize things in others that we don’t necessarily notice.

According to those people, Bob Dylan is definitely a multiple, so are/were Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Britney Spears, Joan Baez, Curt Cobain, Elton John, Elvis Presley and many more. These artists have been specifically pointed out, both by the mind controlled slaves and different researchers, among them Fritz Springmeier, he himself a multiple.

However, I am not saying that all artists are mind controlled or directly part of the agenda; only the ones who are the real trend makers and super artists. These are heavily promoted by the industry and the media. The rest, the majority, just jump on the bandwagon, making a similar kind of music that the record industry is looking for at the moment, and they go through their careers quite ignorant of what is happening on a higher level. By the way, another important thing: the whole country music industry is nothing but a huge drug smuggling front for the Brotherhood. And most of the artists in Memphis are drug smugglers and mind controlled slaves, programmers or handlers. Don’t believe me? Again, read Springmeier’s books, plus TranceFormation of America, by Cathy O’Brien (former mind control slave) and Mark Phillips. After having read the latter, there can be little doubt in anyone’s mind that this is the truth. Also, there are videos on video.google and YouTube, where you can watch Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips in action, trying to find justice. It is very moving and very, very real.

There is much more to know, and I suggest that people check out an article I wrote a few years ago, which I constantly update: “Mind Control in the Field of Art”: and also “Artists under Scrutiny”:, which confirms what I’ve been talking about here.

One last thing I want to add: it’s not just rock music. We have the same agenda going on here, regardless if it’s punk, rap, rave, hip-hop, and grunge or whatever. No difference, same thing.


-MAD: It reminds me of the old legend of Robert Johnson (1911-1938) selling his soul to the Devil at the Crossroads so he could play the blues. Arguably the first musician of the rhythm and blues era to die at twenty seven, he was a huge influence on groups like Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Dylan, and The Rolling Stones. Moving into a related subject, how do you see the topic of Zionism as fitting into the structure of the media, Hollywood, and the entertainment industry?

-WES: Many people think that Zionism is the religion of the Jews. Nothing could be more wrong. Zionism is not a religion, first of all, but a political movement, and has nothing to do with the ordinary Jew. In fact, most Jews oppose Zionism as being evil and want to have nothing to do with it.

One thing I had a hard time grasping was why Christians are whole-heartedly supporting Israel, the Zionist state, although they know about the New World Order, and that Israel was founded by the Illuminati to create a Zionist state for their own purposes. [Interestingly enough, as a side line, the word Israel can be split up into three words: Is-Ra-El, where Is stands for Isis, the occult goddess, Ra for Ra, the Sun God, worshipped by the Illuminati, and El for Saturn, which is no one less but Satan himself. Quite something].

I asked quite a few Christians about this contradiction, but I never got a straight answer, until I asked one particular Christian, whom I did some research with in the past. He said that “God is working in mysterious ways, and he is probably using his enemies to build God’s chosen Country”. He didn’t sound too sure about it, like if he’d been wondering about this himself, but at least I now understood how Christians, who know about the Agenda, may think about Israel and why they support it.

Some say the Zionists are the ones behind the New World Order, but I don’t agree. Yes, they are a big and important part of the whole Illuminati network, and many Illuminists are also Zionists, but to say that Illuminism is equivalent to Zionism is simply not correct. It is very interesting, though, to read from The Talmud. It is extremely anti-Semitic in the sense that it looks down on everyone who is not a Zionist. It’s shocking to read it. As an example, it says a Jew can lie as much as he wants to non-Jews, and killing a non-Jew is not a crime. There are worse things than that even, mentioned in this evil book.

For those who want to know more about the true nature of Zionism, please read this shocking article from my website: The Harold Wallace Rosenthal interview. Even I was shocked!

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