Strange Marks After Alien Visits
by Wes Penre, June 23, 2005

The first time a friend of mine told me in confidence that she had alien visitors at night, I didn't know what to believe. I mean, I knew this person, and I was totally convinced she would never lie to me about this, or anything else either for that matter. However, I wasn't sure who those visitors were from the stories she told me - at least at first. My question to myself was: Are these visitors real aliens, or is she visited by government agents, who does experiments on her?

I came to learn that she is visited pretty frequently, and always at night when she is in her bed. The day after a visit she often comes to me and shows me strange "needle" marks, bruises and other abnormal body aberrations. Sometimes it looks like someone has drawn blood from her. None of this she could have done to herself; I have never seen anything like it before. Besides, there is no reason she would do it to herself either, and she is very upset and frustrated about the whole thing.

I have discussed the matter with her and asked her if she thinks she is visited by government agents and that the memories of aliens are being implanted. Her reply is a simple and sober question in return: "When did government agents start walking through walls?" She's certainly got a point there, as she is living in an apartment complex and her flat is not even on the ground or first floor. The gate to the complex is always locked and you have to identify yourself before someone lets you in. Like anybody, she locks her door when she is alone at home, and especially at night. There is no way that anybody can break in without her knowing it, and without leaving any traces. Also, no matter where she stays or lives, the visitors follow her.

In the past, a visit often started with that she was lying in her bed, and all of a sudden she was unable to move, and a strange alien head was "floating" over her bed. It was all silent and didn't say or communicate anything, but it scarred my friend to the core.  Then she passed out and there were no memories after that. She told me there could be several visitors every week. The "floating head" encounter stopped in the 1980s though, and these days she has no memories from what is happening during the night, just those strange marks when she wakes up, and a feeling of great unease. 

One day my friend got the idea that she should take photos of the marks, and here is one of them. More may be added to this article later on:

Alien Marks

 Alien Marks (Closeup)

This is how these marks came about, in her own words:

"[It was on] April 26th 2005, possibly around 10pm. I watched a flash (appear) to fall toward the ground, thought it was a meteor or a shooting star at first.  But then saw the 'glimmering' through the trees.  I very quickly got tired and fell asleep (which is what happens when 'they' come.... instant sleep, no memory).  I awoke in the morning with the triangle marks on my left arm, small bruises about an inch below them, and a very hard to see white ring around the marks."

If you who read this have encountered something similar, and perhaps recognize this kind of marks, please feel free to contact me in case you want to add information or just discuss the matter with my friend. If so, I will forward your emails to her and I can guarantee you 100% discretion.

Please email me at the email address listed here .

Thank you,

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