Unknown Alien Types

Created: Thursday, June 9, 2004, 8:08PM


unknown alien-type (inverted)unknown alientypeshadowy Alien


The above alien types have been seen by  two persons I know, and one of these persons made the drawings.  Both, independently of each other, say they have been regularly visited in their bedrooms by the above types of aliens. According to one of the witnesses, who encountered the type to the left,  they don't walk, but float above the floor until they reach the bedside. This is how the witness describes it, referring to the above left drawings:

"This is what the one that was always there looked like when he floated over to my bed. The other two 'robotic'. The lines in the face are veins. The eyes are pretty accurate; the forehead has that 'evil' effect of a look."

The other person encounters the "shadowy" alien-type to the right, and describes the following phenomena connected with the encounters:



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