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  Posted: Friday, August 29, 2014, 8:29 PM

Last Updated: Saturday, September 20, 2014 05:31:29 PM



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Illuminati News Presents:

"The Continuum"--Tray Caladan's (aka Doug Yurchey) Amazing Debut Novel!
Presented by Wes Penre, Illuminati News, Aug. 29, 2014

Category: Miscellaneous
Source: http://www.illuminati-news.com/tray-caladan-continuum.html




 have had the privilege to know Tray Caladan (aka Doug Yurchey) for about a decade now, and I have always had the deepest respect for this man; both as a person and as a multi-faceted artist. I realized he was a genius as soon as I got to know him, but although this is true, I must say he has now outdone himself!

I have posted several of his successful articles under his real name, Doug Yurchey, in the "Guest Writers" section over the years, but they have mostly been either scientific, exopolitical, or "conspiratorial" in nature; i.e. they have all been non-fiction, just like my own articles on this website. This time, however, he has written a science fiction trilogy, of which the first volume, "The Continuum," now has been published both as a physical book and in an e-book version.

I haven't read fiction in fifteen years because I've been so caught up in my own research and writing; I haven't had the time to engage in fictional books. When Tray Caladan (which is his penname) contacted me recently and told me the wonderful news that he had been published, he also asked me if I wanted to read his book. I was hesitant at first, although I instinctively knew it was good. I felt that I don't have time to read fiction; I am just too busy. Only because it was Tray who asked me, I told him I would read it.

I was stunned! Once I'd opened the book and started reading, I couldn't put it down. I am not exaggerating if I say that this must be the best science fiction novel I have ever read. And believe me; I have read a lot in that genre in my younger years! This book, "The Continuum," is not only extremely thrilling, but is also masterfully written. Tray is artfully mixing fiction with a good portion of truth, which makes it an absolute page-turner! After I'd read the first two chapters, I contacted Tray immediately and told him that I just had to promote his book on my website. This is something extraordinary because I haven't posted anything to Illuminati News since 2009! I consider this website to be finished, and I hadn't planned on posting anything more, whatsoever. This will be my only exception because people need to know about this book, and people need to read it. Even if you normally don't read science fiction, or fiction in general, I advise you to make an exception, like I did, and get this book. You will not be disappointed! Wes Penre, Aug. 29, 2014.


"The Continuum" -- An Exclusive Presentation of Tray Caladan's Masterpiece!

"The Continuum," a 400-page science fiction epic of intergalactic proportions, has a lot of parallels with the times we live in here on Earth right now, as well as world events that happened in the 20th Century and earlier. Some of these parallels are satirical in nature, and just like a masterful epic should be, it makes the reader start thinking about these events from a new perspective, with lots of "aha" moments. A few of these parallels are:

  • Martin Luther

  • Sinking of the Titanic

  • Einstein's Eclipse Prediction

  • The Federal Reserve

  • Shirley Temple

  • The Assassination of President Kennedy

  • The Oprah Show

A major parallel in this first volume of Caladan's trilogy is Adolph Hitler's rise to power, which is seen in the devilish character, Sardon, who establishes a secret Chancellery. Are the extraterrestrials out there really so different from us that they are immune to such an entity's abilities to manipulate large populations? How many such beings does it take to get a big part of a galaxy under their manipulative command? Does it take hundreds? Thousands? Or, God forbid, only one??? We saw what Hitler managed to do before he was eventually stopped, but what could a devilish dictator accomplish if he had access to magic from dimensions most beings have never visited--or even from another, totally different universe? Can such an entity be stopped? Moreover; is what happens here on our little planet really unique for us humans, or are we just a mirror of what is happening on a grander scale out there in the Universe? There is a Freemasonic phrase which says, "As Above, so Below." How applicable is this phrase?

TWB Press (a Colorado publisher) recently made a trayler of Tray Caladan's new book, maybe like it were an Inde film. In fact, Caladan is up for "best new sci-fi writer" in a large Book Festival in Baltimore, Maryland (prestigious Compton Crook).

Here is the 1-minute trayler, now available on YouTube:


The reviews of this book have been excellent. Hollywood director David Silva said it was "better than Lord of the Rings." It's hard to imagine a more favorable review than that. The well-known author of "The Philadelphia Experiment," Brad Steiger, wrote: "It was much better than you led me to believe" (and Caladan actually raved about it!) Also, the famous writer, Jim Marrs, wrote in an email that he was anxious to receive a copy.

A synopsis of the Novel in the Author's own Words:

Events concern a special (our dream-parallel) galaxy known as ‘Pinwheel.’ Sardon creates the ‘dylar’ or Galactic Monetary Standard; seems like a wonderful thing. Many star systems now have a common currency and cosmic economy BOOMS!

But the Sardonic Devil secretly drains Profits down a Black Hole. Galactic prosperity is only an illusion and Citizens are enslaved.

A legendary Being called ‘Zog’ (some believe is the Creator) from a higher (larger) world appears down here in the (smaller) physical plane. Zog is a blue, spiritual-humanoid predicted to ‘save the world.’

Time passes as Zog returns to the material universe through the eye of a Quasar. The ugly Sardon returns to the universe as a cute, little girl (Shirley Temple-character) that has the whole galaxy fooled. She (‘Mebby’) is really a very powerful and deadly android. 

Long before the climax on Mebby’s ‘New Movie’ set, there is a 100-Year WAR between Men and Women! How could Women (militia called ‘Vipers’) have taken total control of the Pinwheel Galaxy? Answer: Only Women developed the ‘Forbidden Secret’ of ancient ATOMICS! 

'Readers might not think points of HUMOR are in ‘The Continuum.’ But there are, such as: The cartoon ‘Slap,’ a Quizo, ‘saving’ a galaxy, making fun of the Devil’s (NY) entourage and the ultimate resolution to the ‘Sex Wars’ are hilarious! My sincere dedication goes to Douglas Adams of ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide…’ who made Science, funny. The actual climax where the Next Cycle (Continuum) may or may not happen…comes down to a game of Tonk. 

Will the ‘Savior-Superman’ (Neo Zog) or light/energy/spirit that is in us all…turn over the tables of the Galactic Reserve? Should Zog win the game or lose? Will the 5th Creator appear and spark a future?

[I’m a former Simpsons artist. Cover art took 6 months to draw in colored pencils. Tolkien didn’t draw incredible covers to his novels!]

TWO SEQUELS HAVE BEEN WRITTEN, as yet unpublished that continue the epic story, my Traylogy:

#2 ‘The Son of Zog’
#3 ‘The Cydonian War’

AMAZON link makes available the first 25 pages of my first novel:


(It gets much better). 

Thank you Illuminati-News.com readers for your support over the last dozen years…checking out my articles and even stories, that I believe have relevancy, meanings and truths.

Write to Tray at: dugx@sbcglobal.net for info how to receive signed/numbered copies of book (like art prints) or see TWB Press site:


6”x9” paperback, 400+ pages {with ‘Secrets’ in back of book showing readers what real world things they were reading about} is $18.00 & also available in E-Book form for $4.95.
Would enjoy comments on the
story; very proud to show the world my masterpiece.

TS Caladan (anagram: at scandal).
[World-Mysteries led to the name-change…and possibly the name-change led to being published].

"Son of Zog" and "The Cydonian War" are number 2 and number 3 in this trilogy, respectively. The top picture shows the cover (front and back)
of Volume 2, and the lower picture shows the front and back of Volume 3. These two volumes are still waiting to be released.

The Continuum – Excerpts

“Yes, Lord Boz. You will have your Super-Soldiers soon. We have discovered the link, you see, Lord? It’s right here in the primeal gland. We have struck our goal, the Eightoid ‘human’ Center. The subject will truly revert back to its Beginnings from the Dawn of Time. Average private clones by the millions will be transformed into monster-soldiers of your darkest fantasies! Have you ever seen anything like this before, m’Lord?” she asked her Master.

             “The inter-connect…ah, port…yes, yes, excellent. You found it.”

Above, Sansion tried to whisper, “You know what that means? Do you flagging know what is about to EXPLODE right below us?”

Each of the brilliant chemists felt the fear in their ‘primeal glands.’ A GREEN, MAD MONSTER WAS READY TO MATERIALIZE directly underneath them! Who knows what could happen? The ‘thing’ from the Dawn of Time could kill them all on a scale never seen before!

A blood-chilling SCREAM was screamed from the emerald experiment on the gurney with seemingly all the metal on Aret bonding each member of his body. Below them, the kids observed stark terror in the insane eyes of the small test subject, still in the act of screaming his bloody/jade lungs out. The lofty chem-wizards as well as the frightened Cardille of Fanguard thought they saw the Green Man grow muscles and grow hair. He tugged against thick, steel bonds to no avail. He stopped screaming. The beast was quiet and became motionless. In the retelling of the story, it was the most frightening quiet ever heard.

In the next instant, the horrible Green Man started to laugh. Oh, it laughed and howled like madmen do to starless nights. The subject stopped for a half ya and LAUGHED even louder! Downstairs was flabbergasted and so was upstairs. There was an overall sigh of relief as tensions simmered down. It seemed that nothing incredibly evil or horrendously violent was going to happen. What the Zog happened?

A big, timid, coy, gentle smile appeared on a very relaxed little Green man in ultimate/horizontal bondage. The subject radiated loving energy. He was at his Center. Everything was good and warm as his eyes sweetly, calmly looked around to a restricted degree. He actually looked to the White Man out of a Lichtenstein story and winked. The subject was filled with the love of Zog. The connection was really made and here was a man-thing in touch with his true Life-Center. He was in Nirvana. He was in love with everything within him and everything around him. The Green man was at peace. He was at…the primal Beginning.

“IT DIDN’T WORK! You MISSED center! You were OFF! And, you were also…warned!” A new kind of weapon like an ejection mini-spear was engaged. White Man Boz killed the Viper-Woman who took responsibility for the 12th SSP failure. Blue blood poured out of the woman’s left breast. She collapsed.

“I really would not hurt a fleaba,” said the beautiful and transcended, human creature on the table that spoke directly from his primeal heart (affected by a placebo).

“Write down what he says,” Lord Boz ordered another Admiral.

Green Man expressed with an emphasis on pleasure: “There are such…COLORS; lovely colors and moving patterns in everything. Colors shouldn’t be fighting colors. APPRECIATE those of different Colors and different views and in different areas. Once…once…once you give them this…y-y-your problems will be over, ha…no one’s going to be fighting no more. There’s such depth, distance and BEAUTY, man…in everything. Don’t…don’t you SEE it? It’s right there in front of you, man…wow. Time is taking…f-f-forever. You know you have a hole in your ceiling?”

The hidden boys and girl froze. Boz and the Admirals ignored the random comment…


MEAD D-chairs were the most amazing innovation in recorded, robotic History. It was unbelievable for Teran androids to plug into a nervous system and actually become legendary, feeling ‘human beings’ (the zogs) on the inside…

Robo-Stephen Davidson sat and operated a D-chair from his messy apartment at the present time. His synthetic hair was long; his clothes were untidy and old Veer containers were on the table. He ‘plugged-in’ and had his neat, clean and well-dressed Bio handle the case.

Stephen worked the controls from a distance. Central Interface sent him on assignment. Agent Davidson liked to have fun. While he controlled his Bio and walked the ‘fleshy’ down a few dark alleys, the agent embellished his dreams. He enjoyed fantasies even more than the real thing. I guess, that was the purpose of ‘dream-chairs’…to enhance reality. What Stephen did was way beyond reality…

Nights were cold in SoHo; especially when you’re on a case and the days are forever and the nights are endless. Then, it RAINS on you when you have to meet up with one of the DeGroot boys downtown on Yancy Street where they sell Sicilian cannoli by the dozen. You catch an A-train to Far Rockaway; passed the rock that looks like a bear, over Yalta Bridge and where does that leave you? It leaves you LOST, man; lost in an ugly, dark and wet city that doesn’t want to know your name. You can’t shake the feeling you’re being watched! How can it be? The case isn’t important enough for me to be tailed? Desmond was a nut-job. The little Lebowski twins were LYING about the secret formula! The dead body WAS wearing plaid. WAIT…WHAT WAS THAT? First thing you FELT was FEAR; fear that stabbed you in the heart with an icicle before it shot up your spine like hot-electric rockets. What’s that in the bushes? You duck down…yeah, you duck down like a scared rabbit because you’re afraid to die. You’d rather sweat out another day of being a drunken flatfoot, a private DICK no one will hire…rather than face St. Revol on your knees. You’re in an alley, next to a dumpster, trying to snap a picture as the cold rain pelted harder and you wonder; what it’s all about? You just found blood’s been pouring down your shivering face. You think you see Jimmy in the dark, but yer wrong. WAIT! Something IS in the bushes! Is that a gun barrel across the street? Now, you see a camera mounted above you…shit… “Huh!”

Davidson’s Bio turned 180 degrees and saw something big. Last thing the human heard was its killer yelling the word, “Abomination!” The Davidson-Bio was violently hacked to pieces! The agent, back in his apartment, witnessed his death. He viewed his own blood and guts all over the alley…


Mebby was supposed to direct, but that did not happen. A nameless director who stood offstage was literally ‘faceless’ or blue-faced. There were many problems with the ‘director’ according to ‘Mebs.’ He was forced to direct in painted ‘blue face.’ Later, a real Director’s face will be attached to the image of the old director by computer.

“We’ll take it from the kiss…action!”

‘Rad Carnoir’ (Pinn Bradley) [actually Brad Pitt] bent down seductively and hit his mark exactly.

‘Sheila-7’ (Mebby, THE DEVIL) was nervous. The little girl’s red lips quivered. Finally, their lips met. The hard kiss was Nirvana. In the blackness of closed eyes, the feeling was the most incredible and mutual feeling of pleasure. Then the magnetic polarity changed…and it was SHARP PAIN!

Meb SCREAMED! “It’s YOU!!” The child (android) in robo-character spat out repeatedly in disgust and horror. Her big moment (again) was ruined by…him! Mebby was thrown back in utter revulsion.

Cal-El’s face was seen instead of Pinn Bradley’s face. Neo Zog was calm, relaxed and smiled a golden smile. “Why are you upset? I just kissed the Spawn of Sardon.”


She growled an unintelligible spew of sick perversion and spit. Meb, the Monster, crawled along the fake landscape on all 4s like a blind vidor ready to discharge deadly venom in every direction. Then, she came to her artificial senses. ‘Sheila-7,’ killer-sidekick, remembered the ‘gunslinger’ she was.

Her emotional vent stopped on a dylar. “OH, ha, ha…” Meb FIRED what was not a ‘prop’ gun! She blasted the red ray again and again. N-Rays vaporized large portions of fabricated terrain. NZ, with blue aura, dodged each red beam with ease. His graceful ballet outmaneuvered light-speed Death Rays every time.

Then he violently pushed her to the fake ground. The athletic robo-girl sprang back to his face; only this time she planted a hard kiss on the lips.

In a microscopic nanu of a split ya, the Zog had an idea with his eyes closed. He went with the kiss, which definitely surprised the succubus. She relaxed for a moment and was ‘putty in his hands.’ Tongues touched.

Meb’s (mental) shields dropped and HE GRABBED THE GUN off her belt! Now, who was in control? The Gun could penetrate her Force-Field. The Gun could blow her to pieces and end galactic madness by one pull of the trigger. Cal-El, instead, shot blue rays out of his three eyes (unseen 3rd in forehead) and destroyed the small piece of the Ultimate Weapon.

Mebby was near tears. “You destroyed…my GUN.”

“Yes, dear…a gun whose only purpose was to destroy you.”

“Hmmmm…think you’re so smart?” the Devil spoke deeper with her thin arms stretched in a Mystic position of rays firing from fingertips.

“No,” Cal answered. “I have partial knowledge.” He calmly sat.

With arms still stretched out like daggers, she breathlessly asked, “What have you come here to say?”

“Here we go. ME?” Cal said in sadness and disbelief. He demanded, “What have YOU to say?! For all you have wiped out, killed and twisted?”

The child spoke plainly and honestly, “What you love, I hate. What you want to sustain, I want to destroy. All the pain and suffering you imagine I have caused…was actually a result of YOUR selfish and perverse delight in the physical world, Zog. Our Brothers and Sisters were right…and you, sir, were wrong. YOU caused me to walk into the Chancellery the first day and plant my seed. It was YOU!! You brought the horrors of Hensi to the Pinwheel Galaxy. I am your…hand, my Brother, your reflection. As you Ascend them up to Nirvana, I will cause such PAIN to unsuspecting, innocent Centers…and pull them down to Hensi…for eternities.”


Sequel Synopsis from author:

‘The Continuum’ connects many parallel worlds and is not unlike virtual reality in ‘The Matrix’ or a dream. Epic story ends with Tray (meaning Everyman and author’s pen-name) no longer touched by the Zog-energy and only a married man. Here was the perfect jump-point of a sequel for Tray and Mary’s SON with title on the order of ‘Son of Frankenstein’ or ‘Son of Kong.’ Since the world renewed and reshaped itself with the next (5th) Continuum into one of pure peace, what will Son of Tray be like?

‘Son of Zog’ is a straight-forward story (basic character-arc) of the Son: the Son of a ‘superman’ or of something even higher? I knew to kill myself off as soon as I could with the first chapter called: ‘The Death of Tray Caladan.’ One more time, a universe recycled for 2100 yarns, but first 1900 was a paradise. No Devil or atomics infected the 5th (Dream) Construct. Why did a universal utopia swing toward chaos and killing in its last moments? It was because the Cosmic Pendulum HAD to swing the other way…for balance. Sam Caladan, the son, turned to violence and joined Fight Clubs. This ‘punk’ act led to a mad military. A REVELATION that concerned his father’s actual killer set him on the path to recovery, redemption and his true Destiny:

Sam will save a universe as his entire family had done in other times. Once more, our familiar 20th Century reappears only we view a twisted version of World Wars 1, 2 and 3! Parodies of a Tesla-character (Alokin) and Einstein (Jene Renoux) are precious; fighting over gravity. The parallel of my ‘Pittsburgh Experiment’ instead of the ‘Philadelphia Experiment’ might not sound so far-fetched if you asked writer Brad Steiger or could ask the late Al Beliek. Maybe we went into the future long ago, thanks to Alokin…I mean Tesla? We view Mars/Earth history in #2 as Sam touches Crystal Archives, but in Book #3: Readers get to experience Mars/Earth histories.

Book #2, ‘Son of Zog,’ has the most drama and, by far, the most Comedy. Scenes with 'Stall,' the dark wizard (with shat-slashes) and Nya Nodras (Ayn Rand as a version of the Devil) are (in my opinion) the funniest material. #2 was a joy to write and my personal favorite. Now, what card game could it come down to at the 21st Hour? In Book #1, Cal must lose the card game; in ‘Son…’ Cal or Tray or Sam must win!

Book #3 is called ‘The Cydonian War’ and was the hardest thing for any writer to imagine, picture, describe and relay to others. To a Writing Class: “Okay class, write a novel from the beginning of the Universe from the beginning of Time and have it hold up scientifically.” Book 1 and Book 2 are Dreams or ‘Constructs,’ but not Book 3…it goes back to the beginning of the REAL world. Readers discover what ‘White Space’ is. Readers discover their own Martian History or ‘New Genesis’ from Shasheer, the 4th Planet; how it corrupted and how evil and the darkness were first invented on Mars and how Asteroids were formed. (Like the Superman story) Mars is ruined. The parents secure a Life-Pod with Son to safely travel to 3rd Planet, Tera. The Cydonian disaster in time and all evil (and only evil in universe) was created because of a mathematical mistake by El, the boy’s father back on Mars. The Son clones himself and bio-manufactures our human civilization on Earth via the World Grid of Electrical Power. He discovers that he must destroy two Earthly empires he built (Atlantis and Egypt) in order to save the future, save his ‘sky-walking’ family; remove the Cosmic Curse, correct his Father's error, restore Light and Love to the Universe and make everything right again in time.           - TS Caladan


Tray or Doug also presents his film script: 'God' (the movie) 'History is Backwards.' In the same writing-style of ancient history told in Story-form ('Fantasy-Faction') learn a different view of the Old Testament where Science and Technology could explain many of the miracles!



Wes PenreWes Penre is a researcher, journalist, the owner of the domain Illuminati News, and the publisher of the same. He has been researching Globalization and the New World Order, and exposed the big players behind the scenes, for one and a half decades now.

He is also the owner of WesPenre.com, which contains a series of papers, thoroughly researched, about the ET interference on Planet Earth. In addition, WesPenre.com is about the history of "Sector 9," -- our sector of the Milky Way Galaxy -- spanning from the Rebellion in the Heavens, through the Galactic Wars, and into the history of Planet Earth, from the time when it first got populated by intelligent beings from Orion and Lyra, millions of years ago, up to present time, and further into the future. The last of these extensive papers will be published approximately by the end of 2014 to the beginning of 2015.

He has published his research for free on the Internet at the above domains. You can also find his articles linked up, discussed and republished all over the Internet.

In addition, he has done spiritual research to suggest a solution to the problems of this world. You can also visit his blog and make comments at http://battleofeath.wordpress.com/, and he has a discussionboard as well, where you can discuss the subjects in the Wes Penre Papers, and other similar subjects, too, if you wish. The "Wes Penre Discussion Board" can be found here: http://wespenrepapers.proboards.com/ (Aug. 2014).

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