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  Posted: Tuesday, February 05, 2008, 6:49PM

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ETs and Ancient Astronauts are Illuminati Propaganda
[Part 3 of 3]
article extracted from Truth Campaign issue 25 with additional material
by Various Authors


by Tom Van Flandern

Tom van FlandernAstronomer, and author of Dark Matter, Missing Planets & New Comets. from website of the Laura Lee Show: www.lauralee.com 

Referring to Figure 101, p. 205 of Sitchin's "Twelfth Planet": a large star symbol is in the center. It is way too small in diameter relative to the planets; but we might overlook that as artist's license, if only the planets were shown to scale.

Next we note that nine raised circular impressions ("orbs") surround the star in roughly a circle, located weaving in and out among the star's rays. However there is no obvious beginning or ending place along the circle. Nothing appears to mark the place where "Pluto" is followed by "Mercury". (Sitchin's arrow marker is not part of the original Seal.) Indeed, nothing identifies any of the orbs. Their identities must be guessed by inference. Two additional orbs appear farther out than the close circle of nine. Their relationship, if any, to the orbs in the inner circle is unclear.

It was said that the third orb could be identified with the Earth because it was accompanied by another orb which represented our Moon. This is far from obvious. First, there is nothing whatever to suggest that the orb at about one o'clock is the "third" in any sequence. Next, its diameter is distinctly smaller than the diameter of the next clockwise orb, which the text associates with Venus. Venus and Earth should be about the same size, or Earth slightly larger; but the Seal as interpreted has it the other way around.

The orb associated with the Moon is one of the two outer orbs, and the smallest overall. Although it is about the right size relative to the Earth (1/4), it's association with the Earth is not obvious, since its spacing from the Earth-orb is about the same as the spacing between any of the orbs. Specifically, it is farther from the Earth-orb than the Mercury-orb is from the Venus-orb. If the outer orbs are supposed to be moons, then "Mercury's" presence there would suggest that it was a moon of Venus. That might be acceptable, because there is some evidence that Mercury did start out that way billions of years ago. But in saying that I am clearly stretching to accommodate the depiction. Tighter logic would dictate that a Mercury-orb farther from the Sun than a Venus-orb, yet closer to the Venus-orb than the Moon-orb was to the Earth-orb, was simply incorrect in both respects.

Things do not improve after that. The Mars-orb is too large in diameter relative to both Venus and Earth: it should be half of Earth's

diameter. Then we come to the three largest orbs more or less in a line, each progressively larger than the last. Associating Nibiru with the first of these is easy, since the solar system has a gap filled with asteroids there; so any orb whatever could be argued to be the missing parent of the asteroids. But we do not have that kind of freedom with the solar system's two giant planets. Jupiter is larger than Saturn in reality, but the reverse is true of the orbs. Moreover the relative sizes are way off. Jupiter should be over ten times the diameter of the Earth.

Both Jupiter and Saturn have other identifiers as well. Between them they have several of the solar system's largest moons. And Saturn has rings, arguably the most distinctive feature of any planet. But nothing whatever appears to support the association of these two orbs with the giant planets we know. The relative sizes are wrong with respect to the other planets and with respect to each other; and no moons or rings are suggested.

It doesn't get any better, because next we have an orb which does not correspond to anything known in the solar system, in a location which would be unstable for anything to form. Moreover the association of anything with Pluto is questionable, since Pluto would remain unknown even to advanced interstellar visitors, unless they carefully scanned the skies checking every tiny spot of light among hundreds of millions of brighter star images.

This is true even for advanced interstellar travellers. The volume enclosed by Pluto's orbit is so vast that the galaxy's 200,000,000,000 stars could be placed inside its orbit without touching! Pluto is smaller than many solar system moons (including our own), and in any case is a "double" object, since its moon Charon is fully half its diameter and relatively close. Pluto's orbit crosses Neptune's; and there is good reason to suspect that Pluto & Charon are escaped moons of Neptune, not true planets. Nothing about the Pluto-orb suggests an identification with Pluto. It is merely that both are "left over" after discussions of the eight major planets are done.

An association of the stray orb with asteroid or possible comet Chiron (not to be confused with Pluto's moon Charon), which is in an unstable orbit between Saturn and Uranus, would be easier to support than the Pluto identification. But from its relative size and spacing, why not associate this orb with Titan, Saturn's largest moon and the largest moon in the solar system? It seems as entitled to that status as is the orb associated with the Earth's moon. The non-uniqueness of any of the associations is plainly evident.

The orbs associated with Uranus and Neptune look about equally large, and are intermediate in size. That is as much as one can say for them, since the sizes relative to inner or other outer planets are not correct; and the next object around the circle is the Venus-orb.

In summary, the Seal does not, by itself, suggest anything more to an astronomer than an artistic rendition of a star surrounded by planets. There are simply no instances where consecutive identifications of orbs with real planets support one another. Each must be argued ad hoc, and each is problematic.

Given the lack of easy recognition of familiar solar system bodies, the extension to unfamiliar ones (based on the Seal alone) must be regarded as an act of pure faith. Perhaps the Akkadian Seal depicts some other planetary system around some other star; but it seems most unlikely to refer to our own solar system.

 William R Lyne on Sitchin and The Illuminati’s Re-writing of History

William Lyne was born in Big Spring, Texas, and raised in West Texas oil boom towns and ranching country. He had a Top Secret clearance in Air Force Intelligence, earned a B.S. degree with a double major in Art and Industrial Technology from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, acquired an

M.F.A. in Studio Arts from the University of Texas at Austin in 1969, and has lived in New Mexico for over 28 years. In 1975, he rejected a high-paying and prestigious executive CIA position offered by then director George Bush, because he believes the National Security Act of 1947 is an illegal betrayal of American Sovereignty and liberty, and that the flying saucer, as man's greatest invention, should be enjoyed by all. He believes that the USA government should be prohibited from engaging in covert and illegal mind-control of the American people, because it fraudulently violates our bill of (Human) Rights, by circumventing our right to fully informed consent or refusal. He began research leading to this book over 48 years ago, and recognized the "Roswell Incident" as a bungled hoax when it was created in 1947 by military intelligence personnel at Holloman A.F.B., in Alamogordo, New Mexico, and perpetrated in the vicinity of nearby Roswell.

Lyne’s book Pentagon Aliens reveals the history of how the monumental discoveries in ether physics by Nikola Tesla, over 100 years ago, were being used to build and develop UFO saucer craft throughout the 20th century. This understanding of how energy can be tapped from the ether and used to provide free energy, anti-gravity propulsion and super-advanced aerial and space-craft, has been one of the Illuminati’s biggest secrets. In order to keep the development of such craft secret, a monumental hoax was engineered by the Illuminati’s top military and Intelligence community, resulting in the alien visitation belief system which is currently rampant in the world today.

The following extract from Pentagon Aliens relates Lyne’s own experiences in being approached by Illuminati agents to fraudulently author the same kind of material which Zecharia Sitchin has also produced.

"M.I.B." is an acronym for "Men In Black", the Secret Government spooks who often show up to harass witnesses. My reference to a so-called "Friend", is to a man who is and was one of them. He also created some of the hoax scenarios for the CIA/OSI, involving pseudo-linguistics, pseudo-archaeology (ala Zecharia Sitchin), as well as the O.S.I.R.I.S. group used to 'smokescreen' the cattle mutilation/ stealth weapons test program. This archaeology/linguistics brand of government lie has always angered me, because of the tendency to blur and confuse the work of those who are engaged in responsible linguistic inquiry and archaeology, yet which may be vulnerable because they are divergent and out of the mainstream. The flaky and irresponsible fabrication of 'extraterrestrial' interpretations, tends to put a blight on new breakthrough work being done, as if it were also false. For example, around 1977, I had begun to make headway with petroglyph research indicating connections between American Indians and specific, ancient Middle Eastern, Indo-European, Semitic, Asian, Norse, and Celtic writings, languages, cultures and peoples, about which I was contemplating a book.

I was astounded when the "Friend" (whom I had known for several years), paid me a visit in 1977, and announced his intent to institute a program attributing the petroglyphs to "ancient space aliens". He was the M.I.B. who had lived in Santa Fe with and trained the couple of government-paid

U.F.O. shamsters known as "The Two" in 1972 (Marshall Herff Applewhite and Bonnie Lu Nettles). He later exploited the mentally disturbed daughter of the inventor of The Formula. I realized at that time, that his fraudulent work was being sponsored by the intelligence community, for whom he had worked for years, and continued to do 'contract work' for.

I noticed that, in my presence, he wore a Shriner ring. This was to gain my trust--or better still, to shut me up---on the erroneous assumption that, since CIA files showed I came from a "Masonic family", I would feel compelled to "keep the secrets". This, in spite of the fact that he was a graduate of a Catholic school (U. of Denver). One of the primary tenets of the Masonic Oath is never to betray a trust. To me, it wasn't my trust he sought, but rather my complicity in a secret betrayal of the trust of the American people.. Even if I had been a Mason, which I am not, gaining my trust through such a fraud would have nullified the oath. He erroneously thought that he was 'motivating me at my own level.'

It angers me that the intelligence spooks exploit entire fields of knowledge and professions, sacrificing them to government 'expediency', by generating knowingly false programs designed to conceal technology from the public and to brainwash them in BIG LIE mass-psychology programs ala Hitler. These programs are to subliminally control people by propagating fantastic, ignorant and twisted lies which elevate insane and irrational elements of society, at the expense of knowledge, reason, and truth. It astounded me that the "Friend" could hypocritically look me straight in the eye, while my life was all the while being cruelly tom apart by their covert harassment. It occurred to me that a committee had worked this all out on paper somewhere, and that individual rights and human life didn't matter to them, so long as they fabricated the 'right' interpretations of things which helped them to control society.

While in graduate school in art at U.T., I was appalled to learn that the fields of art and art history were cynically considered 'expendable' to the CIA people, who referred to artists as "...just a bunch of paranoids..." They had permeated both the faculty and the student body of the university art department. To them, the "cover" of artists and art historians were ideally suited for deceitful, intelligence-gathering foreign travel, photographing strategic defense areas, picking up and delivering data, acting as couriers, etc., and little else. It was my judgment that the people who do that are no better than the closet homosexuals who marry in order to present a false image of themselves to society as being heterosexuals. There were no less than six CIA professionals on the art faculty at U. T. in 1969, and several CIA and military intelligence operatives posing as art students. I wondered how many operatives they had in other departments of the university. Those who posed as students seemed to be spies on the students and the faculty. Since the Viet Nam war was in full swing, 'draft counsellors' seemed to be among their prime targets, but I suppose that any excuse could have served as a pretext to continually meddle with and control what would otherwise have been a natural, and more just flow of the affairs in a supposedly "educational" institution.

In the fall of 1977, the Friend made the trip to my home for the specific purpose of dissuading me from publishing this book, and had the gall to layout the phoney hypothesis for HIS book, which he expected me to write. At that time, he had apparently become disturbed not only by my plans for a flying saucer book, but because I had also begun to branch off into petroglyph research, which threatened to interfere with his official Big Lie plan to interpret the petroglyphs as the "writings of extraterrestrials".

He had apparently dreamed up the alien petroglyph hoax, and enticed me with a lucrative CIA contract, to draw me away from my saucer book, thinking that, once I had collaborated in the false "alien archaeology" lies, I would be "hooked", to be compelled by my published change in position, to fit in with the "alien saucers" lies. This opportunity to prostitute my intellect for cash, included the guarantee that the publishing contacts were already set up and ready to go, in Sedona, Arizona.

I hit the ceiling, saying that I had personal knowledge that flying saucers are man-made, that the government's program of spreading the gospel of E.S.P., Edgar Cayce, and extraterrestrial origin of flying saucers, was a Big Lie originating with the Nazis, and that I would never cooperate in the spreading of such trash. I told him of my broad-daylight sighting, that my parents were present among more than seven witnesses, and that they had often seen whole squadrons of saucers in the Dakotas. This information on my parent's sightings turned out to be a serious mistake, as I underestimated the extremes to which the CIA would go to suppress witnesses. Besides, why argue with someone who already knew the truth, and only wanted me to join into the lies to conceal it for fun and profit?

He then attempted to intimidate me, and even threatened me, recounting some of the bad things which had happened to some of those who had refused to cooperate, or had "gone too far" (presumably by doing such things as revealing the secret manipulations I am telling you about in this book).

(Pentagon Aliens – WR Lyne. P127-129)

Click on book cover for purchase details.

Lyne's website see: http://members.tripod.com/~lyne4lyne/index.htm

Extracted from www.planet-x.150m.com

(it is recommended that the reader view the website’s extensive background information and links to articles which cannot be replicated in this short article)


Introduction: What is this all about?

This site is about information regarding a mythical Planet X (called Nibiru by some) and an encounter with Earth in 2003 and a shifting of the Earth's poles which is supposed to cause an end to our civilization. This is a very silly theory backed by bad science and old news articles that unfortunately some people believe.

When I was very young, I was given a book titled "The Search for Planet X". It was primarily about Clyde Tombaugh and the search for the planet Pluto in the 1920's. It also gave a history of other searches for Planet X, including the ones for Uranus and Neptune which were both called Planet X for a time. After the discovery of Pluto in 1930, Tombaugh had continued the search for 13 more years photographing and examining almost the entire sky visible from the northern hemisphere for another dim and distant planet with no results.

I have always been fascinated by this topic and have followed science and astronomy over the years with much interest. I am an amateur astronomer and spend many hours out under the stars with my 8" dob telescope.

I heard about this Planet X when an astronomy group was flooded with messages on Planet X early in 2001. The topic caught my interest, then I was quickly disappointed when I read the first post and realized the details given of Planet X were impossible, and not by a small margin. Members of the group asked the poster(s) to stop posting to sci.astro.amateur as that is a group about amateurs astronomers and our telescopes. I soon learned that this wasn't new, these silly ideas had been circulating the net for years.

Many people in the astronomy group and in several other forums patiently explained the facts regarding a pole shift to the posters of the Planet X nonsense. I saw the same questions asked and the same answers given in many groups. Some of the claims by the Planet X people were so outlandish I just had to look into the topic further. Some are actually shocked when they hear that this fantasy planet is impossible. The initial impression of most is of a secret inbound planet and many are unaware of the scientific impossibility of Planet X and the pole shift.

I decided to put this site together to collect the information regarding the scientific facts and science related news stories on Planet X in one place. I am not a scientist. Much of the information on this site was posted on sci.astro and sci.astro.amateur to counter the bad science of the Planet X 2003 posts. Other information was gathered from around the internet to answer some of the odd claims. I have verified all the information by as many sources as possible.

If you have any additions/corrections, please E-mail me at pxfacts@hotmail.com


Where do these ideas come from?

The majority of the ‘Planet X in 2003’ idea is from Nancy Lieder and her Zetatalk web site (www.zetatalk.com). Nancy claims to receives her information from beings from Zeta Reticuli.


Nancy Lieder

Nancy started posting to astronomy newsgroups in 1995, about the time comet Hale Bopp was discovered, claiming that there was no comet. Hale Bopp, she claimed, was simply a nova used as a distraction so people wouldn't see Planet X. In the spring of 1997 comet Hale Bopp put on a spectacular show even moving across the Orion area, very near where the mythical Planet X was supposed to be. Pretty strange for a distraction to move across the area it is supposed to be distracting people from! Now 7 years after this claim was made we still don't see Planet X, even without a distraction.

After her failed prediction that NASA would say Hale Bopp had fragmented, Nancy claimed NASA tracked comets until they found one they could say was Hale Bopp. Oddly NASA seems to have found the comet of the century to match the predictions, yet the advanced Zetans didn't see this spectacular comet coming and embarrassed themselves by saying "Mark our words!"

Some of the more dishonest of the Planet X proponents actually claim that Hale Bopp was a non-event! This is a rather sad attempt at revising history to explain the failures of Nancy and Zetatalk.

After flooding internet astronomy groups with this silly talk, a group of amateur astronomers went to show Nancy the beautiful comet that didn't exist.

Nancy still frequently posts her silly ideas in the astronomy groups on USENET.

Nancy's ideas are not new. A comment frequently repeated by followers of Zetatalk is that one person could not come up with all the information on the site. The reality is that one person did not. The content of Zetatalk is comes from many different sources. A few are listed below.

Ben Goldman, a 1960's and 70's horror movie producer claimed to be in contact with beings from Zeta Reticuli. He also speaks of Planet X and Orion. Possibly Nancy watched too many bad horror movies?

The theory of a pole shift is also an old one. Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky proposed this in his book Worlds in Collision in 1950. His suggested that the earth recently had an encounter with a cometary Venus which was hauling around a tail of rocks, very similar to the tail of debris that Zetatalk claims follows their Planet X.

Zecharia Sitchin in his book the 12th Planet discusses the planet Nibiru on a long, elliptical orbit, reaching the inner solar system every 3600 years and can cause pole shifts. (Nancy even calls her planet the 12th and Nibiru) Sitchin is a linguist and archeologist who has spent extensive time studying the ancient Sumerians. He interprets mythology as fact and comes to some very wild conclusions. His theories are not well accepted by the scientific community.

Nancy also uses input from members calling it the Troubled Times Hub. Many items that are posted to the Zetatalk Yahoo! groups such as tt-watch (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tt-watch) are incorporated into Zetatalk and Nancy Lieder takes credit for the items. The information is not verified and is often incorrect.

Note * the group tt-watch has been under heavy moderation for most of 2002. If you wish to find out about bad weather, tt-watch is the place. Otherwise the moderators have stopped any topic that might show how silly Zetatalk really is. Grab the ideas from Goldman, Velikovsky, Sitchin and others, mix in every weird science idea (the Earth Twin article is a good one) and conspiracy theory and you have ZetaTalk.


Mark Hazlewood, a Zetatalk Clone?

Others have picked up on Planet X, including Mark Hazlewood with his book Blindsided. Hazlewood has probably been the most visible person pushing the Planet X in 2003 scenario over the last year. He has made a number of radio appearances (including a Jan. 16th appearance on the Art Bell show) and spoken at several UFO conferences.

Hazlewood's book is a bit light on information, he doesn't even include the actual articles for the news stories referenced. Instead he gives his opinion of what the article said, calling it a summary, then editorializes on what he has just said. Many of his facts are incorrect and in discussing this with him it is obvious that he did not research the material. There is a large amount of editorial and innuendo and the primary theme of the book is about the evil government conspiracy to hide Planet X.

While many people question the sanity of Nancy Lieder, it is the honesty of Mark Hazlewood that is often questioned.

Hazlewood was previously a member of the Zetatalk E-groups and was banned for get rich quick schemes he tried there.

Hazlewood seems to have taken the majority of his information from Zetatalk including the May 2003 date. He claims many different sources and years of research yet most of his sources are also on the Zetatalk website, usually in more detail.

Hazlewood knew that channelled information from aliens would not be believed by many, so he minimized the whole "Zeta" part of Planet X in 2003. He was right, by hiding the alien source of the information many believe him and not Zetatalk!

He even tried to make a deal with Nancy offering to split the profits from his book if she would keep him updated on information. Nancy Lieder rejected his offer. Nancy Lieder has obviously not been happy about Hazlewood selling a book based on her Zetatalk Planet X.

Marshall Masters of YOWUSA.COM said "The only piece of original work that Hazlewood has done is to open a bank account".

Skeptical Mind.com has a good summary of the Mark Hazlewood Planet X story.

Hazlewood often passes out 2nd hand and very questionable information he claims to receive. Mysterious VIPs seem to frequently contact him confirming the wild claims he makes about Planet X in 2003!

One of these odd stories regarding Russian Scientists tracking Planet X prompted Mitch B a ttros of ECTV (www.earthchangestv.com) to call Hazlewood a "clone" of Zetatalk and his claim of Russians tracking Planet X "fake".

Hazlewood spent time in several E-groups discussing Planet X late 2001 to early 2002, but quit them when he couldn't answer many questions about Planet X and accusations of "government disinformation agents" failed to stop the questions. To avoid these difficult questions he now has a group where only he can post and he primarily rants about the conspiracy to keep his book off the market and posts very suspect reports confirming his claims.

Soon after Hazlewood left the E-groups, one of his supporters, Sherwood Ensey, going by the name of Tuatha, actually lied about the author of this website claiming he traced this website to the government!

Ensey was rewarded by accompanying Hazlewood on a radio appearance that week. Amazingly many people believed him, convinced that government agents were the ones challenging the wacky Planet X in 2003 scenario. Of course Sherwood Ensey ran from the discussion group when his lies were exposed by many internet knowledgeable group members. This is typical behavior for these people, making wild claims that are untrue and then cowardly running from any confrontation when their lies are exposed.

If there is a conspiracy involving Planet X, it is probably on the side of those pushing the Planet X in 2003 scenario while selling books or videos.

In a bizarre twist to this already bizarre story Mark Hazlewood has incorporated Planet X 2003 in the state of Florida. Hazlewood's new lady friend, Cindy is also president of Planet X 2003 INC. a Florida for-profit corporation. She claims that this corporation is not being setup for tax purposes but for protection from lawsuits. It is curious since lawsuits would not come about until after the May 2003 passing of Planet X is shown to be false, so why would they need protection? Because they know that nothing will happen, they will still be here and are trying to insulate themselves to protect the money they have made playing chicken little, scaring people and preaching doom.


What is Planet X (Nibiru?)

Does Planet X exist? Yes, as an idea only. Planet X has always been the name for the unknown planet. Neptune was Planet X for a time. Pluto was Planet X for many years. After Pluto was discovered, the search continued. Planet X was a hot topic in the 70's and 80's. This is the real Planet X, just a name given to an idea, such as the missing link or the unknown soldier.

The Planet X this site is about is a fantasy Planet X, also called the 12th planet or Nibiru. This was first proposed in the book The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin. He studied the ancient Sumerians and based on their writings and seals felt they had advanced knowledge about the solar system. Taking the stories of their gods and other myths as actual fact, he determined that they were in contact with an alien race living on a 12th planet in our solar system that comes into the inner solar system every 3600 years. Yes, there are only 9 planets, but to make the Akkadian Seal seem like advanced knowledge of our solar system, the sun and moon were also called planets.

Note: Zecharia Sitchin DOES NOT support the idea of his Nibiru returning in 2003.

Zetatalk took the Sitchin’s information and added a lot of silly things, including a May 2003 date for the return of Planet X or the 12th planet. It is sometimes referred to as a comet. It is supposed to be an inhabited brown dwarf star, covered with oceans! We are told it is in orbit between our Sun and the Sun's dead twin sun. This orbit brings it through our solar system every 3600 years.

I have seen several believers in Planet X say they asked an astronomer if he knew about Planet X. The answer is always yes, and the astronomer abruptly leaves. An admission by an astronomer who was obviously frightened to talk about it and ran! Actually anyone with a basic knowledge of astronomy has heard of Planet X and the astronomer was probably thinking , "Oh, no, not another one of those Planet X people".


IRAS 1983 What's the story there?

IRAS (infrared Astronomical Satellite) was launched on January 25, 1983. During its ten months of operation, IRAS scanned more than 96 percent of the sky four times at four infrared bands.

On November 9th, 1983 in Washington DC a press conference was held discussing objects which were seen in infrared but had no recorded visible counterpart. On December 30, 1983 the Washington Post published an article based on this press conference. This was not especially a newsworthy item and it was 7 weeks before the article was printed.

This article is used as the main piece of "evidence" of Planet-X Although the author clearly sensationalized a bit, the specifics of the article are clear. Every Planet X book and website proclaims "they spotted it in 1983!"

Other than the attention grabbing headline and the exciting lead paragraph, the facts of the article are fairly routine.

The article tells us something was found that could be "a planet, a giant comet, a nearby "protostar" that never got hot enough to become a star, a distant galaxy so young that it is still in the process of forming its first stars or a galaxy so shrouded in dust that none of the light cast by its stars ever gets through." "All I can tell you is that we don't know what it is," Dr. Gerry Neugebauer, IRAS chief scientist for California's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and director of the Palomar Observatory for the California Institute of Technology, said in an interview. "I believe it's one of these dark, young galaxies that we have never been able to observe before."

Not very concrete evidence of a mystery planet, just a scientific mystery that astronomers couldn't identify at the time. Mark Hazlewood in his book Blindsided even thanked Neugebauer for coming forward saying: "he publicly spoke to 6 daily newspapers informing everyone they had found the 10th planet, the last day in 1983." This is definitely not what Neugebauer said, but is normal for the badly pieced together book Blindsided. Hazlewood did not even know the date of the press conference and as Zetatalk had an incorrect date for the article (12/31/83), Hazlewood was sure to make the same mistake.

Others talk about the conspiracy to cover-up IRAS. What cover-up you ask? 18 years of silence after the 1983 announcement of course! They actually consider no follow-up story as a cover-up.

What is really zany is that the article states that the object IRAS spotted was extremely cold, "no more than 40 degrees above "absolute" zero". The proposed Zeta planet is supposed to be a brown dwarf, definitely not a cold object.

Also the object IRAS spotted did not move in the 6 months between images. The Zeta planet is a moving object as illustrated by a map on the Zeta web site. IRAS would have easily detected this much movement over a 6 month period.

Zany Zeta logic, IRAS spotted something unknown, extremely cold and not moving that could be a planet, and this is proof of the Zeta hot, moving planet/brown dwarf.

What did IRAS find?

The conspiracy theory of IRAS is primarily due to there not being any follow-up news reports. NASA obviously put a lid on the news according to the Planet X supporters. In reality what IRAS found was not an exciting or newsworthy discovery. Nothing unknown and mysterious for sensational headlines as in the case of the 1983 story.

According to Dr. Mike Dworetsky, Director University of London Observatory, "The object in question was eventually identified as a denser knot of "interstellar cirrus" in Taurus (not in Orion but a bit to the west) while the other objects the team were interested in were identified as infra-red-bright galaxies."

"The object was designated as 0412+085 in Houck J.R. et al, Astrophysical Journal Letters vol 278, p L63, 1984 and reported as infrared cirrus in Houck, J.R. et al, Astrophysical Journal Letters vol 290, p. L5, 1985. The other objects, as the article stresses, were identified as very faint galaxies."

So what did IRAS find? A knot of interstellar cirrus, which is simply an area of dust grains between the stars. This would not make a very exciting news story, certainly not up to the 1983 Washington Post story.


Why can't we see it?

In 1995, Zetatalk described the visibility of Planet X in a passage called Comet Visible. It claimed that "The 12th Planet is now visible to the human eye, though only the educated eye would see it."

Later Comet Visible states:

"The naked eye will begin to register increased brightness approximately 1 year 7 months before the cataclysms, or late in the year 2001. This appearance will be discounted by most, who will point to the distortions in the atmosphere as a cause or will explain this as an exploding star, the light rays of which are just becoming visible on Earth. "

It was no surprise to anyone that in October 2001 or 1 year and 7 months before the predicted arrival this passage was changed. In very small letters, at the top of the page it states:

"When the Zetas state it is visible with the naked eye, they are referring to being visible by the eye, as aided by telescope or magnifying equipment. The planet will not be visible, unaided by equipment, until 7 weeks before the passage."

One would think that with excuses such as this, Planet X in 2003 would lose all supporters. Surprisingly this didn't seem to bother many believers in Planet X.

So what about viewing it with a telescope? In 1995 and 1996 Zetatalk repeatedly told amateur astronomers that they should be able to see Planet X. Here is a portion of a reply from Nancy to an amateur astronomer:

"It is YOUR statement that the 12th Planet is not visible as you and others have "seen nothing". It was OUR statement that with the RA and Dec given, the 12th Planet would be "within your scopes". " It is now 7 years later and Zetatalk claims that it takes an observatory telescope to see the planet until mid-2002. This is another contradiction as the planet is supposed to be magnitude 10 or 11, something almost any amateur astronomer could see.

It is especially amusing that in 1995 Nancy Lieder went public with her silly Hale Bopp conspiracy theory. Hale Bopp, she claimed, didn't exist. It was simply a distraction to draw attention away from her Planet X.

Now 7 years later, with no distraction it still hasn't been seen.

Why can't we see it? Because the Zetatalk Planet X doesn't exist.

Nancy Lieder and Zetatalk claimed that Planet X would finally be visible to amateur astronomers in mid 2002. Her coordinates are now visible before dawn.

Nancy Lieder is now backpedalling on her claims and withholding new coordinates until September!

“In that there is a Campaign to have amateurs look too early for this inbound brown dwarf, no larger than a one of your distant planets and thus not yet reflecting sunlight, diffuse and without the intense pinpoint of sunlight that stars have at their center, in the astronomical dawn when the skies are hardly dark enough to see even small stars clearly, when it is close to the horizon and not high enough in the night sky to be clearly delimited, we are withholding our coordinates until the time that astronomers Not on a disinformation campaign of discouragement and ridicule have stated. Coordinates will be provided on mid-September, 2002, as those looking prior to that time will be guided into discouragement, quite deliberately, by NASA chronies.”

Nancy has provided coordinates for years. She first claimed Planet X could be seen by amateurs back in 1995, then flip-flopped and decided it couldn't. Now she withholds the coordinates claiming there is a "Campaign" to discourage amateurs who she claims wouldn't be able to see it due to the dawn. The link above by Open-minded shows that on July 13th the Zetatalk coordinates were visible before astronomical dawn from Hawaii and Florida.

It is no surprise that we have more excuses from Zetatalk. There obviously will be many more excuses for her fantasy planet between now and May 2003. It will be interesting to see how she and Hazlewood react over the next few months as it becomes obvious that Planet X is a no-show for 2003. Probably more pathetic claims of sightings from Hazlewood and excuses why we can't see it from Nancy Lieder.

What about the sightings of Planet X?

In late May 2002 Mark Hazlewood came up with a new "sighting" of Planet X.

I just spoke with a triple Doctorate that thanked me for writing my book. He said if it wasn't for me he would have not found out about Planet X. This past Thursday 5-23-02 right outside of Boston he went to the Museum of Science. They had a large scope with filters. There were 24 people there including several government officials. He personally had a look at 2001 KX76 and Planet X. He was told not to tell anyone this but because of my efforts he phoned my son down in Florida first and told him that he saw Planet X. I phoned my son and asked for my messages and then he told me a Doctor called and said he saw PX personally. I said to him "How does it feel getting first hand information before me, I usually get it first?" My 22 year old son was not impressed, he'd heard it all before and didn't understand the significance of this sighting I believe.

I then phoned the Doctor back from up here in Toronto and had a 12 minute conversation with him before he had to take a patient. He said right away that he saw Planet X and it is 100% confirmed. He ended the phone call saying 100% confirmed twice. He said the government is very worried about what PX will do when it passes. They said to him that last time PX passed the majority of the objects from the asteroid belt cratered the moon and went into our oceans. That this was the time (every 3600 years during PX's passing) when most of the cratering gets formed on our moon. The additional worry was that some of these asteroid type objects might get deflected this time and would not land in the ocean. He said the whole meeting was very hush hush.

He said they said at it's present speed that it would arrive in

3.5 years but said that could be disinformation and may not take into account that it could be increasing in speed. [From my understanding PX is increasing in speed exponentially and there's nothing but basic Newtonian physics that is causing this and nothing preventing it from reaching ANY speed and will be here between early June to early July 2003.]

He said also that he heard from the group there that Hubble is being used to monitor this situation with PX very closely and an observatory in Killoway (spelling) Hawaii. [I'm sure there's a lot more scopes viewing this] Also, the point was made that THEY know it's inbound and are very worried about what it will do when it passes because of its size. He said it could be very devastating.

This is obviously a fake report by a very desperate Hazlewood in an attempt to increase interest in Planet X. Why is it so obviously fake?

  1. On May 23, 2002 the given coordinates for Planet X were very close to the sun and not visible.


  2. The Boston Museum of Science is a leaning center and the largest telescope there is a modest 12 inch instrument, which many amateurs also have.

When Hazlewood heard about the mistake he had made his story changed to "non-traditional" viewing. As more questions came in the story changed to a computer link to the Hubble Space Telescope. Unfortunately for Hazlewood the Hubble cannot view objects close to the sun. Oops!

So this "100% confirmed sighting" as Hazlewood called it changed from a "large telescope with filters" to "non traditional viewing" to a computer link to Hubble.

This is probably why Nancy Lieder wanted nothing to do with Hazlewood, he is not smart enough to tell a good lie!

There were supposedly 3 sightings of Planet X in 2001. They have been called "documented", "confirmed" and "verified" sightings. These sightings are extremely doubtful and apparently many believers in Planet X 2003 don't believe in these sightings either. There are several good reasons.

At Lowell the telescope used was a 16 inch telescope used for public viewing. No filter was used and the observatory staffer supposedly agreed that it was a magnitude 11 object.

At Vancouver, a 19 inch telescope was used, again with no red filter. PX was supposedly seen easily.

In both cases, people without any experience with telescopes using moderate sized instruments simply looked and there it was. These were very nice instruments, although not the huge observatory telescopes we read about and see pictures of.

The problem is that there are many thousands of amateurs who could see what were seen at these 2 sightings. There are many amateurs with smaller scopes with CCD cameras that could image beyond what could be seen visually with these scopes. Nothing has been seen by amateurs, and the Zetans now say that nothing but an observatory scope can see it until mid 2002. The object was confirmed as an 11th magnitude object, something that could be seen with a small telescope. Either these were not true sightings or a few hundred thousand amateurs worldwide should be able to see it.

The 3rd sighting was at Neuchatel. This was reported by someone with tt-france that "the daughter of the astronomer reports that they suspect a comet or a brown dwarf".

Oddly it turns out that Neuchatel no longer does professional observations.

Neuchatel is now open for amateur use only. The French message also states that the object was found near the arm of Orion. The Zeta Map shows Planet X to be in Taurus in early 2001.

Quite a stretch to call these "documented", "confirmed or "verified".

For more thorough debunking of the Planet X myth I recommend astronomer Phil Plait’s website www.badastronomy.com which supports the material presented here.

One Key to deciphering religion, New Age and Illuminati-sponsored Revision of Mythology – the Zodiac
Ivan Fraser

It is extremely interesting also that Christianity – the Messianic movement of the Christ – began 2000 years ago, in light of what I am about to present of the hidden codes in mythology and religion relating to the zodiac. Because the references in the Bible to Jesus’s prophecies and promise to be with us until the end of the aeon are essentially references to the astrological New Age, as it was then. The aeon is the astrological age, as defined by the twelve houses, represented popularly since Babylonian times by animal symbols such as Cancer the crab, Leo the lion etc. The New Age being heralded at the end of the Old Testament and into the New Testament was the Age of Pisces. Whereas, today, we are heading into the Age of Aquarius. As the next ‘New Age’ dawns we are seeing a re-emergence of the same ancient motifs and beliefs and fascinations which combined to produce the last ‘one religion fits all’ cult of Christianity.

Astronomical and astrological references, motifs and codes abound in ancient mythologies and ‘mysteries’. They play a monumental role in shaping religious beliefs, but have for thousands of years been encoded into stories which have been massively misinterpreted through the ages, leading to any number of religious dogmas and misunderstandings. Furthermore, the Illuminati of the ages has deemed such knowledge to be beyond the wit of the common people and have suppressed the truth of the origins of these religious dogmas, thereby making them falsely mysterious. The Bible even demonises astrology, which led to murderous suppression by the Church in its purge of the ‘heretics’ down through the ages.

This understanding will, I am sure, reveal a good part of the picture to those who are still in two minds about this subject due to the many ambiguities (or apparent ambiguities) in ancient texts that appear to need an alien or mystical explanation. However, armed with these insights, so much of the speculative and ‘way out’ theorising can be disregarded as wishful thinking, overactive imagination, over-complication, or even deliberate fraud designed to confuse, distort reality and manipulate our minds.

The situation is not helped by the fact that there is indeed an unseen reality of paranormal phenomena which has been experienced since the dawn of man, a great deal of which has been assumed to have been the underlying meaning behind many elements of mythology, which actually refer to much more down to earth (or up in the skies) phenomena. When old names and titles of deified historical figures were combined with emerging man-made models of natural phenomena, the mythologies began to branch into new emerging mythologies and religions which were built upon the foundations of them. For example, the very word we use to name the Creator – God – is an ancient term for the original nationality of the Sumero-Babylonian kingship – Gutti/Gotti. Angels is a word derived from En-ge-li, an old title for King Can, (basically meaning ‘Lord of Cultivation of the Earth) whose title Mikli became the name of a Judeo-Christian figure – Archangel Michael, who has inspired any number of esoteric and New Age interpretations. The Vedic name for a class of demons – Asuras – originally had the opposite meaning of ‘divine’ and was derived from a Sumerian name for the sun – Ashira. All of these terms – and very many more – have since become terms associated with ‘occultism’ and paranormal phenomena and ideologies. It is extremely unwise to assume that popular meanings of words from today or recent history are equivalent to the original understanding of the same words or their roots. The same goes for entire meanings behind many global mythologies.

Certainly, astronomy and astrology are not the entire answer to ancient ‘ambiguous’ myths. As I have shown in the previous editions of the magazine, genuine histories and characters have been recorded and later altered, or misinterpreted to fit in with the beliefs and politics of vested interests, whilst others have been used as a template to illustrate ‘hidden’ ideas, or moral lessons. Some texts do reveal knowledge of the unseen worlds and of things we call today ‘paranormal’, but many which are assumed to do not.

A great deal of confusion arises through the fact that most people do not know the origins of the ideas which became myths, and how these myths were gradually misinterpreted and added to by succeeding scribes through the ages. What may have once been a simple history tale, could later become an esoteric text with the names of historical characters used as titles for states of mind, planes of existence, powers of nature etc. One tale can launch a hundred mythologies which will be further interpreted and incorporated into the cultural heritage of other nations and cultures around the world.

Having studied the mythologies of numerous and diverse cultures across the world, I have been impressed by the many similarities and common themes and motifs to be found in cultures often thousands of miles apart, speaking an entirely different language, and showing evidence of remarkably different cultural heritage.

One reason for this is the rise of the Sumerian aristocracy, which pioneered the art of seafaring and took their knowledge, histories and myths around the world in search of new lands, knowledge and mineral resources. The oldest texts began as histories. The histories were largely prehistoric folk memories, some of which became parables and means to explain unexplained phenomena like why do plants grow and why do they do so in seasons, what causes the seasons etc? Then at the introduction of writing, those who first wrote – i.e. the Sumerians – were writing about what their aristocracy had done, and began to make ongoing records. Years down the line, new writers reinterpreted the writing – a process which continues up to this very day. Writers embellished, mistranslated (especially in the case of ancient Hebrew, which was always ambiguous, having no clearly defined beginning and end of sentences, or vowels to define the exact meaning of the work), added bits to make sense of what they only partly understood, or were deliberately altered for local religious or political reasons etc. And so these developments spread around the world and continually transformed.

However, amongst a very large proportion of the commonalties, is to be found a fundamental and relatively simple reason for the many similarities. That is, all people since the dawn of humanity have lived on the Earth and gazed up at the sky and witnessed essentially the same passage of the heavens. And they have all tried, in their own way, to explain that which they could not fully explain any other way, through the use of symbolism.

The obvious questions in the minds of our predecessors were why do the heavenly bodies appear to die and come back, why do the stars and sun do that in the sky everyday and will they do so again tomorrow and in the future?

Around 2000 BC, the priests in Babylon had begun to seriously map the heavens. They named the cosmic bodies after the names and titles of the early Sumerian aristocracies who had been later deified as heroes and gods for helping the lot of mankind (through the introduction or transformation of farming and education, science, building, metallurgy etc.).

They named the cosmic bodies after their gods and they realised that time was defined by the kinetic movement of the heavens around the Earth, in a time when it was not recognised that the Earth moves around the sun. Therefore, the gods lived 'up there', constantly revolving around the ‘lower’ realm of mankind’s earthly dwelling. What they did 'up there' affected man – brought seasons – life and death etc. So man had started to develop the first star maps and noted their relation to the seasons.

Having defined the movements of the heavens and their relationship with the seasons and agriculture etc., it was assumed that everything in ‘heaven’ was absolutely ordered. Everything happened at the same time every day, and every day the cycle would repeat; and every year the solar cycle and seasons would repeat as it was believed it had always done. Eventually, however, they began to notice that the heavens were not constantly progressing in the same order. Something had shifted over time. Given enough time – generations – to observe the heavenly cycles – the imperceptibly slow progression of greater cycles began to be noticed. Order was shifting – which they saw as a developing chaos.

All that had happened was the effect of the precession of the equinoxes. The sun was gradually rising in a different position – apparently moving backwards through the astrological houses – as the years progressed. Their star maps – i.e. the daily and seasonal activity of their ‘gods’ – was increasingly becoming inaccurate. Therefore, reasons had to be found to explain this. Consequently new mythologies developed to give reason to what seemed inexplicable at the time.

Today, we know where the stars are, where they go, how they move progressively over time. We can predict the positions of the heavens well into the future and we can accurately map where they have been throughout our history. We know that we move around the sun, and the precessional cycle takes us through an apparent 25,920 year retrograde journey through the houses of the zodiac, in each of which we reside for 2160 years.

The early astronomers however were not in possession of such facts. They did not know that their ‘perfect’ ordered heavens and gods were constantly shifting over thousands of years and would not return to their ‘original’ state of ‘order’ in theirs or their immediate descendants’ lifetimes.

But they had enough mathematical knowledge to realise that the heavenly circle could be evenly divided into 12 sections of a 360 degree circle, each of which occupying 30 degrees of arc, defined by one discernible constellation in each house. Obviously, a correlation between this dial-like ring around the Earth which shifted through an entire circuit each year, was observed in relation to the regular waxing and waning cycles of the moon. So, early calendars were developed; some based on the moon cycles and others on the sun, whilst attempts were made (for many hundreds of years) to synchronise the lunar and solar cycles. However, because both cycles do not correlate and gradually move out of synch, myths developed to explain the tensions between the moon and sun, and why they ‘ruled’ time in different ways. Reconciliation myths developed to explain also the fact that cycles of heavenly bodies not only moved out of synchronisation (into chaos), but also would eventually come back into a period of apparent synchronisation (order).

So began the idea that ‘in the beginning’ (i.e. from the point at which they had created their maps, which they had assumed was an eternal order) was a ‘golden age’, when man and gods lived in harmony. There was harmony in ‘heaven’, and also because of this, on earth. Historically, of course, the rise of the Sumerians had been a ‘golden age’, wherein the lot of mankind had been enormously benefited by new emerging technologies and understanding, the suppression of indigenous barbarism etc. which the early Sumerian kings had brought to Mesopotamia.

By then, old tales of great god-men and women who brought culture, began to be re-written as the 'gods' rebelling in the heavens – creating increasing disorder, chaos, from a time of 'perfection' (the original star map which they thought was fixed). The lesser gods were rebelling, the orbits were changing their once apparently ordered synchronisation. The Golden Age was gone; when would it be restored? Astrological calculations were made as to when the order and reconcilliations would re-occur in the large precessional cycle as well as the smaller yearly solar, lunar and planetary cycles. The events on Earth would reflect the activities in the heavens, and so the heavens were observed for portents of good and ill.

This was also a time of a relative decline of the power of the Sumerian aristocracy in Babylon, which saw the rise of the power of the indigenous Semitic priesthoods. Warfare with other countries and tribes was increasingly troubling the land, and was attributed to the course and plight of the gods and fates in the ‘heavens’.

In the attempt to create a unified explanation of the relationship between heaven and earth, all kinds of motifs were being written

– the world serpent spinning the earth (in the Vedas), the world mill spinning the heavens (the zodiac) etc. The world mill would grind sustenance for the people and so bread became a common astronomically-related motif (as in the biblical reference to ‘manna from heaven’). Other myths had the mill grinding salt, because of the view that the heavens were a huge salty sea. The gods now had fights with bows (the archer) and shot dogs (Sirius, the Dog Star) etc. The corn/sun god Osiris/Ra went underground at night to fight the evil serpent, to be resurrected in his solar bark – shining back into the sky. The ‘shining ones’ travelled in celestial chariots – ships of light travelling through space and the sky – who were the 'watchers' of man and the Lords of man’s fate – interfering and interacting 'as above, so below'. THEY could do that to man and the environment – bring life and death and fate – but man could not affect THEM. They had their own rules, could die and return, commit crimes, incest etc. but were intrinsically ‘allowed’, as the rules of the gods were absolutely outside the realm of mankind to affect and could be judged only by each other, and ultimately by the Supreme Judge – i.e. whoever happened to be seen by the people and priests as the ultimate head of their pantheon.

One of the most prominent motifs in mythologies throughout the world is the idea that the heavens are suspended upon an axis, around which they revolve. There are many world axes, including heavenly mills, sacred mountains, pillars and ladders to the heavens. The heavens are also frequently symbolically classed as a ‘sea’ in which the gods either swim (the fish symbol of the sun/Jesus) or upon which the gods sail in their eternal travels, or adventures and wars. Some temples – such as Sumerian ziggurats (in which the priestess/goddess would be placed in the apex) and perhaps the Egyptian pyramids – which were often astronomical observatories, incorporating earthly and cosmic mathematics and geometry into their design, were seen as earthly ‘bonds’ between heaven and earth, and were also ‘world pillars’, like the fabled Tower of Babel. The motif of the goddess looking down from a high window, such as in a castle, is a common theme and indicates to those ‘with eyes to see’ that the tale is an astronomical/astrological one. Hence mythologies including the motifs of the princess (the Mother Goddess/sea of space/moon) captured (fixed) in a tower (the world axis) being rescued by a noble son/prince/hero (the sungod), who slays the dragon (the force of darkness and opposition/chaos).

As is the case today in Islam, the circle is associated with the Oneness of God, and the square with the Earth, or earthliness. This derives from the symbolism of the circular zodiac and the old Babylonian maps which defined the known world as a square area. Numerous motifs can be found in mythology in which a stone (temples and Neolithic observatories and calendars such as Stonehenge were made of stone) symbolises the bond between heaven and earth, and when the stone is removed or destroyed, then ‘the waters’ come flooding out causing a catastrophe. For example, this myth was associated with ancient Jerusalem, where it was believed the ‘waters’ of ‘the earth’ (in mythology, ‘the earth’ is frequently a symbol of the heavens) all gathered beneath Jerusalem’s temple (astronomical/ astrologically aligned bond of heaven and earth) and must be kept in place to prevent another great flood. The motif of a stone falling from heaven or pillar being removed, resulting in a ‘fall, catastrophe or flood would represent the movement from order to chaos and the end of an astrological aeon; a pillar being erected towards heaven being symbolic of the establishment of order and the beginning of entry into a new astrological age.

If we consider a prominent example of the world-pillar motif – Jacob of the Bible – we find that the original Sumerian rendering of his name is IA-A-GUB, which means ‘standing stone, or pillar’. Jacob is said to have erected a pillar at Beth-El, devoted to his god. He also experienced a vision of a stairway to heaven which allowed the angels (gods) to ascend and descend to Earth. However, the biblical tale clearly overshadows the fact that the Jacob myth is a later rendition of a common theme in which Jacob is a god, a sungod, surrounded by the 12 houses of the zodiac – which became the origin of the legend of the 12 tribes of Israel. Pantheons of 12 gods exist in mythologies all over the world, for obvious reasons.

Every 2160 years, the sun would rise in a particular house of the zodiac. So the sun (symbolised as the ‘son’ of god) was ‘born’ of a virgin (the Virginal pre-existent void of space – the sea called Mery/Mary, Tiamat etc.) into a New Age at the beginning of each era and would traverse through the childhood phase to adulthood, to eventually die on the cross (the symbol of the sun and the 4 major divisions of the world and sky) and be reborn at the beginning of the succeeding astrological sign – i.e. at the point where it left the 30 degrees or arc of that particular house. Consequently, we have numerous ‘saviours’ or sungods, or sons of god being born of a virgin (the void/sea of space) and dying at the ‘age’ of 30, of whom Jesus is a very late and contrived example.

Central to religious beliefs of the ages is the concept that the sungod messiah will ‘come again’ and a New Golden Age be restored to rule over the new order of the heavens/gods, and consequently of the affairs of man. There have been numerous ‘sons of the waters’ motifs from Moses, to Jesus’s baptism, or portrayal through the symbol of the fish etc; from the Vedic fire god Agni and sun god Karna (who, like Moses is a royal babe drawn from the waters).

But the idea of a heavenly sea or space suspended on an earthly pillar, which ends in cataclysm and warfare of gods has been portrayed in many more ways than those with which we are mainly familiar through the symbolism of the Bible.

For example, Plato’s Atlantis myth revolved around a discussion with the astronomer Timaeus. The text is initially at great pains to emphasise Timaeus’s position as the premier astronomer, and proceeds to tell us of a legendary island (world pillar motif) which was established by the gods (planets and stars) in a Golden Age, which then was involved in a ‘fall’; into warfare, and finally destruction by crumbling into the sea (order into chaos and destruction into the sea of the heavens prior to a re-establishment of a New astrological Age). The ‘gods’ in this case are said to dwell ‘outside the pillars of Hercules’, which are usually taken to mean the Straits of Gibraltar, but in accordance with the ancient code, most likely refer to the pillars or gates through which the ‘Milky Way’ flows, or some such similar astronomical reference. Why would Plato spend so much time impressing upon us that the character of Timaeus was an astronomer, and that they were speaking in symbolism, if the text were not primarily concerned with the course of the heavens? One thing the texts of Critias and Timaeus make clear is that they are not to be taken literally. So why do people today read them so and see them as the first records of an ancient island kingdom populated by gods or aliens? Certainly, there are many submerged once-populated areas of the world and sunken landmasses, but it does not mean that any of them were Atlantis, or populated by advanced people, aliens or gods before the end of the last Ice Age. Especially when we consider that the fabled gods of Atlantis were also associated with the cosmic bodies, and their names were derived from the titles of the ancient historical kings of Sumer, which dates them no earlier than the late 4th millennium BC.

(The sheer mass of such astronomical/astrological symbolism throughout world mythology is the subject of Hamlet’s Mill by de Santillana and Von Dechend, and is highly recommended to all readers in ancient mythology.)

The activities of the gods created fear in the minds of men. The gods fought each other and moved – apparently – out of the harmony of the Golden Age, bringing calamity to the people on Earth. Man was taught to fear the gods, and to observe them, to worship them and their (in reality the priests’) edicts, in order to ensure a certain future. The gods could strike down upon them famine, flood, wind or earthquake, should the people displease them. In reality, the idea of ‘god’s punishment’ derived from a need to explain why natural disasters occurred to people, and many elements of religion were later derived from scribes inserting their own explanations as to why such things should occur. They thereby turned many ancient characters into ‘sinners’, who were not originally considered to have been so.

One also should consider the enormous power which early astronomer-priests had over the ignorant masses by knowing when and where certain cosmic events were going to occur. When the people needed to be persuaded one way or the other, they would be told to look to the skies for a ‘sign from the gods’. If such a sign was to occur, as opposed to another, then the ‘gods’ had decreed such a thing. Of course, the priests and their kings knew exactly what would be happening, and would be merely conning the general public into handing over their power and consent. Such devious priestly machinations are also recorded in popular myth, such as the ‘prophecies’ of Merlin, the archetypal king’s shaman/priest.

Numerous myths developed on the theme of the Golden Age, ‘the beginning’ which was perfect, and moved into a period of strife in which gods and men experienced a ‘fall’ into chaos or sin and eventually a catastrophe – usually a great flood (the sea motif again representing whole of visible space) from which emerged another cycle, replete with a new messianic figure or hero (the sun emerging into another zodiacal house). And countless variations on this basic story have been told throughout the ages.

But only the early priests philosophers and educated aristocracies knew that the gods were the stars and planets. The general working classes were not educated enough to understand the complexities of geometry, maths and science needed to map, record and predict the cycles and seasons of earth and sky. So they were given superficial tales of gods and wars of the ages. And these tales would eventually coalesce into the religions we know today.

The earliest secret societies and mystery schools derived from the early scientific associations of these elite individuals, who grew to savour the power they maintained over the people because they possessed advanced knowledge which they passed down to their successors, whilst the general populace toiled in ignorance, and were effectively controlled by the priests and kings who could more effectively control them with a threat from the gods, than with a threat of physical force. Today, we are still ‘ruled’ by those who have had such advanced knowledge passed on to them through aristocratic bloodline heritage and inheritance via secret society networks which go back to Egypt, Babylon and Sumer.

An early branch of the secret societies was the early seafarers who were sent to new lands to exploit the mineral wealth of other countries, to bring it home and increase the wealth and prosperity of their kings and queens. Such ancient mariners needed to understand the nature of the heavens and the seasons to effectively navigate and return with their booty. This knowledge could be effectively encoded into popular tales and myths, whilst keeping rival cultures in the dark. (Zecharia Sitchin would treat this entire subject as evidence that the ‘alien gods’ used mankind as slaves to mine mineral wealth all over the world, and the fact that this occurred in areas as remote as South America and Sumer is also taken as evidence that they must have travelled in advanced craft – rather than the true explanation: they simply went in boats.)

The early Sumerians, Egyptians and Phoenicians, for example, sailed to the British isles to mine tin, gold, jet etc. Here they found a country populated by people who did not yet know the wealth of such minerals, and had not created an empire like theirs which depended upon such materials. They were organised into a great mining workforce by the early argonauts and were thus influenced by their beliefs and ‘mysteries’. The seafarers then would return to their own lands replete with mineral wealth, whilst guarding their secret sources jealously from other seafaring merchants and traders. As French researcher Gilbert Pillot revealed in his book, The Secret Code of the Odyssey, encoded into Homer’s Odyssey, is a detailed astronomical navigational manual for early mariners on how to sail from the Mediterranean to Britain and back.

One of the facts which one never sees in popular books on ancient monuments, leylines and New Age books on the ancient ‘masters’ etc. is the fact that all the ancient monuments in Britain are to be found in the ancient mining districts, where the early seafaring traders came to exploit the minerals of Britain. The reason why academia and New Age theorists cannot reconcile the advanced knowledge of how the primitive indigenous population came to build accurate cosmic clocks and maps such as Stonehenge, is because they were not the inventors of this technology. They also ignore the fact that Sumerian astronomical inscriptions were found on the altar stones of both Castlerigg and Stonehenge stone circles. How many times do we hear the repeated mantra that ‘nobody actually knows for sure who built these monuments and why’? Total rubbish!

We know that the Mesopotamians and Egyptians were far more advanced in that era than those in Britain, and it was they who needed and designed these monuments in the areas they had travelled hundreds and thousands of miles to exploit the local people’s manpower, in order that they could reap the minerals and return by sea to their homelands. These ancient travellers would, over time, travel as far as India, via the Indus, Peru, to Australia and New Zealand (where Egyptian and Phoenician inscriptions have been found), and China, where traces of the Sumerian/Egyptian cultures have been found in the shape of common mythologies and god names, the global use of ancient Sumerian ‘megalithic yard’ in building projects, pyramids, stone monuments, linguistic similarities etc.

There is absolutely no need to theorise and speculate that advanced beings or aliens erected these monuments, that they needed advanced spacecraft to travel such distances, nor that they are remnants of ‘pre-flood’ Atlantean culture etc.

So it is plain to see how massively important it was to create and maintain secret orders and disguise astronomical and astrological knowledge in coded myths and legends. The aristocratic bloodlines of old have continued to maintain their secret societies and secret knowledge up to the present day. They are still fermenting erroneous beliefs and religions to disguise the knowledge which would deliver their power into the hands of the masses. Today, we are well aware of the motions of the stars and planets and how to navigate the oceans, and yet the very myths created to secrete such knowledge in ancient times is still the subject of confusion and the source of religious and cultic belief systems, which are evolving into new religions and myths day by day.

So how does all this relate to Sitchin et al?


The Curious Ages of the Ancient Kings

The two main factors upon which Sitchin has based his theory of the coming of ancient ET gods are the evidence that the Sumerians knew about the outer planets and the unknown planet ‘Nibiru’ (dealt with above), and the long lengths of reign given in the various king lists to the early kingships (see Readers’ Forum, previous issue of this magazine). These early kings with huge life-spans are deemed by Sitchin to be equivalent to the biblical Nephilim, and who came to earth originally from the Twelfth Planet 445,000 years ago, led by Enki. Sitchin’s chronology is reliant upon the Sumerian king list being an accurate record of the regnal lengths of the pre-flood kings.

As I showed in the previous magazine, this part of the king list was created in Babylonian times, and disagrees with the earlier Sumerian lists which not only give realistic dates for the early kings, but which also do not include a flood or pre-flood list. The pre-flood list was shown by Prof LA Waddell to be actually a later variation on the post-flood king list which was prefixed by the Isin priests of Babylon to itself and separated by the then newly created flood myth.

The reason for which seems to have entirely escaped Sitchin, and just about everyone else who has looked upon the king list as an historical document (as many have the Atlantis myth).

All of the eight lengths given in the Babylonian king list (see issue 24) are multiples of 3600, a number known as a ‘sar’ in the Babylonian tongue and according to Sitchin also means ‘a completed cycle’ (so the clues are there!). Another Sumerian list details 10 antediluvian kings; again all regnal lengths are multiples of 3600. This is no coincidence. Neither are these numbers relating to the actual life-spans of the kings (especially as the same kings are recorded later in the lists with much shorter life-spans), but to astronomical and astrological measurements related to relative positions of the heavenly bodies. These Babylonian priests were also the same astronomers that I mentioned earlier, who took extant histories and texts and used them to record their data concerning the positions of the stars and planets, and the cycles of the zodiac.

The number 3600 was arrived at, not because of the 3600 year cycle of Sitchin’s mysterious ‘planet’ Nibiru, but because it is an early measurement mathematically related to the 360 degrees of the circle, used to calculate the cycles of the zodiacal year, and the various divisions of the stars and planets into their associated constellations. This was the age of the birth of astronomy and astrology as we know it today, as well as the age of the birth of the great world religions. For example, the Brahmans of India inherited much from Babylon and took this knowledge in their own direction and incorporated it into the great work called the Vedas. The Jews would collate such myths and interweave them into a loose historical framework and create the Bible.

The following extract by Donald Mackenzie illustrates the derivation of the familiar 360 degrees in a circle (or the 3600), from ancient mathematical systems, and how they have influenced Babylonian and Vedic astronomy and astrology, as well as their relationship with the Vedic and Babylonian king lists:

Of special interest among the many problems presented by Babylonian astronomical lore is the theory of Cosmic periods or Ages of the Universe. In the Indian, Greek, and Irish mythologies there are four Ages – the Silvern (white), Golden (yellow), the Bronze (red), and the Iron (black). As has been already indicated, Mr. R. Brown, jun., shows that “the Indian system of Yugas, or ages of the world, presents many features which forcibly remind us of the Euphratean scheme". The Babylonians had ten antediluvian kings, who were reputed to have reigned for vast periods, the total of which amounted to 120 saroi, or 432,000 years. These figures at once recall the Indian Maha-yuga of 4,320,000 years = 432,000 x 10. Apparently the Babylonian and Indian systems of calculation were of common origin. In both countries the measurements of time and space were arrived at by utilizing the numerals 10 and 6.

When primitive man began to count he adopted a method which comes naturally to every schoolboy; he utilized his fingers. Twice five gave him ten, and from ten he progressed to twenty, and then on to a hundred and beyond. In making measurements his hands, arms, and feet were at his service. We are still measuring by feet and yards (standardized strides) in this country, while those who engage in the immemorial art of knitting, and, in doing so, repeat designs found on neolithic pottery, continue to measure in finger breadths, finger lengths, and hand breadths as did the ancient folks who called an arm length a cubit. Nor has the span been forgotten, especially by boys in their games with marbles; the space from the end of the thumb to the end of the little finger when the hand is extended must have been an important measurement from the earliest times.

(In India "finger counting" [Kaur guna] is associated with prayer or the repeating of mantras. The counting is performed by the thumb, which, when the hand is drawn up, touches the upper part of the third finger. The two upper "chambers" of the third finger are counted, then the two upper "chambers" of the little finger; the thumb then touches the tip of each finger from the little finger to the first; when it comes down into the upper chamber of the first finger 9 is counted. By a similar process each round of 9 on the right hand is recorded by the left up to 12; 12 X 9 = 108 repetitions of a mantra. The upper "chambers" of the fingers are the "best" or "highest" [uttama], the lower [adhama] chambers are not utilized in the prayer-counting process. When Hindus sit cross-legged at prayers, with closed eyes, the right hand is raised from the elbow in front of the body, and the thumb moves each time a mantra is repeated; the left hand lies palm upward on the left knee, and the thumb moves each time nine mantra have been counted.)

As he made progress in calculations, the primitive Babylonian appears to have been struck by other details in his anatomy besides his sets of five fingers and five toes. He observed, for instance, that his fingers were divided into three parts and his thumb into two parts only; four fingers multiplied by three gave him twelve, and multiplying 12 by 3 he reached

36. Apparently the figure 6 attracted him. His body was divided into 6 parts – 2 arms, 2 legs, the head, and the trunk; his 2 ears, 2 eyes, and mouth, and nose also gave him 6. The basal 6, multiplied by his 10 fingers, gave him 60, and 60 x 2 (for his 2 hands) gave him 120. In Babylonian arithmetic 6 and 60 are important numbers, and it is not surprising to find that in the system of numerals the signs for I and 10 combined represent 60.

In fixing the length of a mythical period his first great calculation of 120 came naturally to the Babylonian, and when he undertook to measure the Zodiac he equated time and space by fixing on 120 degrees. His first zodiac was the Sumerian lunar zodiac, which contained thirty moon chambers associated with the “Thirty Stars" of the tablets, and referred to by Diodorus as “Divinities of the Council". The chiefs of the Thirty numbered twelve. In this system the year began in the winter solstice. Mr. Hewitt has shown that the chief annual festival of the Indian Dravidians begins with the first full moon after the winter festival, and Mr. Brown emphasizes the fact that the list of Tamil (Dravidian) lunar and solar months are named like the Babylonian constellations. "Lunar chronology", wrote Professor Max Muller, "seems everywhere to have preceded solar chronology." The later Semitic Babylonian system had twelve solar chambers and the thirty-six constellations.

Each degree was divided into sixty minutes, and each minute into sixty seconds. The hours of the day and night each numbered twelve.

Multiplying 6 by 10 (pur), the Babylonian arrived at 60 (soss); 60 x 10 gave him 600 (ner), and 600 X 6, 3600 (sar), while 3600 x 10 gave him 36,000, and 36,000 X 12, 432,000 years, or 120 saroi, which is equal to the "sar" multiplied by the "soss" X 2. "Pur" signifies "heap" – the ten fingers closed after being counted; and "ner" signifies "foot ". Mr. George Bertin suggests that when 6 X 10 fingers gave 60 this number was multiplied by the ten toes, with the result that 600 was afterwards associated with the feet (ner). The Babylonian sign for 10 resembles the impression of two feet with heels closed and toes apart. This suggests a primitive record of the first round of finger counting.

In India this Babylonian system of calculation was developed during the Brahmanical period. The four Yugas or Ages, representing the four fingers used by the primitive mathematicians, totalled 12,000 divine years, a period which was called a Maha-yuga; it equalled the Babylonian 120 saroi, multiplied by 100. Ten times a hundred of these periods gave a "Day of Brahma ".

Each day of the gods, it was explained by the Brahmans, was a year to mortals. Multiplied by 360 days, I2,000 divine years equalled 4320000 human years. This Maha-yuga, multiplied by 1000, gave the "Day of Brahma" as 4,320,000,000 human years.

The shortest Indian Yuga is the Babylonian 120 saroi multiplied by 10 = 1200 divine years for the Kali Yuga; twice that number gives the Dvapara Yuga of 2400 divine years; then the Treta Yuga is 2400 + 1200 = 3600 divine years, and Krita Yuga 3600 + 1200 = 4800 divine years.

The influence of Babylonia is apparent in these calculations. During the Vedic period "Yuga" usually signified a "generation", and there are no certain references to the four Ages as such. The names "Kali", “Dvapara”, “Treta”, and “Krita” "occur as the designations of throws of dice". It was after the arrival of the "late comers", the post-Vedic Aryans, that the Yuga system was developed in India.

In Indian Myth and Legend it is shown that the Indian and Irish Ages have the same colour sequence: (1) White or Silvern, (2) Red or Bronze, (3) Yellow or Golden, and (4) Black or Iron. The Greek order is: (1) Golden, (2) Silvern, (3) Bronze, and (4) Iron.

The Babylonians coloured the seven planets as follows: the moon, silvern; the sun, golden; Mars, red; Saturn, black; Jupiter, orange; Venus, yellow; and Mercury, blue.

As the ten antediluvian kings who reigned for 120 saroi had an astral significance, their long reigns corresponding “with the distances separating certain of the principal stars in or near the ecliptic" it seems highly probable that the planets were similarly connected with mythical ages which were equated with the “four quarters” of the celestial regions and the four regions of the earth, which in the Gaelic story are called “the four red divisions of the world”.

(Donald A Mackenzie – Myths of Babylonia & Assyria)

Those who believe the Vedas to be the original and supreme authority and given to man by God need to consider the evidence and proof assembled by numerous scholars such as Mackenzie and more so LA Waddell, who proved the Sumerian origin of Sanskrit and the Vedic histories, which were largely transferred to India in their early form from Babylon, where they merged with local beliefs and developed over time into the monumental corpus of ‘The Vedas’.

In the Rig Veda – the earliest Vedic source – the term Yuga refers to an ‘age’ or ‘generation’, and only later came to mean the specific 12000 divine years equal to 4,320,000 years (identical to the total of ‘ages’ of the Sumerian kings in the Babylonian king list X 10), which is the generally acknowledged scheme according to Vedic scholars today. So it is quite clearly a development of the Babylonian astrological system, which was a development of early astronomy which had used pre-existant god names to apply to planets and stars, which were, in turn, derived from the names and titles of actual kings of Sumer who reigned in the mid 4th millennium BC. For example, the Sumerian king Tur, also titled Indara, became the Vedic god Indra.

So Sitchin’s ET ‘scientist’ Enki clearly did not arrive 445,000 years ago. Enki was not even originally a Sumerian god, but a title given to the second Sumerian king Can, whom the Bible records as Cain. This title is one of many which only later in Mesopotamia became the name of an individual god (see Origins of the Biblical Genesis in issue 19). In fact, the central characters portrayed by Sitchin in his theories – the alien ‘scientist’ god Enki, and the ‘son of Enki’/‘planet’ Marduk are historically the same person – King Can.


What is Nibiru?

Clearly the late Babylonian text of Enuma Elis, is concerned with explaining the Creation and clearly it has astronomical references. But Nibiru is a word that appears merely a few times in the entire text, and is therefore obviously not considered to be of such great import as would the very planet which created the world be, if that was ever the intended meaning.

But is Nibiru a planet at all?

According to the translations of many Sumerian scholars, Nibiru is a ‘station’ or a ‘star’. The meaning of which has often been thought of as ‘planet’, and yes, many of the ‘stations’ are planets – points of astronomical reference.

But Nibiru/Neberu only makes an appearance in the tale after the creation of the universe and the world by the god Marduk. The first thing Marduk does after his great achievement is ‘fashion stands (stations) for the great gods…set up constellations corresponding to them…marked out its divisions. Appointed three stars each to the twelve months…’ and then ‘… founded the stand of Nibiru to mark out their courses.’ (Dalley’s translation).

Does this not sound more like the deified memory of a king who is attributed to be the founder of astronomy, who founded a place from which to observe?

Over a thousand years before this epic was written, King Can came to Mesopotamia and founded the first Sumerian sun temple at Nippur. The temple was later dedicated to the god Enlil, who we have seen is a deified form of King Can. Marduk, is also deity based upon King Can. Essentially, Enlil ‘lived’ there as a cult statue. This place was Enlil/Marduk in the religious sense.

Nippur was an astronomical observatory and the temple was called Duranki (bond of heaven and Earth). The name Nippur is a modern rendering of Nibiru.

Could Nibiru not, then, merely be a word designated to the place from which the heavens were observed – a centre of astronomy – a ‘crossing place’. The full title was nibiru-ki – ‘crossing place of earth’? Surely a perfect title for a place where the heavens were observed from the earth, for a culture which believed that the earth was a reflection of the heavens and that their god reigned from the centre of both Earth (at Nippur) and heaven in a world pillar (temple) – as the bond of heaven and earth?

Marduk became the Creator – ‘maker’ of the heavens and earth – when in fact, this tale merely symbolises the mapping and observance of the order of the heavens.

Later in the text, Nibiru is given as a name of Marduk – one of 50 titles given to Marduk. But here Nibiru is named as ‘his star which is bright in the sky’. The meaning of which, although rather ambiguous, could easily be a reference to fixing one’s observations on a particular star of reference – the most common ‘fixed’ star of reference is the Pole Star. Another title of Marduk is given as Jupiter, though there are simply too many names and associations for Marduk to conclude that Nibiru was seen as any one thing specifically. Jupiter was in fact named after the first Sumerian king, who was the legendary ‘All-Father’, who was also associated with the sun. It isn’t difficult to see how this important planet would also be associated with Marduk, the god who replaced previous gods derived from the same source.

The Babylonians were keen astronomers, whose view of the heavens was intimately connected with their gods, whose heavenly places and activities were seen as being directly mirrored by places on Earth and mankind’s activities and destiny. When the cult of Marduk became the official state religion, a temple to Marduk was built in Babylon. His statue was considered to hold him on Earth, he was the Lord of everything – heaven and Earth – he was the ‘bond of heaven and earth’, also the centre, the crossing place (nibiru) of everything. Is there really any more to it than that?

Whether or not Nibiru will ever be definitely identified with one particular star, or planet, or astronomical reference point, or observatory – or more likely, all of them at once – the case is clear that Nibiru is NOT a rogue planet on a 3600 year orbit that caused the creation of the Earth; nor was it the bringer of ET gods to the planet either. Sitchin has massively mistranslated the ancient Sumerian language and exploited numerous ambiguities to suit his purpose.

Therefore, I feel that all New Age authors and gurus using Sitchin’s translations, or channelling Sitchin’s version of history, need to re-assess their position and ask themselves some very deep and searching questions. If Sitchin is so wrong, then so are countless books, websites and cult personalities who have relied on Sitchin’s work, either directly or indirectly. People who are following New Age gurus who are claiming to be the mouthpieces for aliens need to be aware that there is an agenda afoot to fool you with fantasy and disinformation. If your guru is channelling information about Planet X/Nibiru and the ET gods of Sumer, I would seriously suggest you reconsider the sanity and motivation of your guru, and also carefully reassess everything else they have ever told you.



Increasingly, it seems, Sitchinesque interpretations of ancient UFOs are being supported by additional information derived from Vedic sources relating to aerial craft flown by the gods, which are described as being ‘ancient airplanes’ or UFOs with enormous destructive capabilities etc.

The above information relating to the understanding of the concept of Nibiru will help us clarify what the texts actually mean by Vimana. Just as the Babylonian temple of Marduk was considered to be his ‘crossing place’ into the heavens, and the great pyramid of Giza was considered to be the pharaoh's (who was considered a god) ‘crossing station’ for his soul to ascend into the heavens, so were the Vedic Vimanas.

The basic meaning of vimana is a temple or place in which resides the essence of God or ‘a god’: this could be a religious temple, the human body, the heavenly bodies etc. Hence there are numerous references to temples in the Vedic texts which are called vimanas. The gods are also able to ride over the earth and into space in their vimanas. When we realise the sheer mass of references in ancient mythologies to the gods residing in the skies as stars and planets, as well as living in earthly temples, it is not difficult to understand the symbolic associations. The Vedic tales of gods flying through the skies and into space in their vimanas is little more than a derivation of the Egyptian concept of the ‘solar bark’, seen as the carrier of the sun through its daily cycle, the concept of the light body which ascends to the stars upon death etc. Such ‘vehicles’ are therefore, of course, described as ‘shining’ light vehicles. They are merely, in this sense, the embodiment of the ‘essence’ of the gods - the stars and planets and the inner essence which survives after death and is used as a ‘vehicle’ during shamanic journeys. Of course, the temple has always been a place of meditation in which people have taken spiritual ‘journeys’ within to find their inner selves, where the divine self ‘dwells’.

As the gods were viewed as the forces of nature, they were responsible, like Indra, Zeus and Thor etc. for bringing great calamity upon the earth and mankind in the forms of lighting, thunder, comets, meteors, floods, fierce winds etc. hence the vimana ‘craft’ of the gods are described as having monumental destructive capabilities.

Certain ‘Vedic’ texts appear to contain remarkably modern descriptions of instructions and diagrams on how to construct advanced aeroplane and rocket propelled vehicles - even what appear to be plasma-propulsion vehicles. There are numerous books and websites drawing on such texts as proof of ancient advanced technology. The effects of which, on the average reader, are very much like the effects experienced when one reads Sitchin for the first time, to find that the Sumerians made stark reference to spaceships and creator gods descending in UFOs to hybridise humanity in test tubes. A great many people are immediately convinced. ‘There it is in black and white, in ancient texts, what more proof do we need?’

However, things are not all they would appear. There are and have always been fake religious texts. There is also a propaganda division within the Illuminati which is dedicated to spreading this kind of myth, which employs agents across the board; from New Age channellers to university professors. There are also many religious charismatics who genuinely believe they are communicating with ETs or gods, who have enormous influence over their audience.

One of the most popular works on Vimana ‘UFOs’ is a book called ‘Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India & Atlantis’, by David Hatcher Childress. This book examines the vimana subject from the angle that ancient man had modern technology. It relies on the reproduction of a text known as the Vimaanika Shastra - purportedly an Ancient ‘Vedic’ text on the science of creating advanced flying machines, which first gained prominence in the 1970’s (like so many of these UFO-related ‘discoveries’). Unfortunately, for Childress and his readers, this text is not ancient at all, but was ‘channelled’ in the early 1900’s by a man named Shastry. The claim made that it was part of a work dating back several thousand years, is incorrect, but perhaps gives us all an indication of what lengths some religionists will go to to give credence to their own religion, or perhaps how easy it is for Intelligence agencies to misinform the people and send them looking in entirely the wrong direction for the truth.

Childress’s book also contains a classic of New Age lore - the relief from the Temple of Hathor at Dendera (right) in Egypt. This picture of an Egyptian holding what appears to be a lightbulb on a plinth, which has a snake as a filament and a lotus flower as the bayonet fixing to the ‘electric lead’, has been seen as proof that the ancients used the electric light. However, when one understands the ancient mythologies which claim that life/the world came from the sun (symbolised by a lotus - the bayonet fixing), in the form of the egg (the bulb itself), and from which emerged the life principle (almost universally symbolised by the snake/sun-spirit - the filament), one begins to realise what this picture is referring to. The egg also rests upon the pillar (other depictions have a god suspending the egg/sky - the world pillar mentioned earlier).

Another famous Egyptian artefact (below) was found at the temple in Abydos - a ’cartouche’ showing what appeared to be the engraving of a helicopter and other ‘craft’. However, it was later realised that the picture was a composite of two quite ordinary hieroglyphic texts laid over each other. The appearance of the helicopter on the artefact was actually an artefact itself, and was formed from two separate hieroglyphs - only resembling a helicopter to our modern eyes.

These are only a few examples of the way almost every historical enigma and ‘new’ discovery is being mangled through a haze of reinterpretation and being thrust out into the public arena with the tag ‘evidence of ancient aliens’. There are many more that could be included in the list, and equally shown to be innocent of such associations. Added to the misinterpretations are many out and out fakes. For an extensive examination of misinterpretations of ancient art, maps such as Piri Reis etc. please see http://www.sprezzatura.it/Arte/Arte_UFO_eng.htm

When the ambiguities and mystery is removed from what many consider to be an ‘enormous corpus of evidence’, we are left with a surprisingly tiny number of genuine enigmas, and evidence of advanced man-made craft being made and flown in the previous century. Simply, we have a secret programme using advanced ether-physics - as developed by Tesla - being disguised as alien UFOs, and further used to re-write history as a cover-story, developing into a new religion.


The Future of the ET myth?

If there are intergalactic travelling ETs out there in the universe, they are not being accurately represented by what seems to be the vast majority of writers. They are in fact being misrepresented by the Illuminati’s agents and victims of their massive propaganda campaign to hide very real Earth-based technology, as well as to bring in a new religion tailor-made for the New Aquarian age; just as Christianity was tailor made to update and absorb all previous religions to be used as a tool of social control for the Piscean Age.

That is, IF there are any intergalactic travelling aliens out there at all, and the whole thing hasn’t been a flight of fantasy and disinformation altogether. Isn’t it more probable that we have been victims of our own imaginations, fed by deliberately misleading propaganda and expectation implanted by the media and sci-fi writers of the past century?

The ‘alien threat’ was first recorded in apolitical sense in 1917 by Marxist Professor of philosophy John Dewey in a speech in New York: "Some one remarked that the best way to unite all the nations on this globe would be an attack from some other planet. In the face of such an alien enemy, people would respond with a sense of their unity of interest and purpose." Clearly, the idea had been around prior even to this. HG Wells had written his aliens from Mars invasion saga, War of the Worlds, in 1898 at the same time as Tesla was building his first ether-technology-driven antigravity craft. Wells was a close associate and inner-circle member of the Illuminati’s Committee of 300 (according to John Coleman’s book of the same name). Wells also wrote works such as ‘The New World Order’, ‘The Shape of Things to Come’ and ‘The Open Conspiracy: Plans for a World Revolution’, which described the creation of a utopian One World Government through a covert coalition of people acting behind the scenes to influence world affairs in a single desired direction.

The alien threat hit the headlines in 1938 when Orson Welles broadcast his radio version of War of the Worlds, which sent millions of Americans into sheer panic, as they believed that aliens were actually descending upon them. This was a psychological warfare experiment, set up and orchestrated by members of the Council on Foreign Relations, who were also lecturers in psychology and sociology, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

The next major event occurred in the 1940’s with the Roswell incident and the beginning of the UFO ‘flap’ which has continued to the present day. Increasingly, the Illuminati-controlled media has been pushing out movies and books about UFOs and aliens

– effectively designing the images which people would later claim to have seen for real in abduction experiences; as well as writing the scripts which would later be ‘channelled’ by New Age ‘contactees’ and gurus.

The early ‘aliens’ described by ‘contactees’ were usually described as quite human, but with the release of Close Encounters in the late 1970’s, all attention was turned to the ‘greys’. Books began to start coming out all over the place describing abductions by the greys, such as Whitley Streiber’s Communion. However, as the Truth Campaign magazine has documented over the years, abductions and microchipping of victims accompanied by instilled memories of aliens can be traced right back to military abductions and the CIA mind control project known as MK-Ultra.

Books by Sitchin and Von Daniken appeared around the same time in the 1970’s which stirred a massive interest in the revision of history, offering aliens and UFOs as plausible solutions to historical enigmas.

Since then, hundreds of books have been published in the New Age movement and the conspiracy movement which have given a huge spectrum of information on what is ‘out there’. They range from ‘channelled’ books such as The Only Planet of Choice (exposed as being linked to secret psychological operations and mind control in the book The Stargate Conspiracy by Prince and Picknett), to conspiracy works such as Behold a Pale Horse (by Bill Cooper, who would later retract his allegations of alien interaction and state that he had been fed such information by Intelligence agents even higher than he to provide the illusion of a reliable ‘insider’ witness to such activities). They appear to give a range of choices to the reader from there being a ‘command’ centre of advanced alien ‘gods’ which are helping humanity, sometimes aiding us against ‘bad’ races of ETs, to secret government collusion with aliens who have bases on Earth and are sharing their technology in return for various ‘favours’. The spectrum of choices the reader has is huge, and most of the proffered scenarios contradict and conflict with each other in fundamental details, but the common element is always ‘the ETs are out there’. Despite much opinion to the contrary, the governments and secret government are far from ‘hiding’ the truth about alien visitation, they are actively spreading the myth whilst using psychological techniques to make it appear like they are trying to hide the truth through open official denials, and inadequate debunking attempts, which has the effect of making the ‘cover-up’ so obvious that most people feel as though they can disassemble and debunk the ‘official’ debunking. To the average UFO enthusiast there is simply ‘too much evidence’, too many books and too many witnesses to simply dismiss the ETs; in fact, the presence of ETs appears to have been more than adequately proved.

The main reference, often seen as the ‘ultimate proof’, has been to Sitchin’s translations of the Sumerian texts. ‘You can’t argue with the clear references in texts that old to “rockets” and “space travel”’, they say. And to so many believers the case is closed right there.

However, recently, I have noticed that there appears to be a new wave developing. Books and websites are beginning to ignore Sitchin. It appears that Sitchin has served his purpose in generating strong beliefs regarding aliens in ancient texts etc. Now there are numerous researchers bringing in new angles which seem to appease those who have seen through the smokescreen of the New Age channellers and the works of Sitchin, and who have educated themselves as to the existence of very real UFO technology developed right here since Tesla. For these people a new scenario has been put forward by the likes of the ‘Disclosure Project’. That is, there are real aliens out there and we need to know about them, but the governments are hiding this real information behind a smokescreen of lies, whilst building UFOs themselves and sponsoring fake alien propaganda to hide the reality. To prove this, the Project has assembled numerous ‘insider’ testimonies to this effect. There is basically an ET ‘belief’ net for everyone to get caught in – from the na´ve ‘believer’ in just about anything ET-related, to the educated sceptic who knows that there has to be an answer, and that answer must be reasonable. So far, the Disclosure Project seems the most reasonable yet. But then again, it has to, doesn’t it?

Other authors seem to be following another angle which is placing ‘reptilian’ creatures in the frame as being the ‘baddies’ from space. And again, they are looking to ancient texts to support their theories. Whilst authors like David Icke are taking valuable works such as Waddell and splicing it with Sitchin to support his theory of an ancient reptilian race interbreeding with the aristocracies which then and now control the world, other authors are disassembling Sitchin’s credibility but repeating the same technique of misquoting and mistranslating old myths to try and show that there has been a significant influence on mankind by reptilian creatures.

Oh what a tangled web we weave!

Myth-making is more rampant today than it ever was in our past. Myths are creating myths at such a pace today that it is becoming increasingly difficult to trace them to their origins. The average ET and UFO enthusiast now has enough material to last them a lifetime’s reading. And still, they may never read a truthful work.

If we extrapolate this process a couple of decades into the future, how much material will there be like Sitchin’s and the new revisions of such works, that will provide for your average reader overwhelming evidence of the ETs in UFOs and ancient ET gods from space?

It will be so easy then to reign-in the diversity of ideas and beliefs into a central thesis which would contain and ‘explain’ all enigmas relating to the subject, thereby leaving us with a narrow frame of reference, a core belief system, which would carefully be fashioned into a New World Religion. One which not only unites all world religions, but also updates them and explains away the contradictions.

Sounds unlikely, I agree. But it has happened before. The Romans played the same trick when they created New Testament Christianity. They combined elements from all the religions and cults in their empire and then imposed it upon the world. And the tyrants of the ages have used it since then as a means to manipulate the world, causing untold suffering and destruction of knowledge over the past 2000 years. It was the ultimate tool in the Illuminati’s arsenal, but it’s effectiveness has waned as knowledge has progressed and fewer people are willing to accept the authority of the Bible and its priests. However, a new scientifically up to date version of the old mythologies could be a supremely powerful tool in the Illuminati’s arsenal if it were handled correctly. The priests of the New Age would be able to employ all the old tricks to con the people of the truthfulness of their gods’ reality, such as using science to predict earth-changes, or cosmic events and well-ahead of time spread mythologies about how the alien gods are going to orchestrate an event to show the people of the earth their existence – the Planet X theory is already gaining support through reports that natural phenomena such as earth-tremors are being caused by its gravitational pull as it nears the Earth; or how about a mass UFO fly-by, or fake alien invasion scenario..? Let your imagination wander and see how you would orchestrate such events to create ‘proof’ of the ET gods reality. Do it first, before ‘they’ do it to you, and you won’t be surprised when it comes.

I can only offer my personal view and experience, as well as the data that I have collated during my academic research. I remain open to new ideas and theories. But I also need rhyme and reason which correlates with other data, both internal/ intuitive and external/evidential. If a thing exists, it follows certain laws and patterns which are ultimately reasonable and logical.

I am still to be convinced of the interaction of space aliens with mankind, and I cannot simply place faith in the material that I have so far seen, considering how many frauds, misinterpretations and deliberate secret-government propaganda plots there are in this whole field of study. Although I can see why so many people do place faith in such material, charismatic personalities, or religions. We are all searching for answers – and ultimately ‘the Answer’ to life, the universe and everything – just as did our ancient forebears. And we are just as liable to get the answers wrong, or misinterpret the data, or have others manipulate us with that same data as were our ancient forebears.

Faith, as professed by many religions, is a great and powerful thing, but blind faith in what we are told to believe, without reasonable verification against the known facts, is one of the most easily manipulated and destructive factors in our history.

It is time for us to become active thinkers rather than passive receivers, if we are ever going to understand ourselves and our place in Creation. And if we fail to understand this, then we will simply continue to be marionettes going round and round in circles, or whichever direction the string-pullers wish to move us.


Further reading

Big Brother’s Recipe for ‘Revolution in Military Affairs’ by Glenn Krawczyk Explains how the ET phenomenon was incorporated into a military strategy for control of society.

Hijacking the Gods of Hoagland, Cayce, Egypt, Mars and the Stargate Conspiracy by Clive Prince and Lynn Picknett - A criticism of the portrayal of modern popular works on ancient Egyptian history and technology. The book The Stargate Conspiracy is highly recommended also for the investigation into the Council of Nine's links with the Intelligence community.

What About the Anunnaki by Acharya S Explains the fundamental origins of the legend of the Anunnaki, not as warlike beings from space but as ancient symbolism and mythology derived from observation of the heavenly bodies.

Shopping For Spirit by Steve Gamble This detailed series of articles explores the nature of consciousness and includes valuable insights into how and why we are being misled by those who would seek to control us.

www.truthcampaign.co.uk provides a quarterly magazine on diverse issues, including the above articles, and is one of very few sources of such detailed suppressed information. Presents a comprehensive study of the ancient mythologies, their origins and misinterpretations through religion and academia.

Art and UFOs? is an exhaustive examination of the pictures claimed to be old representations of UFOs throughout history. As old disinformation such as Sitchin's is debunked, new and more imaginative hoaxes are perpetuated to further reinforce the ET/UFO myth, and to further distract the truth seekers' attention from matters of real importance. The  UFO depictions in ancient art is currently one of the main counter-arguments to the argument I am presenting here of modern technology being hidden behind UFO and ET propaganda, linking it in with the ancient world.

MAJESTYTWELVE by William Cooper explains how this most influential Intelligence agent realised he had been set up by his own Intelligence community to spread propaganda. His book Behold a Pale Horse was one of the most influential alien-based works of the 1990s. Cooper stated:

When I saw Operation Majority while serving in the Navy I believed the alien threat was real just like everyone else. It was not until I had performed many years of research that I was able to fully understand exactly what it was that I had seen. It was extremely difficult for me to believe that my government and the United States Navy had used me, especially since I had dedicated my life to government and military service. Most government and military personnel cannot and will not believe such and idea.

The plan is real. The extraterrestrial threat is artificial. The threat is presented through the use of secret technology originally developed by the Germans in their secret weapons programs during WW-II, by geniuses like Nikola Tesla, and many others.

Military and government personnel who have access to this material believe it is real. None of them, however, has ever seen any evidence of the existence of any extraterrestrial creature nor any advanced technology other that that of human origin. It is not what they see that convinces them it is extraterrestrial in origin but the manner in which it is presented. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to believe that Top Secret government or military documentation could be lies. It is trust in government by men and women who have given their lives in its service that keeps this monumental lie a alive.  

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Important: Also read: Sitchin is Wrong, website by Michael S. Heiser (biography here), who is a linguist, just like Sitchin. Wes Penre

Wes PenreWes Penre is an researcher, journalist, and the owner of the domains Illuminati News and Zionist Watch and is the publisher of the same. He has been researching Globalization and the New World Order and exposed the big players behind the scenes for more than a decade now. He has published his research on the Internet at the above domains, which are currently updated to keep people informed what is going on. He has also done spiritual research to present a solution to the problems of this world. Also check out his MySpace website: http://www.myspace.com/wespenre.


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