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  Posted: Sunday, November 11, 2007

Last Updated: Wednesday, September 17, 2008 05:48:08 AM



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The Internet and the Global Spiritual Awakening
by Wes Penre, Nov 11, 2007


The Internet


here is no longer any doubt that people are waking up all over the world to the truth about the New World Order. I can see it in responses to my website, when I talk to people, and I can also feel that the human consciousness vibrates on a higher frequency than it did just a few years ago. This means we are making progress!

How come that all of a sudden more people are being aware of what is going on? It doesn't happen by accident, because the Globalists are doing all they can to keep our programming intact. So it is not that they are slacking; the reason is to be found elsewhere.

I believe that a lot of it can be credited to the Internet and the ability to communicate globally. Only twenty years ago you had to write a letter or call somebody you wanted to talk to if that person lived just 50 miles from you. Not to mention if he/she lived in another country. There was no way to 'get the word out' to the masses in a way we are able to today. You could write books on the subject, of course (and people did), but who would publish them? Not the big publishers, at least, which means you did not get much promotion and attention, if any. And besides, you were considered a weirdo by default by a brainwashed population as a whole anyway, so the Elite wasn't too concerned. Our programming was pretty solid.

So, at least there is ONE good thing about Globalization that we can use against them: it’s easier to communicate and get the message out when we have the Internet. Much of the information on the New World Order has been known to a few people for a long time, but they had no effective way to reach out and communicate it to the masses before the Internet, including myself. Most of those who tried were easily silenced and censored, some even murdered, if they had the ability to somehow reach the masses. When the Internet became accessible to so many, a lot of people began to wake up and realize what’s going on. The snowball started rolling.

The Internet is something like a double-edged sword for the Illuminati. Just like Television before that, they need the Internet for the future. This will be the way to communicate in a global society, and also a way to eventually keep the masses in line and the programming intact. They are aware of the risks at this point, because the Internet can be (and is) used by people to communicate the truth about them, which they don't like, but are not too concerned about. They are very arrogant and rely on the programming they have used, and are using on us. Therefore, they don't think people like me are any major threats. Personally, I believe this is a big mistake and may be their downfall. However, as you might know, the Illuminati are making attempts to censor the Internet.

When enough people are waking up, it affects the human consciousness as a whole, and people get revelations ‘out of nowhere’ and begin to research what they have experienced on a spiritual level. Personally, I have known about this conspiracy since the 80’s – before most of the now active researchers. But back then it was very, very hard to get anybody to listen. And those who did took a long time to put the pieces together. Now, you sometimes can tell a person once and he/she gets it! This is not because people are more intelligent now, but because the human consciousness vibrates on a higher level and more information is available to ‘download’ for those who are sensitive enough, which is an increasing amount of people.

Now, the tough question is: what will we do with all this information and realizations? Will enough people get together and do something, or will it be ‘knowledge without action?’ Will people take spiritual actions?

Ultimately, it is a spiritual problem. The solution is spiritual, no doubt. I have talked to a few other researchers that are furiously obsessed with impeaching people in leading positions, and even take military actions against them, forming militias and other militant organizations. I agree that these extremely criminal people should be impeached and put to trial, but please don’t make that our mission; it will hardly accomplish anything. Our mission is spiritual awareness – nothing else will get us out of this trap.

We need to break the mass mind control, and the way to do it is, again - awareness! Awareness of what is going on. We are bombarded with subliminal messages every day, unless we lock ourselves in somewhere without talking to anybody and not having any TV, radio or computer available. Even then they can reach us by using secretly developed technology such as ELF (Extremely Low Frequency), which will control our mood and our thought patterns.

There are subliminal messages in almost everything they want you to react to in a certain way. You have it in music, Hollywood movies, political messages, advertisement, occult symbols to name a few. To understand how this works, we need to distinguish between the subconscious and conscious minds:

The subconscious mind is just what the word says - subconscious. It is not accessible, or only partially accessible, to the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is helpful when it comes to reactive learning. If you burn yourself on the stove, for example, the incident and the pain register in the subconscious mind, and next time you get into the same situation that made you burn yourself, or even when you see a stove, your subconscious mind triggers the earlier incident and instantly sends that picture up to the conscious mind EXACTLY the way it was registered the last time. The conscious mind reacts and you avoid burning yourself again. However, the interaction between the conscious and the subconscious minds is not always in perfect synch, and you may burn yourself again, due to that the mind works faster than the body, but at least you 'knew' that the stove was dangerous, and with time you learn.

That is the useful thing about the subconscious mind. Now, of course, since this knowledge about the two minds is basically in the wrong hands, it has been used to manipulate us on many different levels. The most vicious way to use this knowledge has been to program mind controlled slaves: The Elite know that by using pain and trauma, the incident registers instantaneously in the subconscious mind, and by re-producing the same pain or trauma over and over again, they can then add to the wide open subconscious mind whatever programming they like, including so called 'triggering commands'. The programming will remain hidden due to that there is no conscious connection between the two different minds. However, by implanting trigger words, the handler can then pull programming up to the surface and use it. Severe trauma of a kind that is more than the mind can handle results in that the mind splits. To be able to stand the pain and trauma, the person dissociates and puts the incident separated from him/herself in a 'locked' part of the mind. It is nothing wrong with this; without this mechanism we would be in constant pain, physically and mentally. However, how the Elite uses this mechanism is very specific: they use the separated part of the mind (which they themselves created by subjecting the victim to extreme pain and trauma) to be worked on and made into a whole different personality, which is unaware of all other personalities this person may have. You have now created a mind controlled slave with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), with other words, a multiple personality. Here you also have the 'lone assassin' and those executing the school shootings. Have you ever wondered why those 'school shooters' almost always commit suicide after mission completed? They are programmed to, so that they can't be caught and interrogated. Some nasty truths may be revealed if they are!

On a larger scale, on the population as a whole, you don't always use trauma - you use subliminal messages. What happens when you put subliminal messages into something, the subconscious mind, which is like we discussed earlier not accessible to the conscious mind, will register the message and interpret it EXACTLY the way it is received! The subconscious mind can not analyze anything, as we now already know; it just registers and stores exactly as the message was received. Then, when this phrase, picture or whatever it is, reoccurs in life, it send the message to the conscious mind, which reacts to it. Thus, you buy stuff you really don’t need and buy music you otherwise wouldn’t have bought, and so on.

But this is not enough to keep us in line. When the Illuminati want big changes in consciousness, they use trauma, pain and terror on the whole population at once. How are they able to do that? They orchestrate an incident that is extremely traumatic to us all. On a smaller scale, they use mind controlled assassins to do the school shootings and similar, with a purpose to make us insecure and afraid: "This could have happened in my kid's school" or "Oh my gosh, this is not a big city phenomenon anymore; they are killing children even in small communities - no one is safe anymore!" This keeps people in constant fear.

It is necessary to keep people in a low vibrational state like fear to be able to traumatize them enough to program them. Then, when big traumatic incidents like 9/11 and the London Bombings take place, a whole population gets traumatized. To be able to program people sufficiently, the Elite need to QUICKLY get the propaganda out before people recover enough and will no longer be as accessible. Therefore, Bush was very fast with establishing that Al Qaeda was responsible and they did their whole spiel with a lot of help from the controlled Media. This programming registered in the subconscious mind of a whole population, and most people reacted like we described above and sucked it in as the truth, and once that mission was accomplished, it was easy for Bush to blame Saddam Hussein for being a threat to the U.S. to justify an invasion. Most people felt insecure and trusted the government to protect them. Thus, it is a piece of cake to implement security policies and restrictions to decrease our liberties in order to be safer and more secure to the 'dangerous outside world'. The War on Terror is a brilliant way to control us, because it is a war without an end. It can go on as long as the Illuminati wants it to go on. They have full control over us by scaring us with this orchestrated threat whenever they want things their way; the whole spiel is already registered in our subconscious minds and just have to be triggered every now and then. A terrified population is very easy to manipulate. Therefore, for a few to control the many is ridiculously easy.

This is the situation in a nutshell. The goal, of course, is a One World Super Socialist State (read China rather than former Soviet Union, actually), where the Illuminati rule over an 80% reduced population with an iron fist. Freedom of speech will be a memory only, and opposition equals death. People will be implanted with microchips to be able to buy and sell and those chips will contain ALL your information from birth to present. The Government will know everything about you. Also, the chip will work as a 'tracking device', so there is no place on Earth where you can be safe and private - you can always be traced in an instant. As if this wasn't enough, the microchip will as well be programmed to be receptible to ELF (Extremely Low Frequency - see above) and with this technique they will be able to control our thought patterns. So, in this horrible future, there is not only a total lack of free speech, but also a total lack of free thought! This would be the end of the spiritual awakening, because when the Government can control your thoughts, there is no rebellion or resistance. They can implement any rules or laws without anybody protesting. It will be a totally mind controlled society, where the citizens are little more than mindless robots without genuine feelings, emotions or thoughts. You can only think what the Government wants you to think.

If enough people wake up and we start acting together, we may still have a small chance to 'save the world', but we do have to remember that the spiritual awakening that wakes us up from our trance and fear is the ultimate solution. Unconditional Love is the answer. Already in the 70s, John Lennon knew that. When he started breaking free from his mind controlled state, he felt betrayed and became desperate, furious and feared for his life - you can tell by listening to his songs and reading the lyrics from his first solo albums. He ultimately was assassinated by another mind controlled slave, due to what he knew and told the masses. But he was pretty much alone at that time, now we are so many more people awake and aware. It is essential that we start waking up, or the consequences will be unbearable.

John Lennon
John Lennon

Wes Penre

Wes Penre is the owner of the domain Illuminati News and the publisher of the same. Please also check out his MySpace website: http://www.myspace.com/wespenre.


This page may contain copyrighted material, the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. I am making such material available in my efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. I believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

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