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Last Updated: Thursday, March 31, 2005 05:37:48 PM

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 Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day":
Theodore Roosevelt, April 19, 1906


Please Be Aware Of the Illuminati Agenda Before You Lose Faith In Your Country!
- by Wes Penre, May 10, 2004 -


A Spiritual Solution to the New World Order
- by Wes Penre, January 24, 2005 -


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March 31

Darwinism and the Rise of Gnosticism
- “As a scientific theory, Darwinism would have been jettisoned long ago. The point, however, is that the doctrine of evolution has swept the world, not on the strength of its scientific merits, but precisely in its capacity as a Gnostic myth..."
- by Phillip D. Collins, March 28, 2005 -
[Archived here: Occultism]

Why Cover Terri's Murder?
- The public's reaction...your reaction... is being closely watched, tracked and analyzed by the masters of social engineering and mass mind control on their supercomputer models at Tavistock and here in the U.S. -
- by Jeff Rense, March 29, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]


March 30

A Founding Father of Freedom: Mikhail Bakunin
- Mikhail Bakunin is one of the greatest, and most important truth-seekers or liberty philosophers to have set pen to paper. Known as a Founding Father of Anarchy, it becomes clear why the conservative teachers of grade school or the socialist professors of college do not teach him. -
- by Erik Fortman -
[Archived here: Politics an Guest Writers]

George Bush: World Class Monster
- “George Bush is a satanic, sadistic, brutal monster.
Compared to George Bush, Adolf Hitler was a true gentleman.”
- Michael Boren Williams, former Campaign Manager for Senator Gary Hart and Bush murder attempt victim. -
[Archived here: Politics]

Peter Jennings Defrauding: Inside The ABC News UFO Documentary Hoax
- Of course, the title of the show was 'Peter Jennings Reporting…' - if only that were so. This is the story of how, once again, the corrupt Big Media has defrauded the American people, from one who had a front row seat to the spectacle. -
- by Dr. Steven Greer, for the Disclosure Project, March 2005 -
[Archived here: UFOs and Aliens]


March 29

From Sex to Blackmail to Elite Mind Control - Can We Solve This "Mystery"?
- Homosexuality, Gay Prostitution, Child Sex-rings, Pedophilia, George H. W. Bush, The White House, 911, Gosch/Guckert/Gannon, Hunter S. Thompson, Gary Webb, Mind Control, MK-Ultra, OSS, CIA, NSA, NASA, Secret Societies, the Illuminati, Blackmail & "Sex Magik". When will we tie all these things together? -
- Red-Ice.Net -
[Archived here: Occultism]

Mission Mind Control
- A 1979 documentary about the CIA's experiments in mind control and the MK Ultra program -
- ABC News 'Closeup' -
[Archived here: Mind Control]

Informant News
- Website on UFOs & Aliens -
[Archived here: UFOs & Aliens]


March 28

Would You Trust This Man To Head Anything As Important As a Bank?
- "He has no training in economic development or financial markets", Joseph Steiglitz, Nobel Prize Winner and former World Bank Chief Economist [Just like Bono then...] -
- PrisonPlanet -
[Archived here: Banking]

Witness to Genocide: An observer Watches Helplessly As a Government-Sponsored Military Operation Annihilates African Tribes in Sudan
[A Must Read!]
- Every day, we surveyed evidence of killings: men castrated and left to bleed to death, huts set on fire with people locked inside, children with their faces smashed in, men with their ears cut off and eyes plucked out, and the corpses of people who had been executed with gunshots to the head. We spoke with thousands of witnesses - women who had been gang-raped and families that had lost fathers, people who plainly and soberly gave us their accounts of the slaughter. -
- The Washington Post via The Register Guard, March 27, 2005 -
[Archived here: Wars Towards a New World Order]

HARPER'S: Baghdad Coup D'etat for Big Oil
- Some conspiracy nuts believe the Bush Administration had a secret plan to control Iraq's oil. In fact, there were TWO plans. In a joint investigation with BBC Television Newsnight, Harper's Magazine has uncovered a hidden battle over Iraq's oil. It began right after Mr. Bush took office - with a previously unreported plot to invade Iraq. -
- from the April's Issue of Harper's Magazine via Greg Palast, March 25, 2005 -
[Archived here: Iraq War]

PROZAC - Turning the 90's Upside Down to Relive the 60's
- "Never before Prozac has a medication been so misrepresented by so many people for so long in the absence of adequate data." Drs. Dewan and Masand. -
- The OZ Factor -
[Archived here: Drugs]


March 26

Representative Cynthia McKinney Grills Rumsfeld On Dyncorp Sex Rings, Missing Pentagon Trillions & 9/11 Wargames
[ Video ]
- Watch how McKinney asks questions about Dyncorp slave rings, the 3 trillion missing from the pentagon and the 911 wargames. Notice the faces Rumsfeld, Myers, Jones, Hunter and others make!! -
- Prisonplanet.com., March 24, 2005 -
[Archived here: Politics]

Executive Orders Disposition Tables January 8, 1937 – January 13, 2005
- Here are the Executive Orders the Presidents of the United States have signed while they were in Office. Bookmark and check it out regularly to find out what Bush is signing! -
- Federal Government Archives -
[Archived here: Politics]

Who Really Kidnapped the Lindbergh Baby?
- The real question is: Why was the baby killed? -
- Judical-in.biz -
[Archived here: Banking]

- COINTELPRO is an acronym for a series of FBI counterintelligence programs designed to neutralize political dissidents. -
- Paul Wolf -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]


March 25

Who Owns the Earth?
- Once there was slavery and human beings were private property; today corporations claim land as private property and exploit it like their slaves. -
- by William Marvel for Intervention Magazine -
[Archived here: The Illuminati]

Local Radio Host Arrested for Child Porn
- NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Agents with the FBI's Violent Crimes Task Force arrested a Christian radio station personality as part of a child pornography investigation. -
- Associated Press, March 18, 2005 -
[Archived here: Occultism]


Dynamics of an Extra-Terrestrial UFOs Analyzed – It Is Not Just Anti-Gravity
- Complex computer algorithms allow analyzing extra-terrestrial UFO dynamics. Engineers took the flight patterns, algorithmically interpolated and amplified them to avoid points of “statistical unknowns” and found something very interesting. -
- India Daily, March 20, 2005 -
[Archived here: Science & Technology]

Network of Top Scientists Helped 'Angel of Death' Mengele
- The "Angel of Death" Josef Mengele, who was long thought to have been the black sheep of Germany's scientists under the Nazi regime, was in fact supported by a network of elite researchers, new research has revealed. -
- Guardian Unlimited, March 22, 2005 -
[Archived here: Mind Control]

Hijacking Catastrophe
[ Video ]
- Hijacking Catastrophe is powerful, understated, straightforward and educational. In a single meticulously organized hour of evidence and analysis, viewers are treated to a thoughtful explanation of modern American empire, neo-conservatism as a driving force for the current Bush administration. -
- Information Clearinghouse -
[Archived here: Weapons of Mass Destruction]

The Real Unemployment Rate is 23%: How and Why Jobs are Vanishing from America
- The federal government claims the unemployment rate for 2004 was 5.5% But the government’s “unemployment rate” statistic is a propaganda device. It does not count as “unemployed” people who are “not in the labor force.” -
- Exile M M.com -
[Archived here: Politics]


March 24

America's Agenda for Global Military Domination
- The Pentagon has released the summary of a top secret Pentagon document, which sketches America's agenda for global military domination. -
- Information Clearing House, March 17, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Michael Schiavo

Nurse: Michael Tried to Kill Terri
- Former caregiver asserts husband 'doesn't want the truth to be known' -
- WorldNetDaily, March 22, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]


March 23

THEME (cont. from yesterday): Is the USA Really Built on Christian Values By Christians, or Was the USA One Huge Freemasonic Lodge Already From the Beginning?

British Freemasonry's Plan For America
- History of British Freemasonry -
- Watch.pair.com -
[Archived here: New World Order]

George Washington Papers
- memory.koc.gov. -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Masonic and Anti-Masonic Presidents of the United States
- ...presented at Federal Lodge #1, F.A.A.M., of the District of Columbia February 9, 1998, by Paul M. Bessel. -
- bessel.org -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Masonic Symbols of Power In Their Seat of Power, Washington, D.C (Part 1)
- Occultists the world over believe that, once a symbol is created, it acquires power of its own, and more power is generated when such symbol(s) are created without the profane [uninitiated] knowing about it. And, the greatest power of all is created in the symbol(s) if the uninitiated NEVER discover that the symbol exists. -
- Cuttingedge.org -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Masonic Symbols of Power In Their Seat of Power, Washington, D.C (Part 2)
- Alice Bailey, Director of the House of Theosophy in the early part of this century, writes about the role of Freemasonry in the coming New Age and in the realization of the appearance of the Great One [Antichrist], and the reason for all this tremendous secrecy. -
- Cuttingedge.org -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Gallery of Masonic Symbolism
- The significance of the mystical number 13, which frequently appears upon the Great Seal of the United States, is not limited to the number of the original colonies. The sacred emblem of the ancient initiates, here composed of 13 stars, also appears above the head of the "eagle." -
- prs.org -
[Archived here: New World Order]

The Masonic Seal of America
- This is the Great Seal of the United States of America. It was designed by the Freemasons and contains a mass of symbolism that the profane (non masons) are not to understand. This article will once and for all prove that the Seal is a Masonic design. -
- Endtimedeception -
[Archived here: New World Order]

The Great Seal of the United States
- ...And given that some sixteen drafts, over a time period of 159 years through which the seal was constructed, it makes coincidence impossible as an explanation for those 13's. -
- asis.com -
[Archived here: New World Order]


March 22

Weapons of Mass Disinformation
- Socialism is simply an economic system where the government (or collective) owns and controls the means of production. -
- The Washington Times, March 21, 2005 -
[Archived here: Politics]

Nurse: Terri Can Eat Normally
[Once again we must ask ourselves: Who gains (in this case from pulling the plug)? Does someone gain financially, perhaps???]
- A certified nursing assistant who cared for Terri Schiavo in 1997 filed a sworn affidavit in the case stating that she was able to feed Schiavo normally on multiple occasions - but that husband Michael Schiavo would allow only a feeding tube. -
- NewsMax, March 20, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

* * *

THEME: Is the USA Really Built on Christian Values By Christians, or Was the USA One Huge Freemasonic Lodge Already From the Beginning?

Masonic Foundations of the United States
- It is certain that there were Christians among the founding fathers of the United States, however, historical evidence militates against the view that those who formulated the fundamental documents of American government were, in the main, Christians. To the contrary, not a few who wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation and the Constitution were Deists, Theists and Freemasons. -
- watch.pair.com -
[Archived here: New World Order]

American Masonic History
- There is much speculation on the religious nature of the United States of America as it was founded. Many Christians assert that the United States was founded as a Christian nation and, therefore, it is not only our right but our duty to reclaim it for God. But is America a Christian nation in the true sense of the word? -
- Rapidnet.com -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Founding Father's Footsteps Followed
- The exhibit explores Washington's involvement in Freemasonry. It includes artifacts and documents that reveal Washington's commitment to the fraternity and its principles and values [my emphasis]. Held by Masonic Lodges and Grand Lodges around the country, many of the objects, letters and minute books have rarely been available for public showing. -
- MetroWest Daily News, March 20, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Freemasons & the U.S. Constitution
- [A list of] Signers of the Constitution of the United States -
- by Paul M. Bessel -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Freemasons & the U.S. Declaration of Independence
- [A list of] Signers of the Declaration of Independence of the United States -
- by Paul M. Bessel -
[Archived here: New World Order]

George Washington's Generals & Freemasonry
- [A list of] Generals of the Continental Army, under George Washington -
- by Paul M. Bessel -
[Archived here: New World Order]


March 21

George Bush's Leveraged Buyout of Social Security
- ...we now have a government run the same way: like a company on the make, trying to bamboozle its share holders and creditors just to keep the game going. That is how business works at the top: get control of the board - 51% will do - and then put your plan into operation. It could involve a hostile takeover, or a leveraged buyout, or selling off divisions, or entering a new line of business. -
- Truthout.com., March 15, 2005 -
[Archived here: Politics]

Founding Father's Footsteps Followed
- The exhibit explores Washington's involvement in Freemasonry. It includes artifacts and documents that reveal Washington's commitment to the fraternity and its principles and values [my emphasis]. Held by Masonic Lodges and Grand Lodges around the country, many of the objects, letters and minute books have rarely been available for public showing. -
- MetroWest Daily News, March 20, 2005 -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]

[...and the Globalists defend themselves]:
The Economics of Conspiracy Theories
- New Order Order, One World Government, Zionist and Jewish cabals, Catholic, black, yellow, or red subversion, the machinations attributed to the freemasons and the illuminati - all flourished yet again from the 1970's onwards. Paranoid speculations reached frenzied nadirs following the deaths of celebrities, such as "Princess Di". Books like "The Da Vinci Code" (which deals with an improbable Catholic conspiracy to erase from history the true facts about the fate of Jesus) sell millions of copies worldwide. -
- Global Politician, March 20, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]


March 20

The Perfect Terrorist Plan To Level The Twin Towers Created In 1976
- Our own U.S. Army devised a plan commissioned by Congress to bring down the WTC using commercial airliners and box cutters as weapons. -
- American Free Press, March 19, 2005 -
[Archived here: 9/11]


March 19

Eye Spy Magazine
- New World Order revelations! -
- eyespymag.com -
[Archived here: Links]

Earth's Ancient History
- A website dedicated to ancient times -
- earth-history.com -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous]

Man's Golden Age
- An E-Book on Sumerian Mythology -
- by Samuel Noah Kramer-
[Archived here: E-Books]


March 18

Clinton Is Impeached For Sex - Bush Gets A Pass For Treason
- Is this a great country, or what? Our values have become so mega-warped that it has become well nigh impossible to distinguish between a man who only disgraces the presidency and one who destroys it. That doesn't let Bill Clinton off the hook. He did his share of breaking the presidential oath of office by the transfer, on his watch, of U.S. nuclear technology to our arch enemy, China. -
- by Jim Moore with Ether Zone -
[Archived here: Politics]

Beyond Belief
- Weeks turned into months, until years had passed and the family feared the worst, that Jimmy was dead. They were wrong, it was much worse, Jimmy was alive. -
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
[Archived here: Occultism and Guest Writers]


March 17

George Bush: World Class Monster
- The Bush family’s rapacious greed and depravity can trace its lineage to New England’s Pierce family. Both George Herbert Walker Bush and his wife Barbara Pierce (of Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith), as was President Franklin Pierce, are descended from this same family. Originally the powerful Percy family, they changed their name to Pierce and quickly emigrated to America when Thomas Percy’s involvement in the Gun Powder Plot to assassinate King James I was revealed. -
- Voxfux.vom -
[Archived here: Politics]

Bush Administration Deceives Public with Fake News
- The New York Times reported this weekend on the Bush administration's extensive abuse of public funds and trust in producing television propaganda. Over the past four years, at least 20 different federal agencies have been involved in producing hundreds of fake TV news segments, many of which were "subsequently broadcast on local stations across the country without any acknowledgement of the government's role in their production," according to the Times. -
- American Progress Action Fund, March 14, 2005 -
[Archived here: Politics]

Bush and Manufactured News
- In Sunday's BuzzFlash, we had plenty of articles that detailed how the Bush administration has created a Potemkin presidency of artificially created news, which is just propaganda, similar to what might have come out of the Kremlin under Brezhnev. -
- BuzzFlash -
[Archived here: Politics]

White House Defends Video News Releases
- The White House on Monday defended the administration's use of video news releases that are sent to television stations across the country and frequently used without any acknowledgment of the government's role in their production. -
- Associated Press, March 14, 2005 -
[Archived here: Politics]

Shipping Was Extra - A LOT Extra
- Iraq needed fuel. Halliburton Co. was ordered to get it there — quick. So the Houston-based contractor charged the Pentagon $27.5 million to ship $82,100 worth of cooking and heating fuel. -
- Houston Chronicle, March 15 -
[Archived here: Business]

The Magna Carta
- ...here is a law which is above the King and which even he must not break. This reaffirmation of a supreme law and its expression in a general charter is the great work of Magna Carta; and this alone justifies the respect in which men have held it.
--Winston Churchill, 1956 -
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
[Archived here: New World Order and Guest Writers]


March 16

- Vox News -
[Archived here: Occultism]

Photographer For White House Child Sex Ring Arrested After Thompson Suicide
- Photographer Russell E. "Rusty" Nelson was recently arrested two days after journalist Hunter Thompson reportedly committed suicide four weeks ago on February 10, according to two phone interviews with attorney John DeCamp last week. -
- Free Press International, March 13, 2005 -
[Archived here: Occultism]

Hunter Thompson

Hunter Thompson, Bush, and Jeff Gannon and Much More...
- Reporting the uncomfortable sins of a nation is a responsibility and a very dangerous job. That is why some reporters meet the fate of Thompson, Webb, Hatfield and the countless others. Either they are wiped out in order to shut them up or they just get to a point where they can't put up with the bullshit anymore. -
- Indymedia -
[Archived here: Occultism]

CONFIRMED: Hunter Thompson WAS to Xpose 911WTC Explosives and Pedophile Sex Rings
- Toronto Globe and Mail February 26, 2005: He'd been working on a story about the World Trade Center attacks and had stumbled across what he felt was hard evidence showing the towers had been brought down not by the airplanes that flew into them but by explosive charges set off in their foundations. Hunter S. Thompson ... was indeed working on such a story. -
- ParaPolitics -
[Archived here: Occultism]

GOP Pedophilia and S&M Trysts: A Long History Going Back to Bush 41 and Reagan
- The recent scandal involving gay male escort and right-wing faux journalist Jeff Gannon (a.k.a. James Dale Guckert and possibly a few other aliases) is not welcome news for the purported sadomasochistic hedonists in the White House administrations of both George W. and George H. W. Bush. -
- Online Journal, March 3, 2005 -
[Archived here: Occultism]

The Spoils of War
- Halliburton subsidiary KBR got $12 billion worth of exclusive contracts for work in Iraq. But even more shocking is how KBR spent some of the money. Former U.S. Army Corps of Engineers official Bunnatine Greenhouse is blowing the whistle on the Dick Cheney–linked company's profits of war. -
- Vanity Fair, March 14, 2005 -
[Archived here: Business]

The Beast of Jekyll Island
- I say this because your average American hasn’t a clue as to the devastation dished out by the banking cartel called the Federal Reserve System which was created in secrecy on Jekyll Island. -
- by John Newby, March 10, 2005 -
[Archived here: Paper Money]

Rock Frontman Detained In Airport For Wearing Gun T-shirt
- "I thought he was going to ask me to strip down and change. I mean, it's not as if my T-shirt was loaded." -
- Xfm Online, March 14, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Many Students Willing to Give Government Control of Press
[Mind Control on our kids works - here is the proof]
- Lindsey Pendergrass trusts the government more than she trusts the press. That's why she doesn't believe that newspapers should be allowed to publish everything without government approval. -
- The Oregonian, March 15, 2005 -
[Archived here: Mind Control]


March 15

NOTE: None of this is a condemnation of homosexuality, which is a personal choice that should be freely made and respected. It is, instead, an exposure of the way it is used to abuse, manipulate and control
- David Icke -
(I agree fully on the above statement, Wes Penre)


Bless the Beasts and the Children
Photographer for White House child sex ring arrested after Thompson suicide
- George W. Bush has not explained how Guckert/Gannon--who had advertised himself as a male escort--could apparently operate in the White House as a reporter for two years using a Secret Service-approved alias and regularly be called upon by George W. Bush and press secretary Scott McClellan during nationally televised presidential press conferences. -
- by Tom Flocco -
[Archived here: Occultism]

Elite Sex Slave Rings: The Gannon-Thompson Connection
- Alex Jones interviewing Tom Flocco -
- PrisonPlanet.tv -
[Archived here: Occultism]

The Pink Triangle: Homosexuality Rampant in top Republican Circles: White House Staff’s Involvement
- Why did President Bush and Scott McClellan, the President's spokesman, call on Mr. Guckert/Gannon so often in those two and a half years and how could other reporters not write about Talon News and GOPUSA 's illegitimacy? Veterans of the White House beat sometimes don't see a question for years. Was he a plant? -
- TBR-news, org., March 8, 2005 -
[Archived here: Occultism]

Rove-Gannon Connection?
- One of Gannon's first projects was an attempt to discredit the South Dakota Argus Leader, South Dakota's major paper, and its longtime political writer, David Kranz. According to the National Journal, which reported on this last November, Gannon wrote a series of articles in the summer of 2003 alleging that Kranz, who went to college with Democratic Sen. Tom Daschle, was not only sympathetic to him but was an actual part of the Daschle campaign. -
- CBS News, Feb 18, 2005 -
[Archived here: Occultism]

The Town That Sold Its Children
- France is in shock as 66 residents go on trial for gruesome paedophilia -
- The Observer, March 13, 2005 -
[Archived here: Occultism]

Peace Groups Continue To Miss The Real Issue
- Day Of Demonstrations Guaranteed To Accomplish Absolutely Nothing -
- by John Kaminski, March 14, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]


March 14

The Franklin Coverup
- The Child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse -
- thelawparty.com -
[Archived here: Occultism]

Gannongate Threatens to Expose a Huge GOP Pedophile and Male Prostitution Ring
- "Gannongate," which is only now being mentioned by the mainstream news media, threatens to expose a potentially damaging GOP pedophile and male prostitution ring dating back to the 1980s and the administration of George H. W. Bush. James D. Guckert, using the name Jeff Gannon and possibly other aliases, was also running gay porn sites, one with a U.S. Marine Corps theme that solicited males for prostitution. -
- Online Journal, Feb 18, 2005 -
[Archived here: Occultism]

Red State Alert: Rove-Orchestrated GOP Says Gay Prostitution is Fine With Them
- To paraphrase Bill Maher, Gannon/Guckert had two jobs: he had a seedy, sleazy one and then he had his business as a gay prostitute. -
- Buzzflash.com., Feb 23, 2005 -
[Archived here: Occultism]

Appalling Conspiracy Of Silence Video Online
- Conspiracy of Silence, a documentary listed for viewing in TV Guide Magazine was to be aired on the Discovery Channel, on May 3, 1994. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. -
- Rense.com., Jan 9, 2005 -
[Archived here: Occultism]

Bush-Cheney Cabal: Pedophilia, Arms Dealing, Murder
- On August 17, 1996, the five-year cover-up of the Cools murder, and potentially a great deal more, came to a shocking end, when Belgian police raided a house in a small city in the French speaking sector of the nation,and rescued two young girls who had been kidnapped and imprisoned there by a pedophile ring for their pleasure. -
- Conspiracy Planet -
[Archived here: Occultism]

Enemies of America: Bush Family & Sun Myung Moon
- The recent coronation of 'Rev.' Sun Myung Moon as Emperor-Messsiah in Washington's Dirksen Senate Building on March 23, 2004 shows the face of the Shining Dragon and his minions in America. -
- Conspiracy Planet -
[Archived here: Politics]

Illuminati Slayer
- I am a forty-year-old self-employed carpenter who, for a long time, has been disappointed by the so-called leadership of our country. In the summer of 2004 I accepted the nomination of the Liberty Union Party as their candidate for Lieutenant Governor for the State of Vermont. -
- by Peter Stevenson -
[Archived here: New World Order]


March 13

Michael Jackson on Trial
... If There is Any Justice in This World ...

- ... if Michael goes to jail, and there is any justice in this world, so should his father, Joe. I don’t defend pedophilia (if this is the case with Michael), and although he has been severely traumatized and destroyed, I believe that a person, even if he/she has such desires, should be able keep them to him/herself and not live them out. -
- by Wes Penre, March 13, 2005 -
[Archived here: Mind Control and Articles by Wes Penre]

Prisoners at Abu Ghraib Said Included Kids
[A part of the liberation of Iraq, I guess? Tell me, where do we differ from Saddam? Wes Penre]
- A boy no older than 11 was among the children held by the Army at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison, the former U.S. commander of the facility told a general investigating abuses at the prison. -
- Associated Press -
[Archived here: Iraq War]

Our Subverted Society
- The Illuminati bankers created Communism to harness the working class to their program of a comprehensive world dictatorship (now known as "globalization.") The Illuminati and Communists are Masonic secret societies that celebrate the same anniversary, May 1, 1776 and share the same satanic symbols. -
- by Henry Makow, Ph.D. -
[Archived here: New World Order]

US Homeland Security Department Hires Liaison To Work With Movie Makers: Report
- In Operation Hollywood: How the Pentagon Shapes and Censors the Movies, author David Robb last year portrayed the Pentagon's office as a propaganda machine that cajoles Hollywood into showing the military only in a positive light, the report said. -
- China View, March 13, 2005 -
[Archived here: Mind Control]


March 12

Strategic Explosives In The Twin Towers: The Evidence (Part 1)
Strategic Explosives In The Twin Towers: The Evidence (Part 2)
- What follows is a comparison with a bunch of MEKP and ANNM explosions, immediately followed again by the WTC sound recording. The sound and the effects of MEKP and ANNM are comparable to military explosives. If you want to see the movie, you'll need to get the 'why the towers fell' film. -
- PrisonPlanet.tv -
[Archived here: 9/11]


March 11

Woman Files Lawsuit Against President (Bush)
- Margie Schoedinger of Missouri City, Texas has filed a lawsuit against George W. Bush in Fort Bend County Court. In her suit she is alleging "race based harassment and individual sex crimes committed against her and her husband." The suit lists numerous offenses and asks for actual damages, punitive damages and judgments against George W. Bush. -
- Fort Bend Star, Dec 11, 2002 -
[Archived here: Politics]

Woman Who Filed Sex Based Lawsuit Against President George W. Bush Found Dead
- On December 2nd 2002, Margie D. Schoedinger, a 38-year-old woman from Missouri City, Texas, filed a civil lawsuit against President George W. Bush at the Fort Bend County, Texas, County Clerk's office accusing the President of drugging and raping her. Nine months later on Sept. 22, 2003 she was dead. The medical examiner's office ruled her death a "suicide." Schoedinger, an African-American, was killed by a shot to the head with a Glock handgun. -
- by Cherryl Aldave -
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John Creasy, Man On Fire: Top-Notch Mind Control
- We should acknowledge that the government is trying to control our minds, even if you think they couldn't do it to you.  We can agree that a certain percentage of the people are weak minded, and all these aforementioned effects will drive them a little crazy, similar to post traumatic stress.  Let us be very conservative, though, and say Man On Fire pushed only 10% of the entire viewing audience into this state. -
- by Erik Fortman -
[Archived here: Mind Control and Guest Writers]

Information Control For Social Manipulation
- The news and entertainment we consume, and thus our thoughts and opinions, are shaped not just by the media and entertainment corporations but by governments, their agencies and the military-industrial complex. -
- by David B. Deserano, MS -
[Archived here: Mind Control]


March 10

My Truth
- A mortgage, often a first and second mortgage are combined and you pay interest only for an introductory period of usually two to five years. After that “Bam” you get hit with the obligation of principal and interest. The trap has been set, please read on. -
- by H.P. -
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Canadian Institute for Political Integrity
- by Glen Kealey -
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March 9

The Gannon Cannon
[Jeff Gannon, a White House Placeman 'Reporter']
- Some time before World War Two, Adolf Hitler took over the International Police. A top official of INTERPOL, with dual capacity was the Director of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, J. Edgar Hoover. His office as Vice President of Interpol was in the U.S. Treasury Building, Washington, D.C. -
- by Sherman H. Skolnick, Feb 27, 2005 -
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Articles By And Interviews With Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz
- Dr Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A.,M.P.H. -
- www.whale.to -
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March 8

Roswell: Final Declassification
- Almost sixty years have lapsed since the legendary UFO crash at Roswell. Declassified documents pertaining to the incident are now available for scrutiny and ‘experts’ on the History Channel can find no evidence of extraterrestrial involvement. They admit to a government cover-up, because the USAF was conducting top secret experiments over the New Mexico desert, said to have resulted in the confusion that followed. -
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous and Guest Writers]


March 7

Balkan Wars Cover-Up
- "Their questions hit home, and I knew that I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today -- my own government. For the sake of those boys, for the sake of this government, for the sake of hundreds of thousands trembling under our violence, I cannot be silent."
Martin Luther King -
- The Hemperor.net -
[Archived here: Wars Towards a New World Order]

Hey! Leave Those Kids Alone
- Where Are All of Those Missing Children on Milk Cartons? In the White House... of course! -
- by Charlene Fassa, March 7, 2005 -
[Archived here: Occultism]

- Tetrahedron, LLC is a non-profit educational corporation that was founded in 1978 by internationally known public health authority, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, to educate people around the world on matters of extreme public importance. -
- by Dr Leonard G. Horowitz -
[Archived here: New World Order]


March 6

Tyranny Comes to Amerika
- The "suicide" deaths of Hunter Thompson, Gary Webb and J.H. Hatfield show that reporters who expose the criminal activities of our political elite are risking their lives. -
- by Henry Makow, Ph.D., March 5, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]


March 5

Lesser Knows Facts of World War II
- There were men and women involved in these events that were just as important as those that took part in the big campaigns. Here are some of those lesser-known facts that you may be unfamiliar with and are seldom mentioned in history books. -
- George Duncan's Historical Facts of World War II -
[Archived here: New World Order]

"Alien" Experiences
- One night I awoke about 3:00 a.m, terrified.  I sensed two beings in my bedroom at the foot of the bed. I did not try to look at them because I was afraid of what I would see. I saw the glow of the clock and Jeff, (my husband) sleeping next to me. -
- by H.P. -
[Archived here: UFOs and Aliens]


March 4

Proof of Concept
- So where and when will the live 'Terrorist' gas attack be launched? - (Joe Vialls)
My money is on England... -
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous on War on Terrorism and Guest Writers]


March 3

Did British Intelligence Orchestrate Princess Diana's Death?
- The flagrant manner in which the French authorities have elected to ignore statements made by various French, British and Americans who were eyewitnesses to the circumstances surrounding the fatal crash in the Alma tunnel, also their refusal to release samples of Henri Paul's blood for analysis by independent pathologists, strongly suggests that the tragic death of Princess Diana was premeditated murder. -
- by Brian Desborough -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Syria is Doomed
- The fact that the current Syrian government has waged a bitter war against Islamist fundamentalists, and even offered to help the Americans by sharing their excellent intelligence on terrorist groups — an offer, needless to say, rudely rebuffed by the Americans — won't faze the American propagandists one little bit. Syria is doomed. -
- Serendipity.com -
[Archived here: Wars Towards a New World Order]


March 2

Killing Time - A Tragic Comedy
- “Honey, I’m home” called army Sergeant Pedro Fargo to his wife, Margo. She had been dying to hear those three little words and went to greet her heroic hubby, home on leave from the notorious Pretzelmango Bay detention facility, where Pedro was the chief interrogator. -
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous on War on Terrorism and Guest Writers]

Gonzales Urges Extension of Patriot Act
[Goodbye to more freedom!]
- Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales yesterday called on Congress to renew the USA Patriot Act, saying the threat from international terrorism -- including the al Qaeda network -- was "still very real" despite U.S. successes in capturing and killing global terrorists. -
- Washington Times, March 1, 2005 -
[Archived here: Politics and New World Order]

March 1

Let Them Eat Cake
How could I enjoy sipping champagne, by the pool, on my private island, knowing that the dispossessed are dying for lack of clean drinking water? 1.2 billion malnourished children do not appear to prick Baron Rothschild’s conscience. Half the globe is laid prostrate on the ground, barely surviving and unable to progress, because Rothschild’s are hording all the gold. -
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
[Archived here: Banking and Guest Writers]

Rothschild to Lead Battle for Börse Rebels
- THE mystery City heavyweight being lined up by rebel shareholders to replace Rolf Breuer as chairman of Deutsche Börse is Lord Jacob Rothschild. -
- Times Online, Feb 27, 2005 -
[Archived here: Banking]

Bono, World Bank Chief?
- "Don't be fooled by the wraparound sunglasses and the excess hipness," the Los Angeles Times said. "Bono is deeply versed in the issues afflicting the least-developed nations of the world." -
- Money.cnn.com, Feb 26, 2005 -
[Archived here: Banking]

[I refuse to believe that anyone who is remotely decent would agree to the Nazi methods the U.S. Military use in torturing "prisoners of war", Wes Penre]
- Post 9/11, the interrogation methods the US administration are using in their 'war on terror' are said by human rights groups to be nothing short of illegal torture. From Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib to the shadowy presence of a global network, over four programmes Channel 4 looks at how US actions are betraying the very values they claim to be defending.

This site details the methods used, debunks the euphemisms used to describe them and some of the excuses made. You can join the campaign trail, or air your views on the Dispatches forum. -
- Channel 4.com -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous on War on Terrorism]

Student Arrested For Writing Zombie Fiction Story
- "My story is based on fiction," said Poole, who faces a second-degree felony terrorist threatening charge. "It's a fake story. I made it up. I've been working on one of my short stories, (and) the short story they found was about zombies. Yes, it did say a high school. It was about a high school over ran by zombies." Even so, police say the nature of the story makes it a felony. "Anytime you make any threat or possess matter involving a school or function it's a felony in the state of Kentucky," said Winchester Police detective Steven Caudill. -
- Lex18.com -
[Archived here: New World Order]

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