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Last Updated: Friday, March 18, 2005 03:33:52 AM 

Beyond Belief
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
(Posted here by Wes Penre, March 18, 2005)


(Print-Friendly Version)

All characters are fictional and any similarity to actual living persons is purely coincidental.

Little Jimmy Golly was serving the community, delivering milk before an arduous day’s schooling, when he disappeared. His mother was frantic and appealed for help. None was forthcoming, but missing Jimmy’s innocent face was displayed on the milk cartons he used to deliver. Weeks turned into months, until years had passed and the family feared the worst, that Jimmy was dead. They were wrong, it was much worse, Jimmy was alive.

Torn from the warm bosom of a loving mother, Jimmy found himself incarcerated in the cold basement of an important and distinguished government official, who derived pleasure from cruelty to children. Within the pentagram, under the watchful eye of Moloch, Jimmy suffered unspeakable torture and abuse, until he became the perfect, fragmented, Manchurian candidate, employed as a sex-slave for visiting dignitaries.

The deeply traumatized Jim Gooly, as he was now known, “entertained” Heads of State with a penchant for homosexuality, which was all of them, and acted as a spy and drug courier, disguised as a reporter. If he played his cards right, Jim could be promoted to a senator or governor, but he never wanted to “play.” Murder and espionage didn’t appeal to his suppressed nature and were it not for the ingrained terror, Jim would run away.

How could he escape from powerful men who enjoyed the ‘dangerous game’ and would hunt him down like a fox? There is no hiding place and no-one to tell, for the institutions which should defend Jim are directed by his tormentors. Who would believe that world leaders use abductees to gratify their sexual perversions? If people knew the truth, Hell would break loose, but there are no devils there, they are already here, and in power.



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