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  Posted: Thursday, February 05, 2009, 5:30 AM

Last Updated: Thursday, February 05, 2009 05:30:47 AM



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Illuminati News Presents:

How the Global Elite Are Fighting Against the Entire Universe
by trying to change physical laws and God's will, they are making themselves gods

by Wes Penre, Illuminati News, Feb 05, 2009

Category: The Shadow Government: Who Are They? | Articles by Wes Penre


Comment by Wes Penre, Illuminati News: To be able to fully understand this article, please first read, "The Universe According to Ra" and "Serving Others is the Key to Fight the New World Order!", and preferably also "Dialogue with 'Hidden Hand', self proclaimed Illuminati Insider".



his article is written to better explain the mindset of the Global Elite, the Shadow Government that is secretly ruling the world. In previous articles (see links above) we have discussed how this Universe was created, why we are where we are and how to get ourselves out of this mess in a peaceful and spiritual way - the only way I believe works. We have also discussed 2012, different dimensions and densities and how infinite energy works.

In summary (and I do need you to read the articles I suggest above) we are all ONE with the One Infinite Creator - God if you like. Right now, here in 3rd density, we are just separated from ONE, believing we are individuals and not really ONE with each other.

It's like having a huge body of clay, which represents the energy of the One Infinite Creator. This body of clay now wants to experience Itself, so It picks out small pieces of clay from Its main body and put them aside. These small pieces are now separated from It, but still part of It. With these small pieces, galaxies were created. Then small pieces were separated from the sun in the center of each galaxy which became other stars, planets, moons, and eventually other different life forms in descending order. You see how this works? You and I are each a tiny piece of "clay" (energy), but still part of this huge body of clay which is the Source, or the One Infinite Creator.  So we are Him and He is us (if we want to put a gender to it for simplicity)! All He wanted to do to begin with was to have a game, so He separated Himself out from Himself into smaller units to experience Himself. And to be able to do that He had to create "free will". Now He had a game going.

But a game is no good if you already know what cards your opponent has in his hand. Per definition that's a 'no game', because you already know the outcome before you start playing and it quickly becomes boring. Therefore the One Infinite Creator had to create this "veil of forgetfulness", which means that before you incarnate on a planet, you forget who you are and what your purpose is, to be able to experience and learn new things, once in a body. You then repeat this cycle over and over in what we call 3rd density until we've learnt what we need to learn and can progress by ascending to the 4th density and so on. Finally we come back to the One Infinite Creator in the 8th density and are not separated anymore.

This is the whole meaning of the game! We are supposed to learn and experience individually, and bring that knowledge back into the huge body of clay and become more and more ONE again in the process. So we are all heading back home from where we started; each individual in a different pace depending on how much we learn each lifetime.

For faster learning and experiencing, the best way is to 'serve others' unconditionally and with unconditional love. This means you help and support others wherever and whenever you can without expecting anything back. Small things, big things, both are important. The reason for this is that by serving others, we also teach them what we have learnt and we create this expansion of knowledge and unconditional love, which will help us all ascend faster.

However, because everything is Energy and if you have the knowledge, you can manipulate energy in whatever way you want. Most people are not aware of what I am writing about in this article, but many are subconsciously working towards this goal anyway by doing good things for others and their environment. This is all great and how it should be.

Then we have the Global Elite, the clique many people today call the Illuminati [def]. Don't think for a second that most of them aren't very well aware of this information and know that it's true. More so the higher up in the secret society organizations they are. So why aren't they working towards the same goal as the rest of us?

The answer isn't an easy one, and the game is played on different layers. To simplify it, we will concentrate on the 13 Illuminati [def] bloodlines and their offspring, which are ruling the world today in such a horrible, destructive manner. Their goals are different from ours. They realize that they can take all this infinite energy and use it for their own purposes (service to self). They believe they can absorb the energy of the Universe and use it for selfish purposes to gain power, riches and control over others. With other words, to create a life in abundance for themselves.

This showed to be not as easy as they thought, because the original game is very strong and hard to modify in a way that suits them. Therefore, they have to work harder and harder to accomplish their Agenda, always afraid they will be exposed and possibly jailed and killed by the rest of us. Some of them, today, may even think it's not worth all this stress and hard work to get something they can't enjoy and relax about. Their own karma is taking its toll on most of them and they are more and more becoming the effect of their own creation.

Think about it. Would you like to live in their nightmare to be able to keep and expand your mansions, fancy cars and other physical assets? I sure wouldn't!

There are forces working above the Power Elite of this Earth, too, as described in Dialogue with 'Hidden Hand', self proclaimed Illuminati Insider, who know more about the cause and effect of the game than the 13 Earth Bloodlines do, but this article gives a hint what is going on in the minds of the Global EARTH Elite and why they make the rest of us suffer. To be able to accomplish their goals, they need lots of energy, so they become spiritual vampires. Their only way to gain the amount of power they need is to steal it from those who already DO have the power - us!

What these people don't know, though, is that it won't work in the long run. They will have their moments of fame, but the Energy of the Universe is strong and it's working against them. We are all going home.

Comment Want your opinion to be heard? Make a comment and have it posted here, uncensored and unedited! as long as it's written in a civilized manner. Write me an email and put the same title in your email subject line as the name of the article you want to comment on. You can be anonymous if you like, or write under a pseudonym. Wes Penre.

Important Definitions:

[i] ^ The word Illuminati means 1. People claiming to be unusually enlightened with regard to a subject. 2. Illuminati: Any of various groups claiming special religious enlightenment.  Latin illmint, from pl. of illmintus, past participle of illminre, to light up. See illuminate.

These definitions are taken from "The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language".

Like the definitions say, any group which considers itself "enlightened" could rightfully call itself the Illuminati. So is also the case. If you google "The Illuminati", you will find quite a few groups claiming this name.

It can be confusing, so before we continue, I want to make very clear that the Illuminati we are discussing here is NOT a benevolent secret society who wants to create peace and harmony in this world by helping to bring freedom to the people. Such a benevolent group DOES exist and happens to call themselves "The Illuminati", and is actually the original group using this name.

They have been working behind the scenes for a very long time to help humanity free themselves from the chains we have been stuck in for thousands of years. Unfortunately, the Powers That Be, the evil puppet masters running this show on war and destruction, infiltrated the truth movement already in an early stage by adopting  the term Illuminati to describe themselves, thus using the same name as the original benevolent group. This to further confuse the matter.

Now, almost all researchers (including myself) have adopted the term "Illuminati" to describe the Dark Side, and by doing so, we have to a certain degree unwittingly helped discrediting the benevolent group with this original name and made it harder for them to get the job done.

Therefore, I will let this definition follow each and every article posted on this website from now on in an effort to try to clear up the confusion. I apologize that so many people now have mixed up the groups, and I have partly, but ignorant to this fact until recently, been responsible for that.

The point is that the Illuminati I am exposing here is the super-rich Power Elite with an ambition to maintain the slave society they have been working so hard to accomplish over the millennia!

[ii] ^ The term "New World Order", just like the term "Illuminati", has been used by at least two different groups, meaning basically two different things:

1) A goal to put an end to the current Order (called "The Old World Order" - OWO), which is considered evil and anti-survival, and therefore the current power elite needs to be overthrown and their Old World Order to be destroyed and replaced with a benevolent "New World Order". The goal is a humanity-friendly One World Government. The means putting an end to the current Old World Order with violence, if necessary.

Personally, I don't agree with using violence to stop the Old World Order, as I am more into a spiritual solution (see elsewhere on my website), but I want to make my readers aware of that there IS a group calling themselves "The Illuminati", who want to replace the current Old World Order (the Rothschilds, Rockefellers etc.) with a benevolent New World Order, where people are no longer slaves to this Power Elite.

2) A goal to create a micro-chipped society, so that they more easily can maintain the current Order that they have created throughout the millennia. This is the "New World Order" the Bush's, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Gordon Brown, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and others are supporting and working on maintaining. This is also the "New World Order" I am fighting against via this website.

Just like in the case with the term "Illuminati", this second group has confused researchers and truth seekers by using the basically benevolent term "New World Order" for their negative and malevolent goals. This has made it harder for the Resistance to operate, because both "The Illuminati" and the "New World Order" have been used as a propaganda for the Dark Side and everything connected to these two terms now are perceived as negative.

If we really look at it, it's nothing "new" with what this Power Elite officially calls the "New World Order", but no more than an effort to hold on to the Old World Order they have already created.

I hope this to some degree makes things clearer.

Wes PenreWes Penre is a researcher, journalist, the owner of the domain Illuminati News and is the publisher of the same. He has been researching Globalization and the New World Order and exposed the big players behind the scenes for more than a decade now. He has published his research on the Internet at the above domains, which are currently updated to keep people informed what is going on. You can also find his articles linked up, discussed and republished all over the Internet.

In addition, he has done spiritual research to present a solution to the problems of this world. His MySpace website address is: http://www.myspace.com/wespenre. You can also visit his blog and make comments at http://wespenre.blogspot.com/.

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