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Last Updated:
Saturday, January 21, 2006 06:37:21 PM



The Weirdest Prison Rules
The Round Valley Paper
(Posted here and edited by Wes Penre: May 25, 2005)

For background to this article, see my earlier posting about the story of Wayne Morin Jr., who has spent most of his life at Napa State Hospital under horrible conditions: Sexual Abuse and Mind Control at Napa State Hospital. Wayne and I also created a database with an enormous amount of links to mainstream media, which also have exposed the horrors at Napa Psychiatric State Hospital.


Wayne Morin JrA friend at the State Hospital had three months left. He has been locked up fifteen years for calling in a false bomb threat in 1987 and leaving his name and address. He was transferred to an open unit, which the State calls "Survivor Island", where anyone can be voted out. He stays in good contact with hospital police since his first admission was at the age of twelve, when his mother tied a clothesline around his waist and drove him up to the State. At that time the State would accept anyone. He had no mental illness. Since then he has had 115 admissions; all "civil commitments" - but no charges were brought against him until 16 years ago.

This is a true story of life-long unjust law enforcement, court systems, etc.

Most of those who are now police were at one time kitchen help, janitors, ground-patrol - so he knew them well.

On a radio talk-show with Harry Martin(1), he exposed sex, drugs and alcohol brought in by workers at Napa State Hospital. Well, while he was on Survivor Island T-15, he was in a five-man room. From the first day he arrived on the unit, he started to beg to be returned to a locked unit instead. He knew by experience that this was a setup for him. Behavioral psychology teaches us that control of the human by suggestibility is recognized as the fundamental building block for external control of the mind.

An intergenerational Satanist broke his jaw on Survival Island. From the first week he arrived, he had five late-check-ins, for any of which he could have been thrown out of T-15.

Room mates spoke about that person [the Satanist] talking all night long about himself growing horns and a tail and selling his soul to the company store.

The next week they gave my friend a urine test and told him it was "dirty", and had a large amount of "weed" [marijuana]. The unit called a ward government meeting to expose him and to ask anyone who knew of any drug usage to feel free to speak confidentially to the staff. For the next week he was shunned by every staff member except one: "Just tell us where you buy the weed. Who are you getting it from?"

My friend's family members were in shock. They knew he was only three months from going home. He filed a complaint to leave the unit and kept to his story about not using weed.

Napa State Hospital ManorThen came a shake-down. After the search, [the Satanist] broke my friend's jaw. It took a plate and 15 screws. My friend was asked what happened. He told me that due to [fear of] retaliation, he said he slipped in the tub. They asked everyone to come forth with any knowledge. My room mates said they knew nothing, which also proves injustices. My friend was transferred to a medical unit for surgery and his jaws were wired shut for three weeks.

There was a big drug bust. They found lots of weed, speed and homebrew.

The [Satanist] was transferred. On his second night there, he and a buddy took a female worker hostage and removed her keys and fled to the grounds of the prison. When it comes to a person that knows there are killers, rapists, child molester and intergenerational Satanists, [every person] should sing like a canary.

Related references:

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The Napa Valley Register, Oct 29, 2005: Napa State patient sentenced to 26 years in prison for 2002 attack:
http://www.napavalleyregister.com/articles/2005/10/29/news/local/iq_3145038.txt. Mirror site if the original goes down: www.illuminati-news.com/26-years-in-prison.htm


(1) Can be reached at Napa Sentinel.


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