Why Is It So Significant that Bush and Kerry are Members of the Same Secret Society?
- by Wes Penre, February 15. 2004

On February 8, 2004 Tim Russert asked President G W Bush about Skull & Bones, and the President confirmed that he is a member(1). By the same time John Kerry, Bush’s opponent in the upcoming election admits to the same(2). In the footnotes to this page you can watch the videos by clicking on the links, and here you can read the transcripts excerpted from both interviews; Bush first, Kerry second. Please do so and come back to read further from this page.

Skull & Bones LogoSo why is this so important for the people of the United States (and the rest of the world) to know? It is actually of vital importance to understand what this is all about, so please think about the following carefully:

Skull and Bones is not just a movie with a story made up by some imaginative screen writer; it is the real thing. Until recently, when both the President and his opponent admitted to being members, not many people believed me when I told them this is the case.

Secret societies, whether it is Freemasonry, OTO, Skull & Bones, Scroll & Keys, or any other branch, the member’s first loyalty is to the Order, and his second loyalty is to his job or position in politics and business. Therefore, as Bush and Kerry belong to the same secret order, they report to the Order first and their political party second. This way the Illuminati can control their members and give them orders that enhance the agenda, no matter what key position the member has in the society. The rules of the Order are pretty strict, and if you break them or disobey, the penalty can be death at worst and a serious reprimand at best. This way the controllers of the Global Chess Game(3) can have control over both political parties – the Democrats and the Republicans. Does it start to make sense?

Secret societies work on multi-levels. They are occult orders, set up as a hierarchy (pyramid structure), and only the top players know the whole truth and have access to the big occult secrets and rituals. On lower levels the members know nothing or very little about what the Order is all about; they are often deceived intoThe Skull & Bones Coffin believing it is for the good for society and mankind. Not until upper mid levels or lower high levels the member will in sequence get access to more information (if he/she is trusted by higher initiates). Here is also where power is designed. Especially in Skull & Bones(4) (it is slightly different in Freemasonry), the members are carefully selected by the top players, only because they have plans for them. By being selected to being initiated in Skull & Bones you are guaranteed a high position in society and with that wealth and power follow. The initiate knows it before he is elected if he is of the right bloodline, and the membership is generational (like in Bush’s case), or he will find out as he goes along, after have passed the different levels of introduction, where one level includes laying in a coffin. Then, with the promise of wealth and power comes a responsibility to the Order. The apprentice has to obey to any orders that come from above, and they have to be executed.

Now, hopefully we can see why it is so dangerous for our society when our elected politicians are members of secret societies like these. We can also see how major things in politics and business are predestined and planned, as any person of significance in a high position is initiated in one Order or another, and we can also understand how a few super-wealthy men can control a whole society and eventually a whole world.


(1) Click here to watch the video clip
(2) Click here to watch the video clip
(3) www.illuminati-news.com/global-chess-players.htm
(4) http://www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/Skull-and-Bones. Here is a definition of Skull & Bones in Nationmaster Encyclopedia.



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