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Illuminati News Presents:

Now It's Finland's Turn - Students Killed in School Shooting

When Are People Going to Start Seeing the Pattern?


Category: Martial Law and Gun Control
Published here: day, , 2008, 06:05 AM
Last Updated or Revised: Monday, September 29, 2008 06:16:26 PM

ere is an excerpt from Associated Press, September 23, 2008:

"HELSINKI, Finland (AP) - Finnish media report nine people have been killed in a shooting at a vocational school in western Finland. Police say the gunman then shot and severely wounded himself." [my emphasis][1]

Can anybody see a pattern in this only sentence, because it says it all? I'll give you a hint; someone is very mad that the gunman failed to kill himself. Why? Only because a live gunman can 'talk'.

Here's another excerpt from AP:

" HELSINKI, Finland (AP) - The Finnish prime minister says he will push for stricter gun laws following a school massacre in western Finland which killed 11 people. He says yesterday's shootings that followed a similar rampage last year would lead to a reevaluation of Finland's gun laws that allow 15-year-olds to acquire guns for target or hunting purposes." [my emphasis][2]

Helsinki School Shooting Sep 23, 2008
Helsinki School Shooting Sep 23, 2008

Yes, it sounds like it's only reasonable that young kids should be restricted from using firearms, but the real issue is disarmament (see the article "The Disarmament Project" under the sub-section "Martial Law and Gun Control" elsewhere on my website). We have had several school shootings in the United States, so our Government has been able to take this further by suggesting we disarm the whole American population. However, in peaceful countries like Finland, they have to start on a smaller scale to have people getting used to the idea that it should be illegal to own firearms.

It's the same old formula the Illuminati always use: PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION. In this case it works like this:

PROBLEM: The Government creates a programmed, mind controlled assassin to go out and do the school shooting and is then programmed to kill himself. He tried to take his life afterwards, but this time he fails. However, isn't it time to start pondering why those school shooters all over the world have a weird tendency to kill themselves afterwards, on almost all occasions?

REACTION: A horrified population demands that something is being done about it, so it won't happen again in the future.

SOLUTION: The Government suggests stricter gun laws with the intention to eventually disarm the whole country, except for military and police. This, so that the citizens can be more easily controlled and defenseless against a Big Brother Government. With other words, the Government (read Illuminati) comes up with a solution that fits them, to a problem they themselves created. The consequence for common people is less freedom and less liberties.

To achieve their goals of a One World Government, something most people don't want, and no one wants if they only knew what it REALLY means, the Illuminati needs to keep us in fear - always. If we stop being afraid, the controllers are in trouble, because a population who is not in fear or terror will be brave enough to start thinking and can easily put one and one together, which means the end of the Illuminati mass mind control and the end of them. Thus, it's eminent that people don't cave in to events like these, no matter how terrible they are. Instead, we should start thinking who is gaining from this and how can we stop them. A fearless population is a strong population; a population in fear is a population in chains.

My heart goes to the victims of the school shooting in Helsinki, Finland on September 23, 2008, when 11 people were killed, and to their relatives and friends. If any of you who knew the victims read this, please further research what I am writing here, and learn more. That is the absolutely best thing you can do for those who were killed in this tragic incident.

Update September 29 (6 days later):

Only six days after the school shooting, new gun laws are about to take effect in Finland, just like I predicted. Once you know the Illuminati Agenda, there are few mysteries:

Tougher Gun Permit Procedures Outlined, YLE News, Sep 29, 2008 [Saved version]

And here are two articles, preparing the Finns that the Government needs to tighten security, which means less liberties for the citizens and more surveillance:

Supo to Prevent and Investigate Mass Killings? YLE News, Sep 27, 2008 [Saved version]
Local Police Resources Insufficient for Internet Watch YLE News, Sep 26, 2008 [Saved version]





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