The Disarmament Project
by Wes Penre, June 7, 2004

"Hitler, Stalin, Mao... Mass-murderers agree: GUN CONTROL WORKS!"

Wes PenreDon’t make any mistake about it; the American Government has worked hard on a disarmament project for a long time. Per the Second Amendment to the Constitution, the American people are allowed to own guns to defend themselves against an insane government. The Illuminati are working in an attempt to by-pass this paragraph by using hidden and illegal methods.

Insane people have, without any obvious motives, shot children to death in schoolyards and in the streets. Not to mention the violence among the street gangs, related to narcotics.

Why the above occurs is no coincidence. The main reason is a planned attempt to disarm the American people, and in the long run the whole world. By stressing, through mass media, an increased rate The Columbine Killersof violence in the society, (real and/or exaggerated), the importance of collecting all private weapons from the citizens seems obvious to many people – for the sake of peace and safety, so we can stop shooting at each other.

In fact, it’s a preparation for a coup d’etat. When the coup is a fact, the citizens, now disarmed, have no chance to defend themselves against the government anymore. It’s very  thoroughly planned. It’s a mind game; they know how to play it, we don't. They know all about propaganda, and they use all available sources to spread it, including, but not limited to, the mainstream media, which they own.

Terrorism is supported and originating from the CIA. MI5 and the MOSSAD Intelligence Agencies. Fundamentalists and other terror groups were and are trained by them. Among other purposes, one is to eventually disarm the people.

The insane lonely killer, who without any obvious motive runs into schoolyards and kills students and teachers, is a victim of mind-control and drugs in one way or the other. It has also showed that most of those lunatics – if not all – were on Prozac or some other mind altering “medicine”. Those killers are mind controlled and trained by Intelligence Agencies to go out and kill. The purpose is to create fear and terror and to undermine a demand for disarmament.

We need to fight for our rights to bear arms, and hopefully enough people object loudly enough for the government to back off.

So what should we do if the cops or government agents knock on our doors to collect the guns we refused to turn in with the passing of this potential new future law? Should we defend our right with our lives by killing them on the spot? I know many patriots and freedom thinkers probably would, but I don't believe we can fight the New World Order with violence. The SOULotion is pure spiritual. Only if they start shooting at me or my family, I would defend myself by shooting back.

              The only way to go is for people to WAKE UP to what is happening, and apply their right to civil obedience. This does not mean killing government agents and politicians; it means refusing to obey to their suppressive laws and policies. If enough people refuse, the few men on top can't do much to stop us.

              I know that the chance for us to succeed is slim, but we shouldn't give up. It worries me to see that even on a smaller scale people are so afraid of authority that they give in and accept being slaves.

             Here's an example: On the American west coast nurses are working themselves to death. They get paid for 8 hours and then have to do administrative work at home for hours and hours in addition without getting paid, because overtime is not allowed! They sit until late at night and can't interact with family or friends. They are totally dependent on their family to do things around the house and take care of their immediate needs. This, of course, is very straining on relationships and also make them sick from stress related diseases. Instead of getting together and refuse to live under these horrible circumstances, they are so afraid to lose their jobs that they accept their situation even though people literally get heart attacks from the stress. All they need to do is to collectively refuse to do admin after hours, and the management has no choice but to give in. They won't fire 20 nurses or more...

             So the whole thing is a little discouraging. It requires a lot more bravery than that to change things around. On the bright side: at least people ARE waking up in numbers...



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