How Pop & Rock Music is Used to Manipulate Us
by Wes Penre, June 13, 2005

Electric GuitarOn occasion I get an angry letter where the person calls me both this and that name for writing popular music down. The most common objection is that "rock music is rebellious. It does exactly the opposite from what you claim on your crappy website". Something to that effect. Like I've said elsewhere, I understand that reaction, because in a corrupt world we like to believe there is something we can hold on to that is working against suppression, oppression and corruption. I too wish it was rock music, but now I know better.

People say the music of the 60's was an awakening and a way to oppose the oppressive war mongers within the Government. But let me tell you this: that was exactly what the Illuminati-owned record companies wanted us to believe. Instead it gave us drugs, obsession on free sex and eventually apathy. The consequences were quite devastating. After the apparent awakening in the 60's and early 70's, the youth fell down into a deep "coma", often lost in drugs and disillusions, thinking there is no way to change things. The hippie movement had failed and most of the true hippies gave up and started feeding the system they had opposed by becoming bankers, doctors, lawyers etc...

But what was REALLY happening? Well, what people in general don't think about is that music is vibrations. What frequency the music vibrates on is directly determining what emotions and reactions you get from it. Classical music has its own vibration, which often lifts us up spiritually. Rock music has another frequency, hip-hop another and rap music yet another. Do we really think we have a choice as of what to listen to, as a society? Are we really that blind that we think that we, the consumers, are setting the trends? No, my friends, the trends are set by the Illuminati owned music industry, where they know exactly how frequencies work - they have the best scientists working for them, so what can we expect? One day, pop and rock is what they want us to listen to, the next day the trend is punk rock, then rap and then back to rock in an endless stream. Almost within a blink of an eye, the music you listened to yesterday is now not hip anymore and you are not supposed to listen to it, unless you are a nerd or something. They, the Illuminati-owned music companies, are the ones who decide what we want to listen to, and don't get fooled to believe it's anything else than that. The music they produce vibrates on the frequency they want us to vibrate on for the moment to enhance the New World Order Agenda! And that's it. They want to keep us on a certain frequency, where they can control us as a whole.

Let's look at this example. The other day I noticed in the local paper that a now aged David Lee Roth is David Lee Rothcoming to town pretty soon. First of all, the huge picture on the front of the paper showed a David Lee Roth, about 15 years younger. Of course, that sells better than showing him the way he looks now. However, how did they expose him? Well, on the picture he was dressed in tight leather pants a la Jim Morrison, and instead of having a zipper, he had tiny strings to keep his pants together. Well, the strings apparently didn't do a good job, because the part of the pants where the zipper should have been was wide open all the way down to the root of his penis. Then, of course, his shirt must have accidentally popped all the buttons, because his chest was totally bare, and just by coincidence his pose was sexually offensive.

For you who have listened to Van Halen know what kind of music they played and what kind of songs David Lee Roth was singing. The low vibration rock riffs together with Roth's play on leather sex [sadomasochism] sure gives a certain message, doesn't it? If nothing else, the music creates aggression and keeps us trapped with sex and drugs. Where is the freedom with that? Does it liberate us and make us more enlightened, or the opposite? There is no secret that Van Halen and David Lee Roth especially, were involved in wild drug and sex orgies. You might say that is their business, and if they weren't famous musicians and opinion leaders, I would agree. Now, mass media made sure everybody knew about their behavior, and the full effect of their music became full circle - they set, or rather made sure, the correct rock trend continued as planned (sex, drugs and rock & roll). The record company was thrilled, I'm sure, happy to have such dedicated musicians on their payroll.

What I am trying to say here is that we are being used. If you think that we are the ones to decide whom to listen to and who is going to make it BIG because WE decide which music to buy, you are mistaken. It's called marketing, and they are geniuses in that field. Rock music was NEVER meant to enlighten us or make us rebels. If you think about it and do your own research - find out who owns the music business, and who owns the labels on which the artists you like make their recordings? Do you think that those guys would let rock musicians enlighten us? No, music is all about vibrations, and THEY decide which frequency the music should vibrate on for the moment.

Many people now accept that the Illuminati is behind the New World Order, and they realize what is being done to us all, but some of the same people who accept this as a fact, refuse to accept that the music industry is corrupt. Come on, it is once again the same people pulling the strings! Anyone can check that out for themselves by doing their own research. It's no secret, and it's just a matter of following the thread.

We also need to remember that those people who are pulling the strings are not thinking like you and I. For most of us it is quite hard to confront evil; we rather say the particular evil event does not exist, or "it's probably not that bad". It's normal human behavior, and this makes it very difficult for us to see what's really going on. The ones that orchestrate all this know how the human psyche works and they are capable of producing something (may it be music or something else) pretending that the purpose for it is something else than what it actually is, and most of the times we swallow the bait...

Like I've said elsewhere on this website, I am not trying to make anyone stop listening to music, I am just trying to make people aware. I am still listening to some of this music I am here revealing, just because I like it. However, with this new insight, I don't buy into the effects they are covertly trying to create. Knowledge is power and what you know for certain can't negatively effect you in the same way it once did..


Last Updated: Tuesday, June 14, 2005 04:14:58 AM

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