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The Past Is Calling
by Matthew Delooze, June 2 - June 18, 2005

Last Updated: Tuesday, July 25, 2006 06:15:32 PM

Posted:  June 04-22, 2005

Can I start with a question? Can anyone explain to me why "Live 8 organiser, and knight, Bob Geldolf, although he is "seen" to verbally attack the worlds powers over poverty in the 3rd world, receives massive media support? The world's media (owned by the same serpent cult as the record/music industry) bombarded us yesterday with the fact that Sir Bob seems to be some sort of saint who has "arranged" a world wide "pop concert" at the drop of a hat. Indeed even the "symbolism" of live 8 is plastered all over the place. Biggest surprise of all is that the pop concerts, sir Bob has arranged, are free.

In my opinion he could not arrange all this without Illuminati support.

For those who do not know- Bob has arranged 5 free world wide concerts. London- France- Italy- Germany- and the USA. He has also been "allowed" to have these concerts on some very interesting landmarks.....but first lets look at the Live 8 "logo".

Here's Bob posing for the camera with the graphics- he must have thought up?- that links it to the concert in the 8O's.. Notice anything strange about the "8"?................

Meaning control of above and below.....

Let's have a look at two or three places that Bob- omitting the obvious Hyde Park and the Illuminati connection to London...Lets start in France...Paris...the "Eiffel Tower" Yes folks Bob has managed to book (for free) the venue of Eiffel Tower.

Home of the Knights Templars and the murderers of no need to search for conspiracy connections there then?

Lets move on..Germany... Berlin....Apparently according to the world's media.. Bobby has also got "The Brandenburg Gate" in Berlin (at no charge) also.

This venue has been used for illuminati announcements for centuries...nice one Bob.

So lets move on I may be getting paranoid here...where's next? Er... Rome.... Italy..."Circus Maximus"..

" Circus Maximus" is an ancient site that was used for "chariot racing" according to official history. Here is a picture of how it was suppose to have looked...

I see the oroboros in the track but.. that’s another story....I suggest interested parties do their own research on Circus Maximus. If you do you will find out that it has a history of sun worship and was used for rituals including the slaughter of" Christians"

Before I go further I will post the official comments regarding this matter ...I quote Bob himself as quoted by Sky News and AOL news on line.

Geldof Launches 'The Long Walk to Justice'

Sir Bob Geldof has revealed plans for the follow-up to Live Aid, with free concerts taking place in London and around the globe.

The five concerts, known as LIVE 8, will take place on July 2 at Hyde Park, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Circus Maximus in Rome and a venue in Philadelphia.

Hundreds of thousands of music fans will attend, with billions more watching around the world on TV.

Tickets for the Hyde Park concert will be made available through a special text lottery, to be announced at 8am on Monday, June 6 through TV, radio and newspapers.

Giant screens will be erected in cities across the UK for those not able to get a ticket..............

The symbolism used in the live 8 logo has been stolen from the Board games linked to Circus Maximus. They have just changed racing track symbolism into guitar chord symbolism.

Bob has even asked the pope to help him.( now i know for sure that the serpent cult is involved!)

So lets re-cap... "Bob" has managed to organise all this- at the drop of a hat -armed only with a mobile phone- to allegedly make us all aware of the poverty in Africa...The same poverty is caused by the same people who are hyping Bob's worldwide pop party....he has managed to arrange the concerts in historical places- linked strongly to illuminati-Templars- serpent cult- around the globe.....The concerts are free...Bob says its not about money its about "awareness" ( bloody right its about awareness!) Massive screens are going to be put up around the world (I love you Bob!) and all TV screens will show it.... so we can all listen and "see"....

I quote Bob from TV yesterday..."If you don't come to the party you can all fuck off".

This posting is not meant to criticise Bob Geldolf. I believe Bob really has a good heart. He has no idea he has been made a stooge for the illuminati. I actually met Bob in a club back in 1979.

I refer to my essay "beside the seaside"- in which I try and explain briefly how the pop industry is totally controlled by the serpent cult.

Bob Geldolf is no exception to that (even if he doesn't like Mondays )

Of course it could all be coincidence but I started this posting with a question.

Can someone please provide an answer to put my mind at rest? Can someone also tell me how an aged pop performer- with little musical talent- has so much influence throughout the world? ........

Love to you all...and take my advice...stay away from any flashing screens showing the pop concerts on July 2nd.

Live 8 is not a charity event. Apparently we are all suppose to be made "aware" of the poverty in Africa because our pop stars are doing these free gigs- on historical sites around the world. Bob Geldolf claims he does not want money this time but wants to make the world "aware". It does not add up to me.

I cannot see a typical pop music fan having the slightest thought about death and destruction in Africa whilst they sing along and watch people they literally worship at a massive pop concert.

They will eat, drink and dance merrily and have no empathy with starving- dying- people whatsoever. Quite the opposite is true- we will be made aware- if we actually think about it- that we do not care about the dying in Africa.

In my opinion, on the 2nd July 2005 the world will be covertly lured into boosting serpent cult power over this world by manipulation of the collective consciousness of the human race. Simply by getting the human race to collectively focus on an illuminati arranged ritual of worship disguised as a party.

Its now been announced that the venue is at the Art museum in Philadelphia.

Please research this area Know as "Benjamin Franklin Parkway"

Obviously Benjamin Franklin was president and a freemason. Many streets and monuments in the area seem to be linked to freemasons.

Even the assassinated JFK and Dr King Jr are mentioned. The following snippet is from the official Philadelphia tourist site…….

Benjamin Franklin Parkway
A Bit of Paris in Philadelphia

“Benjamin Franklin Parkway is Philadelphia's Champs Elysees -- or its Pennsylvania Avenue. True, there is no Arc de Triomphe or White House, but there are such fine buildings as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Rodin Museum and the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul. Fountains, small parks, statues and monuments all lend a formality that gives the Parkway its own special aura. This, of course, was not an accident. Photographs of the area before World War I show the cathedral and a stretch of road from Logan Square to Fairmount Park and a mass of buildings with no space at all between them extending from Logan Square to what is now John F. Kennedy Plaza“…………

I also found this pic of the museum from another angle it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up....

Just what the hell is going on with Bob and the live 8 party?

(The following is an update, posted here on June 10, 2005):

The Serpentine and the Diana Memorial
I have had quite a lot of emails about the Bob Geldolf stuff.
I was asked - by an angry Bob Geldolf fan - to supply some serpent symbolism facts from Hyde Park.
So I pointed out the fact that in the 1700's a manmade lake was formed in Hyde Park by combining "11" small lakes by order of the royal family.. The name of this lake is "The Serpentine".
Also on 6th July 2004 (co-incidentally) exactly one year before the G8 meeting in Scotland a memorial was opened - near the serpentine - to honour the murdered Diana. I remember the public outcry about how silly the memorial was at the time.
Here is an picture of the plan (aerial view) of the "memorial"...

Remind you of anything folks? It could be eye symbolism? It could be vagina symbolism? It could be ouroboros - serpent symbolism? Or is it just co-incidence?..... I wish I could be paid a lot of money for "designing"  memorials for the powers that be!.........
Is it all just coincidence? Here is a picture of the memorial closer up. People are encouraged- especially children - to bathe their feet in this "memorial". Serpent Baptism?.... I certainly wouldn't put it passed them.
Or on really hot days- especially at large pop concerts- people just dive in the serpentine itself.
Is it just me that sees this obvious serpent cult symbolism? Or only me that is daft enough to write about it?
Check this link out and see how the serpent is known in many cultures including ancient Egypt - as a trapper of souls.
Does this sun worshipping serpent cult covertly rule our world today?
We blindly let the powers build these symbolic monuments without serious questions being asked.  Are we are so dumbed down and vain that we haven't the guts to strongly question things? Or have we become so spiritually worthless we don't even care anymore?

The Past is Calling
CORNWALL.( Friday 18th June 2005)


The serpent in the tree or just a Cornish Pasty?

I can hardly keep up with uncle Bob and his mobile phone. He has sneaked another gig in- this time in Cornwall.

Official BBC sources state this.......

Eden goes African for Live 8 gigs

Eden has hosted rock concerts for four years

The Eden Project is taking part in the international Live 8 concerts being held across the globe next month.

Managers at the environmental attraction are talking to Live 8 and Peter Gabriel, of world music body Womad, about a concert on 2 July.

It follows criticism that not enough black African musicians are taking part in the main Live 8 gigs.

The line-up for "Africa Calling" at Eden, which has hosted gigs for four years, will be confirmed on Wednesday.

Eden founder Tim Smit, who made his fortune in the record business, has been working to put the concert together following criticism from Blur frontman Damon Albarn and others that Live 8 is too dominated by white artists.

"I would not say it's a response to the criticism, more an enhancement of the event"

David Rowe

Eden press officer David Rowe said: "I would not say it's a response to the criticism, more an enhancement of the event."

Eden has a capacity of 5,000 people in the landscaped former china clay quarry.

It is already hosting a series of live concerts this year from top acts such as Keane and Basement Jaxx.

Mr Rowe said: "For a fairly young organisation it is a quite a coup, but Eden is a perfect venue for this."..........................

Obviously the domes at the “Eden Project“( Masonic and ancient  symbolic monuments) and the name EDEN are relevant at this old CLAY quarry venue. (who was made of Clay?) Wasn’t there also a serpent in Eden that caused man to sin?

I suggest this Eden in Cornwall is more likely to contain Lilith rather than Adam and Eve.

I heard late last night that "Good ole Bob" has somehow plucked three more gigs from his mobile with less than two weeks to go. I don't know the venues yet ..but I wish to make it clear that in my opinion it is the announcement of the original 5 venue's that matter most.

I also quote my mate Bob yesterday.....

"I'm not supposed to talk about this but "other people tell me" there are arrangements to allow hundreds of thousands more into the parks on the day," he said.

He added that there would not be another gig like Live 8 in anyone's lifetime.

"You have the originals, their children, their grandchildren, their great grandchildren. They will never be on a stage together again................................

Make of that what you want folks but this knight is a pure patsy and clown for illuminati/ Masonic forces in my opinion.

Again I find the name of venue and the Domes just too coincidental.

Garden of EDEN?...don't bite the apples folks.... have a hotdog instead...."Africa Calling"(they have called it) in Cornwall my ass...This is the Illuminati calling ..…

The Past is Calling….update 21st June (summer Solstice) 2005


Serpent made from Clay?

Despite frenzied counter claims by Toronto OFFICIALS the next live 8 venue is BARRIE in Ontario Canada.

The venue is Molson Park very recently- known as Park Place.

I pointed out in the last live 8 posting that the Cornwall location - EDEN PROJECT- was built on an old clay quarry.

Lets have a look at what took my eye in Barrie...I have no knowledge of Canada and Molson Park. I know Molson family were freemasons and had brewery's railroads and even had their own bank.

Information on Barrie is scarce but the Freemason connection to the park is very strong.

Its not the park I want to expose to you... the park is too easy for experienced buffs like you that visit  Illuminati News .. so it is this I want you to look at …..

.......Behold the trickery used in Barrie ...


Nice one Sir  Bob! Not many know about this beauty do they?...Its known officially in the trade as the "Spirit Catcher" notice how big this via size of people below it ...I  call it the "soul collector" notice the wings and the horns?....The trident( through centre)? The pyramid? .......

Look at the horns on that lads!

You don't see many pairs like that about do you?

Anyway the "spirit catcher" in Barrie awaits the Live 8 party.

Here is a bit of history about Isis for those that do not know......................

Priestesses of the Temple of Isis knew a cure for snake bite.

An interesting anecdotal story about Isis tells how she used the bite of a serpent to extort a secret out of a king. The story is a well known classic known as the "Legend of Ra and Isis." It was a common belief in Egyptian religion that knowing the secret name of someone or something could give one power over that person or thing. Egyptian Pharaohs went to great lengths to keep their true names secret. The "Legend of Ra and Isis" deals with the goddess Isis and the sun god Ra, but surely the original events from which the story evolved began with a mortal "sun king" Pharaoh and a priestess of Isis.

According to the story, Isis desired to be a goddess and live amongst the immortals. "Her heart rebelled at the millions of men, she chose rather the millions of the gods." "Could she not be in heaven like Ra and make herself mistress of the earth and a goddess by knowing the holy name of the god?" She fashioned a "sacred" serpent out of clay and placed it along the path where the sun god walked each day.

The serpent bit the god. " The life was coming out from him. . . His two jaws rattled, his limbs all trembled, the poison took possession of his body." "I am wounded by something deadly, knoweth it my heart. Not know I who has done this to me. Not have I tasted pain like this. Never was anything more deadly than it."

"Came Isis with her power and her skilled mouth, with the breath of life her incantations cure diseases." She said "What is this O father god? What is it? Has a snake shot sickness into thee?" "I was passing over the way, passing through the two lands of my country when I was bitten by a snake." "I am colder than water; I am hotter than fire; my limbs are all full of sweat. I tremble; my eye is without stability; I cannot see the sky; bursteth out water from my face as in summer." She said "Verily it shall be overthrown. By words of power I will make it depart."

Said Isis to Ra "O tell me thy name father god." The king then went on and enumerated a long list of his titles and epithets. But "Not was driven the poison out of its course; not was relieved the great god." Said Isis to Ra "Thy name is not enumerated among the things thou hast told me. O tell thou it to me, and out shall come the poison." Said the majesty of Ra "I give myself to be searched out by Isis, shall come forth my name from my body into her body."

The great god was removed from his name. Isis, great in words of power said " Run out poison, come forth from Ra. Eye of Heru, come forth from the god and shine without his mouth. I have worked; I make to fall down upon the ground the poison which is defeated." Thus said Isis, great lady, mistress of the gods who knew Ra by his name, his own true name. "Verily was removed the great god from his name."

The "Legend of Ra and Isis" is fully transliterated and translated in The Gods of the Egyptians by E.A. Wallis Budge. The "Legend of Ra and Isis" was originally one of the many "soma mystery" stories that were extant in the ancient world. The version that Dr. Budge translated is from a Dynasty XVIII papyrus. It is a long and elaborate version of an older and simpler story. The many intrusions of later day text into the story reveal that the scribes who wrote it had no clear understanding of the soma mystery about which they were writing. However, the story does reveal that minions of Isis knew a cure for snake bite.....

Back to Molson Park and the Molson Freemasons. Quoting John Molson site.....

"John Molson was active in shaping the city of Montreal and its history, and over the years, successive generations of Molsons have followed in his path. The Molson name is inextricably linked to the city: Molson's Bank, Molson stadium, Molson Library, Molson Breweries, Molson Centre and most recently, the John Molson School of Business."

Looks like Molson had his Masonic fingers in most pies then! They make Coors beers ..even fosters lager!

Here is there company logo.......

Can you make out the laurel leaf? Can you make out the hexagram?  Molson is top grade Mason alright so its only fitting that Live 8 use their park.

I go away soon and maybe not able to follow this up but as I have said I feel the main venue's are the first 5 that were announced. I don’t know the Tokyo or Africa venues yet but I hope you  all can see the illuminati connections so far. At least 8 out of 10( including Gleneagles G8) venues will have illuminati connections even if we don't even look at the last two in Japan and Africa!!!- some so blatant it cannot be coincidence.

Have another look at the spirit catcher and make sure she does not catch or collect your spirit....


My eyes are not very good these days and I thought the top of Molson's logo was a torch (it still resembles one) BUT as you can see-on the blow up- that "coincidently" it resembles the horns of Isis and on the spirit catcher statue.

Here is a link proving Molson connection to Freemasonry.

Live 8 deceptions?...its just a walk in the (Molson) park for them!


Thanks to you for reading this.

Matthew Delooze  21 ST June 2005





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