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'The Answer My Friend, Is Blowing In The Wind'
by Matthew Delooze, Apr 26, 2007

Last Updated: Monday, July 30, 2007 04:54:10 PM

Posted: Friday, April 27, 2007

‘You look like you are gone with the wind,
running naked through the streets.
Wired out, tired out, trancendental mental,
only laughing in your sleep.
Nostalgia is starting to focus to late,
imagination is starting to itch.
Oh there aint no rock and roll no more just the music of the rich……
It’s apathy for the devil and apathy for the sun’.
(From the song Apathy 83 by Ian Hunter)

Matthew DeloozeThe festival season is once again upon us and its not easy to get straight to the point of the information that I want to relay to you in this article, from cold so to speak, but I will try my best. I need you to open your minds, if only for a short time, and think for yourself. OK? So let us begin.

Why do you go to festivals? What is the attraction? What magnetic force is in operation that reels you in like an easy victim of an expert fisherman? Is it just the beautiful music that you yearn to hear? Are you enchanted by the lyrics of a clever song writer? Do you go to festivals just to see one or more of your idols in the flesh? Do you go to festivals for spiritual reasons , are your spirits raised so much by the festival atmosphere that you are almost in a constant state of bliss when you are there? Do you go to festivals just to ‘show your face’, chill out, take drugs, get laid or just to make money selling pies and hotdogs?
Maybe you just feel the emotion of ‘happiness’ whilst at the festivals and they have become a welcomed escape from the shitty world you usually live in? Maybe you just ‘respect’ the festival scene in general and the people who attend them and of course there is nothing wrong with that at all.
The main question I ask you, on a five sense level, is why do you think an establishment, that usually oppresses the masses, allows festivals to go ahead in the first place? Is it because they put your ‘leisure activities’ at the top of their priority list ?

I don’t think so for one minute. Do You?

Could the existence of festivals have more to do with ‘spiritual’ energies than physical ones? I certainly think so. I ask you to consider for a moment that, on a spiritual level, the crowd maybe being attracted to the festival to be spiritually ‘exploited’ in the guise of receiving physical and spiritual pleasure. If this is true then sadly the crowd are also ‘paying’ to be exploited , not only that but as far as the more popular festivals are concerned the people actually fight, beg or steal to get tickets to attend them.

Anyway, lets get to the point

I’d like to concentrate on the Glastonbury festival at ‘Pilton’ UK, but let me also point out that the same scenario applies to a lot of other places around the world.

I believe that ‘some’ music festivals, especially Glastonbury have been created and ‘used’ by malevolent entities, that are alien to our five sense world, to carry out symbolic ritual and to extract ‘collective spiritual energy’ from the people who attend them. These malevolent entities will get people to create energy, through entertaining them, and then they somehow collect and harness the energy. I refer to these malevolent entities as ‘The Serpent’ or The Serpent Cult. Malevolent simply means; ‘Having or exhibiting ill will; wishing harm to others; malicious.’

Sorry to get straight to the point!

Obviously the malevolent entities I mention could not succeed in their agenda to extract spiritual energy from the masses at music festivals without the help of certain high ranking figures in this world. I call these figures ‘agents’ for the serpent.

I also believe that major festivals, such as Glastonbury and others in symbolic locations around the world, have purposely been covertly groomed over the last 20 to 40 years and they have now literally become ‘energy farms’ and their innocent visitors willingly, but unknowingly, surrender their spiritual energy at places like Glastonbury.

I have written various articles about ‘festivals’ and also about the music industry in general. Is it possible that some of our most talented singers are really ‘recruited’ and then programmed to serve another purpose whilst they entertain the masses through their attractive popularity?

What better way is there to get subliminal messages into people’s subconscious than by getting them to willingly sing along with their favourite songs, sung by their idols?

I wrote about this in an article, called ‘Beside the Seaside’ in ‘2004’ which may serve as a simple form of introduction to what I am trying to say in this article. You can read it here.

Anyway before I mention Glastonbury I suppose I should point out the fact that you and I get bombarded with subliminal messages everyday, so much in fact that some subliminal messages are very catchy and stick in your mind. For instance do you not notice that you have spells of hearing a certain song or a TV jingle over and over in your head?
Whatever tunes you get attracted to seem to somehow stick in your head and they bloody well stay there. You repeat them over and over again and literally hypnotise yourself. You can carry on with your daily life but it is still there niggling away in your mind, albeit on most occasions niggling away in a happy way. You hear them everywhere you go, radio, TV, and of course down the pub on the jukebox. Even your friends or workmates whistle or sing them.
Please consider that it is no coincidence that the majority of the world, millions of people, will have the same song or TV ad on their minds at the same time. The serpent cult will mix music with politics because they control both of them but the masses will not see the connection on a five sense level.
Obviously time goes on and you suddenly lose interest in the hypnotic song or ditty that had taken over your mind or another hypnotic tune comes along to take its place. The tune, ditty or song is initially interesting but as time goes on you become bored with it, it disappears from the media and no longer has a hypnotic effect over you. By this time it has buried itself into your subconscious and you think nothing more about it on a five sense level.
The point I am trying to make is that human beings are led by ‘attraction’ and the serpent cult love to play the role of pied piper. They can affect the minds of the human race en-masse. The workings of subliminal messages and the attraction of celebrity idols can always attract many people to many locations.

(Come along children this way, it is time to enjoy yourself!)


(Come along sheep, this way, it is time to give us your wool or your life)
Thirty or forty years ago the Serpent Cult started to create the foundations for the modern day festivals you see in abundance today. Please try to grasp that the Serpent Cult (Reptilian forces) have been covertly ruling over us for thousands of years. They knew long ago that they would require the use of massive amounts of spiritual energies at certain times and in certain locations around the world in the future.
I now know that The Serpent requires the masses to give it ‘spiritual permission’ for it to control both the spiritual and the physical future of the human race. They do not need our five sense permission to rule over us but they go to great lengths to receive ‘spiritual’ permission from us. They know that we would not ‘willingly’ give our permission to them to spiritually rule over us.
They have to deceive us in to giving it, and they do just that, through deceiving us into feeling ‘positive emotions’ for their ‘agents’, or in the case of music festivals the crowd’ is deceived into giving away spiritual energy simply by giving emotional respect to the ‘celebrity bands’ or ‘singers’, their heroes if you like, performing at the festivals.
The bands act as a medium so we give respect through proxy, if you like.
Obviously this subject goes very deep and it is not easy to explain it all in one article.
That said; let us start with the formation of the festivals.

It is a myth, in my opinion, that the early festivals were ‘anti establishment’ or the establishment objected to them coming into existence’. I realise in saying that, some of the older festival attendee’s will disagree with me but I assure you if the serpent cult did not want ‘festivals’ to happen or if the festivals actually affected the reptilian agenda then there definitely wouldn’t be any festivals taking place at all. None at all, ever! Oh yes I will agree that the image portrayed by the establishment, at that time, was one of being against modern music and the inevitable appearance of pop festivals, that said the establishment’s early objections to the formation of festivals was only on the surface so to speak. ‘Festivals’ are vital to the reptilian agenda. You would be mistaken if you thought the heads of the ‘establishment’ really didn’t want festivals to take place. The initial objection by the establishment to festivals taking place was simply to create a symbolic ‘spiritual demand’ or ‘spiritual request’ from the masses that they did actually take place.
‘We demand a festival’, so to speak, but what did the masses have to do to hold ‘official’ festivals? They had to ‘ask’ permission from the court, the crown, for permission didn’t they? Yes despite what you read or hear about maverick festival organisers they all end up asking The Queen for permission for a festival to take place. So every time permission is given by a court in this country for a festival to take place it’s because ‘The Queen’ approves of it and without the permission of an agent for the Serpent no symbolic festivals can take place you see. Do you understand that certain bloodlines HAVE to give their full consent for an ‘official’ Sun/Serpent ritual to take place? It is important that you do in my opinion if you really want to know what is going on. The Serpent has to be the founder of certain rituals and Glastonbury Festival is basically a Sun /Serpent ritual in my opinion and a very good example of one.

Specific locations will be arranged to hold festivals where The Serpent wants them through the corrupt officials sitting on local councils. Every council, in the UK at least, has serpent puppets sat on various committees to vote these things through to suit the agenda.

(The Serpent Cult controls most local and county councils but most council's are already corrupt anyway.)

The build up of festivals and the spread of ‘freedom’ all over the world over recent decades, including the fall of the Berlin wall, has allowed the entire world to listen to music that the serpent wants them to. We are told this is good thing and a sign of freedom and obviously I agree that it may appear that way but it is only on a five sense level, on a spiritual level the masses that now access the music of the ‘free western world’ also access the same hypnotic trickery being used at the same time. Let me make it perfectly clear that I am not anti music nor am I against any pop/rock stars. I love certain music myself. There are songwriters out there that have literally altered my life. I am only pointing out that very few people can force the majority of people to listen to what they want us to listen to. This is no coincidence because the serpent made sure that rock and pop in other countries was stagnated and it basically suppressed its growth for years.
As I said the serpent cult media can easily get the masses to either love or hate an artist, sometimes both, when it suits them to do so. They do this by increasing or decreasing the artists ‘worship value’. That’s what I call it anyway, ‘worship value’. The serpent media can arrange for a concert venue to be full or for it to be empty. They can get the masses to blindly worship who they want, when they want. The opposite applies when the media want the masses to dump an idol that no longer serves a purpose or has the guts to defy the serpent cult’s power over them.

(Can you ‘imagine’ those agents for the Serpent decide who is successful or who ‘dies’ in the music industry?)

The same rules apply to pop festivals. The serpent cult will groom festivals that ‘mean something’ to them for the cultivation of spiritual energies, in symbolic or ‘aptly named’ locations, for the future. The locations used for rituals will also have to be symbolically ‘worthy’. The serpent will do this through, behind the scenes, financial support and favours in the courts etc. The hippy movement was infiltrated by agents for the serpent bloodline in the 1960’s and they covertly created the foundations for the festivals you see before you today. Festivals that ‘mean absolutely bugger all’ to the serpent will receive no support and be left to rot and die a natural death or worse the authorities will harass the festival organisers and force them out of existence.

I assure you that festivals would NOT be allowed to grow or even exist without the direct or indirect consent of the high ranking figures positioned inside five sense authorities such as those serving on councils or in courts. The festivals wouldn’t grow or even exist if they didn’t fit in with the occult symbolism required by the multi-dimensional forces that turn an innocent concert into a sun/serpent worship ritual of some kind.
I need to explain how an innocent looking festival on a five sense level can also be used as an extractor of ‘spiritual energy’ on a spiritual level. It’s pretty simple really. When we feel ‘emotion’ as a human being we also create an ‘invisible energy’. The more emotional we feel the more powerful the energy becomes. If two people feel the same emotionally then the amount of invisible spiritual energy being created is doubled, so on and so forth, so you can imagine the amount of spiritual energy, so to speak, that ‘thousands’ of people can create, especially if they can be forced to feel ‘emotional’ about the same thing at the same time.
So in my opinion ‘emotions create energy’. It is as simple as that.
Imagine if an inter-dimensional force and a few of their agents on Earth knew about the energy that is created through human emotions and knew how to harness it and use it. What would they do? They would harness and use it wouldn’t they?

They would need to attract large amounts of people to one area and raise the collective emotional state of the crowd and get the energy ‘directed’ towards them to collect it, a sort of feeding an ego sort of situation, on a massive scale. The malevolent entities cannot put themselves on stage ‘in their true image’ because the crowd wouldn’t get emotional about their own enslaver, so they would have to recruit and use attractive ‘agents’( middlemen/celebrities) to draw in a crowd and raise collective emotions for them. Yes?
Agents for dark forces use hyped and talented artists to do this for them but this action is not enough on its own because all the emotional respect (spiritual energy) created at the event would simply go to the artist and not the dark forces promoting the artists. So the Serpent has very crafty displayed its own symbolism on stage and/or the festival locations are very symbolic in themselves. This enables them to attract the spiritual energy towards the symbolism itself and not the performing artists. The use of symbolism is very important because if the audience at a festival are made to feel emotional about the performer on stage then they also feel emotion, subconsciously, for the symbolism being displayed at the same time. I suppose the situation is on a par with a surge of electricity being sent through the stage, not only would the performers get a shock so would all the other items that conduct electricity. In other words ‘spiritual energy’ can feed the creators of the symbolism on show. The real creators of the symbolism on show are entities in other dimensions, hence ‘they’ receive the spiritual energy created at festivals that bear their symbolism.

The serpent also uses ambiguous symbolic lyrics hidden in the songs allegedly penned and created by celebrity bands to get the crowd to collectively sing ambiguous words (Praise to the Gods), this also creates spiritual energy.( As mentioned in the beside the seaside article)
For example Glastonbury uses a Pyramid Stage, so when the crowd feel emotion for artists at Glastonbury they will also give spiritual energy to symbolism(Pyramid etc) being displayed, simply because ‘emotional respect’ for the artist will also create ‘spiritual energy’ for the symbolism and this energy empowers things in a totally different way than you may imagine.
Emotional respect = Spiritual energy. When you show emotional respect to something you are literally giving your spiritual powers to it. All those attending Glastonbury are innocently giving their spiritual energies, not to their idols on stage, but to the symbolism being displayed at Glastonbury. I am sorry to say that in my opinion the symbolism displayed at Glastonbury is Sun God and Serpent Symbolism and whilst you are enjoying Glastonbury you are being conned into taking part in a Serpent/ Sun worship ritual.
Of course if there is nothing wrong with ‘Sun Worship’ then there is nothing wrong with worshipping the Sun. That said what if Sun Worship is really a negative activity and when you worship the Sun you are giving away your spiritual energy to the Sun God? What if the same Sun God (Multi-dimensional forces) could harness the energy that is created at places like Pilton and use it to cause misery on earth?


(Crowd at Glastonbury Festival. Just what sort of energy are they innocently creating and can it be harnessed?)

Is it possible that secret rulers of this world need to attract massive amounts of human beings (therefore spiritual energy) to certain locations at certain times of the year? Glastonbury is around the time of the summer solstice (Sun Worship time folks!) Is it possible that by gathering a large group of people together that the collective emotions of these people can be transformed into energy and be harnessed? If so could the locations involved be linked to ley lines and the cycles of the Sun, therefore the energy created can go to feed inter-dimensional symbolic ‘Sun Gods’ through symbolic ley lines?

Again, if there is nothing bad about worshipping the Sun, or celebrating whilst surrounded by Sun Symbolism, there isn’t a problem is there?

Is occult symbolism also put on display at other concert venue’s, like Live 8 for instance? Was Live 8 just one big energy ritual? Obviously Glastonbury has the Tor, and has also built a bloody great pyramid stage to present the artists on, but when you think about it any sort of occult symbolism can be displayed at festivals, right under the crowd’s noses, without them really taking any proper notice of it whatsoever.

Spiritual energy is invisible and it connects to and feeds other dimensions. You and I can be made to produce it without us having the slightest knowledge that you are doing so. The human race is so easily manipulated to attend festivals etc when their normal life is so bloody humdrum. The people will literally pay anything and go anywhere just to feel real enjoyment.

Let me try and show you a different Glastonbury, not the one that was arranged for the five senses to experience as some sort of ego satisfying weekend away for yourself, but one that provides a worship centre for the ‘Sun’ and The Serpent that symbolically created the Sun.

The ancients all agree that the ‘Sun’ was created from ‘chaos’ and in my opinion chaos = dark forces. (Biblical; let there be light)

Please remember and try to understand what I am trying to say to you.

Our physical actions along with our thoughts create energies that are invisible to our naked eyes. In my opinion if our thoughts and actions can be manipulated then the invisible spiritual energies we create because of our thoughts and actions can also be manipulated, and therefore harnessed, by forces that know how to carry out such things.

Again. Please remember and try to understand what I am trying to say to you.

There is ‘another world’ operating alongside our own, it is a world that thrives on, and feeds off, the energy created at various physical events taking place, on Earth, using occult symbolism and displaying it at the said event. In our five sense reality we cannot see the true purpose behind the symbolism and we are also blind to the true consequences of ignoring it. Energies and thoughts can only be abused by powers that know how to do it and those that don’t know the powers even exist cannot see that they are being abused and exploited. They are blind to it. The human race is also being deceived into supplying spiritual energy to the serpent in many other different ways too.

Symbolism plays a major part. I cannot stress enough that symbolism is very important. It is vital to the serpent that you give them your spiritual acknowledgement and spiritually accept their symbolism. They need your spiritual respect because it allows them to rule over you spiritually. Once they rule over your spirit they can easily control your physical reality, in all areas of your life, simply because your physical reality is only a reflection of your spiritual thoughts.

When you attend a festival like Glastonbury, and physically join in with them, you are also literally carrying out a spiritual endorsement of your symbolic surroundings. The laying of ‘foundation symbolism’ connected to such events is very important.

Using Glastonbury as a good example, did you know that the foundations for Glastonbury were laid by agents for the Serpent bloodline? I go into this deeply in my forthcoming book, ‘Is It Me For A Moment?: Breaking The Serpent’s Spell’, but I can tell you now in this article that the foundations for Glastonbury were indeed laid by the ‘Churchill’ family and if the Churchill family are not linked to the serpent and the illuminati then I am a red assed Baboon!

So symbolically The Queen allowed the festival to take place through the Court (The Crown) and the foundations were laid by the Churchill (illuminati) bloodline.

Indeed another form of Serpent/ Sun symbolism that leads in my opinion, to exploitation of the spiritual energy of children, was purposely and exclusively created by some of the official founders of Glastonbury Festival.

The Children’s World Charity was created directly from Glastonbury Festival. I am not plugging my book because it is not even out yet and I am fully aware that I am writing this article for another website but I go into great details about how ‘charities’ are not what they really appear and I also go into the symbolism surrounding the foundation of Glastonbury Festival in the book. Anyway here is the official logo behind the charity that was created entirely because of the Glastonbury Festival. I can only tell you that I believe very deceptive forces have created this symbolism......... Here’s Sunny!


(Official Logo of ‘Children’s World’ charity created at Glastonbury)
I won’t need to point out the symbolism being displayed in this logo to seasoned researchers will I?

‘The serpent wears many symbolic suits and comes in many symbolic faces and it will use and abuse the spirituality of children without remorse. It is time to wake up’

Matthew Delooze 2006

When you show respect to ‘anything’, be it a building, event or performance you also spiritually respect the ‘founder(s) ’ of the building, event or performer and that is why the founders are always ‘named’ in some form or other or a plaque is located naming them on site as a sign of ‘respect’.

E.g. you can’t respect the musical Jesus Christ Superstar without respecting Lloyd Webber. Emotional respect creates spiritual energy.

We only ‘see’ the five sense reality of our surroundings because we have been conditioned to do just that, through false education and enforced spiritual surrender, and we do not ‘see’ how much energy we are giving through respecting the symbolism right in front of our eyes. We only see five sense material things because we have been trained to do so.

If you can grasp the idea that our spiritual surroundings create our physical reality then you can start to see exactly what is going on in this world and I assure you that it would shock you. It is symbolism that affects our spirit, our subconscious, without us consciously knowing it. We are blind to the trickery that goes on and we cannot and do not react to something that we cannot see taking place.

We are dealing with very deceptive forces in these matters and they operate on a higher level of intelligence than we do simply because the establishment and its reptilian masters have turned us into brain dead morons who are much more interested in our credit card ratings than our spiritual futures. It is not that the serpent is any more intelligent than we are its just that they have reduced your spiritual intuition to very low levels. We simply cannot see the trickery going on right under our noses because it is done on a subconscious level and it is your subconscious, or ‘unconscious’, that creates your conscious physical reality. That is why thousands and thousands of people can be led into taking part in rituals disguised as festivals without realising it. It is simply because they have been subconsciously manipulated through subliminal messages etc to be part of something they enjoy on a five sense level without even realising they are literally having spiritual energy sucked out of them on a spiritual level.

From humble beginnings the Glastonbury festival now attracts over 150,000 people!
That’s a lot of potential spiritual energy.

Can you start to see that because you cannot understand what the symbolism being displayed means, and by prancing about at a festival ‘celebrating’, you are spiritually accepting that you endorse the symbolism being displayed through the act of showing emotional respect?

The serpent needs your spiritual consent to rule over you and because we do not spiritually object to what is going on, even though we are blissfully unaware of what is spiritually going on, we actually consent to and endorse the serpents rule over us. It is a very cruel and powerful deception.

(Just what do you worship when you direct your energy and respect towards the pyramid stage at Glastonbury? (Picture- showing Sun Set and the Pyramid Stage- from Google images)

To sum up this article I ask you to consider the possibility that rock /pop festivals may be being ‘used’ by extraterrestrial/inter-dimensional beings, through their agents on Earth, to covertly harvest spiritual energies from humans?

It would certainly explain a lot of things wouldn’t it? Think.

It is blatantly obvious to me that pop concerts and festivals ‘raise the spirit’ in most of us. That is their purpose isn’t it? Hearing our favourite band, music and songs always creates a buzz in the crowd and produces an electric atmosphere that we can actually feel, doesn’t it? So surely it makes sense that if such energy can be created then it can also be harnessed, stored and used just like five sense domestic gas and electricity is harnessed, stored and used.

Can cryptic lyrics and hypnotic music lead unsuspecting people into surrendering their own spiritual powers? Are deceptive forces using talented musicians /singers to attract large numbers of people to congregate at special symbolic locations? These locations are usually connected to ancient ritual sites, so is it possible that ‘spiritual energies’ are purposely collected because of this? When we show respect to the famous artists, our heroes, are we also showing respect to the ‘symbolism’ on show as well? When you worship a singer or band at Glastonbury are you also showing respect, giving energy, to the symbolic ‘Pyramid’ stage the artist is performing on? If so have you been deceived into worshipping the ‘Sun’ haven’t you? (Sun Gods are connected to Pyramids you see)

If so then you are indeed officially worshipping reptilian entities because according to ancient beliefs they created the ‘Sun’. That’s the scam folks. Worshipping and respecting the ‘Sun’ = worshipping and respecting the ‘Serpent’.

Are massive amounts of people ‘made’ to feel a sense of spiritual freedom, for themselves and their children, at such events? If so does this lead to a massive release of spiritual energy especially because it is created because of the artists they literally worship, the famous performers? Can spiritual energy be created simply because the crowd at a concert respect the artist who is performing?

If so what is the ‘real’ reason for creating such energy?

Does the release of such energy only feed the people at the festival itself or is it possible the energy actually feeds inter-dimensional gods? Does the release of such ‘respect’ energy give the same ‘Gods’ our spiritual permission for them to rule us? If the release of such energy is fact then who has arranged the circumstances of the event to unfold and created the means for it to be collected? Could the symbolic ‘organisers’ of the event be worthy of such credit or are they as blind as the rest of us to the true meaning of such events?

Do inter-dimensional beings reward their agents, their bloodlines on Earth, for bringing such energy to them like the farmer rewards his sheepdogs for herding sheep?

(Mr Eavis one of the founders of Glastonbury Festival is he an unknowing stooge, a hired agent, or just a very nice geezer that likes to see people party in front of a pyramid? You decide.)

I want to make it perfectly clear again that I am not against music festivals, quite the opposite is true. I fully understand that people attending them will feel fantastic during the concerts etc and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
That said the positive vibes, experienced by individuals attending the festival, will be short lived and will disappear shortly after the event. The energy you have given away will be used by multi dimensional forces to create our reality on Earth for a long time after the event.

Glastonbury and other festivals have been spiritually created to ‘attract and extract’ spiritual energy in my opinion. I realise on a five sense level that festivals are highly enjoyable, but can you not realise that they have to be to attract the numbers they want. The talents of performers are exploited to attract people and the people are that are attracted because of the performer are literally milked dry, their spiritual powers are extracted. The serpent controls all the symbolic ‘performers’ and also controls all the symbolic locations they appear at. They simply put the two together and watch you buy your ticket or beg, borrow, fight or steal your place in the crowd. The agents get your money but the serpent gets your soul.

(Beg, Steal or Borrow to get in Glastonbury to celebrate in front of the pyramid stage?-Who really benefits?)

This information is hard to accept, I know. I went through a bad time trying to understand it myself. The serpent cult understands what is needed to attract you to the music, lyrics and artists that will create certain spiritual feelings inside you. They will use this knowledge without remorse to get you to symbolically worship who they want you to worship through their manipulation of the music industry. The serpent will entice you to ‘festivals’ when it needs to manipulate large amounts of spiritual energy at certain locations and Glastonbury is a prime example.

I am not saying that you should not to attend music festivals don’t get me wrong on that. Bloody hell we need to enjoy ourselves and there is absolutely nothing wrong with going to see a band or singer to be entertained. Please enjoy yourself in this world anyway you can without harming others. The only thing I am asking is that actually have a good look around you and see what’s really going on at festivals. Ask questions! We can all enjoy a bloody good festival without the added symbolism can’t we? Are you all simply paying for an entertainment service when you attend festivals in symbolic locations or are you, albeit unknowingly, supplying the service?

When you visit Glastonbury are you providing spiritual energy to your favourite band or are you providing spiritual energy to entities in another dimension that are ‘represented’ by the symbolism on show at Glastonbury (Such as the Pyramid Stage and Sunny the Children’s Jester)? Are top bands being used by dark forces to act as a Pied Piper?

Too daft to be true is it.?

When you wear a cross around your neck isn’t it symbolic for your worship of Christ, does it not represent your emotional respect in some way if only for the person who bought it for you? Is a ‘T Shirt’ bearing the name of a rock band simply a medium for showing the world your spiritual connections to a band that is not physically present at the time? You use the ‘T Shirt’ to symbolically connect you to the band and you respect the shirt that represents something you love, don’t you?

Isn’t kissing the badge of your favourite football team another act of worshipping something through ‘symbolism’, I see lots of people who treat their football ‘emblems’ with the greatest respect. People place posters of sexy models, footballers and pop stars on their bedroom wall as another form of symbolic worship? It is so easy for us to show respect to a symbolic poster of an idol we love. Indeed I used to kiss a poster of Suzi Quatro, I had on my wall, everyday in my youth.(I think I’d still do it today if I had one!) The list of symbolic respect is endless isn’t it? So how many people who visit Glastonbury festival respect the pyramid stage then?

The symbolism is just as important as the actual person or band. That is why the powers that be get celebrities to sell products for them because if we worship the person we will also accept any symbolism that is connected to the respected celebrity.

The same principles apply at festival and rock/pop concerts when you show your undying respect for your performing idol(s) on stage you also show the same undying respect to the symbolism surrounding you at the time. The performers will steadily increase your enjoyment therefore increasing your emotions. You will then dance around and let off ‘energy’. It is inter-dimensional powers that can use this energy.

When you feel emotional ‘respect’ you will release spiritual energy that will feed the creators of the ‘symbolism’ on show as well as the performers. The energy, my friend, is literally ‘blowing in the wind’ but you cannot see it. It is then collected and harnessed by malevolent forces that created the whole scenario in the first place and you are none the wiser. None the bloody wiser indeed.

Doesn’t sound so daft now eh?

I have said enough in this article and I humbly thank you for reading it. I based this article on a small part of one chapter in my forthcoming book ‘Is It Me For A Moment’. I go into far more detail about Glastonbury and a lot of other things in the book.

I currently have a blogger and will shortly have my own website at

I wish you all the best, have a lovely summer.

Matthew Delooze
24th April 2007.
Coming Soon--
So you didn't think you were hypnotised eh?





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