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  Posted: Sunday, February 17, 2008, 10:36AM

Last Updated: Sunday, February 17, 2008 10:37:34 AM



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Religion, 'Education', War and Westernisation
by David Icke, Feb 17, 2008


Comment: The purpose of the Jesuit Order is, and has always been, to covertly or overtly force the 'new' variant of Satanic Sun Religion from old Babylon, Christianity, upon the world, while other branches, in conjunction with the Jesuits, are working on destroying Christianity. This is how the Illuminati works; the right hand is doing one thing and the left hand the opposite, but it all fits with the Great Plan and they achieve what they want by deception and to 'divide and conquer'. Wes Penre, www.illuminati-news.com

David Icke
David Icke


've just returned from an extremely successful speaking trip to Japan and I had some very interesting conversations about the Illuminati and the subjugation of the traditional culture and knowledge of the East.

It reveals once again the familiar blueprint for global conquest spanning so many centuries that is reaching its planned fruition in these early years of the 21st century. What I have found across the world I found in Japan, even down to the original attempts to infiltrate the traditional culture by the Jesuits in the 16th century.

The Jesuit Order is a fascist operation that hides behind the cover of 'Christianity' while actually being an elite secret society within the Illuminati web. There are two hierarchies in all Illuminati organisations - the one the public sees and the one in the shadows with the real power.

Eastern Architecture
Eastern Architecture

So it is, therefore, with the Roman Church, which is just the Church of Babylon relocated. I have detailed at length the way the beliefs, rituals and symbols of the Church of Babylon (now Iraq) were simply recycled under another name when the bloodline cabal settled in Rome. It is no coincidence that the symbol of the Jesuit Order is the Sun.

Logo of the Jesuit Order
Logo of the Jesuit Order

The 'front' hierarchy claims to promote Christianity, the religion introduced as the State religion of Rome by the sun worshipper, Caesar Flavius Constantine, or 'Constantine the Great', who imposed the creed that Christians must believe to this day at the Council of Nicea (also Nicaea) in 325AD. It was there that the Christian bishops under Constantine's command resolved the tricky question of who 'Jesus Christ' actually was.

How clever of them. They compiled, amid enormous conflict and bad blood, the Nicene Creed that imposed the beliefs that remain the foundation of Christianity to this day. The Creed included the 'definitive' version of 'Jesus Christ':

We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ,
the only Son of God,
eternally begotten of the Father,
God from God, Light from Light,
true God from true God,
begotten, not made,
of one Being with the Father.

Emperor Constantine, the founder of the official Christian creed who actually worshipped the sun god,
Sol Invictus, and a depiction of the Council of Nicea in what is now Iznik in north west Turkey.

All these long-winded and disappear-up-your-backside descriptions of Jesus and 'his' religion were a bit like today's government legislation which is so often worded in apparent gobbledygook to obscure its real meaning.

In the case of the Nicene Creed, it was to hide the fact that the 'new' Christianity was the old sun god and moon goddess religion of Babylon under another guise. The inner elite knew this, of course - they just didn't want the masses to know.

As with all religions, there is the public face of 'Christianity' in the form of churches and men in long frocks; and the secret inner sanctum that knows it is all a scam and follows the 'pure' Satanic religion of Babylon.

In fact, this controlling force behind Christianity is not a religion at all. It is a network of secret societies that emerged from the perversion of advanced esoteric knowledge taught in the ancient Mystery schools.

The outer congregation of the Roman Church is told to take the Bible literally while insiders know that much of it is the symbolic representation of esoteric doctrines from Babylon and elsewhere. This is as true with Judaism in the Old Testament as with Christianity in the New.

In the Roman Church we can see the outer and inner hierarchies very clearly. One is headed by the Pope, currently the former Nazi youth member, Benedict XVI, and the army of archbishops, bishops and priests throughout the world. Their job is to sell the official version of Roman Catholicism and many do this while actually believing what they say to be true.

The secret inner sanctum is headed by the Jesuits and their associated groupings like Opus Dei, the Knights Templar and the Knights of Malta. These are all secret societies hiding behind the cover of Christianity and the most powerful of them is the Society of Jesus - the Jesuits.

Joseph RatzingerAdolfo Nicolas, the new 'Black Pope'
The two Popes: the official one, Joseph Ratzinger, and the so-called 'Black Pope', the new head of the Jesuit Order,
Father Adolfo Nicolas, who has spent half his career in Japan.

The Jesuits have successfully operated under the radar for centuries and the full extent of their manipulation across the world in areas like religion, politics, banking, business, media and the military has only emerged more recently, indeed it is still emerging.

The Society of Jesus was created by Spanish aristocracy in the form of Ignatius Loyola, who was born at the Castle of Loyola in the Basque province of Guip˙zcoa in Spain on Christmas Eve 1491. He and his associates founded the Jesuit Order in 1537 and it was given papal approval in 1540. They called themselves 'Los Alumbrados', or the 'Illuminated Ones'.

It was from the start a secret society answering to the Illuminati and working to advance the goal of global domination. The Roman Church was just its vehicle and its cover, as it remains today, and in truth the Jesuit Order is a secret network that manipulates across the vast swathe of society and not just through religion.

The Jesuits were at the forefront of the colonisation of the world. The Zulu shaman, Credo Mutwa, talks often about the role played by Jesuits in destroying the ancient knowledge and ways of life in Africa. They began to appear in the years before the mass influx into Africa from Europe and they brought the Christian cross that would soon become familiar to the African peoples as their tribal culture was dismantled in the name of 'Jesus' and the British Empire. 

The Jesuits are remembered in many legends as the one-legged or 'monopod' people because, in their long habits, it sometimes appeared that they had only one leg. They would target the key people in the tribal hierarchy and use their knowledge of black magic to make them think they were gods. 

Once they had 'converted' the chiefs and their families the rest of the tribe would easily follow and this was the technique they used throughout Africa. It was clearly a centrally-agreed blueprint because, as I learned this week, they did exactly the same in Japan.

Francis Xavier
St. Francis Xavier (1506-1552)

One of Ignatius Loyola's closest friends and a fellow founder of the Jesuits was a guy called Francis Xavier, who, like Loyola, was Spanish aristocracy. The two were room-mates at college in Paris and in the wake of the formation of the Jesuit Order Xavier travelled widely to 'spread the Christianity message'.

Xavier was chosen by Loyola to be the Jesuit head of missions to Asia and in 1542 he left his base in Portugal and headed for India, Malaysia and the Spice Islands before arriving in Japan on August 15th 1549. He had written in a letter to Loyola:

'I have learnt from good authorities that there is a country near China called Japan, the inhabitants of which are all heathen, quite untouched by Muslims or Jews, and very eager to learn what they do not know both in things divine and things natural, I have determined to go thither as soon as I can ...'

It was the start of the Illuminati's effort to seize control of Japan and absorb its uniqueness into the enslaving uniformity that would later be called 'Westernisation'. The plan would take many centuries to complete, but they are now virtually there.

Francis, sorry Saint Francis, Xavier worked for both the Jesuits and the Portuguese royal family, for whom he was a 'political emissary'. Like all Illuminati operatives he served many players in the same agenda because the Illuminati attack their targets on many fronts to destabilise and divide and rule. For example, along with Christianity the Portuguese most famously introduced gunpowder to Japan.

Xavier was once again remarkably successful in converting tens of thousands of Japanese to Christianity, according to Ryu Ohta, a long-time researcher into the Illuminati agenda to conquer Japan. The blueprint was the same - employing the knowledge of black magic and mind control to target the 'ruling class' and 'opinion formers', who would then influence the population. Xavier and the Jesuits would also move onto China where he died in 1552.

Japan and China were, and still are to a much lesser extent today, vast libraries of ancient knowledge that the Illuminati wish to destroy. Christianity and 'westernisation' have been two of their major weapons in pursuit of this and the Jesuit Order has been a major player in the covert war on Japan  - firstly with the early Christian missionaries like Xavier and then through the trading companies, corporations and wars that would follow.  

The Japanese leader, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, became alarmed at how the Christian missionaries and their fellow travellers, the foreign traders, were so aggressive and intolerant towards traditional Japanese beliefs and institutions and his concern was intensified as he saw how the same combination was colonising country after country in the name of Christianity.

In 1587 he issued an edict to expel the Jesuits and other missionaries and Christianity was further suppressed in Japan during the Edo Period from 1603 when the country became largely isolated from the rest of the world, except for occasional trade with the Dutch, and traditional Japan prevailed.

But the Jesuits and the Illuminati would be back and in the 1850s the United States sent Matthew Calbraith Perry and a fleet of naval ships to end some 200 years of Japanese self-sufficiency and isolation. Perry demanded on threat of severe consequences that Japan open its borders to American trade and from that time the floodgates did swing.

Matthew Calbraith Perry
Perry: gunboat diplomacy

The Japanese signed the Treaty of Kanagawa on March 31st, 1854 and for Japan it was a catastrophe. The influx of foreign money undermined the Japanese currency and caused serious inflation. The Japanese system of government during the isolation came to an end and a Western puppet government replaced it - the usual story all over the world.

Britain, Russia, France and the Netherlands also signed 'unequal treaties' with Japan which gave these countries far more rights than the Japanese (see 'free trade' to this day) and the United States established an embassy that still has enormous influence on the political and financial policies of Japan. If the people knew just how much there would be a revolution.

As you would expect, the Illuminati 'cultural' invasion of Japan, as with China, involved the notorious Scottish drug-running operation called Jardine Matheson, which has appeared in my books many times. In 1859, the assault on traditional Japan was significantly advanced by the Jardine Matheson agent, Thomas Blake Glover.

Thomas Blake Glover
Thomas Blake Glover

Glover would make a fortune selling arms to both sides in Japanese clan wars and he was highly influential in encouraging the westernisation of Japan. Appropriately, he had a home built in Nagasaki and it was Japan's first western-style building.

Glover, in league with Jardine Matheson and other Illuminati operatives, manipulated Japan into following the western model of industrialisation and military conquest, and members of the leading Japanese families were sent to the West for their education and indoctrination, not least to Oxford University, the Illuminati's prime centre for 'educational' indoctrination anywhere on earth. As the University's website says:

'Oxford welcomed its first Japanese students in the 19th century. Tomotsune Iwakura, the third son of Tomomi Iwakura, then Minister of the Right in Japan, was one of Oxford's first Japanese students. He started at Balliol College, Oxford in 1873, and was followed by several more sons of the Japanese elite.

We have educated daughters too: Tsuda Umeko, founder of Japan's first private women's school of higher education, studied at St Hilda's College, Oxford. The university has enjoyed close links with the Japanese Imperial Family, dating to the 1920s, when his Imperial Highness Prince Chichibu studied at Oxford. More recently, Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako studied here.' 

What Francis Xavier and the original Jesuits had done on a much smaller scale by targeting the minds of the ruling class to influence the population was now being achieved on a massive scale and traditional Japan was rapidly usurped by the imposition of the Illuminati 'culture', better known Westernisation. As Oxford University crows:

'We have strong and numerous collaborative links with a range of Japanese universities, business, and non-profit organisations, in disciplines ranging from anthropology and history to physics and medicine.'

Oh, I bet you do.

In the 20th century the takeover was complete with Japan's one-time self sufficiency replaced by dependence on the merciless world 'trading' system and the two atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. We were told that this had to be done to end the war, but the real reason was twofold:

1.)    To provide horrific evidence of atomic devastation to increase the potential for fear and manipulation in the 'Cold War' that had long been planned to follow World War Two.

2.) To destroy Japan as in any way an independent country and allow the acquisition of its economy and resources for a few cents on the dollar.

Nagasaki: the day the 'West' conquered Japan

There were a few times last week when I saw panoramic views across Tokyo and it is a stunning sight. Even in American cities the skyscraper, high-rise landscape occupies a relatively small area, but in Tokyo it continues from horizon to horizon. In many ways Japan 'out-Wests' the 'West' in the way its traditional culture is being squeezed to the margins in the face of advertising hoardings and concrete uniformity.


There was a moment on the way to the airport when I saw a traditional and beautiful Japanese building in among a street of straight lines and concrete blocks. The contrast took me aback as I observed the real estate equivalent of the soul and the soulless.  

It captured for me in that fleeting moment what the Illuminati have done to this planet and its once glorious diversity. It has taken a paradise and made it a shithole, a place where the very 'system' demands that we dismantle the planet ever-quicker to ensure economic survival, let alone 'success'.

There are people in asylums for far less.

Here is the once-magical, unique land of Japan drowning in consumption and covering its face from the pollution that its economic 'miracle' spews out by the minute. That is what the illusions peddled by the Illuminati agents in government and commerce have done to our planet. The world is becoming a soulless mono-'culture' because it has been created and imposed by soulless maniacs.

Pollute mask
Pollute mask

The Jesuits and their associated secret societies have done the same in China, another land of abundant knowledge and wisdom that has been brought to heel through the Opium Wars (involving Jardine Matheson again), the engineered 'communist' revolution of  the vicious Freemason Chairman Mao, and a 'westernisation' now so advanced that China is becoming the planet's biggest resource consumer and polluter.

But the prime aim of the war against the East is not a war on nature, though that is a terrible legacy. It is a war on knowledge, just as it has been in Africa, the Americas and elsewhere. The modus operandi is this: Suppress the sources of ancient wisdom about the nature of reality and then sell a fake version of 'life' through your religions, 'science' and media to enslave the population in the five-senses.

Thank-goodness that, as I saw in Japan last week, there are many hearts and minds beginning to stir again and remembering who they are, and many souls who simply refuse to be bowed in the face of the insanity they see all around them.

Wes PenreWes Penre is a researcher, journalist, and the owner of the domains Illuminati News and Zionist Watch and is the publisher of the same. He has been researching Globalization and the New World Order and exposed the big players behind the scenes for more than a decade now. He has published his research on the Internet at the above domains, which are currently updated to keep people informed what is going on. He has also done spiritual research to present a solution to the problems of this world. Also check out his MySpace website: http://www.myspace.com/wespenre.


Source:  David Icke's Newsletter, Feb 17, 2008

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