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  Posted: Saturday,  December 08, 2007

Last Updated: Saturday, December 08, 2007 12:32:48 PM



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Who Are Manipulating Us On A Higher Level, And What Motivates Them?
by Wes Penre, Dec 08, 2007


Wes Penre
Wes Penre


here are a lot of questions we all have regarding what is going on behind the scenes in this world and why.

First of all, we have to accept that we don't have answers to them all, and that it is OK. If we are wise, we realize this and concentrate on what we know and what we can and have to learn right at this moment. We also need to accept that there are questions we are not ready for - yet. It is perfectly fine to have those questions in the back of our heads, but we must be wise enough to understand that we just can't find the answers as of now, and we should not give up because of this. There are infinite levels of knowledge available, and we must take one step at the time and listen to our 'inner voice' (intuition if you will), to learn on a higher level. Or as someone said: "If you believe only what you see, you will believe only what is shown to you".

Some of the most common questions I get are these:

"If it is true that we are manipulated by this organization we call the "Illuminati", and that this same organization wants to take over the world and create a slave society, what motivates them? How can they have been so persistent and dedicated to this cause for so many generations, when one single person will not see the end result before he/she dies? Why is World Domination so important for them?"

To find the answers to these questions, we have to expand our knowledge and our way of thinking. If we don't think outside the box, we are never going to understand what makes these people tick. To a normal person it is difficult to comprehend how someone can work so hard a whole lifetime for something so evil, and then just die without even seeing the end result and be part of it. Look at Henry Kissinger and George H.W. Bush for example; they are both in their eighties when I write this and will not live too much longer. Same thing with David Rockefeller and the many generations before them. They rarely retire, although they have all the money in the world; it's like an obsession. They die, still relentlessly working towards this specific goal to dominate us all. Why are they so different from the rest of us?


We know that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely, but there is something more to it and we can feel it. So what is it?

Think about it. If these people think so differently and seem so ALIENated from the rest of us, does that make them - - - aliens?

These days, lots of people have no problems to understand that there is a shadow government pulling the strings, but when we take it a step further and ask ourselves who is in charge of the shadow government, people get very opinionated and even fight each other, calling each other names and accuse one another for being CIA- or MOSSAD agents working undercover. No matter what good indications a researcher may have for his/her theories as of whom is behind the New World Order, these "answers" just create even more questions. It doesn't  matter if we blame the Jews, the Jesuits, the Zionists, the International Bankers or Satan. Either one of these explanations leaves us with a puzzle where the pieces don't seem to fit perfectly unless we force them into place, which we shouldn't have to do - so something seems to be missing!

"If you believe only what you see, you will believe only what is shown to you"


The reason it feels like something is missing is because the real source has not been spotted by the majority of researchers! Perhaps the reason for this is that the truth is so overwhelming that sometimes even the most hardcore researcher has a hard time confronting it. It is much more convenient to blame something that is generally accepted, something people at least believe exists.

Here is a missing piece in the big puzzle that actually DOES fit: the reason the Illuminati are so obsessed with power and they have such a different mindset is that they are simply not from this planet!

For those who have followed the postings on the Illuminati News website this doesn't really come as a surprise, but for those to whom this information is new, bear with me before you throw the baby out. And for you who already know or have suspected this to be the case, please read on anyway. Perhaps some of this will be new for you, or at least help to further connect the dots.

Religion As A Weapon

There are good researchers out there, with whom I have corresponded, that have come to the conclusion that the Jews are the true force behind the New World Order and the top of the Illuminati Pyramid. They say that the Talmud, which is Jewish, is the book they are implementing on the rest of us. And the secret societies, dribbling with black magic, are nothing else but powerful occult organizations practicing the Jewish Cabbala.

When you connect the dots and narrow things down, the New World Order definitely seems to be a Jewish Conspiracy. [1] Some researchers stop there, blaming it all on the Jews without seeing the limitation in their own thinking. When I ask them who they think is pulling the strings on the Jews, they sometimes get annoyed, saying it is time for me to wake up, because the Jews are IT. That's it! 

I agree that most of the top Illuminati are of Jewish, or quasi-Jewish origin and they ARE following the Talmud in their quest to dominate non-Jews and to control the world, and the Cabbala IS a big thing in secret societies. [1] However, many (but not all as we shall see) Talmudic (Mosaic) Jews are humans, just like you and I, although corrupted and brainwashed into believing that they have a divine right to rule over the rest of us because it says so in their religious scriptures.

But who gave them their religion in the first place? And who created organized religion, originally?

Hasn't religion been such a wonderful tool to divide and conquer throughout history? Without all those religious groups fighting against each other, the Illuminati would never have been able to get this far. People stuck in dogma are very manipulated people, and can be extremely dangerous. It doesn't matter if it is Jewish dogma, Christian dogma, Eastern philosophy, New Age or what have we. They are all the same narrow-minded, potentially dangerous people. But we have to remember that those groups, fighting each other, have been manipulated into doing so because of their belief system, which also was invoked by manipulation, carried on from parent to child, generation after generation. Take their dogma away, and they will be as 'normal' as those who are not obsessed by such.

This means that people stuck in religious dogma, whether they are Jews or whatever, are victims and not the real cause. The real cause must stand ABOVE dogma, but use it to create wanted effects to reach certain goals.

There are indicators in this conspiracy that points in the direction towards alien intervention. What ALIENS are, exactly, we are going to discuss in the next sections.

The Hive Mentality vs. Individual Thinking

The difference between the hardcore Illuminati controllers and you and I is that we are capable of individual thinking, while they are thinking collectively, something we call "hive mentality".

A collective is based upon one belief, one set of principles and one authority. Its emphasis is complete allegiance to an idea or an ideal. Not only is this engendered in the education of these people, but in their genetic code as well. That is why they behave in the ways that they do. This is both their strength and their weakness. They have great strength in the Mental Environment because their minds are united. But they are weak because they cannot think for themselves. A man or woman of individual Knowledge would be incomprehensible to them.

“Collectives” is a good word, because they are collectives of different races and nationalities. Collectives are not one race. That is why we hear about different alien types being seen on Earth at the same time, having the same Agenda. They are not of the same race, but of the same Collective and are therefore working together in a hierarchy towards the same goal.

The First Area of Activity

It looks like the alien visitors on Earth are engaged in some fundamental activities in order to gain influence here on our planet.

The first area of activity has been to put themselves in position of power and authority wherever they can make a difference. This has been done directly and indirectly, by either directly obtaining a certain position or they have carefully selected humans to be placed there to serve their Agenda.

Before I explain what I mean by 'directly' and 'indirectly', we need to know who these aliens are. You may ask how a being who looks totally different from us can sit in a business position or in politics and not be revealed. After all, it is reported that some of these aliens have reptilian form and most people have heard about the little grey aliens as well.

ReptilianGrey Alien
Reptilian [left] and Grey Alien [right]

Although I am sure there exist alien races on other planets, I truly believe the alien races we are talking about here, forming the Top Illuminati, are interdimensional. They exist on another wavelength than ours. David Icke, a famous author, researcher and lecturer [2], described it brilliantly in one of his books [3]. He said that different existing dimensions can be compared to different radio frequencies. They are all there, but you can't tune in to them all at the same time from the same radio. You can only tune in to one radio station (frequency) at the time. This doesn't mean that the other channels don't exist just because you can't hear them.

Same thing with dimensions. We live in what is widely accepted as the Third Dimension, and the beings that are here to control us are probably coming from a dimension close to us, like the lower fourth. They have the ability to tune into our frequency and take physical form here; thus all the sightings, both UFOs and physical aliens.

However, because they are not basically operating on our frequency, they don't necessarily have to take physical form either. All they need to do is to vibrate on a slightly different frequency so we can't see them. It is nothing strange with this - it's just energy, which is the basic to all life. By vibrating on a slightly different wavelength they can 'possess' humans who are accessible to them by their desire for money and power, and use them.

Therefore, we have 'shapeshifting reptilians' in governments, business, banking, entertainment industries and religion etc. What a shapeshifter is, is simply a possessed human. Sometimes the reptilian host is not able to keep his frequency intact, and therefore a 'bleed-through' occurs and the host becomes fully or partly visible in his true form. Other times they show up here in their real shape, and people sometimes see them and report them. By possessing humans they can achieve their goals, which is a take-over of humanity for their own collective purposes.

The reptilians and their allies have this hive, collective mentality as a fundamental part of their genetics and being. They are a warrior race and they are here to conquer. Their hive mentality is totally focused on survival in its most extreme form; the Collective must survive by any means! It seems like they think they need to control the whole Universe and beyond to safeguard their survival. Thus the obsession with money and power. This is probably the main characteristics within the dimension from where they come. Perhaps they are the ones in charge of the lower fourth dimension and now they are expanding, like the Invader Force they are, who never stops conquering, because it is in their nature.

They know that humans are not like them and therefore they need to manipulate us. They chose easy targets here on Earth long ago and persuaded these people into thinking they are special and of a higher class than the rest of humanity (like the example with the Jews) and by telling them that they are to be their emissaries on Earth to rule over the rest of us, presented as a lower cast of beings. 

The reptilians chose some key people among us thousands of years ago to be in charge. They promised them riches and fame, infinite life (they believe in reincarnation) and whatever they needed if they agreed to following the Agenda. Those who agreed quickly became possessed and 'taken over' and their bodies were 'hosted' and used for operating purposes here on Earth. These 'chosen people' then continued to follow the Agenda on a generational basis and have done so since ancient times.

But this is not all. Here is the kicker, for those who don't already know. The human race was created 'in their image' by those whom the old Sumerians called the Anunnaki, 'those who from heaven came'. By genetic manipulation they created us as a slave race once upon a time, to use us as labor while exploiting the resources of this planet. The revengeful and blood-thirsty God described in the Old Testament is not God, but one of the Anunnaki rulers. This story was written down at least 5-6000 years ago on the Sumerian stone tablets and it is also described in the Veda books, both predating the Bible.

By the time of the Deluge most of the Anunnaki seem to have left Earth with an almost extinct humanity. Why did they leave? No one seems to know for sure, unless this was the time when the Fourth Dimensional Invader Force showed up! Did they run the Anunnaki off to have Earth for themselves? This could very well be.

ENKI, Anunnaki "God" and genetic engineer, who was the mastermind behind the creation of homo sapiens, according to the Sumerian Scriptures
ENKI, Anunnaki "God" and genetic engineer, who was the mastermind
behind the creation of homo sapiens, according to the Sumerian Scriptures

Some researchers think the Anunnaki is equivalent to the Reptilians, but to me it seems like they are two different races. It looks like the Anunnaki was from this Universe and this Third Dimension, while the Reptilians and the Greys are interdimensional. This is why I think the Anunnaki were driven away from Earth by force. Also, the old scriptures say that man was created 'in their image', which doesn't make sense if we were created by the Reptilians.

So what exactly happened here is open to speculations, but I think that at one point the Interdimensional beings took over here and they chose the most powerful human bloodlines on Earth and put them in charge, as described above. They possessed them and also interbred with them to create a hybrid race, to further ensure loyalty to their Masters.

The humans in power, who are working towards a One World Dictatorship are thus doing so from either conviction (through bloodline) or from having 'sold their souls to the Devil' (which is, from what I can see, nothing else than selling ones souls to the Old Serpent - the Reptilian race). In exchange they are promised anything they want in this lifetime here on Earth. For some people it is very tempting to be guaranteed a lot of money and security, and what else you want, in exchange for covertly betraying mankind.

Sometimes these traitors, who may be bankers, politicians, actors, musicians, businessmen or whatever, 'wake up' later in life and realize what they have done and want to get out, only to find they can't. Once you have 'sold your soul', you're owned by them. They will not let you go back on your oath. If you try to, they threaten to kill you or worse, and if you don't take that seriously, they make a 'horrible example out of you'. This is the reason why you see some musicians go on constant tours year around, although they are old and should retire. They are simply not allowed to as long as the top Illuminati (the Reptilians) need them. This is also the reason why some people are working day and night in politics and business until they die, instead of retiring and enjoying their wealth. Sounds like a living hell to me. You have all this money and power, but you can't enjoy it, because you have to work around the clock to betray your fellow man, or they kill you. Some people have evidently chosen death before obedience at some point in life, but most just continue, afraid of being killed.

So back to the first area of activity. We now know why this reptilian race and their allies want to have a One World Government; we understand what is driving them, and why they are so different from us humans. Their purpose is not to destroy our world (although, the nature of their being is to conquer by any means, so if things get destroyed on the way, it is justified), and not even to kill us off totally; they want to keep around 500 millions of us to use as their slaves (how gracious of them!), while the rest of the population has to go. Six billion people are way too much to control.

This will be achieved by creating new wars and conflicts, new civil wars, increased famine, starvation and by creating new killer viruses and diseases, like they did with AIDS and EBOLA, but now only much deadlier. The Invaders already now  have a way to control the weather, [4] and in a near future they will let loose giant hurricanes, create floods, earthquakes and tornados in such magnitude that land and water will change place and millions of people will die.

This way, they believe, humanity will not even notice that they are being manipulated into helping to create their own destruction, and when time is right, the Invader Force will suggest that it is time to ring in a World Government to bring an end to disaster. At this point people will be so exhausted after have fought war upon war and seen their loved ones die from disease, starvation or 'natural' disasters that they are willing to accept almost anything. A One World Government will look like a dream. A World CEO, generally called the Anti-Christ, will put himself in charge of humanity and offer global peace, an end to all starvation and no more wars. It will be very cleverly done, but in reality, when the World Government is established, people's liberties will be taken away from them one by one - on a much broader scale than is done now - until the remainder of humanity will live in a global police state, comparable to today's China, but with even tighter control.

The important thing is that they keep us in constant fear and terror. This is what they feed from. You can easily control people in fear, but not free-thinking individuals.

So far, the Illuminati is not in control of everything on this planet, but they are quickly getting there. They are manipulating elections, choosing their own candidates within all significant political parties and they have put themselves in charge of most influential businesses, education, entertainment and politics. In politics, not ALL politicians are corrupt, but their numbers are growing. The reptilians understand the hierarchy of power, because they themselves live by it, having their own chain of command. This hierarchy system (the Pyramid Structure) they brought with them to implement here on Earth, and they have done so with great success.

They are highly organized and very focused in their endeavors, and the idea of having cultures full of free-thinking individuals is largely foreign to them. They do not comprehend or understand individual freedom as we do, and they definitely won't allow it, because it defeats their purpose. They believe that humanity is chaotic and unruly, and they feel they are bringing order to a situation that they cannot themselves comprehend. Individual freedom is unknown to them, they see it as a weakness and they can not see its value. As a result, what they seek to establish in the world will not honor this freedom.

The Second Area of Activity

The second avenue of activity, which is perhaps the most difficult to consider, is the manipulation of religious values and impulses. The visitors understand that humanity’s greatest abilities also represent its greatest vulnerability. People’s longing for individual redemption represents one of the greatest assets the human family has to offer. But it is also our weakness. And it is these impulses and these values that are being used.

Several groups of the visitors have established themselves as spiritual agents because they know how to speak in the Mental Environment. They can communicate to people directly, and unfortunately, because there are very few people in the world who can discern the difference between a spiritual voice and the visitors’ voice, the situation becomes very difficult and confusing.

Therefore, the second area of activity is to gain people’s allegiance through their religious and spiritual motivations. Actually, this can be done quite easily because humanity is not yet strong or developed in the Mental Environment. It is difficult for people to discern where these impulses are coming from. Many people want to give themselves to anything they think has a greater voice and a greater power. Interdimensional Beings can project images—images of our saints, of our teachers, of angels (all of which was created by the Anunnaki once upon a time, so they could manipulate us. The Reptilians only continue where the Anunnaki took off) —images that are held dear and sacred within our world. They have cultivated this ability through many, many centuries of attempting to influence each other and by learning the ways of persuasion. They consider us primitive, like cattle, and so they feel they can exert this influence and use these methods upon you as a right they have.

There is always an attempt to contact those individuals who are considered sensitive, receptive and naturally given to be cooperative. Many people are selected, but a few will be chosen based upon these particular qualities. The Reptilians seek to gain allegiance with these individuals, to gain their trust and to gain their devotion, telling the recipients that the visitors are here to uplift humanity spiritually, to give humanity new hope, new blessings and new power—indeed promising the things that people want so dearly but have not yet found themselves. Here we have the New Age gurus, the cult leaders and high priest in different organized religions. 

The effort here is to pacify and to reeducate people through spiritual persuasion. This “Pacification Program” is used differently with different religious groups depending upon their ideals and their temperament. It is always aimed at receptive individuals. Here it is hoped that people will lose their sense of discernment and will become wholly trusting of the greater power that they feel is being given to them by the Invaders. Once this allegiance is established, it becomes increasingly difficult for people to discern what they know within themselves from what is being told to them. It is a very subtle but very pervasive form of persuasion and manipulation.

Therefore, when people are leaving a religious cult, for example, it is very hard to merge back into the old society which they left behind when they joined the cult. While being manipulated by cult leaders, the victims are brainwashed into creating a whole new reality, which differs considerably from what the rest of the population would say is 'normal'. To then coming back to this 'normality' is a very difficult transition, leaving the cult victim pretty much alone with his/her thoughts and struggle. Many of these people can't handle it and end up in the chair of a psychiatrist, by whom they may be drugged down to 'ease the pain' and some may even end up committing suicide.

The Third Area of Activity

The third area of activity is to establish the Invaders' presence in the world and to have people become used to this presence. They want humanity to become acclimated to this very great change that is occurring in our midst—to have us become acclimated to their physical presence and to their effect on our own Mental Environment. To serve this purpose, they will, and are, creating establishments here, though not in view. These establishments will be hidden, but they will be very powerful in casting an influence on human populations that are near them. The Invaders will take great care and time to make sure that these establishments are effective and that enough people are in allegiance to them. It is these people who will guard and preserve their presence.

The Fourth Area of Activity

Finally, we have the fourth area in which the Invader Force seeks to establish itself, and that is through interbreeding, something we touched on earlier. They cannot live comfortably in our environment. They need our physical stamina. They need our natural affinity with the world, and perhaps most of all; they need our reproductive abilities to establish their new Interdimensional Empire. They also want to bond with us because they understand that this creates allegiance. This, in a way, establishes their presence here because the offspring of such a program will have blood relations in the world and yet will have allegiance to the visitors.

The visitors are not here to take our reproductive abilities away from us. They are here to establish themselves, done mainly by interbreeding with people whom they consider having the strongest genes and the best abilities to serve them. 

They want humanity to believe in them and to serve them, this way we will be much easier to control. They want humanity to work for them. They will promise anything, offer anything and do anything to achieve this goal. Yet though their persuasion is great, their numbers are small. But their influence is growing and their program of interbreeding, which has been underway for several generations, will eventually be effective. There will be human beings of greater intelligence but who do not represent the human family. Such things are possible and horrible experiments are taking place on Earth today on military bases and in underground facilities to create the perfect hybrid between alien and man. There are also several reports from people whom have had first hand experiences with the Illuminati currently working hard on creating the perfect slave race for the future. They will decide how our future bodies will look like and how they will work. Intelligence is definitely nothing they want us to have more of...

In summary: their ultimate goal is a One World Government, a global dictatorship where they are the kings and rulers. They will establish themselves and leave emissaries here on Earth who will watch over us via the World Government to make sure we stay in line. When this is fully accomplished and "Mission is completed", I can imagine they will concentrate on other worlds they can conquer in a similar way...

What Can Be Done?

We all have great spiritual gifts that can enable us to see and to know clearly. These gifts are needed now. They need to be recognized, employed and shared freely. It is not merely up to a great teacher or a great leader in our world to do this. It must be cultivated by many more people now. For the situation brings with it necessity, and if necessity can be embraced, it brings with it great opportunity.

The alien presence in the world is growing. It is growing every day, every year. Many more people are falling under its persuasion, losing their ability to know, becoming confused and distracted, believing in things that can only weaken them and make them impotent in the face of those who would seek to use them for their own purposes.

It will take great sobriety and objectivity in order to see through these deceptions and these difficulties. Still, it will be necessary for people to do this if humanity as a group is to successfully transit into a higher density and maintain its freedom and its self-determination. 

Does this mean that there is an invasion of our world? The answer to this is “yes,” an invasion of the most subtle kind. If we can entertain these thoughts and consider them seriously, we will be able to see these things for ourselves. The evidence of this invasion is everywhere. We can see how human ability is offset by the desire for happiness, peace and security, how people’s vision and ability to know are hampered by influences even within their own cultures.

So, have can we win over such powers?

I have said it before and I will say it again: this is a spiritual war, not a physical war! Although the Invaders and their human army of Yes-Sayers are deeply involved in creating and maintaining war wherever it is possible, this is still secondary. We can't fight them effectively on a physical level; I can't see that happening. We must evolve spiritually, cast out our fear and terror and raise above the surface of the engulfing ocean we are slowly drowning in. If we can only swim a little bit higher we WILL reach the surface and a new reality will meet us there, one on a new and higher spiritual level.

For those who can't comprehend this and think it is just New Age hocus-pocus, think again. To understand how this works, you have to understand energy. Everything in this Universe and beyond vibrates, and it vibrates in different speed. We can only perceive people and things that vibrate with a similar speed as we do. There is a range which is perceivable for us, but outside that range is the unknown and the invisible.

The reason we vibrate with the specific speed we do is because there is something in that range that keeps us trapped, like a moth attracted to light. We are persuaded, fed with fear and terror and kept imprisoned with invisible chains. However, these chains are only there because we allow them to. Therefore, the only way out of this trap, and the only way to break the chain is to educate ourselves on what is going on, so we know what we are up against. Then we need to stop being afraid. We are all immortal souls and they can't kill us - only our bodies. We need to start breaking loose from dogma, mind control, inherited patterns, rules and regulations and begin to think freely and independently again! Be brave and stand for what you think is right. Don't be dependent on the masses for approval. Like Mark Twain, the famous author once said:

"Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform"

In the beginning, it may be a lonely road and a difficult one. But with time people will start looking at you with new eyes, and subconsciously at first, they will realize that there is something special with you; something they cannot put their fingers on, but they instinctively know that it is something good. You are going to influence more people than you think, although it may not seem like it in the beginning. Later, however, people will first envy you for your bravery and then adapt to it and follow your example, because they see that nothing dangerous happens.

If you are on a spiritual level high enough to understand this and see how it works, it is your duty and your only chance as a human being to start becoming a good example. You are not alone; more and more people are already starting to wake up and break the spell. The Invaders know it and they are desperate. You can see it, because they are making more and more mistakes. It is my conviction that they did not expect that so many of us would be so resistant to their mind control and persuasion. It scares them and they are afraid they will lose control, and that is exactly what we want.

Therefore, it is extremely important that we start exploring our own spirituality. It is our only chance, unless we want to be enslaved. Once we have taken the microchip, there is little hope that we will get a second chance. With the chip, they have us! Not only our physical bodies, but they also have our souls, and this we have to avoid by all means.

For more thoughts on spirituality and solutions, read my article, How to Fight the New World Order. Many people already have, and it seems like that article has awoken thousands and thousands of people.

For more information about UFOs, aliens and how the Invader Force uses humans who want to serve their Agenda as a bottom rung in their hierarchy, see my UFO/Alien section, Alien & UFOs - Top Secret!

Let us unite as a group and fight this spiritual war on the only level possible!

More Important Resources To Get the Full Concept:

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The Astro-Physical Lectures of Dr. William R. Deagle

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[1] ^  For more information around the Jews and the New World Order, see my previous article, Uncomfortable Truth: The Jewish Involvement in the New World Order.

[2] ^  http://davidicke.com

[3] ^  David Icke: "Children of the Matrix", Bridge of Love, 2001

[4] ^  http://www.illuminati-news.com/Articles/17.html; http://www.illuminati-news.com/0/weather-warfare.htm

Wes Penre

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