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  Posted: Sunday, February 24, 2008, 10:44AM

Last Updated: Sunday, February 24, 2008 10:44:38 AM



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Scott Ritter - Target Iran!
Video recorded and edited on Apr 18, 2007, by Charles Jenks; 2007 Traprock Peace Center


Part 1:

Scott Ritter
Scott Ritter


ar will not solve any problem we face with Iran"

Scott Ritter, former Major of the US Marines and Chief UNSCOM Weapons Inspector in Iraq, spoke on the folly of war with Iran in the General Pershing Room of the War Memorial, Indianapolis, IN on April 18, 2007.

This is Part 1 - his presentation in the program "US Policy in the Middle East; Target Iran and the role of Congress."

Clips from the Q and A will follow. He spoke on a two person panel with the Honorable Andy Jacobs, former Congressperson from Indiana.

The program was sponsored by Veterans for Peace, Indiana Chapter #49, Indianapolis Peace House & Plowshares, Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center, and Traprock Peace Center.

Watch Part 1 here: YouTube [00:12:40]

Moderator: Pierre Atlas
Political Science Professor and Director of Franciscan Center for Global Studies at Marian College

Video recorded and edited by Charles Jenks; 2007 Traprock Peace Center; all rights reserved. Contact: charles@traprockpeace.org

Part 2:

Scott Ritter
Scott Ritter


his is the Q and A with Scott Ritter, on April 18, 2007 in Indianapolis, with his discussion of the media's "conspiracy" of silence, including its turning a blind eye to deceptions about Iran and to US (CIA) funding of al-Qaeda associated groups in Lebanon to fight against Iranian backed Hezbollah. The support of al-Qaeda groups was originally reported by Seymour Hersh. (Now it appears that the US - in that it funds Pakistani operations in the tribal areas - has been supporting Pakistani military assistance for the Taliban in their efforts to kill Uzbek militants. The Taliban have been attacking Uzbeks "because of their reluctance to kill American troops."

See "Taliban All Over," The Economist, April 12, 2007.

Why have US troops been dying in Iraq - we're told as part of a "war against terror" directed at al-Qaeda - when the US has been funding al-Qaeda in Lebanon? Why has the media been silent about this? And why is the US supporting the Taliban's war against militants who do not want to attack US troops?

Watch Part 2 here: YouTube  [00:14:48]

The Scott Ritter program was sponsored by Veterans for Peace, Indiana Chapter #49, Indianapolis Peace House & Plowshares, Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center, and Traprock Peace Center

Wes Penre


Wes Penre is a researcher, journalist, the owner of the domains Illuminati News and Zionist Watch and is the publisher of the same. He has been researching Globalization and the New World Order and exposed the big players behind the scenes for more than a decade now. He has published his research on the Internet at the above domains, which are currently updated to keep people informed what is going on. You can also find his articles linked up, discussed and republished all over the Internet.

In addition, he has done spiritual research to present a solution to the problems of this world. His MySpace website address is: http://www.myspace.com/wespenre.


Sources:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiZrWIVR69s&feature=related; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1sK-2LwMPU&feature=related

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