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  Posted: Friday, November 23, 2007

Last Updated: Friday, November 23, 2007 11:54:46 AM



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The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade
Presented by Michael A. Hoffman II


Prof. Tony Martin
Prof. Tony Martin


n this brilliant foray into the hidden dimensions of the chronicle of black servitude, Tony Martin, professor of African History at Wellesley College, lectures on the role of Judaics in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, and the impact of racist rabbinic texts on the formation of the contemptuous view of Africans which led to the justification of their enslavement. Dr. Martin's speech is introduced by Michael A. Hoffman II who provides insight on recent scholarly developments concerning the "Curse of Ham."


Note: Brief concluding remarks are offered by historian David Irving.  


This blockbuster documentary, "The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade" by Tony Martin, Professor of African History at Wellesley College, has cost Mr. Martin a steep price for his failure to toe the party line on the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Thought vastly more qualified and erudite than the likes of Henry Louis Gates and Thomas Sowell, Martin has been blacklisted and boycotted and kept off blue ribbon civil rights symposia both in the US and Britain, PBS broadcasts and syndicated columns. The Establishment's directive is ― silence Tony Martin! This obtains for both the Left and the Right wings of the Cryptocracy.

His offense? Courageously bearing witness to embarrassing truths about Judaism, which testify to a significant and in the case of the Caribbean and South America ― massive Judaic role in the black slave trade. Prof. Martin compounds this dangerous 'blasphemy' with heresy, by pointing to the sacred rabbinic texts and  
halacha (Judaic law) as the basis for the racist justification for black chattel servitude. Martin correctly points to the two major Judaic sources of this institutionalized anti-black contempt: the Midrash, a collection of rabbinic fairy tales alleged by prominent writers (Joseph Telushkin, James L. Kugel), to offer brilliant insights into obscure and enigmatic passages of the Old Testament; and the "Guide of the Perplexed" (in the Shlomo Pines translation--all other English versions are redacted), by Judaism's foremost rabbinic legal "codifier", the famous Rabbi Moses Maimonides, a.k.a. the "Rambam" (sounds like a parody of a Flintstones' character, but that's his moniker in Orthodox Judaism).

In the
Midrash and the "Guide of the Perpelxed" the black race and dark skin are identified with indelible, hereditary moral corruption and perversion, the so-called "Curse of Ham". The key distinction to be noted here is that since Judaism is an anti-Biblical religion (you read that right, my book, "Judaism's Strange Gods"), attributing to the Genesis story of Ham and Canaan a racial subtext, is strictly rabbinic and not Biblical. Nowhere in the Old Testament is the black race or sub-Saharan African ethnicity associated with enslavement or moral turpitude. That abominable fallacy, which has caused untold misery for millions of black people, is a strictly Midrashic-halachic gloss which we are not supposed to talk about. Those who do, risk censorship, blacklisting and other threats to careers and bank accounts here in "democratic" America. (Caveat to Iraqis: if Bush is successful in imposing "democracy" on Iraq, your ability to freely contemplate and discuss the matters under consideration will be severely interdicted. That is Mr. Bush's unspoken definition of democracy: expanding the immunity from radical critique and exposure which Judaism possesses in the West, to the whole world. Once that tyranny is accomplished in Iraq, your nation will receive the imprimatur as a western-certified "democracy").

Tony Martin delves into this in his lecture, "The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade" which was recorded in 2001. Since that time, two books ― "
Jews and Blacks in the Early Modern Era" by Prof. Jonathan Schorsch of Columbia University, and "The Curse of Ham" by David Goldenberg ― both of which, in my estimation, are sneaky but elite responses to Dr. Martin ― have been published. What I have done, is to append a brief analysis of these books as an introduction to Dr. Martin's speech, to provide a context for the state of the intellectual contest as it currently stands. Both Schorsch and Goldenberg have written books, which insult the intelligence of their readers, but unless these readers are knowledgeable about Judaism, they will not be cognizant of this insult, simply swallowing without question the pap these prestigious academics feed their seemingly highly gullible audience.

I have not encountered any significant critique of these two books. Both of them, as far as I can tell, are recipients of lavish
encomiums from their peers and give every appearance of being the definitive last word on the subject. On the contrary, these books depend on the most shameful omissions of highly germane data central to the issue, on the supposition (?) that their readers will not know what they are missing.

I tackle the thesis of Schorsch and Goldenberg on camera for about ten minutes, prior to the beginning of Martin's lecture. I predict that this film, "The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade," will be a powerful antidote to the infant pabulum dispensed by the self-appointed commissars and gate-keepers of the study of black bondage in the Americas.

For more information about Dr. Martin or his publications: www.blacksandjews.com/index.html

Audio of Speech on "Israeli Drumbeats for War with Iran"

The audio of the preceding speech which I gave last week is still locked inside our "Garageband" audio software, probably because I "saved" it as what looks like a document on our desktop, rather than as a music file in iTunes. If anyone knows how to correct this glitch, please e-mail
hoffman@revisionisthistory.org with the answer. Once we unlock the audio we will broadcast it. Suffice it to say that the fact that Israeli and American weapons of mass destruction are stockpiled with inspection-less impunity, absent investigative scrutiny of any kind by any world body ― the hatred and war hysteria directed against the democratically-elected President of Iran and his colleagues, by American law-makers and pundits is completely out of line. Charles Krauthammer insulted the Iranians as "apocalyptic madmen." Of course Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the influential spiritual leader of the Shas political party in the Israeli state, who urged that the Israeli armed forces bombard the Arab people with missiles, is not an apocalyptic madman.

Reaction to our video "World War Two Revisionist Charles Provan" has been overwhelmingly positive. Here is a sampling of the feedback thus far.


From an attorney:

I enjoyed your interview with
Charles Provan which I had the chance to view last night. I appreciate the fact that you are not so "doctrinaire" that you can't allow a Provan who believes in the existence of gas chambers to have his say. Who of us after all is to say an absolute "nay" to units of extermination by gas during WWII, or the existence of some WMD in Iraq, for that matter, just because some of the evidence put forth for these things has been discredited? The evil in men's hearts, and their technological prowess, is considerable and not confined; as is their capacity to hide documentary and other evidence, as this lawyer knows from his own modest experience. The propensity to make absolutist statements is one thing that has always bothered me a little about some revisionists .... As I have expressed before, I have felt a great kinship to you on a scholarly level (and as a Christian brother as well, during our brief acquaintance to date), even though I have no pretensions that I can match your scholarship, and I also felt a kinship to Provan when he obviously starts off with no ax to grind and when he talks about there being good and bad found in every group.

From a businessman:

I have viewed Mr. Provan's video. It is one of the most truly interesting one-hour viewings of anything that I have ever seen. Fascinating. I watched it in two sittings. First one, I got to about the 40 minute mark. After stopping it, as I was messing around the house doing chores, I wondered, "Have certain Judaics concocted the orthodox 'Holocaust' story in part to screen their own people's deep involvement with the persecution and even destruction of many of their own people?' Then, today, I finished the viewing it and sure enough Mr. Provan talks about the 1,000 man Judaic collaborationist crew at Treblinka. Amazing. It will be with most interesting to see how the "orthodox" revisionists, such as you find here
www.yourforum.org/revforum/index.php  how they will deal with Mr. Provan's assertion that there were in fact 3 "death camps" in Poland ― but that Judaic hands were very busy in the killings there. IF what Mr. Provan says is absolutely true (or, if his interpretation is correct), this little video of yours might set off some seismic waves.

"Provan" is excellent ... great stuff...what a character!"

We are hard at work, endeavoring to bring you ever more enlightening, shocking, forbidden revisionist films online and books of a similar tenor in hard copy. With your help, upon which we rely for the continuation of our unceasing toil, we shall advance the Truth in every forum and format available to us.

Michael A. Hoffman II
Michael A. Hoffman II

Wes Penre

Wes Penre is the owner of the domain Illuminati News and the publisher of the same. Please also check out his MySpace website: http://www.myspace.com/wespenre.


Source The Last Outpost

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