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  Posted: Friday, October 19, 2007

Last Updated: Friday, October 19, 2007 09:41:20 PM



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Illuminati Moving Fast For Control
Moves For Final Media Takeover
Why So Fast?
from AO Newswire, Oct 18, 2007



O-Newswire -- The Illuminists have now put into play the final power grab to seize control of the 3 traditional forms of main stream media, Television, Radio and hardcopy-print media (newspaper, magazine, book publishing)

The United States Federal Communications Commission is now set to consider total revision on the ownership of Television and radio stations. For decades a station ownership was highly restricted to prevent monopolies in local city markets. The idea was to prevent local news censorship and government corruption that might develop if all news media were under the control of a few.

The original authors of the Federal Communications Commssion laws and ammendments that were written fifty, sixty and seventy years ago encouraged a widely divergent ownership in order that there would be a wide range of viewpoints for local communities in part to prevent monopolies and the threat of local corruption. However, since the mid-1970s, the pendulum began to swing away from exclusive, individual ownership and began to permit large corporations from owning more than 7 television stations and 7 radio stations in the nation. Eventually those numbers kept expanding but local limits remained, which in turn limited national ownership.

Another aspect that limited ownership of stations was the prohibition against newspaper companies also owning television and or radio stations. Eventually the rules allowed newspapers to own stations in cities where they didn't have newspapers. Now that rule is up for change too.

If the FCC chairman has his way, by the end of the year, Big Media Conglomerates will be able to complete the sweep of ownership, further shrinking supervening control and authority over "mainstream news media."

What is happening is that the Illuminists are moving swiftly now to get the final chess pieces in place for the final end-game in their quest for World Conquest and the presentation of humanity for slavery under the control of supernatural forces of the Satanic forces waging a cosmic revolution against the Creator of the Universe. Part of the end-game strategy is to have the maimstream media under the tightest controls possible with as few hands involved in the control process as possible. To do that, media ownership needs to shrink still further than it has til now. There are stil too many people, too many "owners."

It would appear that the Illuminists are ultimately looking to move total main stream media control into the hands of just two, three or maybe four or five companies, worldwide. To reach that goal, laws and regulations have to be changed and judged on how the FCC is looking to allow changes, it appears the Illuminists need it NOW.

Normally, the FCC rulings involve a long period of time for changes to be implemented. I know it used to be two or three or even as much as 5 year time frames for changes in ownership rules. To see the intention to apply a regulatoins change in 2 months or less is shocking and unprecedented. So why so fast? What's up?

The Illuminists appear to be trying to step up the pace of the agenda. According to some Illuminati-watchers, the NWO agenda has fallen behind its timeline agenda for goal-achievements. Originally, the Illuminists and the New World Order crowd had intended to hand over the world and humanity to their "messiah" the Antichrist by the year 2000. That time has come and gone without reaching that goal.

From what we now gather, the next target for the New World Order is December 21. 2012, which is the winter solstice which allegedly ends the Satanically-oriented Mayan occult calendar, which claims to be the end of the world - and the start of a new 25,000 year cycle of life. Supposedly during the switchover, Earth aligns with the center of the galaxy or universe and undergoes great physical changes to the planet due to galactic disturbances sweeping through the solar system. All of this is "alleged" and whether we think it or not, the thing is "They do." For that reason, here again you're going to see further escalation of New World Order efforts to transform the world into a One-World government in the next 5 years.

For that reason, we can expect massive terror events and major warfare, perhaps nuclear war. The Illuminist's agenda as outlined by Freemaonsry's Albert Pike, aka the head of the Illuminati in the last few years of his life, indicated that a third world war would be engineered by the Illuminists. It would be centered in the Mideast and would focus on the destruction of the three major religions of the world, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, in order to bring about a 1-world religion of peace that would honor the new world dictator who would emerge after that third global war. If events underway now in the Middle East are any indication, an astute and knowledgeable Christian prophecy watchers realize that the Illuminists are moving now as quickly as they can to get everything in place for the BIG EVENT, the war to end all wars. A war so hideous that the world will beg for gentle global dictator to stop wars between nations.

For more on the FCC story, LINK here. For more on Albert PIke and the 3 World Wars Pike planned, LINK here.

Wes Penre

Wes Penre is the owner of the domain Illuminati News and the publisher of the same. Please also check out his MySpace website: http://www.myspace.com/wespenre.


Source: http://www.aoreport.com/mag/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=876&Itemid=44

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