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  Posted: Sunday, September 02, 2007

Last Updated: Sunday, September 02, 2007 09:03:57 PM



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Queen of England Receives Most of US Taxes!
NESARA Update #32 by Dove of Oneness


Wes PenreComment: What is more: Queen Elizabeth II is running both Great Britain, The U.S., Canada and Australia to name a few. There is no such thing as Independence. Bush and his butchers, for example, all answer to the Queen...Wes Penre, www.illuminati-news.com




ello Dear Friends and White Knights,

In the last week, news has come from U.S. Senators indicating that NESARA’s announcement and the mass deliveries and fulfillment of the current prosperity programs are near.

There are some in Congress who support NESARA and support the distribution of the prosperity programs funds; both topics are under gag order or Non Disclosure but members of Congress do occasionally confide in their own family members and close personal friends. Although they are forced by U.S. Supreme Court gag order to publicly deny that NESARA has been passed, their personal conversations and communications are quite different.

While mainstream media carries make-news from the D.C. Bush gang, the real action is still happening behind the scenes and still under gag order. But not for long. Tomorrow I will write about something which, we hope, will provide crucial resolution to a problem which has been a major obstacle to the NESARA announcement. I have been tracking this obstacle for years and finally, it looks like a solution to remove the obstacle has been found.

When people read the major points of the true NESARA law listed above, most people will not realize the VAST impacts of NESARA. It is not until we detail NESARA’s impacts on major organizations in our world, that we begin to realize the tremendous transformations NESARA initiates.

For example, what does the restoration of Constitutional Law really mean? It’s been a few years since I have written about the impacts on certain organizations in the U.S. which will be required to change. There are literally thousands of ways NESARA impacts our country when Constitutional Law is restored. One of the thousands of ways involves the American Bar Association (ABA) which will be required to cease functioning under its CURRENT charter in the U.S. The reason for this is that the ABA is an organization whose official “charter” was authorized by the British Crown. The British Crown is a foreign agent and this makes the current ABA a “foreign agent” which has power the Constitution prohibits a foreign agent to have. Through various means the ABA has spread its tentacles of control into our legal and judicial system, government, and Congress. The ABA is controlled by the Illuminati/dark agenda and is one of the ways the Illuminati have gained covert control in the U.S.

The American Medical Association and the American Dental Association are also tools of the Illuminati and will have to cease functioning under their current charters. The Illuminati have very carefully step-by-step taken control of our country in a myriad of covert activities and through many organizations. We are currently blocked from accessing many helpful alternative medical technologies and therapies due to restrictions by government and these Illuminati controlled organizations.

All of these organizations, the ABA, the AMA, and the ADA, are controlled by the Illuminati and have been used to control our people in various ways. In addition, the Illuminati have their tentacles into well-known charitable organizations, foundations, universities, media conglomerates, corporations, and much more. NESARA requires changes in the structures and charters of literally every organization; the changes NESARA requires will enable the Illuminati’s personnel and control to be identified and removed.

The reason that NESARA is under such strict gag orders by both the World Court and the U.S. Supreme Court is due to NESARA’s massive ripple effects. What happens when someone perceives that their “power” or income will be impacted by a new law? If people perceive they have less power or that their incomes might become less, they band together and raise objections to the new law.

With NESARA, there will be less attorneys needed for several reasons: 1) there will be no federal income tax and eventually no state income taxes which eliminates need for tax attorneys; 2) there will be radically fewer laws because NESARA wipes out many laws. If NESARA had not been passed in secret sessions, there would have been years of fighting by attorneys to keep NESARA from passing.

There are provisions in NESARA to compensate these attorneys and all others whose income is reduced by NESARA, but this probably would not have kept attorneys from lobbying against NESARA. In addition, there is the new prosperity program for all U.S. citizens and natural persons/sovereigns which is part NESARA and will be announced within a month or so of NESARA’s announcement. However, most people who have had significant power and income will fight against something they “perceive” as limiting them. If NESARA had not been kept secret, NESARA would have been bogged down for decades in fights and attempts to water it down. The only solution to this was to pass NESARA secretly and keep the gag orders on NESARA until the official announcement.

And there’s more reasons why it has to be done this way. There are literally THOUSANDS of LIES which the government and others have spread and which most Americans believe to be true. However, the U.S. Supreme Court and those who contributed to writing NESARA were given irrefutable evidence which proves the government and media have spread a vast web of lies for decades as part of tricking and controlling the American people. The Justices realized it would be impossible for the public to understand WHY NESARA was so desperately needed when the American public has been brainwashed into believing a huge web of lies. The Justices also knew that they would only be able to educate the public AFTER the true NESARA law is announced because major media conglomerates are owned by the Illuminati. Only after NESARA is announced will the Illuminati’s power to withhold the truth be ended.

The average attorney, doctor, dentist, corporate executive, and others who might have tried to fight NESARA are equally as deluded as most other Americans. Most of the American population does not know, for example, that the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE corporation owned largely by FOREIGN bankers and has been part of the great federal income tax swindle since the beginning. The IRS acts as the bully-boy to coerce payment of the unlawful federal income tax and guess where the money goes? The majority of it goes to the Federal Reserve and the Queen of England.

What you may ask does the Queen of England have to do with it? It happens that there was an agreement made by the Founding Fathers to buy independence from the British Crown in order to end the Revolutionary War. The Founding Fathers worried that the British would continue to send British troops to the colonies and bloody war would drag out for years. To end the killing, the Founding Fathers agreed to pay the British Crown for a number of years. In their usual trickery, the Illuminati have forced the agreement to be extended far beyond the years agreed upon and also have increased the amount of money paid to the British Crown. Each year, the British Crown makes payments out of these funds stolen (via unlawful income tax) from Americans to the top Illuminati families. The truth about this and thousands of other Illuminati actions will come out in vast numbers of exposes after NESARA is announced.

The federal income tax money paid to the Federal Reserve is paid on the bogus “debt” owed to the Federal Reserve for interest and fees charged in managing the banking and monetary system. The whole issue of the U.S. government owing money to the Federal Reserve is another complex Illuminati scam wrapped up in convoluted, unconstitutional laws and financial transactions designed to increase the debt. The majority of the national debt is actually due to these bogus debts owed to the Federal Reserve and NESARA wipes out the bogus debts. Because NESARA’s new U.S. Treasury Bank System is based on NEW money which has come into the U.S. after being accumulated offshore and which is backed by gold, silver, and platinum, there will be no economic problems from wiping out the majority of the bogus national debt.

I’ve touched on many complex issues today and ALL these issues are much more complex than I’ve discussed. I’m using these issues as illustrations of why NESARA had to be passed secretly and why it will be under gag order until the official announcement. I hope this helps you to understand a little about the complexities involved.


Wes Penre

Wes Penre is the owner of the domain Illuminati News and the publisher of the same. Please also check out his MySpace website: http://www.myspace.com/wespenre.


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