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February 2005:

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 Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day":
Theodore Roosevelt, April 19, 1906

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February 28

Sword Play: Attacking Civilians to Justify "Greater Security"
- 'You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force ... the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security." -
- Globalresearch.ca, Feb 18, 2005 -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous on War on Terror]

Pandemic Influenza as a Bioweapon
- "Anyone who is honest about this has to admit that if al Qaeda launches a spectacular biological attack which could cause contagious disease to be spread, no entity in the world is prepared for it," Noble said. "Not the U.S., not Europe, not Asia, not Africa." -
- Recombinomics, Feb 23, 2005 -
[Archived here: Wars Towards a New World Order]

February 27

Psi Upsilon Fraternity
- The Delphian Society was started in 1819 and was known as more secretive and close knit than other societies. In 1833, five sophomore and two freshman members had become close friends. -
- Psiu.org -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]

Skull and Bones
- Political Members -
- Politicalgraveyard.com -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]

Tombs and Taps - An inside look at Yale's Fraternities, Sororities and Societies
- The Big Two are distinguished by their seriousness of purpose; both groups tend to stay away from the sillier elements of other societies (for example, you will never see a Bones or Keys member walking in a black cloak, howling at the top of his lungs). -
- yale.edu -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]

Remote Viewing: People/Researchers
- He retired in 1984. "Many unusual experiences have formed the foundation of his present company, Intuitive Intelligence Applications. A near-death experience (NDE), a UFO sighting, and numerous spontaneous out-of-body (OBE) episodes have caused him to spend the larger portion of his life seeking more effective answers to questions concerning reality. He became interested in remote viewing after participating in experiments at SRI International in California." -
- Mindcontrol Forums -
[Archived here: Occultism]

Jim Keith,Goes Fishin' for Gems
- Jim Keith is one of America's most respected conspiracy researchers. He has for many years been associated with IllumiNet Press a publishing house dedicated to conspiracy, ufo research, forteana and other gems. -
- Mindcontrol Forums -
[Archived here: New World Order]

American Gulf War Veterans Association
- Beyond Treason: Government Experimentation on Military & Civilian Population -
- gulfwarvets.com -
[Archived here: Links]

New World Order Political Novel
- New World Order Political Novels from the 2004 Daemon's Revenge series shows how a shadowy group of individuals are slowly destroying FREEDOM OF Press and FREE ENTERPRISE within Democratic societies. -
- by Angus McLeod -
[Archived here: Links]

The Golden Report
- New World Order News from Israel -
- by Jerry and Connie Golden -
[Archived here: Links]


February 26

A photo of the founders of the "Order of Book and Snake".
Notice the human skull and crossbones.

W's "Uncle Bucky" (Secret Society Pal of John Negroponte and Porter Goss) Makes a Killing off Iraq War
- Beyond that, we have uncovered William H.T. "Bucky" Bush's secret society connections to CIA-Director Porter Goss and Intelligence Czar John Negroponte, as revealed in the photo above taken from the 1960 Yale Banner yearbook. The secret society of which all three of these men are members is called "the Fence Club," also known as Psi Upsilon. -
- Infowars,com, Feb 25, 2005 -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]

The Laws of Man
- Where is the justice? I will incur a £50 on-the-spot fine if I dare to drop my cigarette butt on the pavement, to keep the refuse team in a job, but Iraqi babies being born limbless is of no consequence to the government, who are using banned weapons. -
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
[Archived here: New World Order and Guest Writers]


February 25

VIDEO: CNN Reported No Plane Hit Pentagon
- Check out this shockwave video file of a clip from CNN coverage on the morning of 9/11. CNN reporter Jamie McIntyre says he inspected the Pentagon site and it is obvious no plane crashed there. -
- Total 911 Info -
[Archived here: 9/11]

U.N. to Control Use of Internet?
- Leaders of a U.N. Internet panel yesterday said they hope to set up a global system where cyberspace would be under the control of the United Nations. -
- Worldnet Daily.com, Feb 22, 2005 -
[Archived here: Science and Technology]

Human Tracking: Big Brother Goes Mainstream
- SCHOOL OFFICIALS in Sutter, Calif., and Osaka, Japan, track students with radio frequency identification tags worn around their necks or tucked in their belongings. The government of Mexico tracks court officials with RFID tags implanted in their shoulders. Finland changes national laws to allow cellphone tracking of children. A woman in Kenosha, Wisconsin, discovers her estranged husband has hidden a global positioning system tracker in her car. All are current news items. -
- Bergen.com, Feb 21, 2005 -
[Archived here: Surveillance]

Illuminati Secret Language Hidden in Plain View in Design, Numerology and Symbolism of Manitoba Legislature Building
- As we wrote in our article: In Your Face: The Globalists' Language is Hidden in Plain View: Fascinated by symbolism and numerology, the globalists' favorite tactic is to leave blueprints to their plans "hidden in plain view." From messages delivered to the masses through the media and films to Time Warner's all-seeing eye, we are repeatedly reminded by the illuminati themselves that they are controlling us and are omnipresent." -
- Infowars.com -
[Archived here: Occultism]

What if Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong?
- So I’m wondering why they’re calling her ideas dangerous, irresponsible—why some call her a heretic. And that makes me wonder: Who founded the Church of Established HIV Theory? Who created this dogma that is immune to question? -
- by Christine Maggiore -
[Archived here: Health]


February 24

Houston, We Have a Problem
The Los Angeles born Houston Summers said; “Music is what I thirst for you know as well as God.” and had a hit last year with, “I Like That” featuring Chingy and Nate Dogg. But Houston found the music business to be seeped in wickedness and sought to remove the devil’s presence, by gouging out his eye. -
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
[Archived here: Art & Mind Control and Guest Writers]


February 23

Satanic Group Jailed for Slayings
- Two members of a heavy metal group called the "Beasts of Satan" who confessed to taking part in three ritual Satanic slayings were sentenced to prison Tuesday, and a third defendant was acquitted, Italian media reported. -
- CNN, Feb 22, 2005 -
[Archived here: Art & Mind Control and Religions and Religious Wars]

The Templar Orders in Freemasonry
An Historical Consideration of Their Origin and Development

- Having regard to the fact that Emblematic Freemasonry, as it is known and practised at this day, arose from an Operative Guild and within the bosom of a development from certain London Lodges which prior to the year 1717 had their titles in the past of the Guild and recognised its Old Charges, it would seem outside the reasonable likelihood of things that less than forty years after the foundation of Grand Lodge Knightly Orders should begin to be heard of developing under the aegis of the Craft, their titles in some cases being borrowed from the old institutions of Christian Chivalry. -
- by Arthur Edward Waite -
[Archived here: The Illuminati]


February 22

Scott Ritter Says US Attack on Iran Set for June
- The ex-Marine turned UNSCOM weapons inspector said that George W. Bush has "signed off" on plans to bomb Iran in June 2005, and claimed the U.S. manipulated the results of the recent Jan. 30 elections in Iraq. -
- Rense.com -
[Archived here: Future Terror Attacks]

Hurtubise Says Invention Sees Through Walls
- Troy Hurtubise has done the seemingly impossible with his newest invention and defied all known rules of physics, he says. The Angel Light—Hurtubise claims the concept came to him in a recurring dream—can reportedly see through walls, as if there was no barrier at all. That’s not all, though... -
- by Phil Novak for Bay Today.ca -
[Archived here: Science & Technology]

What Is Compassion?
- To become 5D compassionate we must suspend all judgment of the actions of another. We must be aware of those actions, how painful they are and at the same time realize that they have a value and that value pertains to the role they play in facilitating our spiritual growth as souls. -
- by Jelaila Starr -
[Archived here: Wes Penre on Spiritual Solutions]

Dead Celebrities
- The premature death of dozens of icons and pop stars over the past decades has left the world bereft of natural talent, allowing the music and entertainment industry to promote manufactured bands, like Busted or Blue! Plane crashes are a common cause of death for the rich and famous, many more, like Marilyn Monroe or Brian Jones, have died in mysterious circumstances. -
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
[Archived here: Art & Mind Control and Guest Writers]



February 21

Attacking Our Memory
- Why have broadcasters never associated the British or American state with terrorism? Why have such privileged communicators, with unlimited access to the facts, lined up to describe an unobserved, unverified, illegitimate, cynically manipulated election, held under a brutal occupation, as "democratic" with the pristine aim of being "free and fair"? -
- By John Pilger, Feb 20, 2005 -
[Archived here: Media Control]


February 20

The Case Against John Negroponte
- According to The New York Times, Negroponte was responsible for "carrying out the covert strategy of the Reagan administration to crush the Sandinistas government in Nicaragua." Critics say that during his ambassadorship, human rights violations in Honduras became systematic. -
- BushWar.com -
[Archived here: Iraq War]

The Franklin Coverup Scandal
The Child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse

- Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensnares: VIPs with Reagan, Bush: "Call Boys" took midnight tour of White House -
- The Washington Post, June 29, 1989 -
[Archived here: Occultism]

America: After the Coup
- The following is a broad brushstroke design, and only meant for the consumption of those who dream to be free.  There will be many arguments, which are always valuable.  Perhaps if I can help guide our mindset in a positive fashion, in the slightest way, I can do my little part for humanity and for the formerly great United States of America.  Can we become what I describe below?  I can imagine it.  If enough people imagine, doesn't it become reality? -
- by Erik Fortman -
[Archived here: Solutions and Guest Writers]


February 17

Informant News
- Extensive site on UFOs and aliens -
- informantnews.com -
[Archived here: UFOs & Aliens]


February 16

Democracy and Tyranny
- Using Iraq as a model, the Bush administration intends to export democracy worldwide. But as our Founders warned, and Iraq proves, democracy isn't synonymous with freedom. -
- The New American, Feb 15, 2005 -
[Archived here: Politics]

Annan Raises Terror Threats in Plea for Overhaul of World Security System
- More broadly, he urged the European Union and the United States to work more closely as "the backbone of a new world order [my emphasis] in the 21st century." -
- National Post, Feb 14, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]


February 15

A Short History of the Round Table
- This secret society would have "its members in every part of the British Empire", including in the schools and universities to select new members and in the Colonial legislatures, where they would "advocate the closer union of England and colonies, to crush all disloyalty and every movement for the severance of our Empire". He also envisaged this secret society owning "portions of the press, for the press rules the mind of the people". -
- Nexus Magazine -
[Archived here: The Illuminati]

The Rhodes-Milner Round Table
- While researching the origins of the Religious Right for this series, we came across an obscure but significant passage in an obscure but highly significant document titled "The Belmont Brotherhood". -
- Watch.Pair.com -
[Archived here: The Illuminati]

Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley
- This book was heavily suppressed, due to that it described how the Round Table outlined the New World Order and still does. The plates to the first half of the book were destroyed, and the re-issuing of the book only contained the second half of the book. Quigley was Bill Clinton's mentor, and the purpose with the book was not to tell the world there is something wrong with Globalism; he only described it as it is. This was not allowed by the Illuminati. Wes Penre -
[Archived here: The Illuminati]


February 13

The Federal Reserve is Privately Owned
- Pursuant to your request, I will attempt to clear up questions you have about the Federal Reserve Bank (FED). I spent much time researching the FED and these are the shocking and revealing conclusions. THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK IS A PRIVATE COMPANY. -
- Worldnewsstand.net -
[Archived here: Banking]

The Great Gulf Between Zionism and Judaism
- Paper delivered by G. J. Neuberger a member of Neturei Karta at the Tripoli Conference on Zionism and Racism -
- by G.J. Neuberger -
[Archived here: The Illuminati and Religions and Religious Wars]

U.S. Used Drones to Probe Iran For Arms
- The Bush administration has been flying surveillance drones over Iran for nearly a year to seek evidence of nuclear weapons programs and detect weaknesses in air defenses, according to three U.S. officials with detailed knowledge of the secret effort. -
- The Washington Post, Feb 13, 2005 -
[Archived here: Future Terror Attacks]

The 3 Top Illuminati Programmers Of All Time
(NOTE: They were all psychiatrists)

Dr. White:
Ewen Cameron

Dr. White: Ewen Cameron

A Legacy of Drugged and Shattered Lives
- Patients were brutalized and maimed with drugs, shocks and lobotomies as Cameron sought a means to “depattern” and “re-program” the human mind. Canadian survivors still able to seek reparation finally obtained some compensation from the U.S. government in 1988. -
- Freedom Magazine -
[Archived here: Mind Control]

MK-ULTRA'S "Dr." Ewen Cameron, Psychiatrist and Torturer
- Behind closed doors, human guinea pigs in shocking mind control experiments conducted by our government and the CIA -
- Raven1.net -
[Archived here: Mind Control]


Dr. Black:
Sidney Gottlieb

Dr. Black: Sidney Gottlieb

Sidney Gottlieb and MK-ULTRA
Sidney Gottlieb (1918-1999), pictured above, was director from 1953 to 1964 of the MK-ULTRA Project. MK-ULTRA was a secret CIA-run Chemical and Biological Warfare program created at the height of the Cold War. Its purpose was the development of chemical techniques of brainwashing, espionage and mind control. -
- mdma.net -
[Archived here: Mind Control]

Gottlieb Ran LSD Mind Control Testing
- James Bond had Q, the scientific wizard who supplied 007 with dazzling gadgets to deploy against enemy agents. The Central Intelligence Agency had Sidney Gottlieb, a Bronx-born biochemist with a PhD from Caltech whose job as head of the agency's technical services division was to concoct the tools of espionage: disappearing inks, poison darts, toxic handkerchiefs. -
- mdma.net -
[Archived here: Mind Control]


Dr. Green:
Josef Mengele

Dr. Green: Josef Mengele

Josef Mengele, Dr. Green, and the American Mind Control Network
- Dr. Josef Mengele had evaded justice for decades. He 'supposedly' died in 1979 of a stroke in Brazil or Paraguay, although his 'alleged' remains were not delivered over to authorities until 1985. But in light of the dubious nature of the information relating to his 'demise' is it possible that he in fact may have been secreted into the U.S.A. following World War II, and worked for a secret fascist agency operating within the intelligence community in an effort to perfect their mind control techniques - MK-ULTRA, MK-DELTA, MONARCH, etc? -
- Branton -
[Archived here: Mind Control]

Multiple Personality Disorder
- Under the Nazi regime, the Satanic use of MPD was refined. Josef Mengele, himself an Illuminati with a long Satanic family line, was the master-mind behind the refining of creating MPD, especially in twins. After the war he was smuggled out of Germany to serve the Illuminati via the CIA. -
- by Wes Penre, 1999 -
[Archived here: Mind Control]



February 12

Urban Transport
- Mind Control Survivors! READ THIS!!! Here are the forums you must avoid if you seek healing. These forums are set up by Illuminati programmers and they will do everything they can to destroy you and/or send you back to your programmers/handlers! -
- Urban Transport -
[Archived here: Mind Control]


February 11

Crystal Clear - Messages from Water
- Could crystals of water be the answer to all our problems? Dr. Mae-Wan Ho reviews the amazing work of Japanese water scientist. -
- Institute of Science in Society - I-SIS -
[Archived here: Science & Technology]

Zionist Elite Prepares to Desert America
- With 'Fortress Americas' now in tatters because of Russia's coalition with Brazil and Venezuela, Wall Street's neocons and other Zionist traitors will desperately try to avoid War Crimes Tribunals and the waiting hangman's noose, by fleeing aboard special jets to a little-known Australian island. -
- by Joe Vialls, Jan 27, 2005 -
[Archived here: The Illuminati]

Fake Reporter Unmasked at White House
- The White House faced fresh accusations of a clandestine propaganda campaign yesterday after it emerged it granted regular access to a rightwing blogger with a habit of asking President Bush easy questions. -
- Guardian Unlimited, Feb 11, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]


February 10

Who Said What?
- Who said what about 9-11? -
- Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
[Archived here: 9/11]

The Hidden Hazards Of Microwave Cooking
- Is it possible that millions of people are ignorantly sacrificing their health in exchange for the convenience of microwave ovens? Why did the Soviet Union ban the use of microwave ovens in 1976? Who invented microwave ovens, and why? The answers to these questions may shock you into throwing your microwave oven in the trash. -
- Mercola.com -
[Archived here: Health]


February 9

The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations
- The masterminds behind this great conspiracy have absolute control of all of our mass-communications media, especially television, the radio, the press, and Hollywood. -
- by Myron Fagan -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]

1 in 3 Teens Says First Amendment Goes 'Too Far'
- The way many high school students see it, government censorship of newspapers may not be a bad thing, and flag burning is hardly protected free speech. -
- Associated Press, Jan 31, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Reinhard Gehlen, 1942

Documents Reveal CIA Recruited Five of Eichmann's Associates
[This, and other similar documents, indicate that our Intelligence Community is run with a Nazi ideology, which of course influences American politics. So this is the United States today]
- Five of Adolph Eichmann's Nazi assistants were recruited and employed by the Central Intelligence Agency after World War II, according to recently declassified intelligence documents. -
- Haaretz.com, Feb 5, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]


February 8

Parallel Universes & The Suppression of Ether Physics
- Every particle, for instance, has counterparts in other universes and is only interfered with only by those counterparts. Any other universe, therefore, can only be detected when the particle in, say, our universe converges with its counterpart in another universe. The path of the particle and its counterpart have to be exactly right. -
- Educate-Yourself -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous]

9-11 CIA Report Ordered To Be Kept Secret
- An internal CIA report, naming individuals who may have been responsible for intelligence failures leading up to the Sept. 11 attacks, has been kept secret despite public outcries and congressional demands to release the incriminating evidence. The delays began last July on orders from CIA’s acting director, John McLaughlin, and have continued since Porter Goss took charge last September. Critics claim President George W. Bush has personally directed Goss, a Republican partisan, to keep the names from “prying eyes” in order to hide the truth exposing either government incompetence or outright complicity. -
- American Free Press, Feb 6, 2005 -
[Archived here: 9/11]

The CIA and Nazi War Criminals
- Gen. Reinhard Gehlen persuaded the U.S. Army and then the CIA to sponsor his intelligence network even though he employed numerous former Nazis and known war criminals. -
- The National Security Archive -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]

Houston Says Devil Made Him Poke Out His Eye
- The devil made him do it, representatives for R&B singer Houston said in a statement explaining how his eye was seriously gouged. -
- Jam.Canoe.ca -
[Archived here: Art & Mind Control]

Michael Jackson and the Paranormal
- Jackson is close friends with controversial psychic Uri Geller. In fact, in March, 2001 when Geller and his wife retook their wedding vows in a well-publicized ceremony, Jackson stood in as best man. -
- About Paranormal -
[Archived here: Occultism and Art & Mind Control]


February 7

The New Religious Consciousness
- Aldous Huxley first presented the "scientific dictatorship" to the public imagination in his book Brave New World. In Dope, Inc., associates of political dissident Lyndon LaRouche claim that Huxley's book was actually a "mass appeal" organizing document written "on behalf of one-world order" -
- by Phillip D. Collins, Feb 6, 2005 -
[Archived here: Religions & Religious Wars]

The New U.S. Century Is Over
- In a second inaugural address tinged with evangelical zeal, George W. Bush declared: "Today, America speaks anew to the peoples of the world." The peoples of the world, however, do not seem to be listening. A new world order [my emphasis] is indeed emerging - but its architecture is being drafted in Asia and Europe, at meetings to which Americans have not been invited. -
- China Daily, Feb 2, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]


February 6

Caught on Tape: You're Being Watched
- Cameras are certainly in a lot of places these days. They're on the beat with cops. They're in supermarkets, office buildings and on some city streets. Some parents are installing cameras to keep an eye on their kids. -
- ABC News, Feb 4, 2005 -
[Archived here: Surveillance]

The Martin Luther King You Don't See On TV
- The remarkable thing about this annual review of King's life is that several years -- his last years -- are totally missing, as if flushed down a memory hole. -
- Guerilla Funk.com -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Tapes Show Enron Arranged Plant Shutdown
-  In the midst of the California energy troubles in early 2001, when power plants were under a federal order to deliver a full output of electricity, the Enron Corporation arranged to take a plant off-line on the same day that California was hit by rolling blackouts, according to audiotapes of company traders released here on Thursday. -
- TruthOut, Feb 4, 2005 -
[Archived here: Business]

Underground Search for God Particle
- At the foot of the Jura Mountains, where Switzerland meets France, is a laboratory so vast it boggles the mind. -
- BBC News, Feb 4, 2005 -
[Archived here: Technology & Science]

U.S. Patent # 6,011,991:
Communication System and Method Including Brain Wave Analysis and/or Use of Brain Activity
- [Wow! Isn't this EXACTLY what we never needed! Good job, Illuminati Scientists!]
- United States Patents -
[Archived here: Government Patents]


February 5

The Coming Break Up of America Part 1
- America faces the most critical juncture in its 229 year history. Indolent Americans sit on their Lazy Boy recliners wielding a remote while their country fractures before their eyes. It’s been slow for the past 30 years, but it’s quickening in every sector of our country. -
- by Frosty Wooldridge, Jan 31, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

The Coming Break Up of America Part 2
- After reading the first part of this two part series on the coming break up of America, you’re probably heartsick or sick to your stomach. You can feel the invasion quickening in every corner of the country. It’s not your imagination, either. -
- by Frosty Wooldridge, Jan 31, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

How UFO's Relate to the New World Order
- I thought they were possible but highly unlikely and speculative. Now I know better, thanks to Dr. Stephen Greer's book "Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History." (2001) His web site is www.disclosureproject.org -
- by Henry Henry Makow, Ph.D., Feb 5, 2005 -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous]

Testimony of Dr Carol Rosin
- Von Braun was dying of cancer but he assured me that he would live a few more years to tell me about the game that was being played- that game being the effort to weaponize space, to control the Earth from space and space itself. -
- MayanMajix.com, Dec 2000 -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous and UFO's & Aliens]

A Question of Intent: Missile Defense and the Weaponization of Space
- International Concerns
The recent 2002 Preparatory Committee of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) witnessed the latest show of international unease at the possibility that U.S. missile defense plans could lead inexorably to the weaponization of space. -
- Basic Publications, May 1, 2002 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

Bush To Impose Psychiatric Drug Regime
- TMAP was extended to cover children, again by "expert consensus", and no doubt the Bush program for widespread testing in schools all over the US will find hundreds of thousands if not millions of new "customers" for the dangerous psychiatric drugs the scheme promotes. -
- by Josef Hasslberger, June 23, 2004 -
[Archived here: New World Order]


February 4

Project Seal: "Tsunami Bomb" Papers Declassified
- Top-secret wartime experiments were conducted off the coast of Auckland to perfect a tidal wave bomb, declassified files reveal. -
- Rigorous Intuition: What You Don't Know Can't Hurt Them -
[Archived here: Technology & Science]

Top US Marine General: 'It's Fun To Shoot People'
(Watch the Video)
- "You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for 5 years because they didn't wear a veil," Mattis continued. "You know, guys like that ain't got no manhood left anyway. So it's a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them." -
- NBC, San Diego, Jan 3, 2005 -
[Archived here: Iraq War]

CIA Faces Pressure to Divulge Ties to Ex-Nazis
- A U.S. senator demanded on Wednesday that the CIA director release thousands of pages of documents detailing the agency's ties with former Nazis who aided in Cold War espionage against the Soviet Union, officials said. -
- Reuters, Feb 2, 2005 -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]


February 3

Are We Doomed? Insanity Now Mainstream
There Is No Tomorrow
Remember James Watt, President Ronald Reagan's first Secretary of the Interior? My favorite online environmental journal, the ever-engaging Grist, reminded us recently of how James Watt told the U.S. Congress that protecting natural resources was unimportant in light of the imminent return of Jesus Christ. In public testimony, he said, "after the last tree is felled, Christ will come back." -
- by Bill Moyers -
[Archived here: New World Order and Religion & Religious Wars]

Steven Greer Interviewed by Jack Blood
- Mr. Greer of the Disclosure Project is interviewed by Jack Blood -
- Jack Blood.com -
[Archived here: Miscellaneous]

Into the Abyss
The tsunami was a global warning, that the plan to reduce the world population by four billion, restoring vast swathes of land into pristine wilderness, with ‘environmentally friendly’ policies, like eugenics, bio-diversity and sustainable development, is well underway, while people continue to put their trust in politicians, to save them! -
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
[Archived here: Guest Writers]


February 2

14 Scientific Characteristics of Fascism
- Bush's United States has them all! -
- Bushflash.com -
[Archived here: New World Order]

'Are You Masons?' Challenge to Judges
- Three judges yesterday refused to reveal whether they were Freemasons after being challenged by a veteran human rights campaigner. -
- News.Telegraph, Febr 19, 2003 -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]

Lifting Lid on Judges' Secret Society
- An unprecedented legal hearing into a secret society which boasts some of Scotland's top judges among its members opened in Edinburgh yesterday amid claims the judges' membership breaches human rights law.
- Guardian Limited, Feb 19, 2003 -
[Archived here: Secret Societies]

Would You Be Willing to Implant a Chip in Your Body?
- [This research clearly shows how successful the Illuminati have been in promoting the New World Order to an already stupefied population]
- CNN -
[Archived here: Microchipping]

U.S Students Say Press Freedoms Go Too Far
[With a risk to repeat myself: This research clearly shows how successful the Illuminati have been in promoting the New World Order to an already stupefied population]
- One in three U.S. high school students say the press ought to be more restricted, and even more say the government should approve newspaper stories before readers see them, according to a survey being released today. -
- USA Today, Jan 31, 2005 -
[Archived here: New World Order]

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I don't subscribe to everything in each and every article posted on this website. Some articles are submitted because of research value for me and others, and although I may only agree on parts of the article, I posted it anyway for this purpose. Wes Penre, Illuminati News.


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