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Last Updated:
Saturday, August 12, 2006 11:17:29 AM

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The David Kelly Story:
TVP's Super Psychic

[Part 10]
by Jim Rarey, Mar 24, 2004

Last Updated: Saturday, August 12, 2006 11:17:29 AM

Jim Rarey

any police organizations avail themselves of the services of psychics to find missing persons, track criminals and other tasks involving extra sensory perception (ESP). However, few are willing to admit it because of public skepticism.

In the death of microbiologist David Kelly, the Thames Valley Police (TVP) must have employed an extraordinary psychic whose talents included precognition (foretelling future events), a power some claim for “remote viewing.”

David Kelley (1944-2003)
Dr. David Kelly


That the TVP had advance information about the disappearance of Kelly, and possibly his impending death, is beyond dispute. In the evidence on the Hutton inquiry website there is a transmittal cover sheet to the Hutton inquiry of a report described thusly, “TVP Tactical Support Major Incident Policy Book…Between 1430 17.07.03 and 930 18.07.03. DCI Alan Young. It is labeled “not for release – Police operational information.” The TVP told Daily Mail reporter Sue Reid that the Operation Mason file details their investigation into the circumstances surrounding Dr Kelly's death.

Operation Mason began at 2:30pm on July 17th an hour before Kelly left his home for his final walk followed by his disappearance and subsequent discovery of his body the following morning at HarrowDown Hill. This was a full nine hours before Mrs. Kelly notified police that Dr. Kelly was missing. However, this foreknowledge did not enable the TVP to save Kelly’s life, if that was the objective.

Despite the pronouncements of Lord Hutton and coroner Nicholas Gardiner, there is a controversy over what caused David Kelly’s death with a preponderance of medical experts saying it is highly unlikely, nearly impossible, for Kelly to have died from the causes attributed by the forensic pathologist Nicholas Hunt who performed the autopsy on Kelly’s body.

But there is another mystery the TVP’s psychic (if it used one) might be asked to solve. That is where did Dr. Kelly die since it is almost certain he did not die on HarrowDown Hill where his body was found.

Dr. Hunt estimated a nine-hour time span in which Kelly died with death occurring no later than 1:15am in the morning of July 18th. This was calculated using a formula based on body temperature.

Hunt also found hypostasis or livor mortis on Kelly’s back meaning Kelly’s body was on its back for several hours after he died as the blood settled to his back to form the discoloration called livor mortis.

When the two search volunteers found Kelly’s body it was slumped up against a tree in a wooded copse on Harrowdown Hill. This was at about 8:30am the morning of the 18th. After the volunteers reported the find they left. During the following half hour, the body was moved away from the tree to its back. This occurred while the scene was under the control of TVP detective constable Coe.

Obviously, the livor mortis had formed before the body was propped up against the tree. In order to say that Kelly died at the Harrowdown location, one would have to claim he was on his back when he died and remained there for several hours. Then was moved to the tree and a second time returned to its back. That defies all logic. It is much more likely that Kelly died at some other location and was later moved to Harrowdown against the tree to arrange what looked like a suicide scene. The body was returned to its back when someone realized the livor mortis would prove that was the position in which he died.

These aspects of the case should have been explored at the Hutton inquiry, but weren’t. In a proper inquest they would have been which may be one powerful reason Nicholas Gardiner refused to reconvene the inquest that was cut short by the Hutton inquiry.

Even Dr. Hunt, when asked if his autopsy findings could rule out third party involvement in Kelly’s death, replied, “only if one ignores all the other features of the case.”

Serious researchers of David Kelly’s death have justifiably concluded that there was ”third part involvement.” Authorities try to dismiss them as “conspiracy theorists.” But the evidence is there for any who care enough to look at it.

The TVP should be required to publicly disclose how they knew in advance that Kelly would go missing to mount Operation Mason and to whom they were providing “tactical support.”

The media also has a responsibility to raise these questions instead of supinely accepting the flawed rationales of the authorities.

* * *

This additional information on Dr. Kelly may be updated currently: http://www.dr-david-kelly.blogspot.com/
Please also check out the "Dead Scientists" blogspot: http://www.deadscientists.blogspot.com/

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Source: Correspondence with author Rowena Thursby

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