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  Posted: Friday, December 12, 2008, 6:58 PM

Last Updated: Friday, December 12, 2008 07:15:01 PM



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Illuminati News Presents:

Solaris BlueRaven on the Illuminati's Fight Against Soul Ascension
by Wes Penre, Illuminati News, December 12, 2008

Category: The Shadow Government: Who Are They? | Articles by Wes Penre



"Transmutation Through Ascension: Soul of the Son", by Solaris BlueRaven



ince I published the article, "Rock Group 'Rush' Involved in MK ULTRA Project, Using Sophisticated Mind Control Techniques to Tag Colorado Clairvoyant" on November 21, 2008, I have corresponded back and forth with Solaris BlueRaven, about whom that article was written. It has been a very interesting and enlightening communication to say the least, and I have developed a deep respect for this lady's knowledge and spiritual awareness. I find her highly intelligent and very much aware of what is going on in this world and beyond.

Here she is talking a little bit about the Illuminati in contrast to real spiritual ascension and how these parasites are doing everything in their power to stop people from reaching higher spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

The dark forces we call the Illuminati are extremely afraid to lose control over us in this reality, which we nowadays call the Matrix. The only way they will lose control over us is if enough people wake up and start being spiritually aware. Like the vampires they actually are, these people can only be powerful if they feed off the energy of spiritual beings and suck it out. And that is exactly what they are doing. Without being able to do that, they are nothing and they will eventually perish. And they know it! 

Therefore, all those wars and civil wars we see all over the world, however horrible they are and no matter how many people tragically die, these wars are junior to the real war that is going on above all the rest - the Spiritual War, the war for our souls! This is the war we need to win; we either win or we will remain in this spiritual prison for a very long time, and it will get much worse than it already is.

Those working behind the scenes to enslave mankind for good are obsessed with power, money and "worldly things", because they know they can't live a happy spiritual life due to the path they chose a long time ago. They simply don't know how to live by using their own energy, so they have no choice but to suck it out from others. This is also one of the secrets behind human sacrifice; they suck the life energy out of the victim and get stronger - temporarily.

Ever felt spiritually drained? Well, good chance you've met a spiritual vampire.

To get a deeper understanding of what Solaris is talking about, I would advise you to read my November 21 article and watch the video interview with her included in that article. But even if you don't do that at this time and you are on a spiritual path, the chances are good you will still understand most of what she is referring to here.

Solaris has this to say:

"We never stopped having access to infinite magic. Those who chose to enforce their dark personal will on society is why we are dealing with this aftermath.

It is all about accelerated consciousness, using vibratory rate associated with ones multiuniversal consciousness and to let go of all the programs society is trapped in.

After experiencing the assault project I realized how these organizations are against planetary ascension and star seeds, especially the gifts of the mind we contain which accesses true knowledge untainted by their system.

It is though man has decided to be the enemy of the universe. I keep saying good luck with that as these bad guys are the minority.

They use anything from
voice to skull, frequency fence to silently torture the embodiment or sacred vessel which contains more than a soul.

What they may not have realized is the embodiment is a vessel to multiuniversal consciousness and species. They violate the biggest universal law ever.

If they expect no retaliation from the universe they should think again. This planet which is ascending as an independent life form does not belong to anyone and is part of a celestial design and network in communication with other planets and star systems.

They map death experiences and create synthetic dimensions designed to lure and deter the soul upon its exit.

We are all psychic. They [The Illuminati] use synthetic telepathy as this is as close to the real thing they can get. True ascended beings are naturally telepathic. Man once again creates his version and uses the false dialog to sway the masses. I always consider the source of who, and what they are communicating. Is it pure? Genuine? Love based?

These assaults can give society a chance to reflect on their experiences before going to the next level kind of what is like a live purgatory, however they use a poor design which encompasses hate, fear, anger etc and judgment nominating themselves as judge and jury. All in reflection of biblical law and sometimes government control.

They have synthesized a mirror of mans actions to be viewed against the target. When one transfers they have a bardo of experience which allows them to reflect by the Law of Grace and in silence; there is no judgment, more a self evaluation.

Their data is created from psychological driving and remote picture interrogation and not truth. They are dealing with false pasts which have no foundation in any universe or experience. The past in all forms, no matter how horrific, has converted into light.

Everything in our universe and star system is ascending in Love, not judgment. This is something they are not capable of. If they were they would have stopped the torture.

I believe knowledge is power. If society can let go of all the man made lower 3rd, 4th dimensional programs which do not exist except in a bleed through synthesis created by false doctrines and embrace the celestial design, this race will win.

I will be honest with you. From what I have already seen beyond vision of MK Ultra there are few who are wired for true ascension. Many will get caught in the false matrix.

The only blessing of me getting tagged by these communications is that I can be a virus to them. I am a teachers teacher when it comes down to it. I can access and get in to their communications system and detect those who are plugged in. I can also reprogram what they have to ascend if I live long enough. My lineage is clear and star seed.

It is my experience regarding Ascension Waves that each time there is a wave, a Multiuniversal Gateway opens in our favor.

We become more connected to our celestial heritage, divinity and ancestry on a universal level and receive light language dialog inter weaved in the fabric of each universe. We then start receiving downloads and multiuniversal consciousness.

A soul descension can be part of this. It is not just this planet which is ascending, it is all planets and star systems on a multiuniversal level.

I am clear the human species - those who know and can validate what I experience to be real and can prove it and are against it are simulating the event to once again deter and sway the masses. This of course will fail.

Part of the spying eye project was to remotely and artificially create a synthetic environment based on the observers perception of energy in consciousness.

Hence if you map an adept and watch them bring in their divinity they would mimic it, create a feedback and later on an interrogations system designed to capture the attention and intent of the subject. All to deter the subject from bringing in the big multiuniversal ascended energies.

They create verbiage to distract and try anything from altering the celestial course. The universe being intelligent energy will not accommodate anything which does not come from the source of the embodiment, meaning no mimics. It reads their intent.

It is a failed race, these who create these areas of dead space. I call them stillborns. They were created without life, soul, spirit and celestial approval or intelligence.

This planet is a harmonic resonator, Tesla knew this and the Celestials which seeded this planet. There is no space or distance in space, only the illusion of.

Energy in the form of consciousness, through consciousness, we can alter the DNA to harmonize with ones celestial heritage off world. This is what we are, and this is why they do not want ' the miracle'.

- - - - - -

Solaris BlueRaven Solaris BlueRaven is a true Multi-Dimensional channel and universal translator, MT Healer and a clairvoyant, clairsentient being. She is a Remote and High Priestess Eldar. Ancient healing systems are incorporated to assist in clearing ones entire Grid System and Multi-Holographic fields opening up Spiritual Pathways activating ones Pillar of Light.

Solaris accesses Multi-Universal energies and offers Private Sessions which encompass Timeline Astrology readings and healing sessions. Solaris in soul extension is an Atlantean Etheric Light Laser Master Surgeon (holographic field and grid repair) assisted by The Elohim Celestial Ascension Crew species, Celestials and Spirit. Solaris has a unique Universal Celestial Heartbeat and Pulse signature associated with DNA Merkaba activation and Ascension. This signature was indeed mapped by covert projects in 2004.

I strongly advise you to read both of her very enlightening books. To me, they are both very enlightening:

"Transmutation Through Ascension: Soul of the Son" and "Eye of the Remote, Black Operations in Areas Beyond 52"

: Correspondence with Solaris BlueRaven

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