The Zionist Connection - An Unholy Tripartite
by Ted Lang
(Posted here by Wes Penre, June 17, 2005)

Henry MakowHenry Makow, a PhD. who writes for several Internet news and opinion websites, has provided invaluable insight focusing on political alliances that control the United States as well as the entire world. An unholy tripartite threatens the individual freedom of all people, as well as the peace of the entire world, desiring the establishment of a New World Order controlled by one global government. It consists of these three entities: Zionism, communism and the international banking cartel. And as regards this unholy trio's control of all politics, remember FDR's observation that nothing in politics happens without being planned.
Zionism supports the creation of a Jewish state in violation of the teachings of Orthodox Judaism and the Torah. Of course, there are patriotic American Jews, as well as Christians, who support and are sympathetic to the state of Israel, but not to the extent of putting such political sympathies on a level Zionist Logohigher than their patriotism and loyalty to the United States. And increasingly, radical Zionism is growing in aggressiveness and deadliness. And should anyone marry these three entities as a collaborative effort or conspiracy, they will be branded as being anti-Semitic. And that is precisely the purpose of the term.
But Zionism has partially achieved its ultimate goal, the modern state of Israel, via secretive plotting and heavy funding by the Jewish [Zionist] Rothschild international banking family, most prominently embodied in the Bank of England. It is loosely and unofficially estimated that the Rothschilds control almost three fifths the world's wealth of about $500 trillion in fiat money through the indebtedness of world governments, while about another $100 trillion of the world's wealth is controlled by the Rockefellers. Another 11 rich and powerful banking families, as well as wealthy individuals, families and governments, control the remaining $100 trillion of the world's wealth.

Makow has taken much pain and written extensively on the relationship between the Rothschild-led 13 member banking cartel, and the close relationship Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild maintained with both Lenin and Trotsky when they all were alive and plotting together. And Trotsky has been connected to Leo Strauss and the neo-conservative, Zionist cabal identified as the Project for the New American Century, or PNAC. And just like FDR's Zionist cabal of the 1930s and 1940s, consisting then of Justice Felix Frankfurter, Bernard M. Baruch, Henry Morgenthau, Benjamin Cohen, and Samuel Rosenman, President George W. Bush's present Zionist cabal consists of David Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearl, Bill Kristol and others. They represent a carbon copy of the continuing Zionist organized manipulation of our government to achieve a world control agenda originating with the communist-oriented, Zionist international banking cartel.

During World War II, America's involvement protecting Britain and joining it and the Soviet Union to engage in war against Axis Germany, Japan and Italy, served to make the world safe from National Socialism [Nazism] thereby advancing the "Jewish intellectualism" that is communism. And as Woodrow Wilson was advised by yet another Zionist cabal back during World War I, consisting of a different Jewish Justice, Louis D. Brandeis, and the same Bernard M. Baruch and Henry Morgenthau that served in FDR's cabal, America was drawn into the "War to End All Wars" to make the world "safe for democracy," thereby advancing the cause and ensuring the resultant success of National Socialism.
Though Germany provided the seedbed for modern Communism, as well as many of man's worst ideas, to include militarism, our failing government-controlled school system, our failing Social Security system and National Socialism, the communist movement shifted from Germany to Russia during the latter of the nineteenth and early part of the twentieth century. The Rothschild-led banking cartel saw the possibilities in a large, heavily industrialized nation like Russia, where the all-encompassing socialism that is communism could take root. Of course, the United States would have been a much better prize for communism, but lacked the level of poverty and despair of the Russian masses that was more pronounced thereby more enabling of violent revolution or Bolshevism.
Czar Nicholas II of Russia made serious and devastating mistakes as regards the Russo-Japanese War Czar Nicholas IIof 1905, in which the entire powerful Russian fleet and Port Arthur were lost. His miscalculation of the powerful Japanese, as well as Russia's loss of the war, helped to incite the Russian populace even more when faced with rapidly deteriorating economic conditions in spite of the great potential of Russian industry. The Zionist Rothschild banking cartel had heavily financed the Japanese, as their target for revolution was Russia.

Strikes and labor unrest morphed into communist-led labor rebellions against the Christian monarchy of Czar Nicholas II, who blamed the Jews and their communist intellectualism and labor unions. It was Nicholas II who probably first recognized the connection between Judaism and communism. Nicholas persecuted the Jews with a series of pogroms and acts of terror, causing many Jews to flee the country. Their new country of choice, for the most part, was Germany, and Germany basically welcomed them. It must be stressed, that not all Jews fit the generalized indictment that has caused the persecution and suffering of all Jews, a fact that presents itself so glaringly during Hitler's persecution of Jewish populations with the help of the Zionist Jews.
Of course, Jewish intellectualism and capitalism created an astounding mutual benefit, and many Jewish capitalists became extremely wealthy. Among these were the Jewish bankers that became unmistakingly intertwined with the Rothschild international banking cartel, and therefore, became part and parcel of the Rothschild plan for world domination.

The Rothschild-affiliated Bleichroder Bank of Berlin, specifically mentioned in Article 263 of the Versailles Treaty, was heavily involved with Germany's war reparations, as were the Warburgs, the Hamburg bankers, and German Jewish industrialist Walter Rathenau. Max Warburg headed the M.M. Warburg Bank and was head of German finances, and his brother Paul represented President Woodrow Wilson's newly created United States Federal Reserve Bank.
An interesting aside in all this, can be found on the website of Michael Haupt: Three World Quoting from his section on the horrific Versailles Treaty, he offers:
One of the planks of the Treaty called for large amounts of war reparations to be paid to the victorious nations by the German government. This plank of the Treaty alone caused more grief in the German nation than any other and precipitated three events:

1) The "hyperinflation" of the German mark between 1920 and 1923;
2) The destruction of the middle class in Germany; and
3) The bringing to power of someone who could end the inflation: a dictator like Adolf Hitler.
This plank was written by John Foster Dulles, one of the founders of the Council on Foreign Relations, and later the Secretary of State to President Dwight Eisenhower.
At this point, it serves of little value to explore the precise reasons for the start of World War I. My high John Foster Dullesschool history classes spoke of clashes for "spheres of influence" as there was heavy competition for the colonization of Third World nations for their territories and natural resources. But the international banking cartel, as evidenced by their financial support of Japan, serves as another stronger possibility. What is of course important is that the international banking cartel always profits greatly from war. Undoubtedly, their intrigue played a hefty hand in igniting the hostilities. And their horrific management at Versailles in "cashing in" on the sufferings of the war didn't go unnoticed by the Germans. Nor did the Germans fail to notice the "Jewishness" of these bankers.
Yet, in spite of the glaring and emerging truths and facts that attend real history, a real bias has been substituted to purposely cloud these issues, issues from which we could learn so much to affect a true understanding of the lessons that could be learned from them; if we could only remove that bias. Well before our involvement militarily in World War I, private sector activities that went deliberately unnoticed by the Woodrow Wilson administration included the contracts ."..for millions of artillery shells, as well as ten 500-ton submarines. Though the construction of such foreign vessels broke the law, Bethlehem [Steel] proceeded with it and the Wilson administration did not stop them. The company earned $61 million in 1916, more than its combined gross revenues for the previous eight years." ["The United States and World War I," by John J. Dwyer, January 26, 2004,]
Governments require huge sources of funds to manufacture the tools, weapons and machines of destruction for war, and therefore go deeply into debt. And that's where the financing international bankers come in. They enjoy huge profits by funding warring nations, sometimes both sides of the same conflict, thereby ensuring the profits that can be earned from debt generation and the profitable interest thereto appertaining. The taxpayers of the warring nations foot the bill for decades, incurring huge sums of national debt, and enriching the bankers.
The events and agendas surrounding World War I have created ALL the conditions we as a people and a nation face today. And these conditions are still being controlled by the unholy tripartite of Zionism, communism and international banking. Germany won World War I. The war was over, but prior to an acceptance of Germany's offer of a simple status quo ante end to the war with no punitive, attendant conditions for the losers, namely Great Britain and France, the international banking community, through its Zionist representatives, approached the British, desperate to win the war, and offered Britain a deal.
The deal entailed that if the Zionist-led international banking cartel could arrange Britain's victory, would Great Britain support a Zionist state later on when the right conditions presented themselves? Great Britain agreed to these terms, and as their part of the deal, the Zionist bankers would get the United States of America into the conflict and reverse the obvious outcome.
This explanation is verified by subsequent international events, none the least of which was the outbreak of World War II, which was directly caused by the "terms and conditions" of the settlement of World War I; namely, the Versailles Treaty and the Balfour Declaration. But examine the biased evaluation offered by William L. Shirer, author of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: "One gets the impression that a good many of these 'good Germans' fell too easily into the trap of blaming the outside world for their own failures, as some of them had done for Germany's misfortunes after the first lost war and even for the advent of Hitler himself." In another section of his book, Shirer offers the phoniness of German outrage as regards the rape of their nation, writing, "To overthrow them [the Nazi hierarchy] now might merely perpetuate another 'stab-in-the-back' legend, such as that which had fooled so many Germans after the First World War."
Astonishing! The rape of Germany was a "legend." The German people were merely "fooled?" Nonsense! This failure to accept the consequences of the rape of Germany via the Versailles Treaty and the Balfour Declaration foolishly ignores the actual causes for the rise of Hitler, the Nazis, and the underlying causes of World War II.
One of the driving forces that ensured involvement by the United States in WW I was none other than Winston Churchill, who became First Lord of the Admiralty in 1911. About a year later, the British luxury steamship, Titanic, sank off the coast of Newfoundland after an iceberg ripped a long, gaping hole along the ship's hull, breaching past many of the bulkhead sections of the ship. The incoming waters could not be contained, and the huge steamer sank, taking with it 1,500 souls. It was a horrific sea disaster, but not one lost in terms of its usefulness to Churchill and his British Admiralty.
When Britain, France and Europe became embroiled in WW I in 1914, one year later another great British steamship went down, but this was a very planned and deliberate action. Churchill wanted the United States to join Britain and France in the war against the "evil" Kaiser Wilhelm, and curiously, in 1915, one year after the guns of August began their deadly fusillades, a German submarine sank the Lusitania, which was loaded with munitions and explosives.
Prior to its sinking, Churchill threatened the German u-boat patrols, and advised commercial ships to ram and sink them in violation of non-belligerency agreements. Cunard Lines, owner of the Lusitania, turned the ship over to Churchill and the Admiralty for use in transporting munitions. The Germans took out newspaper ads in New York City to warn Americans not to sail on British ships that intended hostilities towards German military shipping.
In violation of the non-belligerency agreements, the Lusitania, laden with explosives, munitions and Kaiser Wilhelmweapons, and transporting innocent Americans across the Atlantic to Europe, was attacked by a German sub and sunk. There is a chance that the Germans just got lucky. But there is also a strong possibility that German intelligence, made famous by the employment of such famous operatives as Mata Hari, were tipped off about the huge shipment of munitions aboard the Lusitania. The clues as to this were first made available, of all places, on The Discovery Channel. Additionally, the Lusitania's escort ship, the Juno, was well underway to escort the Lusitania, but the Juno, almost in rendezvous with the Lusitania, was ordered to return to port by Churchill and the Admiralty. The British Admiralty deliberately made the ship vulnerable to submarine attack, an event easily preventable. It sort of reminds one of the ease of protecting America from the 9-11 terrorist attacks that somehow got past our government even though evidence continues to mount that the event was known to be imminent.
A documentary on the search for the Lusitania was presented on The Discovery Channel a few years ago. If memory serves, it was the same search and salvage expedition that located the Titanic. There are two clues as to the ill-fated ship's sinking by the Germans. First, the expedition searched the ocean floor thoroughly, relying upon coordinates supplied by the records of the British Admiralty. Secondly, the headlines of The New York Times indicated that the Lusitania had been sunk by two torpedoes. How could the Times know this, unless that information came directly from the British Admiralty?
Why the importance of two torpedoes versus one? Because one torpedo couldn' t possibly sink a ship that large. Watertight doors would have sealed sections of the ship between bulkheads, and the ship wouldn't have gone down. But the single torpedo ignited all the explosives and munitions that the Admiralty knew was aboard. And the coordinates recorded for the Lusitania's position were therefore deliberately incorrect.
The search and salvage expedition recreated the average speed of the ship, the effect of ocean currents and wind, and replotted the ship's course, and estimated the position of the Lusitania independently from information available from the British. The ship was found, and indeed, the wreck showed that it had been struck by only one torpedo. How convenient that the Admiralty records were so incorrect. How convenient it was for the British and Churchill as concerns the timing of the Lusitania's sinking, which launched in the United States an anti-German sentiment that never existed before, and that was absolutely blown out of all proportion by the American, Zionist-controlled press.
The Germans lost WWI. The Versailles Treaty was one of the harshest and most savage war settlements in history. Combined with the fact that not one shot was fired on German soil, not one drop of blood was shed upon it, no war damage occurred on the land at all, and yet, the German nation was literally raped by this horrific treaty. Undoubtedly, Churchill played a major role in this, but that wasn't evident at the time. What was evident to the Germans though, was the appearance of the German Jewish and Zionist international bankers and their Zionist representatives, and the Germans then knew whom to blame for their engineered defeat via the powerful support from the United States.
Combined with the Balfour Declaration, wherein Britain's Foreign Secretary guaranteed "Lord Rothschild" a Jewish state in the Middle East territories wrested from the old Ottoman Turkish Empire, the seeds for the hatred of all Jews as well as their planned annihilation were planted. It provided Hitler with the hate and anger he exploited to enforce a "regime change" in his own former Weimar Republic, as well as virtually all the nations in Europe. And what the outcome of World War I failed to produce, namely the domination of most of Europe by communism, was transferred in time to almost a quarter of a century later, with the Judeo-Communist victory of WW II. We are seeing an imperial and brutally expanding Jewish state, and its progress in utilizing the military might of the United States to bring about a "New World Order" controlled by Tel Aviv, which is merely a repeat of historic lessons never taught, and therefore, never learned.



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