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Last Updated: Sunday, April 24, 2005 08:06:57 PM 

The World's CEO, the Beast, and the Mark of the Beast Defined
- excerpt from "The Adepts of Deceit", Vol. 1, by R. Sword -
(Posted here by Wes Penre, April 24, 2005)

(Print-Friendly Version)

It doesn't matter whether you are new to the subject of the New World Order and the Illuminati or if you have been researching it for a long time. In case there is only ONE (or one more) so-called "Conspiracy book" you are going to buy, R. Sword's "The Adepts of Deceit" is the one to get. "The Adepts of Deceit" will be published as a series of at least three volumes, and the two first ones are already published when this is written, and the third one is more or less on its way. After you have read his series of books, and you are still not convinced that this global conspiracy is absolutely real, then nothing will convince you. The following is an excerpt from his first volume, [pp.199], and this information is so important that I need to have you read it.

If you want to order the book(s), please click on the book cover below.
Truly Yours,
Wes Penre.


[About the Anti-Christ, the World's CEO]:

He will pull the same stunts as Rome's Nero did by setting fire to Rome (causing terrorist event) and also Hitler's firing of the Reichtag building (causing terrorist event) and also  what the military leaders almost did as featured in the article you read earlier called 'Friendly Fire'. The pattern was to put the blame on someone else in all these situations so they can increase their police power. The pattern is set and this man will also follow this same pattern(1). Expect most of the so-called pastors/priests to state that the implant is definitely not the mark of the beast.

[Revelation 14:9] A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice, "Anyone who

worships (you putting your name on the internet and/ or smart-card), (this has to do with the Lilith
(2) computer program discussed in my following book -Lilith Rising-Demons in the Machine)


beast (super-computer in Brussels, Belgium, later to be Living DNA computer on Temple wing),

or its

image (Smart-Card),

or accept its

mark (Lasered on Bio-skin-microchip), (both image and mark are chips. Both will have same DNA as the computer.)

on forehead or hand,

[Revelation 14:10] will also drink the wine of God's fury, poured full strength into the cup of his wrath, and will be tormented in burning sulfur before the holy angels and before the Lamb.

Even if you do not believe this, log it for future reference.(3)

There is something I need to say about this subject. At one point people will be put to death for not accepting a skin-chip graft. This is when the penalty phase is in full swing. We are beginning to see signs of it now. This is not a subject people want to believe but even the ones that reject it should be able to see where today's anti-terrorist laws are going. It will be the people who understand what is happening and the rest of the world will begin to hear 'mark of the best' a lot more often. There will be biblical references given from these people and they will be mocked, but there will be an increase of believers(4). People who believe what the bible says about taking the mark, and a few other things, means that they go to hell and these people are willing to die for that belief..." "...This card described as 'image of the beast' previously, will be a smart-card. As a further note; there is a super-computer called the BEAST in Brussels, Belgium that processes all the financial data from the rest of the worlds banking clearing houses..."

"Worshipping the Worlds CEO"

Footnotes by Wes Penre:

(1) You see the pattern here? Nero set fire on Rome, Hitler set fire on the Reichstag Building to blame it on someone else, with a purpose to create a terrorist event and increase police power. Now, look at 9/11. History repeats itself over and over; the Elite use the same patterns to deceive us and we fall for it every single time because of massive propaganda and mass mind control. If we only know our history and start thinking a little bit, we can see that 9/11 was orchestrated in the same pattern as those previous events. Shouldn't this fact alone make us very suspicious as of whom orchestrated 9/11 and why? The question answers itself, as we know that the destruction of the Twin Towers led to a "War on Terrorism". This, in its turn, after 9/11 implemented a great amount of fear and un-security in us, allows the Shadow Government to much quicker take away our freedoms. And like sheep we let them lead us right over the cliff.

(2) Isn't it interesting that the name of the computer is taken from an ancient occult goddess, Lilith, whom is worshipped by the Illuminati and a number of other secret societies, including Freemasonry?

(3) This is very good advice! Why don't you just save this page to your hard drive or print it out for future reference. I am sure we are going to need this information very badly.

(4) I want to emphasize this: It doesn't matter if you are of Christian belief or not; this information will apply to YOU!


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