How the Working Class is Kept in Chains
- by Wes Penre for Illuminati News, April 10, 2004 -

I have not always been an American. At one point in time I emigrated from Europe to the Big Continent in the West. I thought I knew what I was confronting by doing so, as I had done a lot of research already then. However, it is a totally different thing to experience something than it is to read or hear about it.

I am not saying that everything in the USA is bad; that would be far from the truth. One thing that surprised me quite a bit was a positive experience with the American people. The European look on Americans is heavily biased by the media. In Europe we are taught that Americans are outlaws, unfriendly, selfish, materialists to their fingertips and pretty lazy and fat. Wow, did I cover it all? What I experienced on the other hand, was generally very nice and friendly people, eager to help when they can, also hard working, polite and ethical (although I still will not argue against the rumor that many Americans are eating more than they should; or eating the wrong things, rather).

But there is a backside to all this; something we were not told in Europe. We were not told how much the American people have to work, and how bad the conditions often are that they work under. Coming from a country with high taxes, but with a good security system, experiencing the American model in “The Land of the Free” was quite shocking. As a conspiracy writer and researcher I can now better understand why many Americans have a hard time confronting the information on the New World Order that is out there. And even many of those who DO know about it do very little to try and change things around.

People are terrified! Not of the New World Order, amazingly, but to lose their jobs! I know few countries where the citizens are kept in chains more solidly than here in the USA when it comes to this matter. You may say there are many fascist and communist countries where conditions are much harsher, and that is true to some extent, but here in America the chains are more invisible. This is quite controversial, as this is supposed to be “The Land of the Free”. Michael Moore, the researcher and movie producer is on the right track exposing Corporate America, trying to expose the crimes the big companies get away with to keep the show on the road.

This is the scenario as I see it: These days, if people are lucky enough to get a job, they have to work very hard to keep it. Where Unions are present, they are insufficient and most of the time they are just a facade, working covertly for the benefit of the company rather than for the benefit of the employees they are supposed to be representing. Many companies, in contrary to Europe, don’t have Unions at all, which means the company can do whatever they want, within certain limits. And those limits are pretty wide, to say the least.

One problem is the social security system. People are paying income taxes that are meant to come back to the people after the government has distributed them wisely. This doesn’t happen. Instead the taxes go to the government’s own purposes, like war, to finance foreign dictators, and similar irrational agendas. When a person is laid off work, if he is lucky he gets unemployment, which is basically 60% of his income, up to a certain limit. This is never enough for that person to survive, and he often has to sell his house, his car and much of other assets he might have. Being taught that this is the way the system works, many people may read this any say: “what is wrong with that?” Well, what we don’t realize is that by being totally in the hand of the Illuminati Corporate System, we can never be free. People are constantly worried about getting laid off work, or fired for speaking their mind in a country of “Free Speech”. The companies tighten the thumb screws on us whenever necessary, and God forbid if we speak up against company policy. We all know what happens with “whistle blowers”.

A second problem is Health Insurance. Where I basically come from, everybody is insured, no matter if you have a job or not. You only pay a co pay at the doctor’s office, and medicine is always insured by taxes. Here, a large percentage of your already low wage goes to health insurance and other important insurances – if you can afford them at all. If you can’t, you’d better stay healthy, or you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for your medicine and health care; money you often don’t have. I have seen many Americans, employed or not, who can’t afford health insurance, and they suffer tremendously from different illnesses or injuries that could easily have been taken care of if the system was friendlier.

In a healthy society, peoples’ interests should come first. All the money spent on war and insane government agendas should instead go back to the people so that everybody has his/her survival guaranteed. With this I do not mean that people should stop working and lie on the beach all day long while other people pay for their living with their taxes. What I mean is that everybody should have the right to health care and medicine, no matter if they are rich or extremely poor; often the extremely poor are the ones who need it the most. When it comes to jobs and unemployment, the solution would be simple: To avoid people from taking advantage of a humane system, people out of work still need to show records that they are looking for job and do the best they can to get one. But that should be enough to let those people keep a more decent percentage of their wage (up to a certain limit) while in between jobs.

The critics to this idea may say: “Well, this all sounds very good, but then we have to increase the taxes enormously, and we don’t want that.” Fair enough, but the truth is that we don’t need to increase the taxes. We just need to see to that the government is doing their job. All the money spent on things that do not benefit people and the society, should be redistributed wisely, and you will see that the “utopia” will be a reality.

But for this to happen, we need to act. It is our responsibility to see to that the government does its job. We are only kept in chains so long as we are allowing ourselves to be chained.



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